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Lucifer’s Semi Final Conclave -- Part 13

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Saturday, 5-Jan-2019 22:03:00

In Response To: Lucifer's Semi Final Conclave--- Some thoughts from the Author-- (Watchman)

Lucifer’s Semi Final Conclave -- Part 13

NV Highway 582

As they exited on to the Boulder highway, Buffy, already munching on her slice, with one hand dealt a slice of warm pizza on a napkin to Bree, and then passed one forward to Phil. Danielle nodded thanks to Buffy and then held it momentarily to her mouth, nibbling. Buffy sensed that her best bud Bree had her mind occupied, so she struck up a conversation with Phil.
And, Bree’s mind was truly occupied, indeed. Sitting in a safe place, away from the threat of imminent capture, Danielle had time to think of how worried sick her mom must be. Danielle and her mom Jennifer typically talked daily… sometimes it went 2 days, but never longer. She was irritated with herself about how rude and abrupt she must have sounded when her mom had called -- Uhh, Buffy .. what Day is it?-- Friday, answered Buffy, Friday the thirteenth --- our besties anniversary…. Danielle smiled her thanks, and Buffy returned to her conversation with Phil.

Danielle’s mind was whirring. No way could she use her cell .. They would be on us before I hung up. And she also new her agencies protocol. By now, they are monitoring Jennifer’s line 24/7, so I cant borrow Buffy‘s cell either.. I could use Buffy‘s cell to call aunt Meav, but she would just call her sister when we hung up, no matter what she promised me on the phone. Damn.. She kept thinking on the problem. Her head hurt..

Phil ---she said, I’m thirsty -- would you please pull in long enough to grab some water?

Phil almost immediately pulled in to a Walgreen’s, disappeared inside, and shortly returned with 3 bottles of water, which he distributed between them, and then was instantly back on 582, resuming his conversation with Buffy, laughing and chatting. . .

Phil and Buffy each sensed that they were becoming good buds also, as Phil had, over the past 40 minutes of their journey, answered many of her still lingering questions about some of the details in Danielle’s download while they sat on the bench beside the Poker club, after Alexandria’s sobbing emotional episode.

She remembered especially the prelude -- the tender, sincere look in Danielle’s blue eyes, as Danielle had cleaned Alexandria’s wet and red cheeks with the tissues.-- And, most important of all, Alexandria would never forget the silent emotion she shared with Danielle after they had each completed their downloads -- That silent but meaningful hug they shared.. for it recalled precisely the exact moment that Alexandria had been reborn as Buffy, and Danielle as Bree. To both Buffy and Bree it had transformed them into instant sisters, ‘besties’, and best buds forever.

Bree then asked Phil if he could explain one of her yet lingering thoughts… The one about Brees antique medallion. She recalled holding it and remembered the strange vibration and sense of peace and warmth, as she returned it with wide eyes to Bree.

Bree passed another slice of pizza to Phil along with her query. As Phil smiled and accepted the food with a nod. Well, Buffy, I will try, but let me preface that with saying… I actually am as confused as you are…

Phil actually started at the very beginning, from when he first met Danielle, thru their next almost 10 years of completely blissful marriage, thru Danielle’s instant ’change’ 6 years ago, which proceeded both his and Danielle’s 4 years of confusion, culminating in the divorce completion a year or so ago and her recent remarriage, not yet 2 weeks old. He elucidated more of the details as Buffy plied him with more questions. Soon, Buffy sensed that they were painful to him, and she was silent for a moment. Buffy then reached over the seat and gave his shoulder a sincere squeeze of understanding sympathy, while managing, emotionally --’Phil-- are you saying that you and Danielle are not married?’ Not.. in the legal meaning, perhaps, but in the actual sense, yes we are, as he glanced in the rearview at his forever love, deep in thought in the back seat. Buffy sensed it well, as she touched Bree’s hand, and softly patted Phil’s shoulder with her other hand.

