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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave… Part 12

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 4-Jan-2019 18:05:58

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave… Part 12

LOUIGI’S Pizza Shop Hiway 582, Las Vegas NV

While Buffy and Bree headed to the Thrift shop, Phil joyfully went behind the building, where he found the board fence concealing the trash dumpsters from sight. Glancing around, he opened and entered the gate. Then he closed it behind him. Within mere minutes, he transformed himself into the standard nerdy Phil. Cramming his leavings into the two bags, he slid back the metal access door of the smelliest dumpster, which was also, he observed, the favorite choice of a few flies.. He spotted a nearly empty gallon jug of thick tan liquid, which, was obviously the main dining room of the buzzing flies. When opened, it smelled absolutely putrid, He smiled broadly as he poured half of the liquid in the first bag with a mentally exclaimed … GOTCHA-- your turn.. He firmly folded and sealed the first bag with only it’s two flat wire folding ears, purposely omitting to fold it over and fasten the Velcro backed liquid seal, and tossed it in. He gleefully noted that as it settled, it began to ooze, and three flies thanked him as they orbited around it.…. Phil grinned impishly as he reached for the next bag. but at the last moment he withdrew the faux gold chain with astro medallion, placing it in his front trouser pocket.. he conceded to himself -- It’s not THAT bad … besides it will make a good addition to his memory table back home… He poured the last of the goo in the bag, smiling devilishly as he made sure it got the hairpiece, GOOD. He repeated the same sealing operation, tossed it in along with the now unsealed and empty jar, sans top, And slid closed the sliding access door. He retrieved the claim check from the inside 2x4 gate framing where he had wedged it on entering, placing it prominently in his shirt pocket. He then cracked the wooden concealment gate, and looking both ways exited and firmly latched the gate. He returned to his assigned station beside Louigis entrance. Realizing what he had just been through, he entered the shop, presenting the claim check.. Itsa no redi yet… the young Italian uttered 10 minis more he said. Phil nodded, and pointed to the restroom… shure, the clerk stated… Phil went in, washed and dried his hands, relieved himself, washed again, this time using the paper towel to operate the door handle. Temporarily holding the door with his foot, he wiped the outside door handle and tossed the towel back through into the trash can. Smiling at the clerk as he passed, he pointed outside. The clerk nodded as Phil went out to reclaim his duty station. He glanced at their ride. Ken had not moved a muscle.
You already know that the American Western Desert is huge, hot and dry and chock full of fantastic scenery in many discontinuous places. You know also that there are great expanses of miles and miles, consisting of nothing other than miles and miles. Most probably, you also realize that the modern descendants of the people(s) who originally occupied the vast American desert have, without benefit of a written language or even the ability to understand the speech of most other tribes…to this very day, relate essentially the identical tales. The American desert is a very strange, and to us ’mysterious’ place. Scientifically unexplainable events occur there quite often. There is no other place like it on the planet. So--don’t think modern Native Americans are relating pipe dreams and fantasies --- because they are not. Not at all. Phillip and Danielle Warren will, eventually, each raise both their hands high and readily testify to that.. With vigor..

Rocksense East, Silver Springs MD

George walked into #2’s office, as he sipped the last dregs from the Styrofoam cup of coffee he had picked up on his exit from the close by Marriott. He was feeling OK this morning, but his thoughts were preoccupied with Anu … I need a recharge, he said within himself.

Morning, chief, he said, as he crumpled the cup and dropped it into the trash can beside #2’s desk … No need to shred this, he quipped…

He immediately noticed that prominently centered on #2’s otherwise fresh desk pad was a baggie with the infamous leather fragment inside, along with a folded piece of paper in a separate baggie. As #2 looked up from scribbling on a small yellow sticky note pad he said, Good Morning George .. As he motioned to the chair in front of his desk.

George, he began… we have some new info. As you see, motioning to the baggie, this is the fragment from the forensic lab that we discussed last night with the chief technician. As we found last evening, the fragment has ..uhh… some very surprising characteristics.. Lets talk about that first.

After we left the lab, the tech was measuring the length of this piece precisely with the electronic nanometer. As he switched on the UV to calibrate the measurement, the fragment belched out ’fire’ as he termed it, from both ends simultaneously. The blinding flash essentially evaporated the sensor optics of his machine. As he was explaining to me --the sensors are tuned to a 100 GHz RF source modulated onto the UV ’carrier’ which is bounced off the target. The system must be totally shielded from ambient light, else the sensors go into overload and shut down.

