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URGENT: Grounding of the CODEL flight 48 days after Bush 41 died is a red-hot OMEN predicted by that "48 HOURS BLOW LOAN" dream

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Friday, 18-Jan-2019 09:33:33


Here is a description of the "Blow Loan 48 Hours" Dream posted last May 20, 2018...once again, nowadays is a multiple of 48 days since the dream, as was the 9/11/2001 "World's worst aviation disaster" and so forth:

The Blow Loan 48 Hours dream showed a grounded or downed aircraft sitting on tarmac surrounded with an aura of disaster, it looked like the front of a C-130 Hercules airlifter, the newspaper photo in the dream was black & white, like this but more closeup:

Press reports haven't yet identified the make of the USAF military plane which was to depart Andrews AFB for NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium at 2:00 p.m. CST Thursday January 17, 2019, carrying seven congresspersons including Nancy Pelosi, but it was likely a C-38A like the smaller of these two planes, the larger is a Boeing C-40C:

I had forgotten, but the apocalyptic "48 HOURS BLOW LOAN" dream I had around 8:00 a.m. CDT Monday September 25, 1989 was not only 2526 years after the sudden Fall of Babylon to foreign surprise attack early Friday September 25, 538 B.C., it was exactly 200 years (two centuries can equal "two days" prophetically, or a mystical "48 Hours") after U.S. Congress approved ("created") the original twelve Bill of Rights on Friday September 25, 1789 and submitted them September 28 to the various States for ratification, the original TEN ratified Bill of Rights were ratified by Virginia on Thursday December 15, 1791, causing the articles to become the The Law of the Land upon which the lethal authority of the United States Government derives (the authority to take the life of enemies foreign or domestic).

Besides being a play on the word Babylon, ("Babyl'low, Babyl'loan"), and the blowing of poisonous vapors in a wind (Hebrew word for "Wormwood" is "Lo'an"), BLOW LOAN clearly refers to the withdrawal of "lines of credit or confidence or good repute" from an entity or dispensation, and the plugging in of those "fuel lines" into a replacement entity, such as an individual, a business, a church, a doctrine or attitude, a government or institution of any kind.

For example, let's speculate that God's blessings upon an individual arise from that individual's adherence to the Ten Commandments, or at least from a person's desire to keep the Ten Commandments. Now let's suppose that God extended a huge line of credit to the governing powers of the United States contingent upon the letter AND THE SPIRIT of the Ten Bill of Rights being heeded and abided by a sufficient number of persons, the SPIRIT of the Bill of Rights...awww, I don't feel like explaining it in full, gotta move on here...here's an example of the "spirit" of the Bill of Rights (freedom of worship...tobacco use is central to ancient native American beliefs about God and the spirit world and mental and spiritual health...) being gradually then suddenly totally violated, just as Satan--the King of self-righteousness and feigned piety--would prefer.


"48 hours" in prophecy also refers to a two thousand year period...

I just realized to my amazement that the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were approved by Congress Friday September 25, 1789 not only 200364 days (280260 days) before Friday January 20, 1989 when George H.W. Bush was inaugurated, but Friday September 25, 1789 was exactly 1840364 days (2576260 days) after Friday January 1, 45 B.C. (Julian) when the Julian Calendar was imposed by edict of Julius Caesar, it is still observed in Eastern Orthodox religious Calendars, tomorrow Saturday January 19, 2019 for example is Saturday January 6, 2019 in the Old Style, Julian Calendar.

The last time that cycle repeated was recently, Friday December 14, 2018 was 2070364 since January 1, 45 B.C. and 230364 since September 25, 1789 A.D....

Dammit, a software glitch keeps deleting my work!

Yesterday evening was 48 days since George H.W. Bush died at 10:10 p.m. CST November 30, 2018, precisely 29248 days after he was appointed VP running mate by Ronald Reagan at 10:10 p.m. CST July 16, 1980.

Yesterday evening was 22348 days since Braniff Airlines grounded its planes and laid off thousands of workers due to a "Loan Snag" as one headline put it, and filed for bankruptcy at midnight ending September 27, 1989 some 48 hours after I had a dream which showed an airliner grounded and the headline "48 HOURS BLOW LOAN".
"Braniff Declares Bankruptcy, Cancels Most Flights
September 28, 1989"

Tomorrow night Saturday night January 19-20, is two years ("48 Months") since the Presidency of Donald Trump began at noon January 20, 2017. It is also a multiple of 48 days since the finger of God wrote "NUMBERED NUMBERED WEIGHED AND DIVIDED" on the wall at a Babylonian State Dinner and within hours, a Persian and Medes sneak attack conquered the city, tomorrow night's 933312 days since Thursday night September 24-25, 538 B.C. is 19444 (48614) times 48 days.

