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Lucifer's Semi Final Conclave... Part 14

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:19

Lucifer’s Final Conclave, Part 14

Lucifer re-materialized and the attendees rushed to their former stations.

He did not resume his seat on the raised seat of Majesty, however. Instead, he stood at it’s base, and looked toward prince Doubt. This meeting is in recess until further notice… be close at hand, however. The other attendees watched with faces filled with a curiosity, as Lucifer uttered

“Doubt, come with me”…

As Doubt dutifully obeyed and proceeded toward Lucifer, they suddenly vanished within a flash of blue luminance…..

Walmart parking lot, between Henderson and Boulder City, NV

Danielle opened her eyes as Phil began alternating between weaving through the lot, and sudden, jerky stops as he braked for people with their carts. Phil eventually found one of the few remaining spots near the edge of the crowded lot, and cut the engine with a sigh.

Sorry, guys, Buffy said .. It is after all, a Friday evening… Payday in the boonies..

As Phil opened Danielle’s door, she was just finishing a sip of water. She wiped her eye lids with a napkin, and extended her hand and with a beautiful smile said, Where ya been, handsome? Phil, greatly relieved at the apparent demise of Bree’s obvious bout with worry, and anxiety, kissed her hand and uttered -- I’ve been waiting for your return, honey.. Welcome back. Buffy snickered at their expressions --- Not now, guys--- lets go shopping,.. Bree looked at Buffy… Yes indeed…our favorite past time, right?

Buffy glanced once more at Ken… wonder of wonders, she mused: Ken had actually turned his head away from the pillow and was now facing toward the drivers seat, but still well absent from reality, eyes closed. She leaned over, gently planting a kiss on his cheek as she again softly whispered in his ear …“asshole”..

They began the long trek to the store entrance, laughing and chatting among themselves.

Our girls each retrieved a cart on the way, and Bree, looking at Phil, pointing to another one in the next lane over --- with her characteristic double dimpled smile -- you too, handsome.. Phil did his duty and shortly rejoined them following the smiling and chatty ladies. Buffy commented to Bree.. Wow, is this place ever -- PACKED,…

Lucifer and Doubt entered Lucifer’s den of destiny. This is such an honor, Doubt thought. He had been here very few times, indeed. Doubt glanced up to the slowly rotating model of planet earth on its journey of destiny. The diameter of it’s orbit in mid air had decreased noticeably since his last visit, he thought, and the model had also noticeably increased its speed as the diameter of the radius had shortened … That’s not really unusual he mused… that’s what spirals do… The initial spot from which the model had begun it‘s journey was duly marked by a crude ‘X ’ deeply engraved in the otherwise smooth ceiling dome directly above Lucifers’ Majestic throne. In it’s journey the model had left a clear trail which had indelibly recorded it’s spiral wake. Various small pieces of flotsam and jetsam had a left clear record of it’s previous positions, since ..then? With random pinpoints and occasionally, in longer streaks at places, the trail of residue glowed brightly with various colors. Some few particularly large pieces were glowing so brightly that he couldn’t look directly at them. But, the vast majority of the residue had no radiance at all … these particles were only visible because of the light of the glowing pieces. Together, the glowing bits illuminated the room. Doubt noticed that the entire room was much brighter since his last visit here. Doubt properly judged it, because that singular, intensely bright piece he could not look at at all.. the brightest of all it’s fellows, had not yet been present in the record.

Looking at Doubt, Lucifer spoke. I detest that ‘X’ he said, but it was there when the Imposter gave this room to me… It’s crude appearance and roughness certainly mars the beauty of the rest of this room….

Doubt, he continued… as you can easily determine by glancing up at the trail, there is little space for more orbits left, and then the spiral will be complete. Then naturally, the invisible ’connection’ to it’s anchor point at the center of dome will force the model to briefly swing back and forth like a pendulum.. We both have read the rumors the Imposter left, about what he supposedly ‘ordained’ concerning the time the spiral‘s path has completed it’s record. When I last called the temporary pause in our conclave, I rushed in here. He pointed to the model… See that abrupt discontinuity there in it‘s otherwise contiguous path? The earth model had made an abrupt jump inward.

And,,, Sir? Doubt queried. Lucifer continued… Eons ago, even before I rescued you from the others, I had so desired to carnally partake of the new humans, who all expressed such great enjoyment in their such endeavors. The Imposter expressly DENIED me the pleasure…. ME… can you imagine? ?ME? .. He exclaimed with a scowl…But, he finally continued, There was one of us, though, a smaller one, who He was quite fond of---- as this spirit was always bright and cheerful, much more so than the rest. I naturally then devised a way to possess that spirit for myself. Knowing that this particular spirit was particularly fond of silver, I fashioned a triangular bauble of silver to entice the spirit away from the Impostor. I was discovered in my attempt, however, …BY… That..!Cursed… Lucifer scowled momentarily in deep thought… and then he continued…

…The Imposter took the triangle, and defaced it by engraving a crude open partial spiral on one side. He then removed a thin strip from the border of his robe, and measuring the length of a cubit and two hands breadth. He turned the bauble over, pinched a portion and placing a hole in the pinched portion, he inserted the strip, then purposely measuring it, he knotted the two free ends.

He then handed it back to me, and pointed to this very room. He then spoke only one Word… GO..

When I first entered here, there was only this Magnificent throne at the far edge of the room, facing me as I entered, there -- he pointed to the wall opposite the throne -- to the now smooth wall, which now showed no traces of any doorway. There was a perfect likeness of earth directly overhead of the throne. It all was truly most beautiful.

