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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 43

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 10-Feb-2019 13:49:05

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 43

Nellis AFB
Old Goat and #6 were sitting in the small conference room in the office he had occupied only a few months earlier as CO of Nellis AFB. Some of his old crew had warmly welcomed his return visit, with handshakes, pats and smiles. He missed Nellis also, a lot, as did his family. But, he mused, his was not to question why… Right now, there was stuff to do. He loved doing. He hated waiting to do. He was locked, but he realized the loads they were contemplating were lacking. Old Goat did also. Something just does not feel right… we are missing something. CO’s and their ilk know that when something doesn’t feel quite right, it’s time to think, not shoot. So they continued to puzzle it out among themselves. Humans were very easy to eliminate… even the most evil of humans fell to a well placed round. But from the results they had personally witnessed in the lab, these ’things’ whatever they were, were not human. Yes they could be Individually dispatched, even made to disappear, but somehow, that fact did not matter to the rest of these things, nor the average joe... Suddenly, Old Goat had an epiphany. These things are like the square root of negative 1 , he thought. They are all real, yes, but only in ones specific context. We have to think orthogonally, that‘s the key…

And yes, indeed… that’s very true, old goat…True evil by it’s very nature is orthogonal to most people’s thoughts. Now, all you need is a bit more wisdom sprinkled with the little knowledge that you yet lack, and you have that stamp licked.
At Home:
Christy was sitting at the counter having coffee with the usual ’s when her normal cell cell lit. It was Jim, beaming that Mr Avery said it’s a go. He had just completed his 5 in a row full stop and go’s in the Van’s. He gave me 5 hours, in exchange for my promise to use them within 2 weeks, keep the tanks full, then change the oil when I’m done with the 5. So we have another tool with 2 sets of eyeballs as needed… Great, said Christy.. Sounds like fun.. I wanna go.. Within a few minutes, they all knew. ‘Can I sit on your lap?’ Asked Bree? As she hung up, her agency cell vibrated, it was old goat… Out of habit, she took it to the bedroom. Old Goat postulated the imaginary theory to her…Well, she said, since we are not talking real math per se, merely the concept of imaginary, the one that may have some ideas, is Homer. What about his clearance?
The tool fools are still playing games, he said… But -- screw them, It’s my damn responsibility given from the top. Besides, faking ID’s is only treason to the beast, anyway. Screw the beast too. Look I am on the way with #6. Find us all some ground transportation. Tell Jim too. We are going to have a little philosophical conversation with Homer.
Rocksense West:

George Henly was in the entrance lobby area of the building, recording the contents and original offices from which the various boxes, stacks of notes and files were taken, Beside him stood three of Rocksense’s lawyers. On the other side of the stacks stood 2 mp’s and two USG lawyers, one holding the original warrant which legally authorized the seizure of the documents. George was in effect the senior in charge Rocksense official, as he had been designated by the board of directors. He knew that it was over, once these files were perused. He actually did not give a shit anymore. He had had a really good life, he realized. Not wanting anything at all that he could not have. It was not Rocksense’s fault that it was over. They enjoyed it almost as much as he did, for the lucre they received from the USG, courtesy of Anu’s tech crew. The one he blamed were those who took Anu away. Anu had provided any possible orgasmic fantasy one could ever desire, imagine or experience, Physically, mentally and otherwise, should there be an otherwise. Any possible physical thing he could imagine had been his for the asking. This Doubt entity had not even offered help with his friggin headache, he remembered. As they left in an SUV, A lawyer presented his card.. This will reach me 24/7 should you have questions…. A glum faced George walked back inside, to his office. Prince Doubt was waiting. As he entered, he was taken aback by the sight of a nude human pair, frolicking on his couch. George, said Doubt, I realize how much you must miss Anu, so I brought you a little floor show to cheer you up.. You will be welcome to participate any way you wish. George looked at Doubt in disgust.. That is only physical, and does not last long. Sure I’m human, he said, but that is mostly for the young, those who have not yet sampled the ultimate. A mental workout like Anu produces incomparable orgasms satisfying me for a week, sometimes.. Thanks for trying, but no thanks. He poured a coffee, and the pair vanished along with prince Doubt…. He sat, thinking, as he fingered the Lawyer’s card..… So what… It’s all over for me as well. What could I possibly bargain with that are not in those files anyway? he said to himself….. One word George.. Just explain ONE word that you mentioned but never did explain.. To anyone. That will help a lot…
Clive? Hey, Clive? Christy shouted as she walked toward his trailer. Where are you? His four runner was parked in front of trailer door, but no Clive.

