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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 39

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Tuesday, 5-Feb-2019 21:21:56

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 39

At Home:

Right after Christy had observed and inspected the ’it’. She had gone in her room to freshen up her ’morning’ appearance’. The first 3 or 4 minutes though, she removed her agency cell from the false bottomed compartment of her overnight case, She then sent a text to Old Goat describing some details of the ’it’ they had, and of course the ’device’… she asked for instructions, and hit send. Two minutes later, she got a reply. It simply said RCVD.. She trusted Phil and the people here so much, that she stuffed the cell into the pocket of her slacks and carried it with her, expecting a quick answer. Three hours later, there was no response. Hmmm, she thought… He’s having to go up the ladder… maybe even to the top… may take awhile she concluded.

Meanwhile, Buffy, as the great host she has turned out to be, began to think about supper. She rooted through her freezer and found two fryers that pleased her, so she decided on a big pot of Chicken and dumplings. She put them in a big pot of water on on low, She also mentally took a note that she needed to go to the store to restock soon.
She then headed for the shower, and after hurrying up Ken, who was done and shaving, got it done.. .

They were all just about ready to head over to Homer’s. They were all excited to hear if Marcy had some more input from hatalii. As they were loading up in the SUV, Buffy asked.. Where’s Christy? Jennifer said, with a laugh… she told me she and Clive were going to have a look around the trace on Clive’s four runner, and would I take her Bible.. They would be along shortly… Bree and Buffy both looked at each other …. And smiled that ’yeah, right!’ smile, but they were all happy for Clive… He had been too lonesome for too long…looking for a buddy.. Ken agreed.. So they pulled out and were halfway down the trace to 95, when Clives four runner came out of the desert and turned in front of them about 50 yards ahead.. Christy was smiling and waving at them as Clive went on ahead to lead them south to Homer’s road, about 2 miles ahead. As they slowed and neared the turn, Clive kept going toward Searchlight, Christy turned and waved again. “Well, where are they going” asked Jennifer… Probably to pick up Clive’s Sunday usual from Dot’s Dot, said Ken… They will be back in 15 minutes or so.. said Buffy… My best buddy is having entirely too much fun without me…, Jennifer said with a laugh.. But actually, Christy has been really down on men, ever since her divorce and before she really joined our group, back east. I have never seen her give one even the time of day with a smile… She enjoys being around this Cliff guy… I can guarantee you.. She needs someone special too… I’m glad for her…. Bree clasped and squeezed Phil’s hand… They looked at each other and smiled…Mom, Danielle finally said what most of the others already knew… Clive has some really long pent up spoiling to give the right lady when he finds her… that much I am sure of…That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Well, it was a bit longer than 15 minutes before Clive and Christy rolled in -- almost 40 minutes, to be exact… All were all there except Marcy and the Wilks, who arrived more or less simultaneously about 10 minutes later….
It seems that Christy had fallen in love at first sight with Dot, Blinky’s soon to be 28 year old burro. Christy got so carried away feeding Dot bites of Sourdough pastries, that Clive had to buy another half order, and take both boxes to the 4 runner, before Christy would load up.
And then, on the way here, Christy of course had to feed a poor old one armed man bites as well. Strange it is, that Clive never had any trouble feeding himself pastries before now. His order always had had a few blank spaces in the box when he arrived… Hmmm … go figger, I guess… Christys NO MEN ALLOWED sign, you ask? I dunno, really, The last time I saw it, it was lost…. Maybe it’s just misplaced for a while, according to what her conscience said when I asked about it… You know how females are.

Lucifer’s Dome
Prince Doubt and Anu finally had managed to look past the flames issuing from Lucifer’s face, because he was beginning to speak Oh, yeah…Lucifer was as angry as either had ever witnessed. They trembled as he began to speak… In his right hand he held his staff. Both had witnessed at least a portion of what that staff had the capability of doing. Even without the staff, Lucifer could instantly vaporize his servants. Vaporization was the most merciful of Lucifer’s punishments, however, for it merely sent them directly to the pit, and total destruction: they would merely cease to exist. The staff offered a worse fate. The staff had been the last gift of the Imposter to him when the Imposter had sealed and covered the door. It would cause the victim to incarnate as human flesh, which they had of course rejected and refused. The only difference between them and other flesh, is that they would have full and total recall of all their deeds since the beginning, and the gift of free will is not given them. They would of course, have no powers that normal flesh does not have. Finally, they would face certain vaporization when the spiral has completed its course, because they are not granted free will in the flesh for them to seek recourse.. They had already chosen their course . All that is left is for them to physically live it..
You may recall that God has originally ordained this flesh incarnation for all Spirits.. And all means ALL.. And It will be done.. God is equally fair to all.
The third of Spirits who decided to follow Lucifer, were given their free will to do so… and they have thus, used their free will all up. You may want to consider this when you see some flesh people do Satanic deeds until the Law gives them a nudge to the pit. It’s really quite merciful on the part of flesh, when you think about it. Sometimes Child molesters, mass murderers and such flesh demons and the like have to live in prison on death row and wait 20 or 30 years before the ’law’ finally allows them to claim their eternal fate.
At Homers
Homer had finished his concise dissertation about knowledge vs wisdom. They were sitting around discussing it, when Christy’s Cell vibrated. She excused herself and took her pad and pencil to Clive’s 4 runner, pivoted the winshield down, and was using it for a makeshift desk to take notes… It said: place body in freezer in light impervious wrapping. Place device in unplugged microwave, or in other solid metal container. Do not touch front of device nor attempt to activate…Do not remove either from storage until help comes. Will be soon… standby for further instructions .. She glanced at Clive, as his stock had just risen more with her… He had already done that with the device.

