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Ben Swann: Rep Omar’s Comments On Israel Were Not Anti Semitic

Posted By: Swami
Date: Wednesday, 6-Mar-2019 12:48:09

In Response To: link: DailyCaller - "Linda Sarsour Attacks ‘White Feminist’ Nancy Pelosi Over Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism" (hobie)

Reality Check: Rep Omar’s Comments On Israel Were Not Anti Semitic - YouTube



Is the US taking sides in a squabble between jews and muslims?

Is the conflict between jews and muslims artificially created to take control of various countries?

Does this not feel like a male or female that are in a relationship together, and arguing with each other? And one of them wants you to take their side.




March 6, 2019 at 13:32 (Associate Post, DesertPeace Exclusive, Germany, Israel, Palestine)

If Zionist fascists today join forces with Europeans to fight Islam and Muslims under the guise of fighting terror, then we should stand up together and defend ourselves against this kind of racism to save the last of democracy.

Zionism threatens all of us

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

When the “Jewish State” ambassador, Jeremy Issacharoff, launches, we know what to expect: fake news and hasbara (propaganda). But what he now said in the “Jumping Picture” was not to be beaten. (1) No, certainly not Hezbollah threatens Europe, but it is undoubtedly its representative Zionist state terror regime. And certainly not threatened by him hallucinated “anti-Semites from Gaza to Tehran” – the nuclear power (!) – Israel with death, but it is still his state, which is constantly threatening, this supports with arbitrary bombing, air surveillance and See, which does not shy away from targeted killings or extrajudicial executions. While Israel is trying to destabilize Lebanon,

German submission to Zionist state terrorists

Issacharoff attacks not only the UNO for innumerable, absolutely legitimate resolutions, but also criticizes Federal President Steinmeier because of his congratulatory telegram to Iran for the 40th national holiday. Even Josef Schuster, the German governor of the “Jewish State”, had already given his mustard via this jumble in this Cause.

It is more than presumptuous that a German President, who is so closely connected with the “Jewish friends”, has to be reprimanded by representatives of an international law-violating regime like Israel, and certainly he does not have to justify himself for usual diplomatic practices!

Where the German political submission has led, we experience in this case particularly blatantly. The more German politicians covet the Zionist state terrorists, the more demands are made.

Distraction from daily peoples and human rights crimes – hell on earth

No, Hezbollah and Hamas are not our enemies. They are resistance organizations, formed from the founding of the “Jewish state” and the illegal occupation of Palestine. By constantly demonizing these important organizations, Israel is only trying to divert attention from its daily genocide and human rights crimes. Who led the war against Lebanon, regardless of the civilian population, with dirty weapons that today still painfully remind the people of Lebanon of the war and the atrocities of the “butcher” Ariel Sharon?

Or take Gaza, where the Jewish “defensive army” committed genocide, until today, and week after week the Palestinians trying to break out of this concentration camp are insidiously murdered by snipers. With combat helicopters responding to balloons, and constant drones monitoring the trapped trying to wear down everything that happens under the eyes of the so-called Western “community of values” which the Palestinian people and the illegal occupation of Palestine except hypocritical pronouncements unmoved in the prepared them by the Israelis hell to languish on earth.The Netanyahu regime has achieved virtually no international criticism of the occupation. (2)

No, not Hezbollah, Hamas or Iran are terrorists, but in the truest sense of the word are the state terrorists of the “Jewish state” and its regime. They can not be our allies in the terror fight. Instead, we should finally see who brings us this terror. Nothing leaves the “Jewish state” untrammeled to drive a wedge between the EU states.

The “Jewish state”: Zionist-fascist schizomycete of the region

If the ambassador speaks of how Israel has recently discovered six “terror tunnels” that have led from South Lebanon to Israel, then that is more than implausible. After all, Netanyahu had known this fact for a long time, but it only became useful to him in his election campaign. I have seen with my own eyes the desolate situation of the Palestinian refugees in the camps in Lebanon, who must live there unworthily, 71 years after the Nakba, the catastrophe. In recent years, due to the Syria war, the situation of the refugees has worsened further, which plays into the hands of the “Jewish state”. Just as the Netanyahu regime is diligently involved in the Syrian war, supporting terrorists and the more than dodgy “white helmets” to weaken the Assad government, affirming the eternal garrison of the Golan Heights.

