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"AS A FLOOD OF WATERS OVERFLOWING" -- A Marxist Intervention today February 1-2, 2019?

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Friday, 1-Feb-2019 13:06:10

Well! I wrote all the following by way of explanation of this post's title, then just now checked to see if anything in the news fit the "predicted" trends, and yep, a "Marxist" call to raise taxes on the super-wealthy, and breaking news about Russia threatening to retaliate as the Trump Administration pulls out of a nuclear weapons reduction treaty....plus, ever more laborers/ wage slaves joining the workforce under Donald John Trump, the first Billionaire president of the U S. Since John Kennedy...






And eww gross, what's this news from New Jersey? Legislature Panel votes unanimously to help the homeless, Governor Habbakkuksaid vetoes it!

Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, is running for President as of today:


Several textbook "squalls" whipped up a structural fire in New Jersey, in seconds, it went from manageable to 400 firefighters from 50 departments unable to control it, due to the squalls which roared in from the Atlantic Ocean Wednesday afternoon, 48 hours before this afternoon:


The fire erupted promptly at 5:00 p.m. EST Wednesday January 30, 2019:




That fire was in Bergen, New Jersey, a dramatic fire in a car park at Newark New Jersey International Airport which started 14 hours later in a Dodge Durango and destroyed 17 vehicles is reminiscent of a prophecy in the book of Micah, aw, I'm not going to elaborate:
"In that day," declares the LORD, "I will destroy your horses from among you and demolish your chariots...






Here's what I wrote before seeing those headlines about taxing the wealthy and so forth:

Yesterday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. EST the Dow closed at the ominous 24,999.67, this "handwriting on the wall" indicating that in God's planning, and an ending, an ending, an end has come upon a certain state of affairs, for comparison, the Dow closed up 19.55 to 2999.75 on July 16, 1999 AND at the same figure (unchanged) the next day, which is when Saddam Hussein made a speech threatening Kuwait. As a result of tensions and war in the Middle East from that day on, the Dow fell back and didn't pass the 3,000.00 mark until April 1991.

Incidentally, this morning of February 1 at 4:13 a.m. EST is 10140 days or 39×260 days since the biggest earthquake in the history of the Caucasus Mountains (near Tblisi, Georgia and Mt. Ararat, Turkey) on Monday morning April 29, 1991:


There is a Divine Mystery--an open secret-- in the fact that Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were born on the same day in the prophetic "Mayan" 260-day cycle (day 128/260 "11 Rabbit (Moon)" which is the same as yesterday Thursday January 31, 2019, they were born 52×365 days apart (73×260 days) which is one Great Aztec Era... also the Communist Hardliner Coup Attempt began early August 19, 1991 exactly 52×365 days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland early September 1, 1939, traditionally but not always regarded as the start of World War II.

Today February 1, 2019 is day 129/260 "12 Water" and the 88th birthday of Christian Marxist Boris Yeltsin (d. April 23, 2007)

Hmm what's this--


Adding to the riddle about Marx, Lenin and Biblical Prophecy is that Noah's Flood began with titanic earth changes (earthquakes and tsunamis worldwide) evidently at sunrise Saturday May 12, 2247 B.C. Middle East Time or about 11:30 p.m. EST Friday May 11, 2247 B.C. Exactly 4130×364 days later (59×70×7×52 days later) was Friday night April 22, 1870--the same day Lenin was born. Interesting in light of this cycle that the first observance of a global "Earth Day" was April 22, 1970… sort of an anniversary of Noah's Flood drowning all Mammalian life on the planet.

Last night was 1,557,660 days (5991×260 or 1997×3×260) since Friday night May 11-12, 2247 B.C. when a shattering series of earthquakes began, and that was 1680.5 times 360 days since the "Maya" Creation Date of December 22-23, 3904 B.C. when the following "earthquake-like" event is believed to have taken place, as the day "12 Rabbit" 168/260 gave way to the day "13 Water" 159/260.

"And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters, to separate the waters from the waters.”
"And God made the expanse and separated the waters that were under the expanse from the waters that were above the expanse. And it was so."

Yesterday at 4:24 p.m. and 7:33 p.m. EST Thursday January 31, 2019, unusual small but "felt" earthquakes shook an epicenter 44 miles northeast of Rome, Italy.