The rest were waiting in Buffy’s SUV and Hussy. They were on there way to Homers.. Old Goat and #6 had arrived in a little Bell training chopper only minutes before. When it approached, Yough was having a fit, standing on his back legs, which made him nearly 6 5‘, and grinning, not barking. The grin showed 4 fangs almost 2 inches long each. Those who know dogs understand that a grin is not the same as a bark or growl. At all.
Barking is ’don’t you dare.’ Growling is ’You SOB’ and Grinning is ’I’m through T
talking’. When they backed off 50 feet or so, Buffy managed to coax Yough back to hussy’s chain. They landed. Buffy and Christy placed themselves between Yough and the men as they approached. ’Is that the thing killer?. Old Goat asked… In person, said Christy. Yough was sitting, just looking, but no longer grinning. Yough lay down, front paws with front pads spread wide. Buffy looked at Yough, grabbed Old Goat’s hand and said, come on. Let him sniff your hands, she said.. Yough sniffed and relaxed. She motioned to #6. He approached and Yough sniffed. “Friend” she said. Yough whined. She released him from the chain, and Yough went to see if the chopper was also friendly.

Clive heard Christy, of course. But he was in his armory, reloading some special 12 gauge shot shells with rock sulfur, often used on alkaline land by gardeners to adjust the soil PH for growing veggies. Bless his heart, he was planning on hunting ’its’ sometime soon. He had heard the approach of the vehicles on his driveway alarm, well before Christy had said a word, but if you have ever been in the midst of pouring Red Dot or Clays into the hopper on your press, you will understand the delay of fast response at a sudden need to cease what you are concentrating on.
A minute later, Clive came from behind his trailer and joined them. We’re going over to Homer’s, Christy smiled.… The fingers of his only hand were blackened from gunpowder stains. He wiped them on his cutoffs, climbed on his four runner, and beckoned to Christy, who quickly climbed aboard. Clive tried to concentrate as Christy explained why they were going, and what Old Goat wanted. But, Christy was wearing shorts and a halter top, with an open and nearly transparent light jacket over it, For the first time in whenever, Clive found out that he had, just perhaps missed a lot by being a hermit martyr. Actually Christy hoped he would notice. She smiled to herself as she could tell that he did notice… Somehow, women just know those things. She even tried to judge the best moment to catch him looking, and whether to smile or scowl when she did…. It depends, she mused…

Teko, He said, Some number of these symbols have a common root interpretaion, irrespective of language. In what way, asked Teko. Well, these grouped here, for example generally mean ’complete’, this group here, remembering, or memory. This set of Babylonian are ’cipher’, or ’number’ .

The spiral is pretty much universal, it alludes to “head“, or more exactly, athenaeum. Teko looked confused with the word--- He smiled and said --- roughly, of knowledge, or library he said with a smile. These three over here..’god’ or ‘old’. If I had to guess, the same four in Sanscrit along the bottom of each panel have similar connotations. All reduce to the same root, the small upside down semicircle with dot. It could mean something akin to ‘not true’, ‘lie ’ or ’imaginary‘. This one unique one correlates to high, bird, eagle or the like.

The curious thing is, that none of them infer what we would use as a physical ‘action’ descriptor , Like ‘toil‘, ‘do’ ‘work’ ‘go’ ‘click‘, ‘enter‘, etc. --- In a word, there are no indicated verbs among them., nor is there a singular glyph which would so infer exclusively extant in any of the 3 planes.

Thus for the device to “work”, there must be some other action provided. . “like an another device commanding it”, said Teko..

Exactly.. He answered. But how? that’s the $2 question, said Teko. There are no ‘ports’. The device is impenetrable. The materials and physics labs have performed transmission tests on the case with frequencies from essentially DC to daylight. The case material is not conductive either, to electric or magnetic stimulus. To the contrary, it has shielding and electric resistive properties greater than any we are aware of. To stick it further up us, the ’sources’ of the visible 3D display/hologram it emits cannot be located. The display is unaffected by opaque material inserted between the device and the hologram.

Mentally and physically exhausted, Teko lay on the camping cot they had provided in his office.
An hour later he awoke with a start … Of course, he exclaimed… could be.. It requires a mental stimulus… it’s certainly worth trying…. It can’t damage me, it, or anything to try…

So, … you’re really 100% sure of that, are you Teko?
At Homers:
Old Goat had opened the conversation under the gazebo, after all had been refueled
from the coffee urn. We are here, Homer to set a spiritual briefing from all concerning the senseless, yet very obvious evil things associated with the Rocksense area of the desert. The motives of technical prestige and the lucre involved we understand well, but the unseen things lurk obviously. I understand your surprise that a secular government would seek for insight into another dimension for some explanation. However, all kings and emperors recognized the need to consult mediums on occasion, particularly in times of distress, recognizing their lack of understanding and fear of the unknown. I personally am completely aware of, and do trust in God.
And, I implore you not to take any affront by my use of words like ‘medium’. I know we all are given the path by one shepherd, the Messiah, Jesus. Our problem is that the path has many pitfalls, and is physically hard indeed to stay on, mainly because the pitfalls have to be seen and avoided with other ‘eyes‘.

