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Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Wednesday, 1-Apr-2020 14:31:50


It was early January when researchers started getting word of the flu virus outbreak in China. By the middle of January, it was abundantly clear that the US had to prevent all travelers from China in reaching the US unless they were checked and cleared of the disease. This did not happen, but instead the leaders in Washington did nothing to stop thousands upon thousands of Chinese from entering the US. The first action taken by the Trump administration was to evacuate American diplomats and their families. But even after that was done, airliners continued to bring Chinese to US airports. Eventually after thousands had died of the Chinese virus, the US stopped all flights from coming to the US, but the travelers simply changed their travel plans and flew to Canada and Mexico, then flew or drove to the US, and again were unstopped and unchecked.
While this was going on Chinese nationals, college students, were arriving in colleges across the nation and spreading the disease. In Washington DC there was a high school group from China touring the US capital and mingling with Americans. Their next stop was in Virginia, and it was only there that they were finally stopped by authorities from infecting highs schools in that state as well.
Once the hospitals in Seattle, California and New York started to fill up with sick people that had the new virus, the news media started to expose the health threat and THEN President Trump acted against China. It wasn’t until March that Trump declared the “15 days to stop the disease”. Which was too little, too late. By the end of March, the spread of the disease was fully entrenched in cities across the nation and officials started announcing that the death toll could be 200,000 or more. Then to add insult to injury Trump bragged about making moves “early”, otherwise the death toll could have been 2 million. Wow, that is quite a spin on things Mr. President. At that point states started to shut down schools, libraries, all gatherings of people - concerts and sporting events, baseball games, basketball games and church services. The federal government then recommended that businesses be shut down and that money would be sent to all Americans to provide financial assistance while the shutdown was in force. A tentative date of opening up businesses was announced for Easter on April 12th. Then they extended that time to April 30th. The government is still not sure that will be long enough to stop the spread of the disease. And, when at first it was a couple weeks of shut down, has now expanded to months of shutdown. This has become a nightmare for the nation and the world, and there is no clear picture of when things will go back to normal again.
Something is wrong here. There was more to the story we weren’t being told. The initial infection rates did not show this to be as life threatening as the regular flu strains. Trump even downplayed it as nothing and we would get through it quickly. Reports came in that US scientists illegally smuggled vials of those viruses back to China, and scientists, Chinese nationals, were also caught stealing viruses from labs that ended up in Wuhan, China. Some were arrested, some died mysteriously and some fled the country. All the while China continued to lie about the outbreak and the US government did not call the communists out on this deception.
In addition to that, simple research revealed that Chinese leaders had announced plans to use germ warfare on their own people to cull their numbers of 1.3 billion and then to use those same viruses on Americans as an act of war - ending in the takeover of our nation without the use of conventional bombs. Now we have proven motive and a coverup of this act of murder and war, and our leaders in Washington are still not exposing this treachery to US citizens! Why?
This brings us to another critical issue that needs to be addressed. Why would the globalists - the wealthy elite bankers and corporation owners, promote the shutting down of their own businesses, when it was obvious an early shutdown of rational duration would have been sufficient to stop the plague? Here are some of my thoughts written to friends during this time to reveal the motives:

A friend wrote this to me:
“I just heard on the tv that many 'experts' are saying that the pandemic will be six months long....before things can return back to normal. Can you imagine what that will do to the economy!"
My response:

