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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave... Part 17

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 13-Jan-2019 16:00:42

Lucifer’s Semi Final Conclave --Part 17

At Home:

The phone on the counter lit up almost exactly 20 minutes later. They had been talking about their plans for the day. They watched an anxious Danielle as she reached for it.. Hello?
MOMMA, she exclaimed … MOMMA!!… as Bree and her mom began talking a mile a minute, the three smiled, Buffy hugged Bree briefly, Phil and Ken high fived, and the three wandered out the back door to give Bree her privacy,,, to visit with Yough.

Yough, with his belly full of food, decided that instead of visiting, he needed a short nap. They settled instead at the wood picnic table and Buffy and Phil began bringing Ken up to full speed, covering most of the details of the saga… Phil even extending it to the big change 4years ago, and some new details that even Buffy had not soaked up.

Meanwhile, back inside, Danielle and her mom were just finishing up their verbal reunion after 31 minutes of airtime.. Danielles closing instructions to Jennifer were… Mom, the phone you are holding is our only link… NEVER carry it around with you. They will spot it, at your home, car or in your purse… Believe me. You and Christy leave it at the mission somewhere turned off, and hidden but on charge. I will try to call you EVERY Saturday within 5 minutes either way of noon. If not, check it’s voice mail ,,, Count on it. I love you so much… Bye for now… Ok honey,,, and you BE SURE to tell Phil that I am SO proud to have my adopted Son back as my Son in Law…Give him a BIG hug for me. … Oh, you can bank on that, mom… Yes indeed… A big, BIG one, a grinning Danielle said as she uttered bye once again, and disconnected.

The other three were chatting when the back door opened and an extremely reinvigorated Daniele skipped down four steps, jumped over a snoozing Yough who was off in doggie dreamland chasing jackrabbits and melted into her Phil’s lap with a huge sigh.. Her electric blue eyes glistening with the moisture of near ecstasy. My Danielle has returned, thought Phil, who was delighted at being suddenly and completely recharged himself, by the electricity she exuded and the aura she displayed…

Oh.. And Babe…she said to Phil…Mom’s very last message was to tell you how extremely overjoyed she was at having her adopted son back as her son in law… And mom made me promise to give you a REALLY big hug…. She said with those bright eyes gleaming… then, she softly said--- you know that I always keep my promises, baby… Phil blushed, as their eyes remained locked on each other.

Buffy laughed, clapped and pointed --- hey you guys, your room is over there…Remember?

That broke the spell. They all laughed out loud…

A couple of minutes later, Bree started talking seriously about the precise ’things’ she needed help with 32 miles east of Pahrump…

Anu was about as happy as a demon can be, I guess. His presentation at the conclave had been a huge success. General Pride was distraught with himself, as General Envy was nudging Pride in the ribs, and glancing over to General Wrath. Anu was pleased.

He was heading back through a portal to his usual lair, where he expected #13 to be waiting. And… he was. Anu entered through the plexiglass wall into Georges office.
George had his head down on his arms resting on his desk.

Good morning George he stated…. George raised up and Anu sensed a problem immediately. I have terrible headache, George stated… Anu said, we can fix that, you know.. Come lie down on the couch.. George complied, and Anu entered his mind immediately. Nosing about in the “RAM“, Anu quickly found the note. Erased it, and all data remnants of concern that George had mentally expressed, and continued probing. Going back to Georges recent trip to Rock Sense East, Anu reviewed the scene carefully, finding no special concerns. Anu did see #2 writing another note, but it was not placed in the baggie.. It remained on #2‘s desk. Anu could not see the details, because George had not either. Somewhat satisfied, Anu removed the physical note from Georges shirt pocket and vaporized it between his thumb and fore finger, then returned George to cociousness.

George opened his eyes and exclaimed, Anu, you are wonderful as always. I feel great..

Oh, George said, #2 said you have made changes in the rear portal, and to be sure to ask you about it.. Yes said Anu, and he briefly lay out the new design, including the details about Bill Meacham. Interesting, said George, I wish to see the new design for myself…
Comment: -- Hmmm.. One should be very cautious about what one wishes for, George…

Anu replied -- and you shall indeed, but right now, Lucifer is summoning me back for a moment … sit tight it shouldn’t be long…
Lucifer’s Dome of Destiny

Anu was impressed, and felt very special indeed… He had only heard of this place from Prince Doubt, his immediate superior, He had never been inside. The majestic Throne and the string of intermittent bright pinpoints in the residue trailing the earths spiral path made a very impressive vista. The few pinpoints of light were more than sufficient to not only illuminate the entire room, but also the billions of unlit particles in the entire wake. Without those bright spots, he concluded, the trail of particles would otherwise appear only as a vapor… There was one particular pinpoint of light, that although it appeared no larger than it’s fellow lights gleamed with such great intensity that there was no way he could even face toward it, much less look directly at it. Anu rightly concluded that it alone exhibited such brightness, that it would be sufficient to illuminate the room by itself. The lesser lights, however, served well to illuminate the shadows on the trail, such that the entire trail of vapor seemed to glow.

ANU, Lucifer’s voice boomed… Congratulations on your appointment as Chief of the room of Deception Enjoy it… You earned it… you have succeeded in deceiving even ME…

But, you will not so easily do so again… You yet lack Guile. Guile as you know, is what we must use to replace the Wisdom that the Impostor took from us. Although we were allowed to retain all physical Knowledge, it is insufficient by itself to insure our victory.

