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Perhaps Earth Is A Created Prison For Us

Posted By: EarthGrid
Date: Saturday, 2-Feb-2019 13:55:40

In Response To: To: More problems with distances in space (sonofthewind)

That's what I had suggested a while back, that the earth sits still which is why on a no-breeze day smoke doesn't create this "kite on a string" display in the sky because the earth isn't rotating.

Having the earth not rotate allows for easier time travel calculations. Iben Browning had to have known that back in the Project Pegasus days.

So when they speak of ley lines on a prison Earth that doesn't rotate, they must be referring to the rebar buried "above" us. Above us actually means underground to you, but when you dig you're actually digging "outward". There must be the mother of all hard metals which prevents us from digging in the ground beyond 8-9 miles or so. I wonder if UFOs are made of the same tough metal that prevents us from digging further.

So a non-spinning planet means the sun is much smaller than NASA says. How can the satellite images of the sun be so crisp and clean if the sun is 93,000,000 miles away? It was ludicrous for us to sit there and teach that crisp images can be had in space when an object sits that far away.

As another user commented on here before, black holes are just a pinch in the magnetic forces. If it were possible to fly "through" the spinning star-ball in the sky, you'd end up on the opposite side of the earth.

All moon landing photos are fake then, because an actual landing would reveal a much smaller moon if you took a real photo of earth from the moon.

Then you have the megacryometeors falling from the sky, coming from the glass sky.

If there are Alliance members out there, ask them about the large light-pillar at the center of the space ball. That's where our light really comes from and bends around the surface of the planet. Perhaps if you turned the light-pillar off the sun wouldn't provide nearly enough light for us to see.

Take a look at the EM field from a dipole antenna, and that's how our light bends around the two hemispheres of the planet. But the two bending squashed balls of light don't bend perfectly, which is why there's a black nothing in the sky which isn't any planet... it's just where the light can't bend opposite of where it's emanating in the center of the spinning space ball.

Ask yourself: what do ham radio signals bounce off of in the sky? It's the glass sky. What to meteorites scratch against causing a meteor streak in the sky? The glass sky.

If the powers that be wanted to end us all, they just have to collapse the glass sky closest to us and have a megacryometeor shower globally. There. End of humanity on our surface except for perhaps Coober Pedy. How did you think the first flood happened?

Our current leaders are losing us because we're listening to logic instead. We're not sending leaders any energy and starving them of all energy food.

It's not about either/or with-us-against-us duality anymore. Think blissful thoughts.

Remember: none of us has seen a real actual star in space. The spinning space ball doesn't count. We all want out of this jail and want to know where the paperwork is that put us here. If there is no paperwork how does anything get accomplished in the higher dimensions? Do people just scream and shout their way around and stomping on us like ants? We've got to stop giving any more energy to negative people in charge. Period. And please put your phone in black-and-white mode. You'll be on the phone/tablet less.

: Take a look at this picture reader in the link below. It is
: claimed it was taken from 1.6 MILLION miles from Earth.
: WOW! What a great, clear, sharp image of an 8000 miles
: diameter Earth “disc”, from 1.6 MILLION miles away on a
: camera that is on a space craft. That is some optic quality
: on a simple space craft!
: https://www.universetoday.com/41702/picture-of-earth-from-space/

: A little speculation on my part.
: Is it possible that the Earth is not spinning, not moving, not
: wobbling, doesn't do jack but “sits” in one place and
: EVERYTHING (Sun, Moon, stars) that we see and were
: instructed by the status quo entities is “space” is INSIDE
: the Earth, not OUTSIDE?

: Is it possible that above us, there is a sheet of ice and
: above it tremendous amount of water?
: Is it possible that those so-called geostationary satellites
: are FASTENED TO THE ICE SHEET, so they appear to be on a
: “geostationary orbit”?
: Is it possible that the ice sheet is melting, therefore
: getting weaker, because the Earth is getting warmer?
: Is it possible that the chem-trails are needed to cool the ice
: sheet above and stop it from melting?
: Is it possible that Cyrus Teed was correct in his book
: “Cellular cosmogony”, that the Earth is like a living cell?
: If the Earth is one living cell, then it MUST BE part of a
: bigger, living body.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI6S3Aqs-ew&list=PL5F5573D5A9B84DA3

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