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You ask why David Wilcock left GAIA TV

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:28

In Response To: Reader: "Gaia TV Admits Blond Haired Blue Eyed ETs Interfered negatively with Humanity’s Development" (hobie)

I don't mean to speak for David, but he has clearly let it be known that those in charge of GAIA TV worship Lucifer and freely admit it.

They also would not give him some of his material on Pete Peterson which I don't know the outcome of.

There are the Tall Whites and there are the Nordics which are two different ET groups. Not sure who the Great Whites are that you refer to.

The Giants are descendants of the Fallen Angels who mated with humans and created a race that cannibalized and terrorized until they were wiped out by Divine Intervention because the race was tainted. The bones and giant skulls are being dug up and absconded with as fast as possible so that people will not know the true history of this planet!

(this is obviously a short synopsis)


: The release of this video from Gaia TV is proof that
: Disclosure is about to happen. It would never have been
: allowed out if this were not true.

: This aligns with the Book of Enoch in many ways but deviates

: in others as discussed below which may also coincide with
: Wilcock’s departure from Gaia TV.

: Enoch makes it clear that Noah was the first White human born
: of Black parents and devotes an entire chapter to Noah’s
: Albinisms.

: This aligns with DNA Research showing a tiny tribe of Africans
: seeded the planet due to their having such a wide genome
: capable of giving birth to dark skin to light skin and all
: the shades in between applying to hair, skin and eyes. No
: other group possesses such a wide genome. Link

: Enoch, using cows as allegory, tells us how the Black cow
: visited the stalls of all the other colored cows PRIOR to
: the Fallen Angel’s interference and everyone got along
: swimmingly.

: Enoch tells us that after the Fallen Angels came down and
: mated with the cows they began to bite each other and
: separate and stopped getting along with each other.

: Enoch also tells us that these Fallen Angels received a
: judgment and can NEVER ascend, while humans can.

: But Enoch makes it clear that the Son of Man and his armies
: return in relatively secret form to force the leaders and
: elite of this world to end this reality while the Son of
: Man and his armies also remove the Giants buried in
: Antarctica (Enoch gives a perfect description of Antarctica
: as the burial place of the Giants) and those who refuse to
: change are removed from the planet and ushered to a
: different location (Mars, Moon).

: Enoch also tells us of the Great Whites who cooperate with the
: Son of Man in ending this reality but it is not clear if
: the Great Whites refers to the fallen ETs or those White
: Humans who wake up and grow horns of boldness after
: realizing how they’ve been interfered with and fight with
: the Son of Man to end the current setup.

: But, Gaia TV is saying that the renegade ETs have returned to
: fix the mess they started and clean things up to help man’s
: evolution towards ascension and to help their own
: evolution.

: If Enoch says they received a judgment that prevents them from
: ascending how could this help their evolution?

: Is Enoch lying or is GAIA TV Lying?


: Either way, clearly the issue of White Supremacy and it’s
: cohort Chosen People Myth is now being dealt with from a
: Cosmic perspective and it will force EVERYONE to make a
: choice as to what they want to accept and believe.

: The release of this information also portends the sudden and
: chaotic collapse of this reality spoken of by Enoch. This
: may be why China is using forced re-education camps. ALL
: religions will go away.

: The more things revealed to the public, the more embarrassing
: and shameful it will become for the White Supremacists and
: Chosen People adherents. Already the absurdity of using
: symbols and words that have nothing to do with color and
: originated in a land of Brown people makes those using the
: swastika and the word Aryan to promote Whiteness appear
: incredibly ignorant. And the influx of Tibetan immigrants
: who revere the Swastika as a spiritual symbol is making the
: ignorance more glaring. Link

: If Former White Supremacists seek forgiveness, give it freely
: and quickly. Be kind to them. They are victims of mass mind
: programming for a long time. Not all of them love to hate.
: Some are afraid to stand alone outside a group and for fear
: they got sucked in with the majority.

: Those who hold on to White Supremacists views in any way will
: find it increasingly difficult and their sanity and health
: will suffer moving forward towards the Golden Age of Peace.

: DNA is code. The new information will stress their bodies
: severely and cause disease if they don't let errant belief
: systems go.

: White Supremacy and the Chosen People Myth were created by the
: same source.

: HUMANS which is why Enoch spent so much time telling us
: from whom and how they originated.

: They trick Whites and Khazarian Whites into attachment to
: materialism and superiority WHICH PREVENTS ASCENSION.
: They trick all other groups into pain, suffering, hate and
: anger which also prevents ascension.
: It’s all about ASCENSION. They can’t and they want to make
: sure all humans can’t. This is a once in a cycle chance to
: Ascend in the flesh because we are at the end of an epoch.

: They were told to shut down this reality in 2012 but chose to
: release the information negatively in 2014 calling it an
: Alien Ultimatum with Pope Francis following up with the
: comment that Jesus (not a real person but composite profile
: of many personalities) was an Alien.

: They know the jig is up. They’re trying to get off planet
: before the masses wake up because they can’t stand the
: shame and guilt and they want to trick as many as possible
: into going with them rather than remaining on earth and
: becoming peaceful.

: Here’s the GAIA TV video : This Will Leave You
: Speechless...They're Back on Earth!
: Link

: Excellent Article on Schumann Resonance and how it is
: connected to human consciousness. – key takeaway =
: “meditation keeps our coupling with the Schumann resonance
: or the fluctuating frequency of the earth.” i.e., as the
: frequency rises and rises, meditation keeps us from losing
: it.

: What Is Schumann Resonance and How It Is Connected to Human
: Consciousness

: Link

: Here’s another video of importance.

: Why is the history of Jacob and Esau so Important? (Video)
: Link

: Remember: be KIND and UNDERSTANDING to those who previously
: dwelled in racists views. Give them the space to change if
: they seek our forgiveness. We’ve all suffered from the
: programming no matter what color your skin may be. ALL of
: US. No one is exempt. There are Blacks who hate Whites and
: there are Blacks who wish they could be White; they are
: both suffering from White Supremacy and this goes on
: through all the groups in various ways.

: Some Whites will become very angry because this also aligns
: with much of what Farrakhan has to say in the story of
: Yakub. But to those I would ask: Given the treachery of the
: Fallen Angels, why should the White group of humans be
: exempted from their wickedness? Doesn’t it make sense that
: the Fallen Angels would do something so dastardly to hurt
: White humans? White Supremacy victimized White humans by
: making them so attached to materialism and superiority that
: they will have extreme difficulty preparing their spirits
: for Ascension. It will take an enormous amount of love and
: support to get over it.

: We must all forgive ourselves and each other and change.

: We are preparing to enter the Golden Age of Peace.

: Be Blessed by the Divine.

: ************************************************************

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Reader: "Gaia TV Admits Blond Haired Blue Eyed ETs Interfered negatively with Humanity’s Development"
hobie -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:28
You ask why David Wilcock left GAIA TV
jensingr -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:28

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