A couple of much more powerful earthquakes shook Rome at 7:33 p.m. EST September 25, 1997 and 4:40 a.m. EST September 26, 1997, those heralded the arrival of the "Third Day" described in the last chapter of the Old Testament ("The Day comes that will burn as an oven...and the Sun of Righteousness will arise with Healing in his Wings..."), the Third Thousand years since the birth of the Messiah Son of David Friday night September 26-27, 4 B.C.

I discussed the startling significance of 7:33 p.m. EST quakes in a post last October 25, and managed to predict one that night:

The Dead Sea Scrolls somewhat come to the rescue in explaining this cryptic prophecy in the Old Testament Book of Habakkuk, basically it describes a catastrophic "backlash" against the Predatory Capitalism of "Babylon" and "Assyria", the beasts of Lebanon are the "working class, working Joes qnd Janes whose blood (labor) is sucked from them by greedy overlords/elite, but the elite will not escape the wars which are caused by social and economic disparity, such as The American Civil War, World War I, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars and World War III to name a very few.

The eventual backlash against the elite of predatory mercantilism is probably described in these verses, notice the similarity between the "Against Tyre" prophecy of April 7, 586 B.C. and the "Against Babylon prophecy of 96 A.D., the sea overruns both, and the sound of musicians halts in both for example --

"Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Tyre, and I will bring many nations against you, like the sea casting up its waves.

"They will plunder your wealth and pillage your merchandise. They will demolish your walls, tear down your beautiful homes, and throw your stones and timber and soil into the water.

"So I will silence the sound of your songs, and the music of your lyres will no longer be heard.

"I will make you a bare rock, and you will become a place to spread the fishing nets."


"Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: "With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again.

"The music of harpists and musicians, pipers and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No worker of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound of a millstone will never be heard in you again.


"For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

"Will not all of them taunt him with ridicule and scorn, saying, "'Woe to him who piles up stolen goods and makes himself wealthy by extortion! How long must this go on?'

"Will not your creditors suddenly arise? Will they not wake up and make you tremble? Then you will become their prey.

"Because you have plundered many nations, the peoples who are left will plunder you. For you have shed human blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

Let me focus a bit on the Habbakkuk Chapter 2 verses, I believe Habbakkuk Chapter 1 may refer to the "Polar Vortex" which began to invade the U.S. Midwest around noon Monday January 28, 2019, delivering its most severe blow beginning early Wednesday January 30 (I know, I was out in it for five minutes and was wowed by the high winds and bitter cold), which happened to be thirty years after the highest-pressure cold front (from Siberia) in North American History registered the highest U.S. Barometer reading Monday January 30, 1989, meanwhile creating high winds which blew over freight trains in Montana...more on that after this look at Chapter 2:

"For your violence against Lebanon will overwhelm you, and the destruction of animals will terrify you, because of the blood of men and violence against lands, cities, and everyone in them."
Young's literal translation:
"For violence to Lebanon doth cover thee,
"And spoil of beasts doth affright them,
"Because of man's blood,
"and of violence to the land,
"To the city, and to all dwelling in it.


Well, I just found a webpage offering the 2nd Chapter of Habakkuk with ancient commentary, I propose the "wicked priest" is Lucifer, the eternal "King of Babylon", sponsor of the horrors of both pseudo-Devout predatory capitalism and atheistic Communism/Socialism....

The following is from

"Moreover, the arrogant man seizes wealth without halting. He widens his gullet like hell and like death he has never enough. All the nations are gathered to him and all the peoples are assembled to him. Will they not all of them taunt him and jeer at him saying, 'Woe to him who amasses that which is not his! How long will he load himself up with pledges?'" [[Hab 2.5-6]].

"Interpreted, this concerns the Wicked Priest who was called by the name of truth when he first arose. But when he ruled over Israel his heart became proud, and he forsook God and betrayed the precepts for the sake of riches. He robbed and amassed the riches of the
men of violence who rebelled against God, and he took the wealth of the peoples, heaping sinful iniquity upon himself. And he lived in the ways of abominations amidst every unclean defilement."

"Shall not your oppressors suddenly arise and your torturers awaken; and shall you not become their prey? Because you have plundered many nations, all the remnant of the peoples shall plunder you" [Hab 2.7-8a].