"They are creating another great depression. They are hell bent on dismantling the economy for some particular, peculiar reason unknown to us. It is folly for the government to shut down the system. It is societal suicide. If they are determined to make it happen, they will continue the propaganda at all costs. It would be the deception of the century. I'm not sure which direction it will go, it may not be written in stone yet.
It was my contention for some time now that the globalists gave Trump a choice, either start the wars we need (to gear up the military industrial complex) or else we will destroy you by whatever means necessary. He did not take the threat seriously, so they put the pressure on with the impeachment. That didn't work, and he had a slight reprieve when he did an attack on the Iranian general to placate them. That didn't work either because the Iranians didn't retaliate as the globalists had hoped. Trump still did not follow up and send missiles raining down on Iran. Finally, the globalists allowed the Chinese plot to go forward so they could murder thousands of their own people, which they planned for decades to do anyway, and start the pandemic from China to the rest of the world. This was plan B or C. It had to be done in their opinion, because, China was falling economically and the convergence of failing banks and financial houses had been held off as long as it possibly could. The plague changed all plans from that moment forward. They (the globalist conspirators) told the news media to hype the hysteria to a fever pitch. The politicians were in on the plot because they needed a scapegoat to blame the economic collapse on, and allow them to escape blame for anything as well.
Trump then saw what was happening and made the only move he had left: which was to look presidential and do all he could to save lives. He knew it was another attack on him, but with his highly self-confident personality, he still felt he could prevail against his political enemies. He is thinking the globalists will blink first, as they see their wealth being destroyed. His own wealth is also being destroyed, and they think he will blink first.
Someone stopped the motor of the world. Which is reminiscent of the novel by Ayn Rand called “Atlas Shrugged”. (Who is John Galt?)
What we are seeing is the contrived, planned and manufactured collapse of the world economy, all for a specific reason and outcome. We are now in uncharted territory, and no one can tell what direction it will go next.
But one thing is certain - people will die, companies will fall, kingdoms will be shaken and the survivors of this game are not yet known. But those that have peace of mind before these events, will have peace of mind afterwards.
The globalists that wanted to control Trump have bypassed him so they can continue their conspiracy to control the world. Trump is doing everything in his power to save the nation. But there are political forces working against him. The news media hyped the epidemic for a reason. The panic needed to appear real and widespread so that businesses would be shut down and the financial problems would all be blamed on the flu virus.
Is the flu virus real? Yes.
Is the flu virus a large enough threat to shut down business beyond 2 weeks? NO. (And it could have been stopped or slowed down earlier, if China hadn’t lied to us, covered up the lie and our government covered up those lies to this day)
Will the bankers, financial houses and corporations use this event to get bail outs? Yes.
Is there any limit to how much money that the government can print to supposedly solve this problem? No. (And, this will cause inflation later)
Was this method of controlling a society ever mentioned in secret documents and US think tank groups? Yes.

Conclusion: This was an act of war by the communist Chinese to weaken our nation and other western nations, and also cull their own population. The bankers and globalists exploited this event to cover up the financial failures they incurred the past few decades. The politicians, bankers and corporations come out of this smelling like a rose and receive no blame for the economic down turn from their financial failures. And, the nations get rid of their so-called useless eaters - the elderly, so they can save money that would normally go for retirement checks.
The problem with all this is, we don't know when things will get back to normal again. We have no idea how bad inflation will get when they send out money to everyone month after month. How many years will it take to get the nation back to where it was before this event happened? The globalists are gambling that they can weaken their own companies and still retain their power and economic strength later. But, between point A and point B, a lot can happen that is unpredictable.
The problem we face in America is that people believe the propaganda they are being fed and aren't capable of critical thinking. They follow whatever the crowd is doing and the crowd follows the current government and media narrative. What we are witnessing is a revolution and literal overthrow of our Constitutional Republic. The long term closing down of businesses, schools and churches is an exercise of total control over the people through fear mongering. The question is, will the government exploit this control and transform our way of life and take away our god given Constitutional rights? I say yes, they will and already have. And, in my opinion, this is not a trial balloon to see what they can get away with later, it is a revolutionary act in itself and is overthrowing our form of government - permanently.
It remains to be seen how long this shut down will go and how much damage it will do to our nation. I warned people for years to stay away from the urban areas and prepare to be self-sufficient - if and when there was a disaster or collapse of any kind. When I saw the signs of this epidemic hitting America, I went to the stores in the first days of February and got as many supplies I could get. Then I quarantined myself at home and watched things unfold. It wasn’t until weeks later that friends started noticing something was happening when their sports games were cancelled and there was a run on toilet paper at the stores. Now people are sitting in their homes staring at the walls, eating SpaghettiOs and wondering how they will pay the rent and their car payments. And they still don’t know how this happened, why it happened and who is to blame. It is absolutely mind boggling. George Eaton

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. --Plato

A study of Disease—of Pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast—is certainly being pursued in the laboratories of more than one great country. Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies but whole districts—such are the lines along which military science is remorselessly advancing. —Winston Churchill
The use of microbes to attack target populations is not a new idea. Europeans gave Native Americans blankets tainted with smallpox during the early colonial period, knowing their lack of resistance to the disease would wipe out whole tribes. What is new today is that virulent pathogens — microorganisms that spread disease — can be readily spawned in laboratories. —Loren Thompson, Senior Contributor, Forbes Magazine
If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed. —Thomas Jefferson
It is an act of war by China to tell us lies about the disease and withhold vital information. It is being complicit of our leaders when they don’t tell us the truth of the attack, and thereby continue the deception. George Eaton

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    GeorgeEaton -- Wednesday, 1-Apr-2020 14:31:50

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