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Lucifer's Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 19

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:51:57

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave -- Part 19


Sniffy, 4 suits and Clyde, the present CofD sat at a back table in the break room. Clyde looked at Sniffy and said Yep Sniffy, right you are as always… They are ghosts…They have vanished. They may be in Acapulco drinking Pina Coladas for all we know. With all the crap we threw at them there is no way short of them having some pre-planned help that they could have dodged us. No way a couple of strangers can exist incognito in this town for 3 days without food and lodging, while dodging cameras. Even the homeless folks living in the drains are tired of seeing us, not to mention the rescue missions. We have even mailed BOLO pics with instructions to the home addresses of all hotel registered guests, offering $1000 for info, in case they hitched rides with them…. All responses if any, may yet take a couple days, though.. I’m out of ideas… anyone?

Bob, one of the suits spoke up… We have continually pinged tor their cells since they were lost at Bally’s 3 days ago, for the entire area from Indian springs in the North to Henderson, Boulder City and down to and through Searchlight as far as 75 miles into CA.. Likewise the Northern half of AZ.. Crickets… Our bosses have a full CONUS ping going via Satellite.. Also Crickets. If they still have their cells, it’s only for it’s phonebook data. Speaking of that we also have all their known associates in MD monitored continuously. Personally, I think the ping search is useless by now.. They are way too smart for that. He glanced at the lead suit… he concurred.

Smitty finally spoke up. His temper is about to show… He looked straight at the lead suit, and began… you Sherlocks have built your own damned gallows with this pair. They are your graduates. You will not give us a damned clue to help, because you are so damned tight assed with your security. When I posed the obvious to you last meeting “where are they wanting to go“ You two suits sitting right there jumped up with cells and rushed outside. Share with us? Oh hell no… you just tried to be comedians… Well, screw you… I’m done helping UNLESS you share RIGHT NOW the E&E courses they have had... He angrily jumped up to get another cup of coffee. Three suits looked at the lead suit, Clyde was grinning.
The lead suit drew his cell and walked outside. He was back in 2 minutes. He looked at Sniffy and Clyde… and said OK I can give you some pieces, but obviously not all… will that do? Sniffy swallowed a sip of coffee and ventured Maybe… I’ll let you know…Speak.

Phillip Warren has lots of psych training, er mental jujitsu. but he recently dropped out of continuing. He is however, though one would not ever expect it, positively deadly in physical hand to hand, Both bare hand and blades. Twelfth best all time in agency scores. His smiley face and calm demeanor conceal it well. He’s good, believe me. In addition, he is expert in small arms. Danielle is a full shrink. She can win an argument before you even realizing that you are arguing. Maybe her attractiveness is her secret.. Anyway, shes a quick draw artist with her mind. Also in small arms, not expert but plenty good enough to take care of herself. Both of them have had all the standard stuff in E&E pursuit and evasion from disguises and voice inflections which elicit sympathy from others, situational awareness, grey man stuff, hotwiring cars, etc… all the standard stuff like emergency food and water, computers, visual distractions and attractions, and the like. I can give you one more piece. Warren dropped because four years ago he became a jeezis freak. Danielle divorced him over it, and he has been anathema to her for the past 4 years until 4 days ago. Bingo, 180 degrees…Now she is totally back with him, more than ever… We got that from the LAS concourse video and audio from the concession.. They are now thicker even than at their beginning, and they were love sick puppies back then. You figure that one out and maybe we can get somewhere.