"[Interpreted, this concerns] the Priest who rebelled [and violated] precepts [of God . . . to command] ...

Column 9 - "Last Priests of Jerusalem" ; "Last Days" ; Conquered by "Kittim"

And as for that which He said, "because you have plundered many nations, all the remnant of the peoples shall plunder you":

"Interpreted this concerns the last Priests of Jerusalem, who shall amass money and wealth by plundering the peoples. But in the last days, their riches and booty shall be delivered into the hands of the army of the Kittim, For it is they who shall be "the remnant of the peoples."

"Because of the blood of men and the violence done to the land, to the city, and to all its inhabitants" [Hab 2.8b].

"Interpreted, this concerns the Wicked Priest whom God delivered into the hands of his enemies because of the iniquity committed against the Teacher of Righteousness and the men of his Council, that he might be humbled by means of a destroying scourge, in bitterness
of soul, because he had done wickedly to His elect."

"Woe to him who gets evil profit for his house; who perches his nest high to be safe from the hand of evil! You have devised shame to your house: by cutting off many peoples you have forfeited your own soul. For the [stone] cries out [from] the wall [and]the beam from the woodwork replies [Hab 2.9-11].

"[Interpreted, this] concerns the {Priest] who . ...

Column 10 - "condemned House"

"...that its stones might be laid in oppression and the beam of its woodwork in robbery. And as for that which he said, "by cutting off many peoples you have forfeited your own soul":

"Interpreted this concerns the condemned House whose judgement God will pronounce in the midst of many peoples. He will bring him thence for judgement and will declare him guilty in the midst of them, and will chastise him with fire of brimstone.

Column 10 - "the city is Jerusalem"

"And as for that which he said, "because of the blood of the city and the violence done to the land":

"Interpreted, the city is Jerusalem where the Wicked Priest committed abominable deeds and defiled the Temple of God. The violence done to the land: these are the cities of Judah where he robbed the poor of their possessions.
End Excerpt.


To make an already-long story short, I speculate something will take place beginning today 2-1-2019 which has to do with the prophecy of Haggai 2:1 thru 2:20, which includes this riddle too:


"Habbakuk 2:12"

"Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by iniquity!

"Is it not indeed from the LORD of Hosts that the labor of the people only feeds the fire,
and nations weary themselves in vain?

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea."

(reference to the Age of the Internet?)

Speaking of internet and "waters covering the Ocean" 4,420 days ago today (17×260 days before 2-1-2019), a powerful pair of quakes offshore Taiwan severed some undersea cables and affected internet communications between several Asian nations, the quakes hit at 7:26 a.m. and 7:34 a.m. EST Tuesday December 26, 2006, two years after the cataclysmic Sumatra quake and tsunami, and the same day former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford died:
"The earthquake[s] catastrophically disrupted Internet services in Asia, affecting many Asian countries. Financial transactions, particularly in the foreign exchange market were seriously affected as well..."

Today is Friday February 1, 2019, the "great and dreadful" day "Twelve Water" 129th/260 upon which day in the so-called Maya Calendar Noah's Flood began, all those years ago. Something somehow comparable to Noah's Flood may happen or begin to happen today.

4313×360 days after Saturday night May 11-12, 2247 B.C. was the evening of Tuesday June 14-15, 2005, and a powerful earthquake offshore Northern California at 7:51 p.m. PDT caused a tsunami alert to be issued for the entire U.S. West Coast, RMN founder Rayelan was one of many folks who jumped in their cars and drove inland.

That earthquake was 4980 days ago (60×83) tonight at 9:51 p.m. EST. Seven hundred days ago last night at 9:50 p.m. EST I awakened from a dream which showed a flash-flood "tsunami" wave break out of a wooded creek area here in town, cross the main street, and it overtook and drowned me before I could run. Tsunami alerts were also issued for these historic 9:50-9:51 p.m. EST earthquakes:

Early in the evening of Monday September 11, 2017 I mused aloud that another earthquake might strike offshore Ferndale, Northern California at 9:50 p.m. EST that night, and one did!🤗👩‍⚖️

"A Course in Miracles", which introduces the reader to some ultra-deep thinking about Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit and "Satan" (which is the ego in any individual) began to be received by Helen Cohn Schucman, on Thursday October 21, 1965, a multiple of seven years after Haggai wrote down the words of the Holy Spirit to him on Thursday October 21, 521 B.C. saying "I will shake heavens and earth and build [living] temples greater than Solomon's, to whom the 'Desire of All Nations' will come..."

