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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2020 23:19:03

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

First service to President Trump Friday, as delivered, as confirmed at 5:15. pm pacific, 4/17/20.

Please Publish as a Public Service.

In my world things are mostly simple. Identify the problem, recognize a possible or probable solution, then act.

At the same time be prepared to admit mistakes or change for the better.

Trump is positioned perfectly to call any government servant to account on their debt to the People.
This is what is known as an audit. Show the accounts and the balance of the accounts.

Every public servant, honest or dishonest, they took the pay check under terms and conditions of contract to service to the Peoples law of constitution. That is the debtors position to the creditors position of the People creating government.

The People’s First Law is the Declaration of Rights qualifying the terms of service due and owed by all state government servants.
The Bill of Rights is the People’s First Law of National scale. The preamble section qualifies the standards of government service binding on all public servants which governs all their acts.

It matters not what any public servants say about any thing, particularly the chipping away at the Bill of Rights, because they are servants by their own actions.

Servants construction of the Masters orders are invalid.


Dear President Trump, our President,
ADVISORY NOTE: Apply the Law, Effect the Circumstance.

We, Charles C. Miller and Andre’ Paul Provost Jr.,sent this Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes, to our Trustees for contemplation in service to the People’s office of President.

Our job, actually a high duty to our countrymen, country and particularly to our President is to provide information from the perspective of the Sovereign to government, the People.

We are keenly aware that those around you as advisers, the pundits taking shots at you, we’re all trained in the education system that is now recognized as being thoroughly corrupted. Further we recognize that those that are employed or franchised by a corrupted system necessarily support the corruption in order to receive a paycheck. The key element that we recognize is that when these individuals are advising our President from the paid in private money recipient position, which is known to be thoroughly corrupted, the advisors are tainted as is all of their advice. Thus, this Letter of Wishes is absolutely necessary in order to have a more balanced perspective concerning the facts and the law upon which to base a decision.

This is at present, our highest duty. Providing our President with a different perspective in order to balance the necessities for honorable service to the people as President is proper service from our positions.

Mr. President, one single fact leading to one single question will clarify the positions and the relationships between our President and the governors of our states.

The fact is the declaration of rights contained in every state constitution is the mandatory first law to be served by all public servants employed by the states. These are the Thou Shall Not not ever mandates binding every public servant to the states. and the People they serve. A simple 10 minute review of the legislative section of each state constitution will expose one glaring fact. There is no authority granted to the legislative bodies to legislate over the people and control them in any manner that trespassers or ignores the declaration of rights. The people are not identified in the legislative section of the state constitution as subject to legislation anywhere! What this means in real simple direct terms is that the governors have no authority to order the people to limit their lives in any manner what so ever. The only powers granted to the legislators are to rule over the subjects and objects identified in the Constitution. These subjects and objects are all creations by the state in their legislative powers. If the people that created governments do not have the power to rule over their neighbors then governments cannot have that power.

This understanding frames the single question that we as Beneficiaries present to our Trustee for delivery to the governors.

Please forgive our boldness. We believe it is necessary at the moment in order of the question be phrased correctly from the People’s position.

“ As president I run an open website to communicate with the people. I have been provided information that causes me great concern. After review of the relevant material law and facts, I find that I am required to pose this question to you Governor so-and-so. The reason I am required to pose this question are the civil rights of the people contained in the federal Bill of Rights, which I must faithfully execute as
President! “

“ Will Governor so and so, you provide me with the section of the legislative portion of your state constitution, that authorizes the legislature to empower the State of whatever Governor, to lock down the people, by application of force of law, barring the People from their daily lives and activities, deny them access to and protection of the Declaration of Rights, through use or threat of physical restraint or physical injury or by the use or threat of coercion through law or the legal process? “

Mr. President, We are well informed and of the firm opinion, with firm conviction believe that these two positions, the facts and the question, change the relationships between the national and state governments at a very fundamental level. The worst case scenario We see is opening dialogs addressing some root problems. What better way is there to solve a problem than identifying one of the root problems?

Thank you for your time and consideration and prompt action in this matter.

Perhaps, forwarding this Advisory Note to the governors might provide a more concise understanding of the People’s powers and options in relation to our public servants.

We are convinced that the moment has arrived for our Trustee to provide secure communications to your Beneficiaries, so that the true partnership between the Political Will of the People can be truly represented through honest government servants.


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