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FKTV: "Daniel Estulin: Back Trump or World Loses"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 24-Jan-2019 23:50:56


Daniel Estulin: Back Trump or World Loses

Daniel Estulin joins Greg Hunter for a blockbuster interview about the realpolitik that informs the strange behavior of politicians on the world stage.

He reminds viewers that he spent 24 years in Russian military counterintelligence and that he's also a Doctor of Conceptual Intelligence, trained to "create models that define the future of humanity...at least one or two generations in advance..." In short, he is not a conspiracy theorist.

He explains that, like most of the world, the United States is controlled by the Liberal banking financiers, which is the domain of Wall Street, Washington's bureaucracy, the intelligence agencies, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Rockefeller crowd, the Soroses, the Mainstream Media, the London School of Economics, the Wharton School of Business, the big Think Tanks, the big foundations, the rating agencies; in short, the people who've controlled the world for the past three generations, since 1944.

All of the above are part of this Liberal banking order not just in the US but globally. Trump's job, as the representative of an alternative, isolationist, industrial group is to dismantle this power structure. This is not a battle between the Republicans or the Democrats...it's against the current global financial model.

"In 2008, the global elite circles...reached an agreement to hand over the power of the emission of the US dollar to the global elite, via the Bank for International Settlements, which is the central bank of central banks...The only thing they needed was for Obama to sign off on this deal. Nobody knows about this but Obama decided he's not gonna do that; he's not gonna let the global elite circles control the emission of the US dollar."

My own source tells me this was the moment the Bush-Clinton crime family attempted to usurp the power of the central bankers for themselves, a crime for which they will not be forgiven by Basel.

Estulin continues, "What we're seeing right now is the fight...for the control of emission of US dollar," and Trump is the enemy [of the Liberal banking order]. "That's why you have all the screaming and yelling in the media."

Russia is in a similar position. "Russia's economic financial policy is written in the offices of International Monetary Fund..." Russia's equivalent to the US Federal Reserve's Jerome Powell is Elvira Nabiullina, the Director of the Russian Central Bank. Estulin says Nabiullina has no responsibility to Russia.

"She works directly for Christine Lagarde, the General Director of International Monetary Fund...You are not allowed to make investments in rubles in Russia. You can only do it in dollars, just to give you an idea who controls Russia's economy!

"If Putin decided to fire [Elvira] Nabiullina...and replaced her with somebody who is a patriot, immediately, the International Monetary Fund and the ratings agencies would emit a report that would say, 'According to our best practices and knowledge, the person who is running Russia's Central Bank is absolutely incompetent,' and they'd lower Russia's credit to junk and because private corporations cannot have a higher credit rating than the government itself, every Russian company's credit rating will be lowered to junk, which means Russian economy would collapse in a matter of hours, which is why until the Liberal banking financier global order is not dismantled, Putin has his hands tied and the same with Trump and that's what we're seeing right now, globally...

"You have a civil war in the United States. There is the Liberal banking financiers' United States; the parasites, who play with numbers, don't produce anything at all and then you have the the alternative group, the people who put in Donald Trump...the isolationists and industrialists.

Estulin says there different ways out of this crisis:

"1. Global Thermonuclear War...wars write off debts and responsibilities. You have a four...quadrillion-dollar global debt...It's a four and fifteen zeros. There's absolutely no way you can pay that off, ever. But Wars can write that off." In this scenario, half of the world's population or more would be killed. China, with over a billion people would survive. Russia, the country with the biggest territory would survive but "The United States will not survive. Europe will not survive. Latin America, nobody knows where that is and Africa is what it is. So, that's one of the ways out of the crisis. Another way out of the crisis is the change from the Atlanticism to the:

"2. Pacific area of influence...the Rockefellers lost in 2012 against the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers are the bankers, the percentages and the Rothschilds are the changers...Changers, what does that mean? it means separating the world into regional territories...the dismantling of countries...and creating regional economic blocs...

The Bretton-Woods global economic model is collapsing. In London, Brexit was developed to avoid being caught up in that. Estulin says, "Their plan was to create a separate economic region with the Golden Dinar for them and for the Arab world" and Israel as a nation-state was to be be sacrificed. "Kissinger said it, way back in 2012 and it was published in New York Post, that Israel, in ten years was going to disappear. Jacob Rothschild, somebody who's very well-informed said the same thing.