Although Israel repeatedly emphasizes defending the security of its people, it very deliberately weakens the security of its citizens with this type of policy. How sure could the “Jewish state” live if it were not for the occupation and Zionist fascist fission fungus of the region, because without keeping its population in fear and with the repeated pretense, surrounded by enemies in the whole world to be alone and alone. Only then can they govern by putting the population in constant fear of imaginary enemies and attacks. At the same time, the Netanyahu regime does not shy away from subordinating Iran to a planned Holocaust against the “Jewish state”.This instrumentalization of the Holocaust is a particularly perfidious kind of hasbala “warfare”,

So it does not make much difference which regime is coming to power in the “Jewish state” because they all have one purpose only: to achieve the fight against Palestinians / Muslims and the final solution of the Judaization of Palestine, by all means. This dirty election campaign, which Netanyahu has completely tailored to himself, with provocations from Haram al-Sharif to the “eternal capital” of Jerusalem, with the strong help of the Trump government. Netanyahu, who is threatened with corruption charges and is so up to his neck, tries to prevent his resignation by attacking the judiciary and the media. With this aggressive, racist policy, which does not shy away from cooperation with fascists, he actually knows a large part of his Jewish followers behind him. There can be no talk of an opposition, after all, the party alliance Blau-Weiss, under the former Chief of Staff Gantz and companions of Netanyahu, as well as a former television presenter and finance minister Lapid, offers neither an alternative nor a useful program.It’s all state terrorists who seek to power, with blood on their hands. There is nothing left for the Palestinians except ethnic cleansing and advancing Judaization at the expense of their last rights. Everything is reminiscent of friend Trump and his choice, as well as various far-right European leaders.It’s all state terrorists who seek to power, with blood on their hands. There is nothing left for the Palestinians except ethnic cleansing and advancing Judaization at the expense of their last rights. Everything is reminiscent of friend Trump and his choice, as well as various far-right European leaders.It’s all state terrorists who seek to power, with blood on their hands. There is nothing left for the Palestinians except ethnic cleansing and advancing Judaization at the expense of their last rights. Everything is reminiscent of friend Trump and his choice, as well as various far-right European leaders.

Germany coldly denies human rights under the boot of lobbyists

If the Israeli ambassador criticizes Germany for daring to abstain or vote against Israel in a very few resolutions, it sounds like a threat that has already fallen on fertile ground thanks to the FDP, which in turn is putting pressure on the federal government and wants to prevent Israeli-critical resolutions. If this is your program for upcoming elections, then good night you liberals! What remains is a jumble of miserable self-promoters, voluntarily under the boot of lobbyists who are icy refusing to enforce international law and human rights when it comes to the “Jewish state”.Perhaps this kind of cowardly appeasement policy is a late reappraisal of the Nazi past of the Mende period? Meanwhile, the entire German party landscape has lost all scruples, when it comes to the “Jewish state” and its unconditional support. This is a dangerous development of the “new anti-Semitism” that is omnipresent in philosemitic effusions, and if this continues, criminalizing and making impossible any criticism of Israel, and thus voluntarily discarding the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Basic Law.

To the Ambassador, who sees in the interview the time for congratulations to people in Iran, when the “ayatollahs and terror regime” will come to an end, I answer for my part, with his words:

“The time will come for congratulations to the people of Palestine when the Zionist-fascist regime of state terror, which they spread internally and externally, comes to an end.”

Germany is openly supporting the transatlantic war policy of NATO

It will not succeed in destroying the BDS movement and silencing award ceremonies to Jewish human rights activists and critics of the “Jewish state” policy, even though the scroungingly-scientifically-crafted Hasbara propaganda tries and supports this with millions of dollars.

If Zionist fascists today join forces with Europeans to fight Islam and Muslims under the guise of fighting terror, then we should stand up together and defend ourselves against this kind of racism to save the last of democracy.