So, said Sniffy.. WHERE do they want to go? The Desert, Sniffy.. That’s all you get.
The desert?.. oh that really narrows it down don’t it…to a million square miles or so…

Can you at least tell me WHY? The suit shook his head…no…

The head suit and another left the meeting. As they walked to their car, the head suit asked…so how are things going in Pahrump? Well, Chief the two we have there have finished going over her room at the Holiday, and bagged it all up… forensics is digging through it now… Don’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary yet, except for a spilled glass of wine on the carpet. No sign of struggle. She left in a hurry though. Clothes scattered. We are still looking. Uh, Chuck.. Up stairs just told me… She left for a meeting.. don’t be distracted by thoughts of foul play. She just was in a hurry for some reason… Any news on her new hubby, Bill? No sir… He’s disappeared like they did…

Oh Well I will check upstairs tomorrow, maybe they have a clue on him…I’ll let you know.
Homer smiled broadly as he opened his door, and waved at the SUV, since he knew Alex and Ken well, and had for several years. They all exited the car, and as Alex was about to start the intros… Homer exclaimed -- Phillip Warren and Danielle Meacham. I was hoping you would show up here… Well, you can well imagine the shock on all their faces, so I wont try to describe it, as I couldn’t possibly do it proper justice.. A smiling Homer shook their now limp hands, Hugged Alex, and pointed to his “church” -- a wooden gazebo with a wooden table with attached benches on each side .. Please have a seat, and I will be right back . As a severely stunned foursome walked to the gazebo and sat, staring in bewilderment at each other. Homer walked inside his trailer, and reappeared shortly, carrying a three ring binder and in his left hand, a large manila envelope. As he walked up, and sat, he slid the envelope across the table. Bree and Buffy were in the center of the group, the guys at either end, seated beside their mates.
Buffy opened the envelope and withdrew the 6 photos and the page of BOLO text that Sniffy had brought yesterday. All four glanced alternately between the photos and Homer. When their gazes stopped alternating, and rested on Homer. Homer spoke. Well, you have absorbed their story, pointing at the page of text, and now I am very interested in your side. He looked at Buffy, then Ken. And simpy stated … I would like to start with Alexandria, and then Ken.

Buffy began.. We had gone to the city, yesterday, for R&R. We went to Ken’s favorite Poker club. Ken got carried away at drinking… which as you know, is rare ..very rare.
Homer nodded I have only seen it once in two years… Well, she continued.. Ken decided he wanted to go home. He was too drunk to driva, and as you know, I am helpless in bright sunlight without my glasses. So I confiscated the car keys. She continued from the point where Ken broke her purse straps, through the details up to the point of stropping for pizza… in infinite detail…. Homer stopped her by holding up his hand, then looked at Danielle. Can I now hear your side?
Danielle did Buffy one better, She began with MD, starting with the change, 4 years ago, going through the evil she now recognized with her and Phil‘s ‘employer’ and continued with Rocksense west, and LAS where the “spell” had been broken, to the point where he had stopped Alex. As Homer nodded, she held up her hand, and said please… listen yet.

She withdrew her necklace, laying it on the table. She continued… Homer, there is much evil in the desert there around Pahrump. I could never live in peace anywhere until I stop it. I’m not talking about shady deals, nor flesh things… She looked him straight in the eyes and said… I am talking about EVIL, SATANIC EVIL… her eyes glanced down at the Amulet… This thing holds the key to it’s destruction.. What the key is, I truly do not know… yet.. But I know I will when it’s time. Phil and I need to go to Pahrump… Tears formed in her eyes. Homer collected the BOLO pieces and slid them back inside the manila envelope.. He opened the 3 ring binder as he said to Danielle,,
Well… I only have one further question… What names and data would you prefer on your new Nevada licenses?
32 miles east of Pahrump, NV

Doubt was conferring with Anu in Anu’s lair. Anu, Doubt said, tell me some more details about the plan you are developing to deceive the remnant…