Christopher Columbus discovered the New World after midnight Friday October 21, 1492 (Oct. 12, Julian Calendar) on day "10 Water" 49th/260, or 192,220 days ago (1373×2×70). 526 years later was last October 21, 2018. The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia 526×260 days after Columbus discovered the Americas, on March 30, 1867.

Yesterday the Dow closed with the sequence "49" and "67" in it, might be just a coincidence, but an important Angelic message was recorded early 8/14/1967 as the 49th day in the 260-count came to an end, that August 13-14, 1967 was 18800 days ago tonight February 1-2, 2019 which is 28.5 years after Saddam Hussein's Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Message written 8/14/1967 refers to Daniel 8:14, a time-cycle prophecy.
"The 2300 days prophecy is being fulfilled in the Lord's Church, the gospel and the Rock..."

Daniel 9:26 describes some Messianic time-cycle prophecies and then the phrase that "the end will come like a flood" or "---with a flood" and further, that "until the end there will be war"-- another comparison between Noah's Flood and World Wars, or between flooding and wars.

Yesterday's closing numbers on Wall Street blatantly refer to the year 1519 A.D. when the Reformation challenging 1500 years of a corrupted form of Christianity gathered pace; meanwhile on April 22, 1519 A.D. (Julian Calendar...May 2 in the Gregorian Calendar) Hernandes Cortes began his invasion of Mexico and the Aztec Empire, a Catholic challenging 1500 years of corrupted Christianity in the New World.

Yesterday's closing numbers on Wall Street also contains the sequence "249", and "999", possible reference to the deaths of John F. Kennedy, of his son John Kennedy and of Boris Yeltsin, who died April 23, 2007, Vladimir Lenin's 137th birthday in the Julian Calendar (April 22, 1870 and April 23, 2007 equal April 10 in the Julian Calendar). April 25, 2007--48 hours after Yeltsin died--was day "249th" of the 260-day cycle, exactly 15860 days or 61×260 days after Friday November 22, 1963, the 249th day of the 260-day round, called day "2 Water", John Kennedy Junior also died in day "Water"--day "9 Water", Friday night July 16, 1999--his plane plunged into the Atlantic Ocean at 8:41 p.m. EST 13020 days (20×651 = 31×420 days) after his Dad was shot in the head in Dallas Texas at 12:31 p.m. CST 11/22/1963. JFK Jr. died 7140 days ago today or 17×420 days.

10080 days ago, Friday June 28, 1991 which was 302×260 days after July 4, 1776 and 252.0×260 days after the strongest of the three New Madrid Missouri megaquakes, on February 7, 1812, a powerful earthquake struck Southern California in the SAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS at 9:44 a.m. EST.
So today is 4×7×360 days since the Sierra Madre earthquake in California and is 30×7×360 days since the New Madrid Missouri Monster Quake at 4:45 a.m. EST Friday February 7, 1812. That Missouri quake was 50×260 days since July 4, 1776, and 50 full years after July 4, 1776, U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died!
Hm, JFK died 50,179 days after July 4,1826 one day short of 193×260 days.

Boris Yeltsin died eighty times 364 days (112×260 days) after the People's Liberation Army was founded in China Monday August 1, 1927 (91.5 years ago today) and 195×364 days after a huge earthquake and tidal wave near Santa Barbara California 1:15 p.m. EST Monday December 21, 1812 which was in turn 21×364 days before the cataclysmic (magnitude 9.2) Sumatra earthquake and tsunami of about 11:00 a.m. EST Monday night November 25, 1833...
"At Santa Barbara Mission, all buildings sustained many cracks, and one chapel was flattened. The ground "opened up" at this area to such an extent "that it caused horror."

That Friday June 28, 1991 and also today, are prophetic time cycles from Angel Gabriel (and Uriel's?) visit to Daniel on Friday April 6, 535 B.C. in which the amazingly detailed prophecy contained in the last three chapters of the Book of Daniel are contained. Today is...GOOD LORD!