He took a bite of pizza… then shortly, he began speaking again… this time in a more matter-of fact, much less stressful tone. Now… about the Amulet, he began… to preface allow me to say first, that I truly am mystified too…It is, I recently concluded, not just interesting jewelry… but infinitely more. It ‘talks to you’… he briefly glanced at Buffy, who was all ears.. On last Monday, he continued, I was doing my usual Bible study at home in MD, when I distinctly heard in my head… uhh… Danielle’s voice saying one word… uhh… “help”. It bugged me so much that within 3 hours I was on a red-eye flight to Las Vegas. Jennifer had told me of Danielle’s unusual tone and their curt, short and very unusual conversation when I phoned her just after hearing that “ help “ cry… it just WAS NOT her daughter, Jennifer had said… she’s got lots on her plate, that she wouldn‘t share. Phil added, for Buffy’s benefit.. I had adopted Danielle’s mom as mine also, since mine had died just months before our marriage…

Confab at LVPD…
Sniffy, his son Jim, Sniffy’s replacement, the new C of D, Clyde, two ’suits’, and the Patrol chief were gathered in the now vacant precinct break room, ‘cussin and discussin‘….each of the six men were intently putting in their two cents on how the BOLOs could have vanished from their locked down city, and apparently so rapidly.

Clyde quipped, well assuming they haven’t been raptured, it’s very strange indeed…. Let’s review our lists…

Clyde began, We are vacuuming ALL video city wide with the new program, since 11 AM, focusing especially from the boulevard through the east end of Freemont. BOLOs distributed to EVERY mode of transportation in the city, from Taxi’s to tour busses, ALL auto dealers including the shady ‘pawn your title’ shops, every single casino, hotel and motel in the city..he added incidentally -- but our dick tracies won‘t be done with that until sometime tomorrow--. They are in a neck and neck race to finish with our lab going full time with fingerprint and DNA swabs on the 450+ Ethnos water bottles we retrieved from the cans on Freemont east of Starbucks… He glanced at the suits.. Is there something else we should know about them -- like some details of the charges? The scope and manpower required is unprecedented.

Bob, one the suits shrugged and said… Clyde, as you have often heard.. if we told you exact details of the charges, we would have to kill you all. We have given you all we are allowed to, and are right here with you all to discuss the clues. We will surely point out points within reason in your findings that peek our interest the right way. Clyde grinned, and looked at Sniffy.

Sniffy -- does your 40+ years suggest what are we missing?

Meanwhile Phil had just concluded telling Buffy what he actually knew about the mysterious Amulet, Starting with his surprise about recognizing Danielle in the gift shop as he exited from the concession, when she essentially flew across the concourse into his arms screaming his name, and ending at the point she handed him the Amulet to examine.

I… uhh… recognized not only Danielle, but ..uhh.. Bridged… I started getting a..uhh sort of, I dunno, mental awakening, I guess, and suddenly I knew without the slightest doubt, and as weird as it sounds, although she was indeed my love, Danielle, she was also my destiny which was initiated … uhh… Eons ago. Apparently she had recognized my spirit or soul before running to me with open arms. For as we embraced and I spoke her name -- Brighid -- we kissed and she said, yes love, your long lost Brighid.. In the flesh this time. So, Buffy, I still do not know the ultimate secret of the ‘magic’ Amulet. Brighid knows far more, but certainly not all. She will, though, I assure you. She has been absolutely phenomenal in her guile and abilities to outsmart those that are pursuing us. As she told you .. They will stop at nothing to locate and eliminate us.. That is the God’s truth. She knew this well before our airport meeting and evasion. Something she said to me shortly after was ’baby, there are things here in NV that I must do, and I desperately need your help’. I swore to myself at that moment that I would surely help even unto death. The strange thing is, though, we have not had time to further discuss what the ‘things’ are nor specifically what help she needs… We’ve been too busy running, at least up until now.

Buffys eyes opened wide… She opened her mouth but there were no words.
She finally managed to get out -- wow, Phil, just WOW…. As she leaned back in her seat and looked over at Bree, who had her head leaned on her seatback, sleeping.
There as no more conversation between Phil and Buffy for awhile…

Back at the Precinct..

