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To: More on the burnt flesh smell in space. Connected with the GIANTS.

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Sunday, 3-Mar-2019 21:07:00


If you can “survive” the initial shock of explanation, this (described in the video link above) is a very plausible reason for the smell of burnt flesh in space. Contrary to one of the astro-nut's pathetic explanation of “leaking metal”.

The giants are mentioned in the Bible, in Enoch's book, connected to the Annunaki and they appear in virtually every culture in the world.

Were the giants the result of the first genetic program of this entity, commonly called “Satan”, to muster a supernatural army against “God”?

IF, the story is true, these giants were a mile tall, which explains the size of the dinosaurs. These giants needed a lot of flesh to eat. The status quo entities blame T-Rex, for eating all that flesh. Makes a great show for people to swallow!

IF, the Biblical account is true, after the flood, the Earth's atmosphere of a steady, constant mist (like a greenhouse) was destroyed.

IF, the Biblical account is true, when the flood happened, the Earth picked up a tremendous amount of water from the “deeps”, which resulted in huge weight increase and this weight increase pushed the Earth violently out of its orbit. Most likely, pulled the Earth closer to the Sun. The Earth was covered with water for about two years.

A wild thought for ya.
Is it possible, the Earth was on the orbit, where the so-called asteroid belt is now?
Is it possible, that that asteroid belt wasn't another planet that blew up, as they are trying to make us believe?

An even wilder thought for ya.
Is it possible, that the so-called asteroid belt is part of the Earth from before OR the remains of the mineralized bodies of some of the giants, as they floated up with the flood water, then sucked out into space, as the Earth wobbled and shook violently?
Only if we would get some samples from that asteroid belt.

Let's keep on theorizing.
What about them planets?
Aren't they ALL named after gods???
Why were the planets named after gods???
Who named the planets???

The Apollo space program was named after the angel of the bottomless pit!
Why and who named it such?

The link below is about the “deeps”. Keep in mind reader, the Bible is a collection of books from other cultures
other cultures stole the stories from the Bible.
Which one is more possible?

According to the link above, the universe is in the shape of a pyramid. This pyramid is most likely a THREE SIDED pyramid though. The apex of the pyramid is the “sides of the North”. The apex part or “capstone” of this pyramid is the “third heaven” also called “bambam” if I recall and this third heaven is not connected to the rest of the pyramid. The great pyramid in Egypt is the COUNTERFEIT representation of the universe, because of its four sides not three.

Similarly, as the image on the one dollar bill. The capstone is separate from the pyramid. According to one of Tony Bushby's book, there was a time when the bambam used to glow, with a snake shape object inside of it. The angles of the triangles are 60 degrees times three for each triangle.

Joined to the bottom plate of this pyramid/universe, there is an upside down pyramid. The apex of the upside down pyramid is the “sides of the pit” or “bottomless pit” as it has only “sides”, no bottom.

Just pass this on, for interest's sake, as I don't believe we are told by the status quo, what is really going on on this Earth.

When I spent eighty days alone in the North Atlantic in a sailboat, going in and out of storms and squalls, not sleeping for three days, laying on the floor of the cockpit, exhausted, looking up into the heavens, I saw “windows” up there AND creatures.
Was I hallucinating?
I don't know, just tell you what I saw.

The fog at night will play with your senses, as you will believe you are headed directly to a snowy shore line, even though you know you are in the middle of the ocean. Many times, it will be so dark, you won't see the dividing line of the horizon.

If you want to know what you are made of, go out alone in a small sailboat into an ocean of your choice. You'll find out what you are made of verrrry quickly!

It is amazing, when you arrive to the “Horse latitudes”. There is an invisible wall, that literally stops the “Roaring forties” to get in. When I sailed into the “Horse latitude” (almost perfectly calm sea and no wind) and looked back, behind me the storm clouds of the “Roaring forties” looked like a huge army that stopped chasing me at a border they couldn't cross. Above me, beautiful blue sky.
What is the cause of this totally abrupt change in the middle of the ocean?
There are “secrets” about the Earth/oceans, people are not told, not even aware.

If you are sailing with somebody or in a group, you'll never have the experience you possibly need to your benefit. You need to be alone and for a longer period of time.
Don't you want to know what you are made of?

Most people rely on what they hear from status quo sources. We should do our own investigations and researches in every areas on this Earth, then compare them.

This girl in the link below describes very well what it is like to be in a North Atlantic storm.

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