If the coming elections in the “Jewish State” bring politicians to the government, who are actually all members of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, then Germany is guaranteed, as always, to support them unconditionally. The credibility and integrity of such nefarious policy expires visibly – if Germany and its armaments industry now unscrupulous arms to Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the “Jewish State” sell – if Bundeswehr soldiers worldwide participate in military conflicts and that is also rated positively, the Sanctions against Russia and Iran, and that after the attempted and failed US overthrow attempt in Venezuela, which backfired, was immediately recognized by order of the US a Venezuelan puppet as president, which culminated in that the German ambassador Daniel Kiener provided the self-styled “interim president” Guiado as Bodygard at the “lovely” reception on his return to the airport in Caracas. Thus, German foreign policy has openly supported the transatlantic war policy of NATO.Since the former SPD Foreign Minister Gabriel, who will soon be the successor to Friedrich Merz, the Atlantic Bridge and already “moved” looking forward to the post, doubly pleased, with so much grafting to the “US Friends” (3) Thus, German foreign policy has openly supported the transatlantic war policy of NATO. Since the former SPD Foreign Minister Gabriel, who will soon be the successor to Friedrich Merz, the Atlantic Bridge and already “moved” looking forward to the post, doubly pleased, with so much grafting to the “US Friends” (3) Thus, German foreign policy has openly supported the transatlantic war policy of NATO. Since the former SPD Foreign Minister Gabriel, who will soon be the successor to Friedrich Merz, the Atlantic Bridge and already “moved” looking forward to the post, doubly pleased, with so much grafting to the “US Friends” (3)


How Not to React When You Are Smeared as an Anti-Semite


Never apologize. Make no concessions. Go on the offensive. Attack the smearers because they are the true villains.

High profile recent targets - Corbyn, Omar, and Gabbard - are breaking these rules, and paying the consequences.
Caitlin Johnstone Mon, Mar 4, 2019 | 2000 words 4,282 Comments

Anyone who opposes western interventionism or thinks the poor are human beings is a Russian antisemite. If you disagree, it’s because you are a Russian antisemite, too.

Narrative is a funny thing. You can do everything right, cross all your ‘T’s and dot all your ‘I’s and color within all the official lines, but if you offend the powerful they can still rearrange the dominant narrative underneath you to kill your public influence.

In Venezuela right now some guy named Juan is being elevated to the leadership of the nation simply by the governments of other nations referring to him as “President Guaido” and denying the legitimacy of the actual guy who is running the Venezuelan government. The funny thing about that is if enough people believe it, it can theoretically work; the only thing keeping leaders in place is the agreed-upon narrative that they’re the leaders. If you can replace that narrative with a different one, as powerful people are currently attempting to do, in theory it is possible to effect a coup by pure narrative. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect illustration of the power of narrative control.

Smear campaigns work in the same way. Anyone challenging authorized narratives and the status quo of oligarchic hegemony can have their reputations destroyed by the lackeys of the plutocratic class which exerts massive influence over the political/media class, thereby neutralizing their ability to influence the public. If the public distrusts someone, they aren’t going to believe the narratives that that person is putting forward, even if those narratives are as sane as protecting the poor, opposing senseless warmongering, or defending Palestinian rights. In today’s political climate where smearing someone as a socialist or communist is increasingly ignored, the most effective smear campaigns are currently those which paint the target as a servant of the Kremlin or a hater of Jews.

Really important video which spells out the vile and destructive nature of antisemitic conspiracy theories. pic.twitter.com/Nm9xc8j7Vc

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn)

March 1, 2019

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s populist leftism and support for Palestinian rights has gotten him targeted by an amazingly virulent smear campaign which journalist Jonathan Cook describes as “a perfect, self-rationalising system of incrimination — denying the victim a voice, even in their own defence.” A narrative has been promulgated with extreme aggression by the UK media that a horrifying epidemic of antisemitism has somehow overtaken the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership, and that Corbyn himself is (despite a lifetime of opposition to all forms of racism and bigotry) a closet antisemite as well.

Corbyn has responded to this fact-free smear campaign with capitulation after capitulation, most recently with the suspension of MP Chris Williamson on baseless accusations of antisemitism and a Twitter post yesterday of a video warning about antisemitic conspiracy theories. There is nothing inherently wrong with warning people about antisemitic conspiracy theories (which are toxic for a whole host of reasons), but the video Corbyn chose to share explicitly cited criticism of Zionism as an example of one such conspiracy theory. Zionism is the racist ideology supporting the continued existence of a Jewish ethnostate (much like the white ethnostate sought by American white nationalists like Richard Spencer), and it is the driving force behind the oppression and persecution of the Palestinian people today.

Validating this conflation of anti-Zionism with hatred of Jews is a capitulation to the demands of those who have been advancing this smear campaign, and it is the wrong way to fight it. It will never work, because the goal has never been to fight antisemitism, the goal has been to destroy Corbyn. It wouldn’t matter if Corbyn did everything everyone demanded of him and then posted a video of himself being whipped while screaming “Lord have mercy on this wicked Nazi Jew-hater!” on his knees — no amount of capitulation will end this campaign to eliminate him. The target is not antisemitism, the target is Corbyn. And the goal is not to tell the truth but to advance a narrative.

