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Comment - President Trump Needs 24 Hr Protection Intensified

Posted By: Lion
Date: Tuesday, 21-Apr-2020 10:55:14

In Response To: Global Oil Market Now DESTROYED; Only Solution is Middle East War (GeorgeEaton)


Comment - President Trump Needs 24 Hr Protection Intensified

The collapse of the oil futures is bad for the NWO, but good for Human Beings.

I cry no tears when big oil loses their dominance.

In the words of blues singer John Lee Hooker; "Serves You Right To Suffer".

IMO, the dynamics of big oil are not that difficult.

Big oil sucks the lifeblood out of economies.

Oil is the problem, not the solution.

The Black Goo is now, and always has been an infectious dis-ease on Humanity.

Planetary destruction for the sake of oil profiteering, is now, and has always been a charade of idiocy.

It is only the fact that for-profit corporations like Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobile, and British Petroleum own the politicians -

- whom; in conjunction with Central Fiat Bankers and British 'Royals'; CLAIM ownership of everything -

- and seek to maintain petroleum based fuel as the only solution, when FREE ENERGY technology is abundant - but not profitable for them.

When claiming ownership of everything, that also includes the Human population, which the elitist parasites consider their very own, personal cattle herd to do with as they will.

John D Rockefeller began his despotic career as an oil tycoon.

Rockefeller's ruthless inhumanity is legendary.

John D Rockefeller, along with J P Morgan, and other parasitic monsters were instrumental in founding the Federal Reserve Bank, a despicable act, then green lighted by American traitor Woodrow Wilson, acting on advice from scum bag presidential advisor Edward Mandell House - a British agent acting on behalf of the Rothschild's and the Crown families of Europe.

In 1973, it was NWO kingpin front man Kissinger who made the 'deal with the devil', in pegging the US Dollar to Saudi oil production, and gave birth to the Corporate US petro-dollar, for use in international exchange for oil.

Today, Kissinger - the war mongering CFR schlep from hell is sleeping with Bill Gates and Big Pharma, demanding mass vaccines for the Human populace, while hoping for massive profiteering along with Fauci, Musk, Soros, and Kurzweil.

Zebras can't change their stripes.

There is no need for petroleum based energy, or destruction of Earth for oil.

In the last 150 years, big oil interests have murdered so many inventors of free energy technology, that one cannot keep track of them all.

Any FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY products attempting to break into public consumption have been squashed by big oil parasites.

Big oil stole Nicola Tesla's technology and developed it into weapons of war, to destroy, and to enslave Humanity.

All the while forcing Humanity to rely on old, outdated technology such as the internal combustion engine.

Now that oil futures are in the negative range, and parasitic profiteering is erased - if only for the moment - the world big oil structure will not go quietly into the night.

If ANY world leader should implement policy that impedes big oil dominance of the financial markets, that individual immediately becomes a target, and there will be an attempt to remove that leader by hook or crook.

It happened to JFK, and it can happen to President Trump if he is not protected enough.

One life, or millions of lives - mean nothing to profit and control.



: (comment: I don't understand the dynamics of the oil business
: or the reasoning behind the conclusion of this article. So
: please take it with a grain of salt. I have a wait and see
: attitude regarding the collapse of the price of oil, which
: is only for the May contracts for oil purchases. But since
: I don't know how far reaching this situation is, I also
: can't rule out secondary and much larger consequences,
: including war. In my opinion I would think that all that
: would happen is a temporary shutdown of the pumping of oil
: until the current oil glut is reduced. The investors in
: those markets that speculate on any commodities, would
: suffer and absorb the investment losses. But I can't see
: how a war would arise out of that temporary investment
: failure. GE)
: 20 APRIL 2020
: By Hal Turner Radio Show
: The market price of oil not only collapsed to ZERO DOLLARS
: ($0.00) per barrel, it has actually gone negative! Thus,
: the global oil trade market is destroyed. My Intelligence
: sources confirm there's only ONE way out of this: major war
: in the Middle East, commencing with the complete closure of
: the Strait of Hormuz.

: The Strait of Hormuz is the world's most important oil
: choke-point because of the large volumes of oil that flow
: through the strait.

: In 2018, its daily oil flow averaged 21 million barrels per
: day (bpd), or the equivalent of about 21% of global
: petroleum liquids consumption.

: As of this writing at 5:40 PM eastern US time, if a producer
: of oil from out of the ground wants anyone to take it, the
: producer must PAY $44 a barrel for someone to take it! Yes,
: you read that correctly; not only give away the oil, they
: have to PAY to give it away!

: This has happened because global demand for oil and gasoline
: has plunged to almost nothing, and ALL (literally ALL) the
: storage capacity of the entire planet, is full. There's
: nowhere to PUT the oil if it comes out of the ground.

: This situation has never taken place before in recorded
: history.

: I am told by several sources to look for a sudden, dramatic,
: and massive, start to an incredibly huge war, this week.

: Readers are urged in the strongest terms possible to top-off
: food, medicine, fuel, gun and ammunition supplies. Don't
: wait.

: Source:
: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/global-oil-market-now-destroyed-only-solution-is-middle-east-war

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