Marcy, Homer and The Wilks were oohhing and aahhing over Ken’s pictures of ’it’.
Homer and Ken had gone into his trailer to print off copies of the pics for Marcy who wanted to show Jim and Hatalli.

Meanwhile, Justin offered his own story. Back in 98, he and Clay and 2 hands had both saw two ships when they were spending the night in a remote ranch bunkhouse. They were rounding up and branding new calves as they did each March.. We rose maybe a mile toward where they had ascended, and found two head, which had been worked on. The cow did not have a drop of blood in her body, nor was there blood on the ground. The bull had had his penis and testicles removed apparently intact, clean as could be. Of course he was bleeding like a stuck hog. His blood was still warm… Sheriff came to investigate, They spent two days and left, saying they would get back to me. They sent a large helicopter and took both carcasses… Haven’t heard a word since… he shook his head…
The Pentagon
Old Goat was talking to two of VP Pence advisors. Also present was #6, and an AF
Colonel, who ran the AF’s six man group of scientists at GSFC across town. They all areed the body should go to their lab at Nellis, but the device should go to the Goddard
Group: He reportes all they knew at this time…It was found over two years ago and that had been partially destroyed before it was found in Southern Turkey 3 years ago. They have discovered several things. There was no display easily recognized as such . The device itself was operated by reference to a 3D hologram display which the device projected above itself, and device functions were selected and controlled by only four ‘keys‘. The keys were the four indents ii the flat face of the device. Only one of the keys did anything at all. It turned on power, and projected a blank 3D ‘box‘ of blue lines. The internal sub- module ‘wiring’ was by a single fiber optic ’buss’, which appeared to interconnect all modules that were left in the partial device. It did employ semiconductor IC’s, but of Gallium Arsenide, not Silicon. And they were not planar. But in fact they were 3D packaged. By our current standard, they were not only much smaller, but according to our man there, they would possess multi thousands of times greater processing power.
The final surprises are two: First, there is nothing within it that is recognized as a ’battery’. Yet something is obviously powering it. Secondly, the circuits within it must have efficiencies approaching 100%, because positively no heat rise was observed on any module while operating for 24 hours.. The boys would positively love to have the device that was found.

The advisor complimented Old Goat for the quick results that had happened in only a day. He replied that it was not Christine that achieved it, but her contacts which had been magnets for Rocksense ire that had done it. She just happened to be there when their assassination attempt failed. These same contacts also know the location of Rocksense helpers as well as the entry to their base.

Well, then, the advisor said.. Why not just send our big boys in and take the whole shebang?

It’s not that easy, Sir.. Why not, he asked…Old Goat shocked all but #6 with his answer.

Because, Sir, -- Most of them are not human..…and we do not yet understand their weapons. One or more of Christine’s contacts may, however…Right now we need to get them some help so we can figure it out. He looked incredulously at Old Goat, and pulled a cell out of his Jacket. He replaced it a moment later, turned and simply said… Do it.
At home:
Ken had distracted Yough away from his kill with a frozen steak long enough for Clive and Phil to seal ‘it’ in two black heavy duty trash bags, and secure them with duct tape.
Actually that was easy, compared to convincing Buffy to let them put ‘it’ in her freezer. Christy won the deal by telling her it involved national security, would help defeat chindi, and was necessary for only a day or two, she promised. Yuck, Buffy said… , as she and Jennifer worked on the pot of chicken and dumplings. Ok she said… Yuck.

All had been made aware of most details of Christy’s text she received, as she had related that she would receive some details on help to come any minute now.. They were waiting, and sipping iced tea. They had just dug into supper when Christy’s agency cell lit up. It was not a text this time. It was Old Goat. She answered, and walked into the bedroom. Geolocate your phone for me. Then, stand by for a chopper from Nellis to arrive within the hour. Your instructions will be delivered and the items picked up.

Christy relayed the message to them… Ken said I best go chain Yough to hussy’s bumper…I would hate to be responsible for the loss of a USG chopper and it’s pilots, he grinned…
To be continued:
The previous part 38 is here:

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