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The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

To: Are these low level, bottom feeding entities ruining our lives?

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Sunday, 17-Mar-2019 21:03:34

Perhaps, you wrote a letter or a notice to a higher up status quo or corporate entity, because you were harmed some way by either a low level status quo/corporate entity or their policies. You may got a standard carbon copy thank you reply or “we'll look into it” reply to your mail, but the chances are that NOTHING HAPPENED, that was constructive and beneficial to you.

What REALLY happens, when you write to a high level government or corporate entity, claiming that you were unjustly treated?
Even if you register your letter, the letter won't be opened and read by the name of the entity you INTENDED it for! Your letter will be opened and read by the first “PRE-READER”. IF, your letter passes this first “PRE-READER” stage, it will go to the second “PRE-READER” and on and on. IF, ALL the “PRE-READERS” approved your letter, it will eventually end-up with the entity, your letter was addressed and intended it to. THIS IS VERY RARE THOUGH!!!

Take a look at the video link below, at the 14:05 time mark. What you hear there, sadly THAT is reality! There are low level, inferior, highly educated but without wisdom maggots, who screen what people write to high level officials but it is up to them “PRE-READERS”, if they pass them on or not. Mostly not.

A couple of examples.
I knew a retired, government, international trade lawyer, who was in personal working relationship with government ministers. This lawyer was down to Earth, lived a simple life (VERY rare, if not impossible for a lawyer these days). He knew about a very serious poverty issue in a certain area of the city and nothing was done about it. The minister who supposed to deal with the issue was totally oblivious to this problem, as nobody informed him about it. One morning, when this lawyer had enough of them self appointed usurpers of authority who supposed to inform their boss, he grabbed this minister and drove him into the poverty stricken area of the city and told him to “look around”! The minister was speechless of what he saw, then said; “I had no idea this is going on”. Needless to say, the poverty issue was solved in a very short time. This happened a couple of decades ago.

I read the post of Anna Von Reitz: “Horribly Misrepresented”

In the post above, you may read the Pope's reply to her.

“He heard me out. He was stunned. His answer was, and I quote, 'Nobody told me!'”
This above is another example that problems are not passed on to high level authorities but low level, inferior cockroaches screen and censor what the high level entities get or not get.

Rest assured reader, there are inferior, greedy entities who USE even the authority of the English Queen and the Queen HAS NO IDEA about the deeds of these scums.

During WW2, German and Soviet military people DELIBERATELY didn't pass on certain information to Adolph and Stalin, because they were afraid from their retaliations...and one might say with good reason.

In government and corporations SECRETARIES rule!!! Think about the word SECRET-ARIES. Their despicable operations are totally stealthy (until now) as people never even imagined the power of the secretaries. I could even give you examples from my childhood, regarding the power of secretaries.

WHY are these low level, inferior scums are allowed to deal with issues, they know nothing about?
They are also USED as “lightning rods” to their bosses. Unfortunately, for their bosses, this is a two edged sword. These bosses believe that them low level, inferior scums will protect them as they already PLANNED to say, when they will be in the hot seat; “I didn't know” or “Nobody told me” or similar excuses.

If I recall correctly, it is status quo, corporate, color of law policy that; “Ignorance of the law is no excuse for a crime”. Well, ignorance to brought up issues are no excuses to the crimes. Those who are ignorant of them are JUST AS GUILTY as those who know about them.

IF, you reader write a complaint to a high level entity, that another entity “moved against you” and IF, you want to curse that high level entity, “by its own de-vices, deeds and acts” you should include the “PRE-READERS” also or simply ANYBODY who is CONNECTED with the issue you are complaining about.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ADDRESS THE ENTITY ITSELF AND NEVER EVER THE NAME, TITLE AND/OR NUMBERS, THE ADDRESSED ENTITY IS HIDING BEHIND. IF, you address names, titles and/or numbers, you are shadow boxing. Names, titles and/or numbers are FICTIONS. Fictions like “color of law” were created by sneaky, conniving, malevolent entities who don't want to take responsibility for their deeds and/or acts but want to trap and exploit YOU, FOR YOUR ENERGY!

IF, you claim YOU are “real”, you better deal with the “real” and NOT with some fiction! You are NOT your name, title and/or numbers! They were assigned, then FORCED on you by malevolent entities, so you'll never find out and know the truth!

Anna Von Reitz should of addressed the Pope as such.
To: The entity, who is hiding behind the name and title “His Holiness, Pope Frances”
“Most beloved” and such. This is NOT criticizing what or how to do things but to thrive to be on the same level, IF they want to contract with you.

IF, an entity claims to be REAL, then this same entity MUST address the OTHER entity who is ALSO REAL, not something fictitious like names, titles and/or numbers. “The mind must meet the mind” or there is no contract.
How could a mindless FICTION meet the mind of a REAL???

Does a fiction, like “Honourable Judge John Doe” have a mind?
Obviously NOT!
However THE ENTITY, who is HIDING behind the title and name does! IF, you are a REAL entity, you MUST address the REAL entity, so you won't violate the “law of one and equal”!

Smile at them malevolent to you entities! YOU KNOW the truth about them usurpers and pretender entities! CURSE THEM “BY THEIR OWN DE-VICES, DEEDS AND ACTS”! Include their family members, relatives, friends and their co-workers, BECAUSE THEY ARE THEIR SUPPORTERS! They are co-conspirators against the people! YOU! NEVER, EVER GO BEYOND “BY THEIR OWN DE-VICES, DEEDS AND ACTS”! DON'T TRY TO GET REVENGE OR YOU'LL FALL INTO A TRAP!

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