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CGI's Sophie: We will never be told by our governments nor the mass media

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 9-May-2019 12:37:48

In Response To: CGI's Sophie: Thereís something very BIG going on in the background that they donít want us to know about (RumorMail)

: From CGI member Sophie:

Underground cities have been covered many times by many agents and over many years on RMN. However, this is a very interesting video interview.


Bob Fletcher has done a lot of research on Planet X, as have Marshall Masters
He got the year wrong but my own sources indicated that early Spring will be a significant time
I do not know the year myself.
I think what happens will be very dependent on the state of the collective human consciousness


Planet X Confirmed, Bob Fletcher Underground Cities, Declassified Doc's Reveal, Global Government

Published on 6 Mar 2016

Where have the missing funds gone?

There are over 100 of them (underground facilities) in the USA.
What I found out when I started snooping is that Russia had put out a mandate in about 2008 to accomplish construction of over 5,000 medium sized underground facilities.
And they've built one facility..... large one way out in the mountains that can handle 50,000 underground .
The biggest one we have in the USA can handle about 10/15 thousand at one location.
These are built by drilling gigantic holes into the mountains or under the mountains.
These drills are so large, a single medium sized drill can go into a mountain and back out, and an 18-wheeler can drive in and back out again after one pass.
They have them now so large that it can go in and come back out, to have two 18-wheelers side-by-side the hole they have just bored.

The Chinese .... have one that is the equivalent of 2 medium sized drills.
Big enuff for one 18-wheeler each.
And a large one, another 40% larger by itself, in the middle of the other two.
So they have a triple headed drill that can go into a mountainside, come back out.
And you can drive two 18-wheelers down and probably three 18-wheelers side-by-side inside the underground facility.
I have pictures of 18-wheelers passing each other at intersections underground.
as well as crossing over railroad tracks where regular trains can come in underground and offload survival foods.
The Russians are doing it.
The Chinese have thousands of them.
The US has done it and filled them all with emergency foodstuff.
They have also built a seed vault, located near Denmark, on an island.
That is an international co-operative seed vault that holds billions of seeds, with enough seeds to replace all of the growing items on the surface of the globe,
with the idea there'll be a galactic problem,
big enough like Noah's flood and destroy all growing things on the surface of the Earth.....

So what is this event?

So I started looking into what I had resisted for a long time.
That was the Planet X / Nibiru problem.
Cos that's the only thing.
Something of that magnitude is the only thing, other than a nuclear war, that you would require underground facilities and food stuff for 10/15 yrs stored away.
So I started looking into it and then all of a sudden, I found .... several groups of people that had been studying it etc
Those guys... had convinced me that the Planet X was real.
So I went back remembering the 1983 period of time when there were extraordinary changes going on - budgetary changes, defence dept variations and the star wars ideas coming in...
They were coming up with this defence concept of putting these activated lasers etc in outer space and watching for nuclear moves of Russia or China
But I found out a huge number of the telescopes that were out on satellites were aimed outward and not inward

Like a regular comet, like Haley's comet
Go round the sun and then back out again
It's going to be dragging a tail, probably will exceed 20 million miles
Cos that's the tail of Haley's comet - that long
Frozen snowball - has no effect on anything
But if we have this pass behind the sun, we will pass thru that tail
During that time, we'll be confronted with meteors, space debris
It will take 155 days for it to go out around the sun and then back out on the other side
We will pass thru the tail a 2nd time - 155 days after the 1st problem
and we'll go thru a meteor shower again
we're talking floods, tsunamis
you also have earthquakes and volcanic activity
besides the huge tsunamis put out because of space junk crashing into oceans, we'll have fires on the land from the burning (as described in the bible)
A brimstone of fire coming the sky - we will have that type of event again and it will cause all of our satellites
and the electronic transmisions will be gone before it's even close
Once it starts approaching, there'll be a time when the electromagnetic effects of this will screw up our satellites
We'll be without communications and light all over
Fires and on the coast, huge ocean waves - tidal waves etc

it will head out and go back and be gone for whatever time the orbit is
There's disagreement between groups as to whether it's a 3,500 or 3,600 or a 3,000 year orbit
Or if it's only a 350 yr orbit...

they're putting foods into the underground locations for the elite, you will not get a ticket

Won't see Nibiru until it's close enuough to start reflecting the sun

expect to see it in March/April
seen in Dec
Dec/Jan/Feb will get larger in the sky
then pass causing its most grief in March/April

By the time it's got so close
size of the moon is the size of a basketball
it will appear to be the size of a baseball next to it
when it gets to that, we'll be a holocaust situation
floods/fires/ meteors/ gravitational effects / electronics going crazy

when 1st seen, it will be seen as a star
Then it will get bigger over 90 days
seen in Dec
worst destruction in Mar/April - meteor showers, floods

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