Well, Doubt.. First we must not be so naïve to think ordinary deception will work on them as easily as it does with the common church indoctrinated ‘Christians’ Lucifer himself so said. No lights and mirrors will fool them for a minute. Remember, they have Wisdom, we do not… therefore our weapon must be guile, tempered with knowlwdge. We must use properly our superior Knowledge. Now, their greatest strength is in the fact that they are not all in a ’church’ somewhere. Few are in any of our churches. Thus we cannot have our servants round them up, because, as Lucifer said they are scattered throughout the planet like poisonous weeds. The essence of the plan is that we attract them from afar to a ‘corral’. Then we can eliminate them all. Their main weakness is their compassion they exhibit to others. That’s a big weakness when you think about it, They have great sympathy to others, whether they be Christian or not. Look, kets suppose we attract great numbers of church Christians with our light and mirror rapture show. Di o you not know that they will rush to retrieve them from our corral with Wisdon? Anu, said Doubt, surely that will work… and once we have them gathered in one place, we can destroy them all. They are, after all, simply flesh.
Homer’s place
We are about to understand why Homer Atkins, the eraser. Was widely acclaimed as the best in the business around Las Vegas

He began…
You surely have the liberty to select any name you choose. And any SS number as well… However, when the number is run for an official check, will the name and number match with state data? Obviously not… you are headed for trouble, right?
They nodded. Is there a solution, he asked? Answering his own question, he shook his head yes. He continued... The answer is that one can use the official State and federal records to match names and numbers that shake hands,
As I am sure you are aware, Clark County Nevada is one of the most crooked areas in CONUS. It ws until recently the residence of one of the most evil Senators in US annals, one named Harry Reid. Good old Harry is not only the Godfather of the Clark county mafia, he also runs the Democrat machine here. Now, as you know, the Democrats are notorious for soliciting votes from dead folks. So, if someone could correlate the Democratic records here with say official records of Funeral home death notices, one could find some interesting things, dontcha think? Now we know that the FEDs have passed laws for funeral homes under threat of license revocation, that dead folks SS numbers have to be reported to them within 48 hours… But, realize where we live… Harry Reid’s mafia , right? One can also, with the right methods, ‘ping’ individual SS numbers at SSA itself, legally through some ‘friendly’ estate attorneys to verify birth and death dates.. Long story short, said Homer… Please allow me to select name and SS numbers for you. The rest, such as hair and eye color, birth date height, etc are also your choice, but I would suggest you use the same as on your current license. Lets discuss the home address later.

So, want me to pick? All exclaimed YES, please. At that, homer opened his notebook. Years ago, I recorded and checked out a list of names, L never got to use them all. Hopefully, this will be the last use of this record… he paused, but… he looked at them ‘ya never know’ … Bree, Buffy and Phil broke into wide grins. He returned to his ledger. Here’s a married couple. He died in 1999, she in 2011. At last check Harry Reid’s mafia was still cashing her SS checks, and both were registered voters in Clark county. Democrat, of course. They shook their heads.

Danielle, your new first name is Phoebe. I will list your first and middle names as Phoebe Danielle.. Is that satisfactory? Yes, of course, she said.
You, Phillip, are now Horace Phillip, OK? Sure, said Phil…
And of course, both of you.. your last name is… better write this down… and practice.. Ready? Yes they smiled.. Mergenhagen… M-- E-- R-- G-- E-- N==H--A--G--E--N .. Got it? Uhh yes, they said… Homer continued… sounds German… I know hagen means house in German… I sure hope mergen does not mean … uhh .. never mind. They laughed.

Now, about your home address… They are more than welcome to use ours, Alex and Ken exclaimed, almost simultaneously. Homer said… Dear ones, I can under stand completely how much you four care for each other… But, neither Evil nor the FEDs care one whit about love or compassion. Let me suggest… Buy a mailbox and place it at the head of sandy lane. Put the number 4 on it. Let that be the mailing address, not yours…

Perhaps, if there is time before they have to leave, The Wilks will even sell them a spread…
OK? …. All gave Homer a big group hug.
Homer said.. They should be ready by tomorrow morning…
Homer, said Bree.. I never got into God, much.. Phil is, though.. I sure look forward to your Study tomorrow…

Homer just grinned, see ya all tomorrow… After the four had driven away, Homer pulled his shovel from under his trailer, and walked to his garden to dig some holes,,,

To be continued:

Part 18 is here:

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