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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 37

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 3-Feb-2019 16:17:38

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 37

North Las Vegas
Clive had tried twice to get Danielle’s attention away from her talk with her mom at least long enough to ask if they would like to stop for a casino lunch buffet. No luck… He glanced over to Christy, did A shrug and a smile… She smiled back… When Jennifer is happy and excited talking to Danielle, you could drop a hot iron In her lap and she would just brush it away.. Clive said, must run in the family… they both chuckled… I could eat something though…
Me too said Clive. See if you can do better at getting their attention….I need this hand to drive… Christy pulled out her burner cell and called Phil… Phil, dear, could you do Clive and I a big favor? What he asked… Well, we are hungry and Danielle wont shut up talking to her mom, long enough for us to ask if she was also. Phil did a belly laugh and said sure.. You got it. Moments later, Danielles phone lit up.. She looked surprised at the sound.. and dug around in her purse till she found it. PHIL it said. Hi baby, Danielle said.. Whats up? Well, Christy wanted me to ask you if you were hungry… Wha??. She looked at Christy who was laughing, looking over the front seat back… Christy? She’s right here.. Said Danielle.. Christy held up her cell, and said…wanna eat? It finally hit her…her cheeks turned red. Both Clive and Phil were laughing.. As Clive stopped for a red light he raised his right hand to Christy, they high fived… Good job, Christy..

Phil continued.. Honey you are wanted again. This time by the news teams…its all over the news.. 3 Paiutes were being interviewed, and said that a white woman was here that knew the identity of the sacrifice victim. Have you clued in Christy yet? No, said Danielle, but I sure will. She then had a lot of attention from Jennifer who looked at her with mouth open… Clive of course knew much of it, but would never volunteer to explain. Danielle had shared it with him, and she and Clive keep things close. So, that’s Danielle’s job, he thought to himself.
Rocksense east
#4 went to #2’s office,,, Boss, he started. Clark County Nevada Sheriffs office just called… They have fingerprint ID’ed a murder victim south of our West office as William Meacham, one of our employees in technical here. A Micro bugger. We sent him and Danielle out West, for “further instruction” a few weeks ago. They are requesting Bill’s personnel files, and all known contacts and people who are related to or could be associated with him be Emailed their way ASAP. What do we tell them we know?. They said a subpoena is on the way from them, and sure enough, our lawyers just received it. What do we do?, and how much do we say? #2 replied.. Ignore it as of now. I will get back to you in a couple of hours…

George, #2 Stated… WTH happened? George said, Boss, it appears right now that Anu has sold us out. On purpose. He told me as much personally, face to face. He had Amok slice and dice Bill Meacham publicly, and on purpose…They want Danielle and Phillip Warren bad enough that nothing else matters to them right now. Anu says his Master is tired of waiting. He was strangely distant and talked incoherently about something getting “brighter”, whatever the hell that means.

Just minutes ago, CC Sheriffs office notified us that they are coming here today on a Criminal Inquiry about Murder 1. They know of our USG Work, and will, if needed secure a Federal warrant. They hope our cooperation will preclude that, the man said.. What do we do? ,,George, find out if Anu will talk to me in person.. NOW.. Ask him to hitch a ride with Weep for a few minutes.

