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Just In Case You're Taking an Antidepressant & Are Bipolar (love your mania) It

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Saturday, 30-Nov-2019 17:43:41

Dear RM Agents and Readers,

No doubt this is in part where some of the school shooters come from, that blank stare and nobody home. I've been attempting to figure out if it was drugs, antidepressants or Beelzebub that I've been dealing with as both could have fit the scenario I've been handed.

What I have discovered is that if you are in the least bipolar you better be taking something else other than or along with the antidepressant as it can cause psychosis. Second time I've dealt with something similar and it has scared the crap out of me both times.

I do know that both of these people were not eating well either, did drink (not sure how much) and this also contributes to both bipolar and depression.

Denial of your potential for these types of behaviors can really cause chaos in your family so it is up to you to be self aware as well as responsible. Your affect on those you say you love demands this or you just may loose them forever, for their own safety.

Course some folks are just manipulative because they want what they want; something I've also seen and have also found very painful to understand. Just plain scary.

Lyme/Morgellons taught me many things, learned how important it was to cognitive behavior of self, the effects of drugs or alcohol on self and ones own spiritual connection. This helps elevate you when dealing with others, things just aren't how they used to be. You tend to see more clearly, not only yourself but others as well.

Be careful folks and if you are taking antidepressants you might want to give your gun to someone else until your done.

Many Blessings,

Can bipolar meds make you worse?
In fact, antidepressants can actually make bipolar disorder worse or trigger a manic episode. Try mood stabilizers first and never take antidepressants without them. Take advantage of natural mood stabilizers. Your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your symptoms.Jun 17, 2019
Bipolar Medication Guide - HelpGuide.org
https://www.helpguide.org › articles › bipolar-disorder › bipolar-medication-.

n the manic phase of bipolar disorder, it's common to experience feelings of heightened energy, creativity, and euphoria. If you're experiencing a manic episode, you may talk a mile a minute, sleep very little, and be hyperactive. You may also feel like you're all-powerful, invincible, or destined for greatness.Jun 17, 2019
Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms - HelpGuide.org
https://www.helpguide.org › articles › bipolar-disorder-signs-and-symptoms

Untreated Bipolar Disorder Can Lead to Increased Risk of Domestic Violence
HomeBipolar Disorder and AddictionUntreated Bipolar Disorder Can Lead to Increased Risk of Domestic Violence
On This Page:
What Is Bipolar Disorder Exactly?
Bipolar Disorder and Domestic Violence
Successful Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Continue Reading
The idea that people suffering from mental disorders are automatically more violent than the general population has been established as a myth, a stereotype that, thankfully, is being shattered. And yet, there are several aspects of untreated bipolar disorder than can lead to an increased risk of domestic violence.

This is a confusing and frightening situation with emotional and physical repercussions for all involved, so it’s important to understand a few basic facts about bipolar disorder and why treatment is a significant, important step who anyone who might be struggling.

What Is Bipolar Disorder Exactly?
The brain uses an intricate system of chemical signals to manage emotional functions in the central nervous system.

Tiny changes in the level of these chemicals are directly related to the following critical functions:

Positive and negative feelings
The formation and recollection of memories
Impulse control
Anxiety and stress management
When individuals suffer from an imbalance or deficiency in this chemical system, they may experience moments marked by extreme depression and times of emotional mania.

Some of the most common symptoms of depression include: emotional numbness, persistent sadness, crying, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness and despair and suicidal thoughts, words or actions, while common symptoms of bipolar mania have a few distinct differences.

man drinking wine with concerned family in backgroundIn addition to emotional outbursts, you might notice a recklessness or lack of responsibility in making decisions, including those that involve sexual behavior, spending money or using drugs and alcohol. Those dealing with bipolar mania may find little need for sleep, lack personal culpability for their actions, they may verbally abuse others and have an irrationally elevated mood.

Bipolar individuals tend to move from one of these emotional extremes to the other. They often fail to receive treatment because during depressive episodes they don’t believe there is any hope to feel better, and during manic times they don’t feel that they need any help. Spouses and loved ones tend to live with a combination of fear and uncertainty as a result.

>>> READ THIS NEXT: What To Do When Your Loved One Has a Manic Episode

Bipolar Disorder and Domestic Violence
Individuals with untreated bipolar disorder are at an increased risk for violent behavior for the following reasons:

Substance abuse often fuels domestic violence.
Mania can cause impulse control disorders.
Reckless sexual behavior can cause injury to the bipolar person’s partner.
Major depression can cause suicidal thoughts or actions.
Because of the constantly volatile nature of the disease, bystanders are often unsure how to prepare themselves and how to encourage their loved one to get help.

male and female violence associated with alcohol abuse

Successful Bipolar Disorder Treatment
While there is no known cure for bipolar disorder, mental health professionals have discovered several very effective treatment tools, including medical care and various forms of counseling, that can reduce symptoms significantly.

Also know that it is not uncommon for the partner of a bipolar individual to resort to holding an intervention in order to convince his or her partner that help is needed and available.
If you are living with a bipolar individual and are concerned for your safety or the safety of your loved one, please call our toll-free helpline at 844-675-1676. Our admission counselors can help you understand the implications and risks associated with this disease and can connect you with excellent recovery resources. If you feel that you are in immediate danger, please dial 911 before doing anything else.

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