Listen carefully, Anu… While your plan is admirable and will surely succeed against most all ’Christians’ … As I specifically told Doubt… so what? They have been so indoctrinated by the severely altered messages they have been fed by your priests… They are ALREADY Mine…whether they realize it or no.. Big deal.. You are merely rounding up sheep that are already hobbled and resting in my comfortable corral… Think, Anu… Thinking develops GUILE. As you know well.. That accursed remnant, though relatively few ARE THE SOLE TARGET… Get that? The ’Christians’ you target with light and mirror rapture shows are superfluous. Stay out of my corral..

Now Anu… know this. You, like all of us, are diminished by our total absence of Wisdom. Knowledge we have, and in the greatest possible abundance. Opposing this, those few of the Impostors Remnant are given no guile, and much less Knowledge of physical things than we have… What they DO have is the totality of the Impostors WISDOM. All of it. Even so, most of them do not even know that fact. Wisdom, knowledge and guile are each living, and perpetually growing. All growing things need time and proper sustenance, Anu. Now-- GO and THINK.

And one further thing, Anu.. You deceived me once.. Before, when I specifically said ‘do not remove the sign from it’s case’ you did disobey me.. The consequences we now face is that our timeline has altered…he pointed to the discontinuity.. But Anu, far worse than that… Much worse .. is that Bridgid now possesses the Bauble..

And even now as I speak, she is handling and displaying it and advising her new friends (and they are true friends indeed) and her CONSORT… That accursed …! Precisely how to destroy your lair, Anu! Fortunately, she is not aware of it’s awesome power YET… But Anu… think back to my earlier words … Wisdom grows, when properly nurtured…


Comment: If Anu had a butt… It would feel severely chewed, now, dontcha think?

At Home…
Danielle had them all enthralled by her explanation of what she had experienced in the two days before she and Phil were reunited at LAS. Phil had not heard it in such detail, and was particularly disturbed when she told of her new husband neglecting her and apparently trying to pimp her out to…something? When Buffy and Ken’s eyes started crossing with questions, she ran to her room and had returned with her necklace, laying it on the table in front of them. Phil watched with interest. Even Yough had sat up momentarily to watch. Yough returned shortly, to his dreams of fat jackrabbits.
So… Danielle proceeded to lay out her plans… and what she yet needed to implement them… When she was finished and sat silently with an expression of “Well? Whatcha think?… Buffy said… whew… this calls for coffee.. that’s what I think… Be right back..
As she was leaving, Ken picked up the necklace to examine it more closely. No, it did not vibrate nor change temperature… but the Aztec necklace peeked a memory… He looked at Bree… I understand that this amulet was originally on a leather thong, right? Bree nodded… Where again did you get this necklace? From an Indian tourist shop in Pahrump, she replied…
Ken looked carefully at it again… Those scratchy designs along it’s length…He then recalled…
Ken was born in southern Nevada. As a teen, he and his buddies went most everywhere and loved the desert and mountains especially. They often visited reservations, out of curiosity or whatever. He recalled a particular location just south east of Pahrump vividly.
Contrary to modern thoughts, Native Americans do not live in a single group..‘town’. They live in their own individual houses on a reservation, of many hundreds of square miles, thus homes are sparsely scattered. Individual groups of kin have there own ceremonial camps where members gather for tribal ceremonies, these ceremonies thus take place at the same time, with the same actions, though hundreds of miles apart.

Anyway, Ken and 3 of buddies were school chums with Joseph Nelson, who was a full blooded Navajo. His tribal name was ‘He dances with bears’. Joe had invited them to his tribal meeting camp on dancing day, which day was mostly taboo for the ‘palefaces’. but Joe had received permission from the elders. The closing ceremony was most strange, he mused. Most tribal groups do not have their own Shaman, though someone in each camp is designated as Spiritual healer, and trained (ordained) by a Shaman. Shamen are few. In this case, however they were honored to have a full Shaman from the territory around 40 miles to the east, who was here visiting kin. The Shaman was holding a slender silver chain out for each attendee to grasp and raise above their heads. While each uttered ‘words’ which were then answered by the Shaman. -- all in Navajo, of course. No, the palefaces did not understand Navajo. Very few palefaces can to this day, and fewer still can derive the many nuances necessary to relate.

That is the prime reason that during WW2, Navajo ’code talkers’ volunteered to relay critical messages via radio between US fighting units.. The Japanese NEVER broke the code, which was of course plain and normal Navajo conversation…. If you happen to be Navajo, that is.

The palefaces were honored to be able to speak to the Shaman in English -- But his reply would be in Navajo. Joe sat near them and offered to translate. The request was to be a question about your future.
As Ken received the chain… he noticed the scratched designs… they were almost identical to this one, he noted.. Anyway Joe translated the Shaman’s reply to Ken as… “We Will Meet”…. And, so as of now-- Ken has indeed met.. Nature’s Healer…

Buffy showed up at the back door carrying a tray with 4 mugs and a carafe of hot coffee, Ken jumped up to the help her negotiate the steps and carry the tray to the table. Soon they were sitting with their coffee, sipping and talking…

Ken said, well guys… sounds great, but you two first need ID’s and wheels… We need to go see Homer… Like now….Buffy exclaimed… YES… wait up… I’m going soon as I get out of this robe..

Bree and Phil looked down at the robes they were wearing, glanced at each other and headed for the house… Ken said…wait up Bree… and as he handed her the necklace he said… Bree, dear.. for your info.. the chain is not Aztec.. It’s Navajo.. Bree replied.. Uhh thanks…

And, as all stood sill in silence… he related his experience.
To be continued:
Part 16 is here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=115084

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