That’s what you do…, and George.. Tell the Sheriff No.. Work is out of cover and too classified right now until we have time to secure it.. Make them get the Federal Warrant… that will give us a bit more time… if nothing else.
Fifteen minutes later, an expensively dressed, young and attractive business man
walked into #2’s outer office. His receptionist was really impressed with his good looks, and confidence. He politely smiled and told her that he had an appointment with Mr. Grant. She glanced at her book, and said, sir, there are no more appointments listed for today… He produced a business card. It simply said Anu and company.. Henry Grant will see me now Miss, I promise you. As she walked to present the card to her boss.. she had a big time hot flash or few .. Darn, she thought.. I am sure feeling .. uhh .. really sensual now… wow… where were you last night?
Anu’s handsome face followed her as she walked away. And with each of her thoughts and the movements he would trigger with his mental probes, he would smile with obvious enjoyment… She shortly returned and with a 1000 watt smile, wide blue eyes and flushed cheeks, held open the door to #2’s office.
When the door closed, however, it was not a businessman that stood in #2‘s plush office, it was Anu, Au Naturale. Or at leas as ‘natural’ as Anu ever gets.
Kelly’s Shamrock Casino.. Las Vegas Blvd
As they waited to be seated, Danielle was giving an advance gist of ‘sacrifice day’ to a wide eyed Jennifer and an intent Christine Bales. Christy was agent enough to know not to interrupt someone when they are first beginning to express their take on a new subject. That is the prime time when things are said that are most difficult for the speaker to ‘cover’ later. It was definitely not that she thought for an instant Danielle would ever conceal something on purpose. She was merely taking notes in her mind. Questions she would ask her later, to help Danielle remember details that might help them further. Clive was watching Christy mostly, because he had heard the story once, but he was still listening closely for something he may have missed. Clive was quite familiar with the technique, the army had used it often on enemy combatants, - if they could still talk. Christy’s stock just went up with him -- Christy is quite intelligent, he realized. Besides, he liked just looking at Christy. She had an certain way of smiling with her eyes when she was mentally intent… ‘Cutie’ he thought.. Phil nicknamed her well….

On the wall, several TV’s showed two local and one national set of talking heads, talking about the “very obvious cult human sacrifice” that had occurred yesterday in the desert. There were of course, various “cult experts” lined up as guests who ventured their opinions. The text lines below their faces proudly proclaimed their many years of study, credentials and experience… Clive looked around at folks seated at tables in the dining room. He only saw one middle aged, obese woman who was watching, shaking her head. Most of the rest were stuffing their pie holes while laughing, talking about gambling, other dummies who don’t know what they are doing, or their trip to Bunny Ranch. Like only few realize, he thought, the sheep never ‘see’ until the hammer actually hits… only this time, like Homer often reminded the group…the hammer is in nearing full backswing.
At Home:
Marcy had called Phil. Phil had her on Speakerphone, as Buffy and Ken, since he was off today, listened intently. Marcy had hers on speakerphone as well, and her eldest daughter and brother Jim were listening to the conversation. Hatalii’s smoke had ceased 15 minutes ago, and She and Jim had entered. Grand father had revealed quite a bit about what is occurring now with the chindi. Shortly after they had left Hatalii, the smoke had resumed.
For now, grandfather said… the chindi have three spears and there are only 2 fractured shields to oppose them now.

The spears are the humans of Rocksense and other human groups with similar intent, the evil entities of the cliff, and the chindi in their other locations in the earth, as well as their human servants. The spears are held back from full thrust only by their lack of organization. The 3 spears disagree. Not in their final goal, but in their individual methods to achieve success. Some entities are parrying as seen with the abomination yesterday as they have resumed the past defiling of the Great Spirit’s table at the mountain.

The shields are humans of Spaceforce, and the secret of ages past, hidden in Brihgids’ Amulet. Presently, the shields are likewise divided. Spaceforce leads those humans who hate chindi, thus wish to destroy chindi with puny human arms and legal methods. This cannot be done. However, that shield is potentially great enough to shield from all three spears. It consists of many humans seeking righteousness. But, it is now greatly fractured.

As with the chindi, they do not unite, but quarrel among themselves about methods. Indeed, even some of these are themselves deceived by chindi. Their collective shield alone is great enough to deflect all 3 spears should their factions unite in purpose and method. The Great Spirit says that the Secret of the Amulet, will indeed unite the shield, should it be found.