Apparently, the bright flash was so intense that the sensors were totally burned up. He further said that the darkened room became as bright as noonday sun, for at least several seconds. This fragment .. #2 pointed at the baggie .. Was ‘nearly’ unchanged from his previous visual inspections, being not burned at all. The ends were also identical to his previous notes. However, the ‘spots’ he had mentioned at our visit had changed a bit… the area of silver oxide one was larger than his previous exam, and had not altered it’s shape, but the ’sulphur’ one had decreased in size, while altering it’s shape. It’s total area had curiously decreased by the identical percentage that the area of the other had grown. Also, the shape of the sulphur one had morphed into what appeared to him to be the beginning of a spiral….

George had never heard such tension in #2’s voice. It almost emitted fear.

#2 continued.. Well, enough of that. Anu contacted me last night. When I was beginning to relate the info on the fragment, he interrupted --- YOU have the missing link? I need it NOW.. Return it to me immediately, else… he paused.. Of course, Anu -- it’s on the way way… George will bring it to you tomorrow.

George, Anu was so irritated, that our conversation could not continue. #2 pointed at the baggie, while using his other hand to wave “bye-bye” to George. Make all haste, #2 said.
Oh… almost forgot… Anu has modified the rear cliff side “portal” entry to your office there.. It still works, but He said to make sure to remind him about it, before you use it…

George left RockSense immediately, making all haste to his own office out west.

The Thrift Shop Las Vegas, NV

Meanwhile our ‘girls’, who had been intently shopping in the thrift store, had just completed their checkout, when Bree, reaching for the bag the cashier offered her. Ohh… Can I please have the restroom key? The young cashier handed her the key, with an understanding, smiling face.

Bree unlocked the door, while Buffy whispered … I’m excited.. I finally get to see your Styrofoam baby bump! Bree laughed out loud as they entered.

As Bree removed her top, Buffy was flabbergasted…that baby bump is SO perfect. As she unpinned the veil girdle, she removed the two cash packets and handed them to Buffy, tossing the Styrofoam contraption on the floor. As Bree wiggled into her CK skinny jeans, Buffy considered in awe the ingenious abilities of her new best bud, as she handed the new pieces individually to Bree … the next piece being a long sleeved CK frosted plaid flannel shirt. Here.. This shirt still has the original tags! Buffy exclaimed in excitement… I am flabbergasted that this ENTIRE outfit was all banded together on the rack, AND in 2..your very size. It’s amazing. Even the boots were sitting right there beside the rack. Ohh… its so nice.. As she fingered the shirt Bree had just finished buttoning… I knew people were crazy rich around here…but donating an entire, nearly new $450+ CK outfit which you just bought for $95??. .. Unbelievable.. Bree finally finished by sitting on the “seat“ pulling up her new socks, then her CK “Glydia” knee high boots. Grinning widely, she slowly walked toward the mirror, pausing to twirl around as she looked at Buffy and said…Well?

Buffy gazed with open mouth as she said…Bree…, Oh Bree.. It’s absolutely perfect! And -- it comes with a built in height gain of a couple of inches as well. I’m jealous, she teased..

Danielle then picked up her small shoulder bag and momentarily peered into the mirror to check her black wig and and makeup, but she decided it was satisfactory.. Sort of.
Bree.. Exclaimed Buffy…Bree …Can I see your real hair? Bree dutifully removed her wig, exposing her auburn pixie cut, and giving a quick couple of passes with the brush, turned to face Buffy. OHH … Bree… as she touched her hair, eventually grasping both her shoulders and exclaiming… I just LOVE that shade.. And it looks so natural-- It is, said Bree, smiling as she directed Buffy to her eyebrows. Look at the roots, carefully. With one finger Buffy carefully raised a few hairs, opened her eyes widely, and exclaimed…
Bree…You’re .. So …Pretty…
A visibly embarrassed Bree turned, replaced her wig, and glancing in the mirror, tucked a few auburn hairs under…. Buffy said… It’s a real shame to have to cover THAT hair…

Buffy was holding the last treasure out to Bree. A medium sized real leather shoulder bag, which almost perfectly matched the shade of her boots. Actually it was a concealed carry purse. She opened the Velcro sealed center compartment, and saw that Buffy had already sealed the cash bags in side. Bree grinned at Buffy as she maneuvered her small shoulder bag into one side of the purse. As they gathering up the leavings, Bree reclaimed her safety pins, clipped them together and dropped them into her new purse, muttering ’ya never know’. Bree gazed once more into the mirror. Her sole accessory, the silver Aztec necklace only announced it’s presence slightly on either side of her neck. She then decided that her make up was…ehh .. OK. The rest of the leavings, including her hikers, socks and maternity outfit were diligently being collected by Buffy, and went into the plastic Thrift Shop bag… As Bree opened the door to leave, Buffy grabbed her arm and said…Wait outside for a minute… K? I’ll be right there…

Bree knowingly turned around and said… I’ll be right outside… and exited.