Sniffy sucked on his coffee cup and spoke up… Well, a few things do jump out.. Clyde, this pair obviously have to be as physically exhausted as Cleetis’ dogs, dragging in from chasing coyotes all day. They are either in search of rest, have found it, or as you said, been raptured, which I feel is a quite remote choice… all chuckled at that..

How about the rescue missions and homeless camps? he continued…And… don’t forget, they are walking around with at least 22 big ones. That talks awfully loud to broke sheep as they exit the casinos. There are absolutely thousands of them who would swap their rides with their spouses still inside for less than a quarter of that pie. Or sell them a ride to LA or wherever for a couple of C notes.. The lady after all is classily dressed, and faux pregnant. She would appear to be safe to most…Alternatively, have you thought about correlating the stolen/missing vehicle records since noon with the BOLOs last known locations? Or had your flatfoots look for sleeping drunks in parking lots who are missing their ride keys? But, my best hunch at this time, Clyde, tells me they have somehow hitched a ride…

They are no longer in the city. You are chasing a pair of ghosts. Think about where would they want to go.. The suits alerted at that comment, and one stepped outside, drawing his cell from his inside coat pocket. Meanwhile, Sniffy continued -- for sure they are looking for new ‘papers’ as they dare not use their MD ones. In Vegas or for that matter, anywhere in the states. We all know that there are plenty of ’erasers’ here about who would provide them for $500, or even on sale at 2 for $750. Do any of the regular ‘erasers’ you know about owe you any favors?

Clyde replied, with sincerity… Sniffy, you are sorely missed around here… The patrol chief was already on his feet heading down to his radio man with new orders when Clyde looked at Jim who was staring at his dad with evident admiration, he said.. Spread the word, as he pointed upstairs… Yes chief… I’m on the way… the suits glanced at each other, then at Sniffy as he raised his cup to take in the last dregs, and slowly ambled toward the coffee urn, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, on NV 582--

Buffy broke their long silence… Phil, see thaat big TruckStop over there? Phil nodded. Buffy continued.. Well, we are halfway home she started, but it’s one of my main memories. Please continue.. quipped Phil.. Buffy began -- that’s where I met Ken nearly 12 years ago now. I was working the fuel desk there. Ken came in, and I at first thought he was another big rig driver. Except he had his hat in his hand. Truckers virtually never do that when they come inside. He walked up to me, and asked if I could direct him to the repair shop manager‘s office. He was real cute, said Buffy, he smiled and thanked me and I watched as walked toward it.. Ten minutes later he came up to me and proudly exclaimed -- Well, I got a job he beamed.. Uhh.. Be seeing you around, er.. Hopefully as he gazed at my left hand. He then looked up and said with a smile, I’m Kenneth Burns, by the way. Sure, Kenneth, My name is Alexandria. He beamed his smile as I returned his and said, you know where I’ll be….
His first job was as a swamper and gofor in the big repair shop behind the main office. Long story short, we got married less than a year later, and a year later he was promoted to ‘grease monkey’ as he called it, she snickered. Two years later, he was promoted as one of the line mechanics. Five years ago he was named assistant shop manager, and two years later, shop manager. That’s when we bought our place. We had always been frugal, with our money and we finally had saved enough to do it. After that we got pregnant for the first time…Buffy‘s voice broke... we lost it… we don’t know why. AND, seven moths ago we got pregnant again, and here we are she smiled. Ken and I both decided that the constant diesel fumes we breathed each day could not possibly have helped, so I’ve been a stay at home mom to be for the past three months.. I kinda like it to be truthful. It’s peaceful and quiet, and I have been studying my butt off online to be a home school mom. …
She suddenly exclaimed… Phil, there’s a Walmart about a up mile on the right… Sorry, I know you guys are dead on your feet, but we have to stock up on food .. I’m low on too many things.. There are a couple of grocers in Searchlight, but they are rip offs.. The boonies are like that… Absolutely no prob, Buffy, He said as he glanced back and smiled… Danielle continued snoozing, but with a more peaceful face. Ken? He still had not moved a muscle that they noticed.

To be continued:

The previous part 12 is here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=114584

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