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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 2-Mar-2020 04:24:51

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
First, thank you for your good works and support.
We, as Beneficiaries, have the duty to act.
We promised Donald Trump to bring to our President the tools with which to work.
It should be evident from the lack of action at US DOJ and other government offices, that the President is being blocked from fulfilling his promises to restore the Rule of Law.
Therefore we decided to circumvent the crooks in government by making them defendants so that the MSM-GOOFACED-TWITAZONS could bring the issues to the President for comment.
The open template sets up perfectly the positions by defining the legal, political and commercial capacities of the complaining Citizen and the defendant TORTFEASING crooks disguised as public servants.
We will spread out to as many groups as we can reach the process as it gets filed.
We hope others will pick up our works and use them to help Trump restore the Rule of Law operated by honest public servants.
Real Americans stand up and act, the posers bend over and assume the position of subjects living in fear of crooks in government.
Real Americans walk the talk, posers talk the talk then loose their shoes.
Please share as far and wide as possible.


This AO 91 form is the official United States charging document used to start a Criminal Action in United States Courts.

This template is ready for service to the offices identified in the letters, later attached files and publishes.

  1. Annex A, CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP, Deposit of Political Credit.

  2. Cover Letter; a. U.S. Attorney General, b. House Judiciary Committee, c.Chief Justice of the U.S.Supreme Court, d. Clerk of U.S. District Court Rule 65.1, e. SF 95, Federal Tort Claim, f. the Office of President of the United States of America.

  3. Annex B, Reference to official government records qualifying under the Federal Rules of Evidence are undeniable full faith and credit, fully documented proof of fact.

  4. Letter to defendant, with attached AO 91, providing opportunity to correct mistakes, resign from office, return all assets accrued during relevant times covered in or later discovered by proceedings on the complaint, and apology for the errors and promise to review full public service history in order to insure no other crimes affected any American.

Simply fill in the information. Underlined sections are Complaint specific to the individual defendant. Blank underline is for your personal information.

We Americans have a choice, take care or our Countries business ourselves or wait as we have been for Divided Loyalty public servants to act under the law.

All public servants, at all levels of government, get paid from the public monies to perform properly according to law.

Failure to perform is a high crime, a breach of contract and oath, to serve and protect the People from which all government powers flow.

We the People created governments to serve us.

Governments did not create the People to serve governments.

We have ample evidence that the protected special class of public servants willfully and intentionally covered up crimes of their cohorts in public service for decades.

Our public servants have by their own actions, destroyed and trust or confidence We the People could repose in our governments through the conspiracy of silence.

Consent of the governed only applies to lawful, provable legitimate acts by government servants.


NOTE: This template applies to any and all acts by government actors in their personal capacities for every trespass on any right held by any American. The Bill of Rights, the thou shall not declarations of law, controls over government, and apply as written.

No government office or officer is able to identify the power granted in the Constitutions, state or federal, for government actors to interpret the laws they promised to serve, nor identify the power of discretion over which of the laws apply to themselves.

APPLICATIONS: Second Amendment, body integrity barring forced vaccination with poisons, acts protecting illegal immigrants over the safety and security of the American People, Rule of Law misconstructions favoring classes of people based on race, gender, national origin, religious preference, or cultural imperatives, and much more.

REMEMBER: The Bill of Rights is the People’s FIRST LAW. The People in the states required the Bill of Rights to be annexed to the Constitution before it could be accepted as valid and in force and effect. Amendment means all acts under the Constitution are controlled and limited by the People’s will expressed in our Bill of Rights.

United States of America,

Ex Rel, _______________________



I, ______________________ , the complainant in this case, state that the following is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Beginning on or about the date(s) of January 28, 2020, in the District of Columbia, at the United States District Court House, 333 Constitution Avenue, within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, and therefore, pursuant the United States Code, finding aid to U.S. Statutes, at the seat of Government of the United States, in the District of Columbia, the defendant, in conspiracy with others not yet identified, violated Code Section(s) , Title 18, § § 241, 242, 371, 912, 913, 2383, 2384, 2385, and others that maybe uncovered during processing of this Criminal Complaint.

This criminal complaint is based on these facts:

  1. I,_________________, have full standing and capacity to enforce the contract rights of a State Citizen. Annexed exhibit A, is fully incorporated herein and herewith at all times in all places subject to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of any and all state and federal government offices and functions. I, ___________________, am a contract holder and holder in due course.

  2. The defendant is employed as a government servant in the position of ____________________ .

  3. The defendant accepted the position of public servant, _______________________ , knowing;

A. Public service employment is a privilege, not a right;

B. Public service employment is subject to a personal loyalty pledge to the law of the People’s Constitution required by Article VI.

C. Public service training, prior to assumption of public duties, informs every public servant of professional standards required for honest performance of public duties.

D. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office must be in complete accord with personal pledge, service contract terms of undivided loyalty to the highest law, Constitution as Amended.

E. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office is subject to audit for compliance with all the laws, regulations, rules, particularly the Bill of a Rights.

F. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, every act in public office in order to be considered valid, must be provable from public records, to be authorized by law.

G. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, each and every act or omission committed while operating public office, that is not supported and proved valid by operation of law, and public records, is a personal act.

H. Prior to assuming public office, that in order to be a beneficiary of governmental immunity, agreement to be subject to the criminal laws of the United States and of the states is accepted as fundamental terms of public service.

I. Public records created by or participated in constructing are full faith and credit, official government records.

J. Public records are not deniable under any circumstance.

k. Argument with or denial of facts of public record is knowing and intentional admission and confession of fatally defective public service.

L. No one, particularly government servants may claim ignorance of the law as a defense for acts shown by public record to be in violation of Constitution, Bill of Rights or statutes.

M. Refusal to provide any American access to, benefit of, enforcement of, recognition of, the law protecting rights under the Bill of rights is always a Civil Rights Crime.

N. All attempts to deny public records exposing, or proving, deviations from, failures to perform as promised, according to law, is the conclusive evidence of intent to act in Divided Loyalty, breach of oath, employment contract, public service standards and honest services laws, resulting in self confessed criminal intent.

O. Any or all government actors, franchises of government operating under license to do business in interstate commerce, that protect, coverup for, support defective public servants or their acts and omissions, join a conspiracy, attempting SUBVERSION, the attempt to transform the established, lawful structure, legal standards and obligations, political order, social order and the structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms of governments created by the People beginning 1776, July 4, fair notice before the world.

NOTE: The completed AO 91, with first identified defendant will be presented soon. The full process will be available on public records soon.


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