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RMNREADER: "...psy-op right out of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars".

Posted By: Nemesis
Date: Tuesday, 21-Apr-2020 13:59:05

In Response To: BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID (Nemesis)

"I fear you are right. Which makes me fear what might be next because I think a big part this whole affair was a psy-op right out of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". They wanted to see how far people could be pushed but more importantly how easy would it be to get them to voluntarily give up...well, basically America as they have always known it. They (the Deep State) have to be overjoyed with the results. But, maybe before the next phase (will this be the long talked about fake alien invasion?) Americans will have learned some hard lessons from this . As George Bush Jr said, fool once you should ah, be ashamed...ah, fool again and you can't ...or, was that weapons of mass destr...ah, never mind!"


: Do you guys remember when we first heard of COVID-19 back in
: January?

: A common virus that causes a mild fever and cough, and in
: severe cases, Pneumonia. And about as contagious as the
: flu.

: I think most of us thought to ourselves something like “That
: doesn’t sound like anything to be that scared of.”

: And you were right.

: On paper, except for some of our population that is elderly or
: has a compromised immune system (my wife is one of those),
: this virus is really nothing different than other illnesses
: we’ve all had at some point in our lives and poses no
: significant threat.

: In fact, research based on our US cases is suggesting that up
: to 50% of those who contract the virus will never
: experience any symptoms, and 80%-90% will experience very
: mild symptoms. It has less than a 5% hospitalization rate,
: and the current death rate in the US is a little less than
: 5%. If you compare that with the entire population, that’s
: just .013% (.0085% if you don’t count New York) that may
: die nationwide from this virus.

: But then something changed...

: The World Health Organization predicted 2.2 million deaths in
: the United States.

: We banned all flights from China. And then everywhere else.

: News and media outlets made it their number one headline. Hour
: by hour, day by day, we were updated on each and every new
: case.

: The toilet paper disappeared.

: Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your
: hands.

: We were all told to social distance. Self-isolate.
: Self-quarantine.

: Concerts were cancelled. Sports were cancelled. School was
: cancelled. “Well, this must be pretty scary if they’re
: starting to cancel things.”

: Some employers started having their employees work from home;
: the others lost their jobs altogether (17 million to be
: precise).

: “Wow, this is scary and different, but I can make the most of
: this new normal!”

: New normal. New normal. New normal. New normal. All of the
: sudden we hear it everywhere.

: Wear a mask and gloves. Governors and Mayors mandate shut
: downs to slow the spread. Hospitals will be overwhelmed.

: “United States leads the world in positive cases!” The media
: reports.

: “And deaths!”

: We stay at home. Stay away from people. Stay away from the
: store, church, gas stations. We stay away from everything.

: We call the cops on our neighbors.

: We protest at state capitols.

: New normal. New normal. New normal. New normal. There it is
: again.

: So, what changed? It wasn’t the virus.

: On paper, COVID-19 is still the same old virus. It’s the same
: virus now that it was back in January.

: What changed?


: We were fed fear and lies by mainstream media and corrupt
: organizations like W.H.O.

: We threw common sense out the window.

: We fell for the boogeyman in the closet.

: The estimated death toll went from 2.2 million to less than
: 60K in a month.

: Fear told us all to wear masks. It helps us feel safe. But if
: we do the research, we find out they don’t actually work.

: Hospital workers are furloughed. Nurses and doctors make
: TikTok videos in their free time.

: There is nothing “normal” about always being scared of getting
: sick.

: There is nothing “normal” about metropolitan cities turning
: into ghost towns.

: There is nothing “normal” about any of this.

: We’ve been brainwashed to adapt to a “new normal” by the same
: companies that sold us the fear and lies to begin with.
: (Did you know 6 corporations own 90% of the media?)

: Fear convinced us that it’s ok to hand over our rights because
: it’s “for our safety”, forgetting that our forefathers put
: that stuff in the Constitution for our ACTUAL safety.

: Fear convinced us that it was a necessary evil for our
: neighbor to go out of business after 30 years. We all need
: to “slow the spread.”

: Fear convinced us that it’s ok to trash businesses, people,
: and politicians who don’t bow down to it.

: The real Pandemic isn’t a virus at all.

: It’s Fear.

: Written by Adrian Heiden from a Facebook post


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    • RMNREADER: "...psy-op right out of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars".
      Nemesis -- Tuesday, 21-Apr-2020 13:59:05

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