Practically, however, those things that appear to be unobservable, are indeed quite real physically.
Let me explain a moment, from a technical perspective. Mathematics, has long been rightly suspected, and is, in true fact the singular pure science, as it is the cornerstone for all other physical sciences and disciplines.

Thus, I wish to ask you all, why do most think mathematics is limited to physical things only? Most all civilizations‘ holy writings speak of a special messenger, or spiritual entity -- Palmoni. Palmoni is described in those records as “the wonderful numberer”. … Are not ’numbers’ the sole essence of Math?

Most students realize that basic numbers are often ’weighted’ with 4 elementary qualifiers… That is, they can be positive, negative, real or imaginary. A student is introduced to the physical need to comprehend purely imaginary numbers, in the study of Trigonometry, or perhaps Geometry. The use of such mental gymnastics is prerequisite to all real, physical sciences. It is designated in calculations as a small letter i, or sometimes j. It means not a number property, per se, but a process, to be employed in calculation. It’s basic meaning is simply the square root of negative 1, which borders on absurdity to many, until they understand that it must be handled, or processed mentally. i can result in real numbers however. It’s square is negative 1, its cube is negative one times i.. it’s fourth power becomes simply one, a very recognizable and real positive number indeed. One, or complete, ie Self.

Astute, and agreed, said Homer. As for the spiritual significance, consider the obvious. We live as flesh in a world of three dimensions, which all can readily observe. Just like the cubed power of i, however, much of flesh mankind is aware that the present 3D world is both predominantly negative and imaginary. As it is indeed 3 dimensional. It will, for those who ’see’ take another ’imaginary’ operation for them to see a real number one, or ’self’.

Many deep thinkers consider parallel universes, multi dimensions, wise benevolent aliens from distant planets or universes, the unknown, skin walkers, Bigfoot, witches, ghosts or dead gods and such distracting trivia . There is a fundamental reason why people can’t ’see’ beyond 3 dimensions, though. There are, presently, no more than 3 dimensions. Some have postulated ’time’ as a fourth dimension, offering as proof, the fact that physical things decay in three dimensional space. Interesting… And, yes, they are in a way correct. For Father’s Word specifically says. All things will be made new, and never decay forever. That real fourth dimension is not only beyond the comprehension of the ’thinkers’, it remains imaginary for all without ’eyes’ that can see inside themselves. Many of those present understood, some did not yet perceive but they will.

Now, on a more practical note, said Homer. The sulfur episode is real. And yes it will cause the evil entities to dissolve into nothingness. But that is merely a sign. Evil’s fate is to disappear forever is well described in the Word. But for the physical 3D we live in, it is on an individual basis. That is, it is effective only on those physical entities into which it can be injected. This means that evil entities can only be eliminated by physical things on a local basis. Man can never eliminate evil planet wide. That task is not for mankind. Do they fear sulfur? No. No more than one with proper knowledge fears fire, or a loaded gun.

They fear what it REPRESENTS to them. The end. The end of their knowledge, pride and self. That is the only thing they fear, and will indeed if rightly applied, cause them to vanish. The end.

“The end” is in every entity’s mind, evil or not, and only few do not fear the coming “i” operator that completes all things.

The evil spirit’s gift of unlimited knowledge means that evil spirits are well aware of the Word God spoke to all spirits in the beginning. They hate it. They have and can learn no wisdom. Other spirits, who did not choose to reject and oppose him, are given no knowledge. They must seek it within these 3 dimensions. From their own experience, they have the ability to gain both knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge forms a double ended spear, and must maintain balance, else one end impale you.

You must fight them with your mind, with wisdom and faith. Your knowledge is infinitely less than theirs. For with their full knowledge, they know your 3D weaknesses even better than you do... Many well meaning and perceived prophets and preachers have fallen to them, as will many more.
Evil is the victor in most battles that have ever occurred, Only few have resisted their wiles. The faith of David will be the only effective tool. He took care of the 24 - phalanged entity with faith and confidence in his own ability. Faith is surely the most evident ’i’ operator missing in this present 3D world, and lack of confidence by most is trailing close behind.

After a little further discussion, they left. Old Goat’s cell vibrated on the way back to their chopper. It was the acting CO at Nellis AFB.
Sir, he began… we just received news of an anomaly at the tech lab at Goddard. Teko apparently had a breakthrough in the device investigation… Tell me, said Old Goat, what do you mean apparently, what did he say?
Well sir, that’s just it. He can’t speak. He’s on the way to Walter Reid. We may know more, soon.

Get me in contact with the crew at the hospital… Ring me back ASAP.

To be continued:
Part 42 is here:

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