Re: @IlhanMN’s truthful comments https://t.co/ckiRlqak6J

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal)

March 1, 2019

We are seeing the same type of smear campaign advanced against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in response to her support for Palestinian rights, criticism of the US Israel lobby, and opposition to US regime change interventionism in nations like Venezuela. Currently she is again being smeared as an antisemite for making the demonstrably true claim that influential Americans push for allegiance to Israel, even while the GOP is taking a much smaller amount of flack for putting up a poster which literally depicts her as having ties to the 9/11 attacks. The fact that this brazen Islamophobia is receiving far less establishment media attention than fact-free accusations of antisemitism tells you that this smear campaign has nothing to do with fact and everything to do with narrative.

Yet still we see Omar attempting to appease these unappeasable smearmongers by publicly apologizing for perfectly truthful and accurate statements. The campaign to kill her influence will continue for as long as she continues to disrupt the official narratives of the US-centralized empire, so no amount of apologizing or sensitivity to concern trolling about antisemitism will ever stop the smears.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has also been subject to the same narrative control subversion for her opposition to US interventionism in Syria, Venezuela and Iran, her criticisms of disastrous US interventionism in the past in Iraq and Libya, and her calls to end the new cold war against Russia. American mass media has been flipping the fuck out ever since she announced her candidacy for the presidency and working overtime to smear her as a friend of the Kremlin and of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. During a recent guest appearance on The View, the Hawaii Representative was told by the ditzy daughter of late bloodthirsty psychopath John McCain that “When I hear the name Tulsi Gabbard, I think of Assad apologist.”

Gabbard’s response? Contributing to the war machine’s propaganda narratives about Syria.

“There is no disputing the fact that Bashar al-Assad in Syria is a brutal dictator,” Gabbard said. “There is no disputing the fact that he has used chemical weapons and other weapons against his people.”

Again, Gabbard is not being targeted by establishment mouthpieces like John McCain’s hellspawn because there is an actual concern that she holds some weird kind of loyalty to a random Middle Eastern leader on the other side of the world. Yet Gabbard capitulated to narratives she knows damn well are highly questionable in a vain attempt to appease her smearers.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says "there's no disputing the fact" that Bashar Al-Assad is a "brutal dictator" who "has used chemical weapons" against his people, but adds that amid the US's "regime-change war," the "lives of the Syrian people have not been improved" https://t.co/Y6QetTrzFB pic.twitter.com/s3a0OfJe7T

— The View (@TheView)

February 20, 2019

This is not how you beat these creeps. The way to beat them is to attack the smear directly.

I’ve been the target of smear campaigns myself, and I’ve had blunders and successes in dealing with them. The fact that I’m still here speaking to a large readership without my influence having been killed off means I’ve picked up a clue or two about dealing with attempts to manipulate the public narrative about me, so I’m just going to share what I’ve learned here in case it’s useful to anybody.

Anyone who attempts to control the dominant narrative about who you are and what you stand for is trying to control you and your voice. It is a direct attack on your ability to influence your world, and if it succeeds you will necessarily be rendered impotent. It is therefore necessary to fight a smear campaign about you as directly and aggressively as any other attempt to rob you of your faculties or capabilities. This means not ignoring your smearers, nor capitulating to their demands, but engaging their smears loudly and publicly in a way that fully exposes what they are attempting to do to you.

If you are being lied about by someone attempting to influence public opinion about you, debunk that lie and loudly draw attention to it. If your position is being misrepresented by someone attempting to influence public opinion about you, correct that misrepresentation and call attention to how manipulative and dishonest your smearer is being. Explain their real motives for coming after you and dismiss their false stated reasons for the bogus justifications that they are

Julian Assange started a leak outlet on the premise that corrupt power can be fought with truth. Corrupt power responded by detaining, silencing and smearing him. The persecution of Assange has proved him absolutely right about everything.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz)

November 2, 2018

They are trying to control the narrative about you, so the idea is to take back that control of your narrative. You don’t need to convince everyone that you’re right, you just need to prevent their malicious narrative about you from becoming the one everyone accepts as true because that’s what everyone else is saying. Most people believe things not because of facts and evidence, but because other people in their life believe those things. If you can create enough doubt in the malicious narratives being circulated about you and enough trust in your own, you can punch through that dynamic of unanimous consensus and keep your influence from being killed.

