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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 16-Mar-2019 18:11:44

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader C. writes:


Please post the below as a matter of our futures necessity.
Children are the future for all of us.

The first part was served into the White House to President Trump, with received confirmation letters returned. The delivery was in 3 parts to meet the 250 word limit on emails.

The second part identifies the available force majeure waiting to be organized.

The third part identifies the essential core issues all of us share, also served into the White House.

Please use your discretion as to single or multiple pieces for publish.

We, my work group and I have set up an email and held conference calls to assist in organizing a cohesive single point gathering of individual groups in the various states.

We have the writings with outlines available for those choosing their own liberty.

If you believe it is appropriate, I attach the contact email, in the event you choose to publish the pieces, so that people have some where to go.


Part 1


Dear Mr. Trump, my President,
The Felonies Exposure. 1
The subpoenas issued by Congress to various associates of you my President, are the open public unimpeachable ironclad record of FELONIES being openly executed by the issuers of the subpoenas.
My position requires that I inform you of the fundamental issues because it is apparent to me, that none of your other advisers even know the fundamentals that protect the lawful operations of our public offices. And, if they do, they fail or refuse to act.
The cause of felony’s is abuse of public office. The lawful and proper operation of government is obstructed while the integrity required of honest government service touching on all federal interests, when systemites in Congress act under color of law.
Review of the United States Attorneys Manual will provide the basics, exposing the fundamentals which apply to all government actors.
SOLUTION and EXPOSURE. The following phrases, presented in opening statements to the committees, set the stage which opens the play of TRUTH IN ACTION, becoming relevant. Think, COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

I accepted the invitation to be here today as a loyal American honoring lawful process.

I am glad to pledge my fidelity to lawful proceedings and I promised to tell the truth.

The record created by this hearing is unimpeachable public record and evidence before the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

I recognize I have a public duty to report crimes and to not support what I believe are crimes in any manner, at any place, under any circumstance.

In order to maintain my personal integrity and the integrity of of Congressional oversight on government activities, I have decided to report all felonies I believe have happened, are happening and may in the future happen to this Committee.

I rely on the fundamental law of our country as stated in simple clear English in our Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide all my Statements here to day.

I rely on the integrity of process in these open public hearings, and, will rely on the minutes of these hearings to verify my integrity and loyalty to the fundamentals of legitimate American government process.

At certain times I may invoke the FIFTH AMENDMENT, my right to not be forced to participate in what I believe are crimes for which the possibility exists I may be held accountable.

I formally request the honorable Committee honor its duty to respect my reliance on the law of the Fifth Amendment here today.

In the event I am required to invoke the protection of the the law of the Fifth Amendment, that will be my public, duly sworn testimony, that I refuse to cooperate with what I believe are wrongdoing, possibly rising to felonies.

Now that my terms and conditions are of record, I am ready to answer all the committees questions. Please proceed.
President Trump, it is now time to play big league hard ball. The American People, mothers in particular, are organizing to fully exercise their political presence concerning the RAPE of their children. Please review last two emails marked emergency 1 and 2.
It occurs to me that a master statement, issued from the White House, expressing your wish that every one subpoenaed by the systemites, consider using the above statements, or some form thereof, as a proper exercise showing fidelity to the Rule of Law.
Calling the account due and owed by any government officer, in open public forum, for recognition of known integrity and fidelity standards, is always a good move from the position on the high ground.
Your support for mothers and grand mothers protecting their children from the forced injections of known toxins in most vaccination products would be welcome.
Current circumstances are exposing the full powers available to our Chief Magistrate, our Office of President, which you honorably serve.
In context of the Chief Magistrates duties, an advisory to those subpoenaed by Congress, for nefarious purpose, should be issued. This advisory is the simple and proper execution of Due Process, the right to be informed of all relevant facts and law when any American is subpoenaed by any government entity.
This email is to be considered as Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes, qualifying as public record to be archived, as all my previous letters and emails, because of the legal obligations of government is the mandate that full faith and credit in all dealings with the good People is to be executed.

Part 2


In order to draw women and in massive numbers we need to look at this as selling a product.
The essential product is personal liberty.
The tool for personal liberty to be put in place is as follows.
1. When women, join together in a single point focus, go into action they level the playing field.
2. Every child on this planet came from womankind, mothers. Every mother on the planet has a vested interest in the liberty of their children and their neighbors children. This is because if you claim liberty of choice for you and your children you must extend it to everyone else.
3. The United States population is made up of approximately 55% females.
4. At least 50% of those are mothers or grandmothers or both, or aunts or sisters.
5. A minimum of 50% of the mothers and grandmothers believe in the right to choose the ownership and control over their own bodies and that of their children.
6. That means there are close to 40 million women making up force majeure.
Force majeure definition is - superior or irresistible force. Miriam - Webster.
The simple fact is, the most dangerous animal on the planet is a mother protecting their young.


Sent in 2 parts.

Dear Mr. Trump, my President,

The People’s Emergency, 1

The color of law only occurs when the lawmakers do not have the capacity nor authority to meddle in the situation they are making a law about.

It is a contract between real People that make countries.

The land itself is a gift from creation. The land cannot think or act or do anything that could establish a country.

The simple fact is, reality, countries are made up of paper, the contract Constitutions between People, that is overlaid on a specific geographic area, the land.

Thus, those that are party to the contract, the People, are the final controlling voice on how a country proceeds in any and every manner whatsoever.

In America our mechanism is to hire, put in office, those we believe will serve our interest in the best manner possible.

Those that we hire, we pay, therefore they are employees and servants to the countries the People created.

No one forced our employees to take the job.

Every one of our employees, servants, pledges their personal Fidelity, bonded by their own signature, attaching all of their assets, to serve the people first last and always!

Any employee servant that does not serve the written contract creating a country by we the people, with specific compliance with the written terms of the peoples contracts, Constitutions, is then an in breach of contract.

Failure to honor the contract by any employee or servant disqualifies them from public office immediately.

Dear Mr. Trump, my President,
The People’s Emergency, 2

All controversy between the People and our governments is the conflict between law systems. Law of the People’s Constitutions or statute and case law of the servants.

Which one controls?

Color of law is now exposed as statute and case law derivatives of the People’s true authorities.

Color of law is now exposed as any act of government that does not serve the good People in their exercise of personal liberty, the right to choose.


If the People’s law controls forced vaccination dies a quick death.

If the servants statute and case law controls the servants identify them selves as RAPISTS and SLAVERS trafficking in human chattel, We the People, in particular our children, as the slaves.

The matter is settled by simple reference to the contracts each government servant enters prior to taking office or employment. The servants contract is to serve the People’s law, first, last and always. If not then there is no legitimate government making the current operations of government a SLAVE management business benefiting only those getting paid to enforce color of law.

Does every American hold the right to defend the integrity of our own body, mind and soul from trespass into or on our own body? The bodies, minds and souls of our children and possible grand children?

Please inform Congress of the law of the People.


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