Today is 2590×360 days or 370×2520 days since Friday April 6, 535 B.C...that's 932400 days (462.5×2016) more on why that is so remarkable, in a moment...

The senior JFK died 20160 days ago, that is what I call a "spectacular" prophetic time cycle, 20,160 is twice 10080 which is 28×360 and is 24×420 and is 8×1260 and is 4×2520 and is 21×480...President John F.Kennedy was assassinated 56×360 days ago today.

President Trump was born 63×360 days after President Truman and was 17.5×364 days old the day JFK died. I'm reminded, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated January 30, 1948 which was 30,240 days or 84×360 days after Lincoln was shot Friday April 14, 1865. The Berlin Wall came down 125×364 days after Lincoln was shot btw. But I digress... interesting to me that 2016×360 days after the assassination of Jesus of Nazareth, was 17×17 days ago, Wednesday April 18, 2018 is when the current troubles in Nicaragua began.

Hmm, whats this about Prince Charles and his son Prince Harry falling off a horse (an omen) twenty years apart to the day?

June 28, 1990:
June 28, 2010: https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gossip/2010/06/prince-harry-thrown-from-his-horse-during-polo-match.html

And Prince Harry fell from his horse nine years ago yesterday ...

February 1, 2010 report:

August 3, 2001:

...which was 8.5 years after his Pops fell from his horse another time, Friday August 3, 2001, 17.5 years before this weekend....lol, I'm micro-managing time cycles, sorry...

I want now to explain the astounding significance of today Friday February 1, 2019 in light of it being 932400 days since Friday April 6, 535 B.C. when Archangel Uriel and/or Gabriel visited Daniel, overwhelmed him with his Marvel Comics Character appearance, and then described the future of the world from then until the Second Coming...Alexander the Great is mentioned, Caesar Augustus is alluded to, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, the Korean and Vietnam Wars and possibly the Kennedy assassination are mentioned

JEK was assassinated 4 times 5040 days ago and the prophecy to Daniel was given 185 times 5040 days, 5040 days is twice seven times 360 and evocative of the Nostradaus quatrain "5 and 40 degrees, fire to approach the grand new city and a huge scattered flame will burst up, when one shall put the Normans to trial".

Archangel Uriel and/or Gabriel came to Daniel 111×8400 days ago today, 8400 days (20×420) is 23 years, sometimes 23 years is 8401 days, so in other words April 535 B.C. is 2553 years (111×23 years) before April 2019, I will do a separate post later about the significance of Saturday April 6, 2019, day 193/260 "11 Reed", this post is about today and tonight

4 times 8400 days ago today, at about 5:32 a.m. EST Friday February 4, 1927, an Archangel dressed in a modern suit but with his hair down to his collar, like in the 1870s Wild West or 1970s Rock 'n'Roll scene, reportedly began a visit to "Church of Christ" Apostle Otto Fetting by clapping him on the shoulder, the angel didn't provide his name until a second visit March 4, 1927, it was "John" as in "John the Baptist".

I don't have proof, but I believe John the Baptist is the Archangel Uriel, Ur-i-el "Light of God" is the Angel of the East and is compared in Jewish and Christian legend to the rising Sun. In Luke 1:78-79, John the Baptist's own father compares him to the rising Sun.

Jesus said John the Baptist his cousin was the "Elijah to come" still prominent in Jewish prophetic tradition today, (Judaism believes Elijah appears shortly before the coming of the Messiah (sort of like the rays of the rising Sun precede the Sun, come to think of it) and that of all prophets ever born to human parents, John the Baptist was the greatest, meaning that in Jesus' opinion John is the "smartest" thinker ever born. His secret? Humility, and he mentions that in his first visit to Mr. Fetting: "By speaking the truth in humility you will find favor with God and man...."

When Jesus said that the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than John the Baptist, it was a play on the concept of humility as being a lack of egoism: The being with the least egoism in heaven is God, who naturally is "greater" than John the Baptist. It is amusing to see conventional Christian analysts try and explain how the "greatest" human prophet is "dumber than the dumbest angel" or something like that.

What? Mama say what? I have just been called away to a meeting, I can post this now and come back to it and post additional details, or just leave a few things unexplained, we'll see.

Have A Great Day!😃

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