Tomorrow night at 11:30 p.m. EST is 2364 days since the amazing PNG earthquake (Papua New Guinea, northeast of Australia) of Saturday night January 21-22, 2017 which was 603200 days (2320260 days, or 1651.5 years) to the hour after the cataclysmic Crete earthquake of about 11:30 p.m. EST Wednesday night July 21-22, 365 A.D. ( Gregorian, July 20-21 Julian Calendar)
(Sunrise local time, in the Eastern Mediterranean).
(And an additional 260 days after January 21, 2017 a rare quake offshore northern Egypt, a region which was devastated by the 365 A.D. quake and tsunami:

There have been a number of unusual quakes around the world since Monday, especially the very unusual temblor southeast of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau at 7:45 p.m. EST Monday January 14, 2019...any earthquake near the Great Pyramid is of enormous prophetic significance:


In spite of my mention of some "major" earthquake cycles pinpointing tomorrow night, it is tonight which may see a very notable earthquake or that which earthquakes portend: Sudden change, upheaval, startling announcements or events:

That's because tonight Friday night January 18-19, 2019 is 55 times 364 days (20020 days = 77260 days) since the largest earthquake in the Northern Hemisphere's recorded history, a magnitude 9.5 which struck east of Anchorage and caused a deadly tsunami, it struck at 9:36 p.m. CST Friday night March 27, 1964.

At least two methods of calculation associate that earthquake with the central point in Great Pyramid inch-per-year prophecy: Sunday October 27, 1844 is a multiple of 2300 days since the Crucifixion of Christ on Wednesday March 26, 31 A.D.

Friday March 27, 1964 is 120 years minus SEVEN MONTHS after Sunday October 27, 1844.

Seventy times 364 days after October 27, 1844 is Sunday August 2, 1914 when World War I began over a dispute in the Balkans, Russia backed Serbia and Germany backed Austria-Hungary.

More recently:

On Wednesday October 24, 1990, the Soviet Union conducted its final nuclear bomb test at 9:58 a.m. CDT, thereafter complying with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
On the morning of Friday October 26, 1990, which was 4.5 years after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded early April 26, 1986 local time, spewing deadly radiation, I had that dream where I was standing in a flooding stream and there were millions of dead little fish or tadpoles and I studied some in my hand and a voice said sadly "Six-Point Seven-One inches same as last time".
That was a clear reference to Great Pyramid inch-per-year prophecy and also to the contents of the 6th and 7th chapters of the 1st book of the Bible: The account of Noah's Flood.

March 27, 1964 is 65671 days after October 27, 1844, 65 is one-fourth of 260 and is an extremely prophetic cycle, tonight is 44765 since the Great Alaska earthquake and is 97965 days since October 27, 1844...hmm, that means an additional 65 days from tonight is 98065 days (half 770 times 260 days, or 63700 days which is 175364 days), specifically that is Sunday March 24, 2019, it is 10364 days (14260 days) since a deadly earthquake in central Italy shook Rome at 7:33 p.m. CST Sunday April 5, 2009 (3:33 a.m. Local Time April 6), the earthquake is notorious because seismologists were prosecuted for not predicting the quake!

It happened 165364 days after Sunday October 27, 1844, which is three times the aforementioned 55364 days which lie between the Great Alaska Earthquake of March 27, 1964 and tonight.

And not one but "Four Powerful Earthquakes" rocked central Italy two years ago, on the morning and early afternoon of January 18, 2017:

A highly unusual earthquake at Tenerife in the Canary Islands offshore Morocco this morning at 1:37 a.m. EST reminds me that the deadliest aircraft collision in history happened there at 12:07 p.m. EST Sunday March 27, 1977.



The Hindenberg zeppelin disaster happened at 7:25 p.m. EST Thursday May 6, 1937, which is forty years minus forty days before the Tenerife disaster of Sunday March 27, 1977.

Tonight at 7:54 p.m. CST is 88770 days since the Long Beach California quake of Friday March 10, 1933:

Tonight at 7:44 p.m. CST is 17420 days since a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rocked the Seattle, Washington region Friday night July 2, 1999.

The End.😐
Have a Great Day!😀

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