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How many REAL humans in the population? And who else is here? Shocking indications…

Posted By: X_Hermes
Date: Saturday, 12-Jan-2019 21:51:23

In view of many reports claiming extra-terrestrial involvement with Planet Earth over the ages, it seems a question worth asking. Indeed, I wrote an article a little like this one some years back – but it was lost when RMN had its archives destroyed. So, I thought the subject worth re-visiting, since the results are somewhat disturbing, to say the least!

Now, I should start by saying that the information below is as a result of pendulum dowsing over a ‘percentage chart’. This latter allows questions in the form of ‘To what extent…’ and ‘What percentage of…’, both of which are far more accurate than the much more common ‘yes / no’ form of using a pendulum. This method is particularly helpful in the type of questioning below. And I always say that the pendulum gives guidance, not absolutes. The quality of the questioning is an important factor, as well as the dowser’s ability to ignore strongly held beliefs on the subject being examined.

So…there are somewhere between seven and eight billion of us on the planet, if official figures are correct. But we are definitely not all one species. I am not talking about cultures, skin colour or belief system here, but different life-forms, all looking human. Here goes then…

Firstly, I divide the ‘genuine’ inhabitants into two categories: Those that are fully human, and those that are human / Annunaki hybrids as a result to the Annunaki breeding program from around 6000 years ago. At that time, the Annunaki knew they would have to leave the planet as the energies steadily dropped (making them increasingly unwell), and thus they started to create hybrids that they would have a large measure of control over. This was to provide them with a sub-set of the population they could then utilize to form the ‘staffing’ for a long-term planetary control matrix. As a result of that program, most of us have a percentage of Annunaki DNA, with the so-called ‘Elites’ who run (and intentionally mis-manage) our planet have the highest percentages. The numbers I get are:

Fully Human: 24% of the global population
Human / Annunaki hybrids: 45%
Other ET / Human hybrids: 3%

Note that many in the fully human category are from current tribal cultures who were never a part of the Annunaki breeding program (though, at the time, we were all tribal in one form or another!). Even today, these native people have not been completely diluted by wholesale inter-breeding with the western, (largely) hybrid races.

Next, we come to an array of ‘visitors’. Many ET races can pass as human, and so can be here in their physical bodies without being suspected – even though their DNA may be very different from ours, and their origins far away. Then there are portal beings, sometime referred to as ‘organic portals’. These appear to be a fully functioning human-style body which can be used in several ways. An ET can experience being on Earth by occupying one of these bodies. Many such seem to be part of a of sophisticated ‘bodily time-share’, giving rise to at least some of the stories of walk-ins, i.e, when one ET occupant exchanges for another. The same is true for beings that do not naturally have any kind of physical body as we would recognize it – a discarnate being can experience Earth through use of a human-like organic portal.

The beings known as EBE’s (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) seem to be a variation of this – a clearly physical but non-human portal, that remote beings can project into so as to temporarily experience being ‘here’, or to communicate important issues to people ‘in authority’ The success rate of the latter appears to be pretty dismal. When not occupied, these portal bodies just seem to switch off – which explains some of the strangely disrupted communications reported with such beings.

The next category is human body clones, and they break into several types. A clone can be run by a sophisticated AI program – I believe the Archons to be such, highly intelligent but very narrow in their capability, with no warmth, empathy or caring for others; just dedication to their set task. My sources suggest the Archons are a creation of the Annunaki. The descriptive word for such a being is ‘egregore’.