When you see it for what it actually is, a smear campaign is actually really gross to look at. People have a natural revulsion to manipulation and deception once they’ve seen it, especially when it’s done in the service of the powerful against the interests of the disempowered. All you need to do, then, is forcefully draw attention to what they’re doing to the point where their engagement in the smear campaign makes them look worse than they’re trying to make you look. This will kill their ability to manipulate public perception of you.

It sucks to have to do this. It feels really gross to keep having to wade into the muck and fight your smearers on their level, but the alternative is letting them control the narrative about you, which is the same as handing them control over your voice and, to an extent, your life. Because you can be one hundred percent certain that they will not cease working to kill public trust in you and your words if you just ignore them or be nice to them hoping that they will stop. Remember, they are not actually concerned about you being a Nazi/antisemite/Putin-lover/Assadist; they don’t actually care about fighting antisemitism in the way you or any healthy adult does. They have one simple goal, and that is to kill off your influence over the herd. Keep putting out your own message as well; don’t let fighting smears become the majority of your output, but don’t give them a single inch of control over the public narrative about you, either.

If you see someone smearing Corbyn, Omar, Gabbard, or any other target of establishment smear campaigns like Julian Assange, the best way to help them continue to disrupt the narrative matrix is to (A) refute the smear, then (B) aggressively expose the smearer for what they are and what they’re about. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world, and whoever controls the narrative about a particular thing controls that thing. If that particular thing is something or someone you care about, don’t let them control the narrative about it. Never treat an argument made in bad faith like it’s an argument made in good faith. Expose their lies and force a conversation about the despicable tactic that they are employing.


9 Signs You're Too Involved in Other People's Affairs


Helping others and being involved with other people’s lives can be important in recovery. As human beings we have a natural instinct to socialize and be compassionate and support the ones closest to us, but when is it time to stay out of the way, mind our own business and not let ourselves focus too much on the affairs of other people. There is a fine line between being there for someone and putting your two cents in on every issue that’s not your concern. These may be 9 signs you’re too involved in other peoples affairs.

1. The only thing you ever talk about is other people

When the only thing you ever have to contribute to a conversation is a rumor, opinion, or story about someone else, it’s a pretty clear indicator you’re too involved in other peoples affairs.

2. Your own affairs are not addressed

You’re probably too wrapped up in other peoples affairs if your own affairs are not being addressed. If your ignoring situations at home or at work, or even your own relationships because you’re too invested in others, this can become a real problem real fast.

3. People tell you to mind your business

This one kind of jumps right out at you. If people have to tell you frequently to worry about yourself, what they probably need you to understand is that you are spending too much time worrying about what is going on in the lives of others.

4. You give advice without being asked

When someone is discussing something with you or others, and you always feel the need to put your two cents in on every story, or give advice on how people should handle their lives without them asking for your help, you are probably too involved in other people’s affairs, or even if you get offended when no asks for your advice.

5. People become co-dependent on you to solve problems

When other people rely on you it is not always a bad thing, and often shows good character to be dependable. However, if other people are unable to manage on a regular basis without your consent then you are probably too involved in their affairs to the point where you need to let them regain their independence.

6. You over-think and obsess about situations that don’t involve you

Finding yourself stressing over the things other people are going through that have nothing to do with you as an individual is not healthy. If you are obsessing and imagining scenarios about someone else’s life, you probably need to spend a little less time involved in their life.

7. You get upset on behalf of other people

If a friend of family member is upset it’s only natural that we instinctively defend them or support them. But going to the extreme and getting upset and irrational on behalf of someone, especially if they are much less affected by the situation, means you are too much involved in that persons affairs.

8. You get upset when people don’t handle situations how you want

In your head you might develop your own plans and designs expecting someone to handle a situation or issue a certain way and they may take care of it themselves with a different plan of action. If you take it personally or over-react to that ‘change of plans’ then take a moment to stop and worry less about them and more about you.

9. You constantly keep tabs on people through social media

Can’t log off Facebook for fear of missing out on someone’s status? Constantly commenting or clicking ‘like’ on other peoples pictures, judging people through a computer? Pretty sure that you’ may be too involved in other peoples affairs.


Oh, and stop giving them money, weapons, and other free shit..

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