The leader of the chindi, the Great Spirits Enemy, knows all this as well. The field of the battle has long been surveyed by the chindi. And they have prepared and set many traps for all who oppose them, and have done so for many eons.. The Great Spirit has left a map to reveal the traps. The map is in the secret of the Amulet… Not in words, nor magic, but in wisdom. Wisdom, the spirits have no understanding of, thus they are fearful of it alone. They do have complete knowledge though, which those who seek wisdom do not fully comprehend the depths of. The Amulet itself is a merely physical thing. It only represents the wisdom we seek and the wisdom the chindi fear. It must be correctly decoded.
Marcy, he said, certain ones of your group are very important.. And especially now as one of the two new ones who come tomorrow will greatly aid the Warrens in their search for Bridghid’s secret of the sign. That one was sent by Spaceforce. The rest must support them as you are able. Be certain of this… as the lair of the chindi is approached, their fury will intensify greatly. The Great Spirit has said also, that the secret can only be seen with the eyes of inside. Yet those same inside eyes will also see chindi. Use wisdom.
Marcy ended with… Make sure that Danielle and her new ones learn of this message… I will see you all tomorrow, and If grandfathers smoke ceases again today, I will bring any further thoughts with me.
Las Vegas
By the time they had reached the Boulder highway, whether due to full bellies or sore jaws, the conversation between Jennifer and Danielle had decreased in both volume and frequency, enough for reasonable communication to occur between front and back seat passengers. A few questions that Christy had regarding their visit to Marcy, and some details of the pre and post ‘sacrifice’ were asked and answered, and things grew silent for a moment, until the passed Louigis Pizza shop. Danielle pointed at it, and then remembered that she had not told her mom anything about Buffy and Ken, or how they met. Jennifer of course was interested, so Danielle reminisced and started, but in a much less verbally exciting volume, Clive knew it all already, both from Alex and Bree‘s explanations, and Christy knew most of it sans some details. But of course, all was new to Jennifer, and Danielle began. So, Clive and Christy started talking between themselves about whatever, trying to learn a bit more about each other. Christy was most concerned about the National security aspects she knew were involved in the whole shebang. She had give Old Goat all the details of the present case, and a sketch of the people who would be allies.

Clive was curious about Christy, as he had heard from Phil of her belief in God, and hunger to learn more, and how she had undergone much in being tracked, bugged and such by Rocksense, much as Phil and Danielle were.. Thus they were, in a way, verbally sparring. Many of Christy’s security concerns disappeared when she learned of him being a 12 year Ranger, who had paid dearly for his efforts, and how he was here to protect the aging parents of his buddy, who had been last alive walking beside him as he lay on an evacuation stretcher.. She looked at him as he spoke, and knew inside, that he had some other things he was hiding. Personal things, not security concerns… She understood, for she also had secrets.. She smiled at him in understanding, he smiled back, and kept his eyes on hers for a brief time. . It was her time to offer, she thought… So she began with college at Auburn, and went through her disgust at the Phoenix city Police department. I better stop there for now, she thought… Maybe someday we can get into her FBI career, but not quite yet… She smiled at him, and said… I’m boring, really…she said… Clive looked sincerely at her.. Nice try, Christy, but no, you are certainly not boring to talk to, at least to me.. So, what do you enjoy when you are not boring yourself? …
Mostly, I argue with my conscience, she quipped… Clive laughed at that.. I’m glad I am not the only one with that mental illness… he replied.. Have you won yet? Christy shook her head, No… they both laughed at that comment.

By the time they were halfway down 95, and only 15 miles from home, Danielle had finished detailing Jennifer about her and Phils new friends, Danielle then looked at the pair in the front seat… She saw a face on Clive that expressed a peace she had only seldom seen. He was smiling and nodding in agreement often. Christy was being highly animated and glancing often at him as they conversed, obviously about nothing in particular. The Brighid in side her was highly content with the sight, and her eyes gleamed a smile for both her friends. I am truly home, Danielle said… The only thing left is to strengthen and preserve it… and this we will surely do… somehow…

As they rolled into the Burn’s yard, Christy and Jennifer’s natural apprehension took over for they were the only strangers present, But as the crew came out of the house, Clive and Danielle placed them selves between the two groups, Clive beside Christy, and Bree beside her mom. Then Buffy Ken and Phil began a warm round of hugs to all. Of course Yough felt slighted a moment until he was properly introduced to the new humans. A sniff of a hand or two, and he willingly accepted his new charges… The group went into the house, where Buffy had previously prepared, served and cleaned up after a late lunch for Phil and Ken. In addition though, she had made a Coconut cake, so as they milled around, she brewed a fresh pot of coffee.

To be continued:
The previous part 36 is here:

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