A chuckling Buffy said ‘hand me the bag of leavings and the key.. I’ll distract her while you exit on the rear of the register stand’ Bree nodded to her and roamed toward the front wall of the store assuming a slow, aimless shopping-like appearance, pausing occasionally to ‘finger‘ merchandise. Buffy walked up to the cashiers stand with a “Thank you so much” and began to offer small talk about the strange needs of pregnancy… The cashier, only about 20 years old, listened with interest until Buffy stopped talking after she saw Bree exit behind the cashier. Buffy then concluded the conversation with another Thank You and headed for the door.
Phil was at his TDY duty station, standing outside Louigi’s . As he glanced toward the thrift shop, he discovered Buffy, swinging a plastic bag talking to …. DANIELLE?

As they confronted his wide open, but totally silent mouth, Danielle did her million watt smile, threw her arms about his neck, and as they hugged she whispered in his ear… baby, I had a miscarriage... Bozo is gone… I’m so sorry… Phil forced her back slightly and as his eyes wandered up and down… he exclaimed… You’ve grown a couple of inches also, honey… As they embraced again, the clerk tapped on the shop window exclaiming… OK itsa redi… Bree said “you love birds wait here“… beckoning to the receipt in Phil’s shirt pocket.

In a minute more, the three were at their ride, popped the doors and Danielle and Buffy took their previous places, the large pizza box between them. As Buffy began to open the box.. Bree stopped her and said .. first things first… Phil had taken the thrift shop bag from Buffy as they walked from the shop, and was offering it to Danielle. She peered in the bag, and began sorting. .. She sorted the mess, placing her hikers and socks onto her floorboard. As she rooted more, she withdrew the Styrofoam baby bump, unwrapping the veil and placing it separately to the side. Then her maternity outfit, which she carefully folded and placed with the veil. She then gathered all small pieces of leavings
wrapped them in an unfolded pizza paper napkin, placing it in the pocket of the driver‘s seat back. After turning the bag upside down to make sure nothing was missed she offered the empty bag to Phil and said… Hold, please..

Reaching into the rear, she repeated the operation on the Bally’s bag, placing the steak knife and her pumps with the veil and maternity outfit. The two diaper bags full of poor Bozo’ chips went into a separate spot on the floor board. Finally, after emptying the Bally’s bag, she turned it inside out and placed the knife pile in. she took her pumps, hikers and socks which she placed in her zipper bag behind her seat. She looked at the observant Phil, and said…bag please… She dumped both the diaper bags full of pieces of Bozo, tags, wrappers and so-forth into the bag, carefully extracting everything that was not Styrofoam, and placing them into the napkin in the seat back… She placed Bozo in the plastic bag along with two now nearly empty Ethnos water bottles…she furtively glanced at Phil… Baby she said, could you do the honors? His last request was to be cremated, but failing that, a complete shredding would suffice.

Buffy exploded in uncontrollable laughter, ending with a kind of unladylike snort…

Oh, Yeah, Danielle requested, Would you please bring the bag back? We will wait.

Phil headed toward the pair of dumpsters behind Louigi’s where he ripped small chunks off of Bozo into the bag, and then divided the bag full of Styrofoam pieces among the two dumpsters, tossing a water bottle into each As he returned to the car, he handed Danielle the plastic bag. She placed the Bally’s bag and the knife, the veil and finally her maternity outfit inside… Be right back, she quipped as she walked to the Thrift Shop donation box. When she returned she was carrying her maternity outfit. Phil looked quizzically at her… She looked him straight in the eye with her double dimpled smile, and in her sexiest voice she said… well, baby, remember I told you.. “ya never know”.
Besides, 36 is not THAT old.

Phil chortled and hugged her, while Buffy laughed loudly, clapping her hands. Buffy then opened the pizza box, and removing a slice, held it under Ken’s nose as she whispered in his ear… “asshole”.

OK, Phil said, lets hit the road

Poor Ken had not moved a muscle as they resumed their journey to Henderson.
Another short trip back to Sniffy.

Sniffy, Four dog tired dick tracy’s and two suits had stopped to rest at a sort of park with several benches beside the last Poker club on East Freemont street. They had dragged 2 benches close together and were cussin’ and discussin’.

Jim and Clyde walked up holding 4 Ethnos half liter water bottles with the pressure of their fingers inside their tops. 4 tops were stuffed in a baggie, which Clyde had tucked in his belt. We found these in that trash can, he pointed at the can beside the gravel parking lot behind the Poker club. We are going to run them down town…

Hell, said a suit, those boys are going to be busy all night. We just sent a guy down there with two garbage bags full that we ID’ed location and collected from every can on Freemont east of Starbucks. Well, Clyde said to his dick tracies, as he headed for his ride, I guess -- keep looking.

To be continued:

The previous Part 11 is here:


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