Another clone form is used by the illuminati / cabal to replicate key people, such as Presidents and senior politicians – and not just for ‘look-alikes’ in a security context. My sources say that the cabal learned how to ‘port’ the soul of a dying person into a purpose made clone, and appear to have perfected the technology (or been given it by their Annunaki masters) some time back. Hilary Clinton might well have done this – apparently dying (as announced by NYC TV) at the Ground Zero ceremony, then returning in a seemingly younger body after a body double had filled in for a few weeks. Another example, I had a friend who held a very senior position in the clandestine back-world of International Finance. I refer to the banksters enforcement arm, on which James Bond was modeled! I am told it was never ‘His Majesty’s Secret Service’! A few years before I met him he had been very badly injured in a bomb attack by a competing alphabet agency. Having at one time been an Olympic athlete he had always remained very fit – probably the only reason he had survived – but his injuries were taking their toll. He was a good man in many respects, but undoubtedly a racist. I was told that his handlers decided the best way to get him fully operational again was to give him a cloned body – but instead of copying his own, they gave him the body of a younger (and very good looking) black athlete. They must have been laughing at this cruel twist of theirs for months… but he had a great new cover!

Here are some numbers for the categories above:

ET visitors: 4%
Organic Portals: 13%
Clones: 2%

There are other human-like life forms that can project themselves to appear human. These include:

Angelic beings: 1%
Earth elementals (several types): 0.2%

Both types are capable of occupying an organic portal, if desired, sometimes for a lifetime complete with human relationships, jobs and family. More commonly, they assume human form for short periods, often to help humans in trouble or to deliver some higher message that a specific human needs to hear, or that they were in a position to publicize.

Another most interesting category is what I call ‘water-adapted human’ – or mermen/maids! The many myths and legends from sea-farers of the past are telling us something that, at that historical time, religion would have branded as highly heretical (and thus dangerous to the story teller!) Over the years I have had several indications of the reality of mer-people, though their numbers are tiny compared with the land-based population.

Water-adapted humans: 0.55%

The next category I have measured is Inner-Earth humanity. Some years ago I met and worked with a group of at least sixteen of these beings, spending a lot of time with them. They are the ancestors of survivors from Lemuria and Atlantis who went underground during a period of huge upper-Earth destruction. They look fully human, but are far longer-lived than us, and display amazing knowledge and wisdom, presumably gained from their exceptionally long lives. There are several small inner-Earth civilizations, based on underground cities and each with a somewhat different focus.

Inner-Earth Humanity: 5.45%

Finally, there appear to be four or more other small groups which account for 2.5% of the population. The ones I can identify appear to be:

Ascended Volunteers: 0.33% These people are humans (at the soul level) who have completed the ‘wheel of incarnation’ on Earth (typically taking 7000 to 9000 lives), having chosen a specific path of mastery, and then finally, ascended as masters of that path. Subsequently, they have returned as volunteers, but have agreed to have their ‘ascended master’ faculties curtailed in order top do so – if the planet was ‘flooded’ with the return of many fully activated masters, it would probably change the mass ascension process, which is not desired.

Holographic humans: 0.9% It can be argued that we are all a form of hologram: however, these are less sophisticated projections that have a specific purpose, usually short term.

Immortals: 0.3% Yes, there are those who are here for centuries! In fact, we are all naturally self-repairing, and very long lived. But we gave these faculties up so as to have many short and intense experiences, allowing every possibility to be explored in this (probably) unique experimental planet. My guess is that this small number of immortals has some kind of continuity role as the human experiment unfolds.

The remaining small numbers have not yet been identified by me.

Now, to answer the question ‘How many…’, there is one remaining complexity. Those who believe in reincarnation mostly believe that our incarnations are serial through time, i.e., if you were to die today, you would come back a few years further on. But this is not the case – if the next place you need for your soul development is ancient Egypt, this is where you will go. The challenge is that many souls are incarnating in this current time period more than once, but at different stages in their long incarnational journey. Something of a mind-bender, I think!

My pendulum indicates that the average across all human souls (fully human and Annunaki / human hybrid) is 1.9 current lives. If you add those two categories you get 69%: dividing it by 1.9 gives approximately 31.32%. If we apply that figure to a guesstimate of 7.5 billion humans-style inhabitants on Earth, we get 2.54 billion unique human souls. QED?

I trust you enjoyed this little exposé! And perhaps we might all look a little more carefully at those around us…

Go well.

Xavier Hermes

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