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Cause & Effect: Billionaires, The Fascistic Left, Young Men, Immigrants, Double-Standards, Idiotic Social Engineers, & Spin

Posted By: Swami
Date: Sunday, 31-Mar-2019 20:17:00

David Icke Exposes The Man Who You Dare Not Peak his Name!


Behind every rich man, is a spoiled rich woman demanding more of everything. With threats of calling the cops on him, taking him to divorce court, to take half or more of everything he has acquired, legally or illegally. But, I could care less what misery falls on George Soros.

Far Left Rag MOCKS Failures Of Young Men as HILARIOUS


Humiliating someone who is actually suffering, is asking for blow-back. Don't expect any sympathy from them when you are suffering. See how this works? What goes around, comes around.

Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration - YouTube


Published on Mar 16, 2018

Lessons learned by previous generations should not be discarded without serious contemplation and only replaced with proven superior ideas, that have a better track record.

Running away from problems never solves them. People running away from their home country and bringing their problems to a new location doesn't change anything for them, but does for the inhabitants in the new country.



Published on Feb 18, 2016

The globalists and their creations, such as the established Rothschild state of israel, buying off politicians in the usa and elsewhere, provoke all these wars for conquest, which result in mass immigration, as well as people reacting to the resulting economic disruptions, and therefore looking to make a buck, relocate to those very same harnessed states, which cause the creation of people with a similar state of mind. The populations of the enforcer states get the blame. As if they have any control over their "leaders". So, the dog eat dog behavior grows, round and round, where it stops nobody knows.

When the majority of the population is ignorant, unskilled, due to a series of war torn populations, whereby the knowledge failed to be handed down, through multiple generations, you end up with a crashing society. How many times has this happened all over the world? Is this where the idea of scarcity is coming from? An artificially created scarcity, due to destruction of the acquired knowledge the people already held in their possession? War, separation of fathers from their children's lives, no time to walk the path and explain things? Having to spend more time at work because of perverted units of exchange, less time at home with family? Programmed women, always looking for greener pastures, and never building up what you already have right in front of you?

Who will purchase the products from the robber barons who have managed to steal every industry, when no one has a job or money or property with which to make an exchange? Domination of others is a fools game.

I am not responsible for my audience; said the Influencers | CultureWar Tipping Point 2


Mainstream media, tv, newspapers, radio. Of course, recalling the mainstream has been doing this for centuries, is not an excuse for one's own behavior.

Who is to judge what should or should not be discussed? Who has not sinned? Who has not been an asshole, cruel, a bitch?

Inspiration, is a double edged sword. It can be used for good and bad. It has many forms of expression. Emulation is the highest form of flattery. Its the real meaning of the phrase fear-of-god. A child emulates its parent when learning to walk. Which wolf do you feed?

To blame those that point out the malevolent behavior of others, as the cause for reactionary behavior by somebody else, someone who has been supposedly hurt or offended by the actions of the malevolent, is a flawed argument. That is commonly called killing the messenger.

Would you have us remain silent in the face of malevolent behavior? Out of fear, that someone might take action against those of the same skin color as the accused? Out of fear, that a racist will take action against particular individuals, that had nothing to do with a specific malevolent act, just because someone within line of sight had the same skin color?

You are asking, for every expression that an individual with an opinion/observation makes, to contain: all the details, of every possible scenario, as well as all prerequisite information needed, for any possible perception that might receive that expression, so that innocents will not suffer for the actions of others, every time. Essentially you are asking for all expressors to completely educate all receivers of said expression, within that one expression.

What about a receiver's responsibility to learn? What about a receiver's freewill? Its personal choice making, life navigating ability? You are asking for one to take responsibility for the other. How is a speaker/expressor supposed to know the personal condition of any receiver? How does a teacher gauge where a students head is at? Telepathically? How many walking the earth have mastered this skill? Is there a reason we each have our own bodies?

The ignorant are my responsibility? What about their parents, teachers, and you? I shouldn't speak my mind because the ignorant, who might take things out of context, might do something horrible? Perhaps people should stop taking things out of context. Perhaps mainstream news should stop claiming things out of context. Perhaps the ignorant should be schooled before they do stupid shit. People always expect you to educate their ignorant, arrogant, impatient, intolerant, narrow perception, within a 30 second sound bite.

The solution to societal problems are many. Stop censoring information. Stop micromanaging peoples lives. Stop giving away free shit. Stop asking government to take care of every problem. Grow up. Take personal responsibility for your own lives. Stop telling others to conform to your personal preferences. Let people fall, and learn from their mistakes.

This should be obvious, which is why people say they are not responsible for their audiences (personal education). Nor should each individual of an audience want an influencer to mother them ever time they engage in a discussion. Put your coat on, you'll catch a cold!

There is a "gyno-centric" predominance operating in a great many people that tend to focus on the group (victim/helpless/safety-in-numbers/female) instead of the individual (defensive/capable/lone-wolf/male). Entire groups express these predominances as well. This says a lot about ignorance/wisdom ratios.

They also tend to attack the messenger instead of the logic previously expressed. No arguments opposing the nature of the cause and effect that has been discussed.

So, what should be excused exactly? The choices made by another? The narrow education of someone else? Why do they/I need to come up with an excuse for the condition of others? Should they/I be responsible more than the one who committed an act?

Should we make a priority list, of those responsible for a supposed "event", starting with whoever pulled the trigger, on the gun, that "killed" some poor innocent, and call that the worst of the worst, most deserving of punishment? We can complete this list with everyone and their mother, throughout all time. And then we can compare who is more responsible than others. Would we notice those messengers had very little responsibility or control of the "event". Perhaps they could have better articulated and completely educated every receiver of their particular message. So that someone won't do something stupid? But that would require some means of making sure you have the undivided attention of the ignorant you are dealing with. But this seems kind impractical, doesn't it?

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