"In that plan, you need to get rid of all of the leaders in the northern region of Africa. We've been there for 30 years; Bouteflika in Algiers, Gaddafi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt, etc. and thus, you have the Arab Spring. The second part, you gotta get rid of Turkey, because Turkey has dibs, through the Ottoman Empire, on some of the same Arab countries that England, the British Empire wanted to incorporate into the new regions they did that, okay because Turkey is not allowed into the European Union and a third step, again as I said, get rid of Israel by joining forces.

"Now the whole thing was already prepared. The only thing that was missing was for Hillary Clinton to become President of United States and she was all for it but she lost. Trump wasn't gonna go for it and thus, the Empire created Plan B and Plan B and I explained in my book, is Macron and France...

"We're seeing the end of Bretton-Woods, we're seeing the end of the petrodollar model, because Trump was elected President and his mandate, from the people behind him was to dismantle the petrodollar; dismantle that and get rid of the World Trade Organization and what we see Trump doing is going up against the International Monetary Fund, he's going against World Bank, the G7. They are the enemies of Trump and of the people behind him because they represent Liberal banking financial model...

"It has nothing to do with ideologies. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump being an unpalatable president, who's bringing disrepute to the United States as if the Mainstream Media ever cared about the United States as an entity. It's about control of the emission center because the model is now dead. They need an alternative model and so they're looking at, just to summarize either:

"Global thermonuclear war [or the separation of the world into economic regions] and that's why you see all that stuff in the Middle East again, what's Trump doing in Afghanistan? What's he doing in Syria? He's done something that Putin hasn't been able to do. He's extricating himself out of that mess, because he understands that anytime, this thing can explode...

"Wars write off debts and responsibilities, which is why we're seeing all this maneuvering. We don't know who is going to win. We don't know the end of the story. What we do know is why all this stuff is going on...

"The easiest thing for Trump to have done when he became President was to push the interest rates to four, five, six percent. That would have collapsed the entire global order, which are the enemies of Donald Trump but then, it's like we have a table and you cut two legs off the table collapses but to make sure the table doesn't collapse, you need to prop it up somehow, which means Trump would have needed to come up with an alternative model...

"You asked me about gold. we're looking at a changing of the guard from the Atlantic to the Pacific, okay from petrodollar to ounces, physical ounces of gold, which is what the Chinese have a lot of.

So, the new economic model, again, the separation of regions, Make America Great Again is...the United States shutting the door, saying to the rest of the world, 'Go to Hell.'"

Greg Hunter: "Gold's gonna be an important component of whatever world we have; gold, silver, precious metals."

Daniel Estulin: "It'll be a very important component, now what needs to happen is the Chinese and the Russians can work together but not right now because today's Russia is Liberal banking financier crowd...The only way that the Russians the Chinese can actually work together if you get rid of Liberal [financiers]..."

Greg Hunter: "What does a little guy do? What does the guy listening to this interview, saying, 'What should I do? Do you plan on a collapse? Do you plan on a war? Do you plan on a hyperinflation? Do you plan on a new dollar?...What does the guy watching this do?

Daniel Estulin: "One thing you need to understand is is you've got a back Trump...our only way out of this is to make sure that Donald Trump actually stays President of the United States, because the entire welfare of Russia and everywhere else depends on the non-Liberal crowd winning.

"Second point, make sure you have physical gold and silver. Make sure you don't have paper gold, because when the markets go 'poof', that thing is going to disappear. Make sure you understand that all the noise you hear in the mainstream media, it's what it is, it's noise and it doesn't matter...this latest stuff, with some kids in Catholic school or talk about some silly football game or talking about what Trump did or said it, whether he picked his nose at a birthday party it's all nonsense you've got a look at a bigger picture...

The model which has been working since 1944, Bretton Woods; based on infinite growth is dead. Either we come up with a new model or we go to Hell.

Greg Hunter: Daniel Estulin, the author best-selling multiple international best-selling author of his latest book, In the Shadows of a President. Daniel, thanks for coming on from Toronto, thank you so much.

Running Time: 56 mins



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