Shortly, however, the Imposter entered. He spoke… Lucifer, the length of the strip attached to your bauble represents the sure prediction of the length of your allotted existence. The earth model above the throne will soon begin slowly rotating while simultaneously moving laterally, invisibly anchoring its lateral journey to the center of this room. It’s spiral path movement shall also inscribe for you a cumulative record for review at any time.

You and this throne shall be allotted to possess the earth at your will, even continuously if you desire. You shall also be received by me in my dwelling, but from this moment forward, your total allotted time in my presence is precisely accounted.

From this moment forward you shall have a total and cumulative allowance in my presence of 7 times 70 earth rotations. Use them wisely. Likewise, he said, I will also have the same allotment of time on the earth, 7 times 70 earth rotations. We shall, however, each have unlimited time on the earth via our flesh representatives. With that, He spoke to the earth model, He then departed. As He exited, the former doorway became the smooth wall you now see.

In time, as the earth slowly moved radially from it’s overhead position, I first noticed that damnable crude blotch in this magnificent room, that ‘X’, became clearly visible.

Doubt looked at his Master… Sir, do you believe the spirits you mentioned -- the smaller one, and the one which discovered you to the Imposter, have incarnated? Yes indeed I know.. The smaller one now exists in flesh as Bridghid, the other as her consort.

Fortunately, Anu has located and is in the process of eliminating her Consort as we speak.. Brighid, unfortunately, is still being protected by the power of the bauble, he pointed to the clear case beside his throne, which was now empty. YOUR servant, Anu foolishly removed it. That, Doubt, is why we must continue our discussion about Anu’s appointment to the room of deception.

Walmart, Henderson, NV

Our shoppers entered the store. Bree had exclaimed to Buffy on the way in how grateful she was to be able to get some shampoo, a charcoal bar, another toothbrush to replace the one that she had worn the bristles down to a nub, and the many other girly things, needed …because…well, because.

She and Phil both had essentially zilch. She had of course abandoned her luggage at the hotel in Pahrump. Besides, it’s sparse contents would have been exhausted by now, anyway…and her robe, she mused… how could I exist with out a robe? Especially at an unfamiliar house.

I also have to shop for Phil…He surely has little in that single carryon. Men never come home without forgetting essential stuff, anyway.

Buffy headed for the grocery section with a ‘seeya soon’ . Bree turned to Phil and with a ‘hang on to that cart, babe’, she headed in a different direction. Phil at first started to follow her, then stopped and headed to Electronics.

He selected 4 ’burner’ phones and 4 $25 airtime cards. He went to the Cell desk, paid for them, and as he waited for the airtime to be loaded, glanced around. The nearby sports equipment area caught his eye, and as the clerk handed him the stapled bag he claimed the receipt and left..

Just as he exited electronics he heard a familiar voice saying “Babe, .. oh, babe’ He turned to face a smiling Danielle, struggling to push an overloaded cart… He looked with surprise at the cart, which was piled with so much stuff that it could not possibly hold anything else.. She winked at him as she said ‘time to swap carts, babe‘…
Seeya up front in a few… I gotta go shopping a bit more. Oh, and be careful about rooting around too much in it, because if you move much stuff around, you will never get it back in, and carts are as scarce as hen’s teeth around here. Thus ended Phil’s foray into the sporting goods area.

His eyes admiringly followed Danielle as she left, and about 25 feet away she looked back over her shoulder with a wink and a smile, and shaking a finger at him said… Caught ya…

Phil blushed momentarily, being caught firmly by surprise. He shook his head and began negotiating his way toward the checkouts with the certain realization that this damned cart has a bad wheel bearing for sure….

As he waited, Buffy was the first to appear, struggling with an overloaded cart completely full of food. As she approached him she queried, where’s Bree? Phil shrugged and for emphasis extended both arms and turned his palms upward… Buffy chuckled her familiar chuckle --- well, I’ll go on thru while you wait. As she turned to get in line, Phil pressed 4 folded together Benjamins into her hand. Buffy started shaking her head “no”! He looked seriously in her face and said--- we’re friends… Right? She said of course, much more than just that actually…a LOT more. Well, dear one, friends always do their part, don’t they? She nodded… Well, Buffy, this is only Danielle and I’s part. It’s fair. Buffy took the money. Phil went to an adjacent line and began to check out… Shortly he noticed Danielle turning into yet another checkout line. She smiled demurely and shook her finger at him again. He blushed, grinned a bit, then simply shrugged…

Lucifer continued speaking with prince Doubt --- Do you feel certain that Anu can complete the tasks in the room of Deception WITHOUT more error?

He has already lost the bauble and a portion of it’s lanyard. As I previously told you.. Somehow in his lust to seduce Danielle Meacham, he failed and she now has the bauble in her possession… Highness,,, A portion of the LANYARD? Yes, Lucifer said… It is clearly indicated by that discontinuity I pointed out in the record. HHHoow much was lost, Sir, Doubt stuttered. We are not really sure.. mere moments ago Anu informed me that it has been relocated, and that shortly #13 will be soon arriving to deliver it to him. #2 had tried to determine it‘s length, but his machine was destroyed in the process… Fortunately the portion does not appear to be damaged. However, our friends, Anu was told… are still contemplating a method to reattach thr fragment and restore the lanyard. It’s our current quandary.

Now about Anu, again. What’s your evaluation? Remember --- Deception is very important, Doubt… As you firmly stated when were presenting the plan in the Conclave, Deception is indeed our only sure weapon against that accursed remnant.

I will carefully consider Anu’s resume again Sir… Though he has for Eons been extremely successful. He has for millennia, successfully used many of his personas to convince billions of humans that he is god. He has also convinced many other humans to sacrifice the best of their own fellow humans in order to satisfy the human flesh and blood urges of the group headed by Amok.

Why, even after the Imposter appeared, and particularly within the past 1700 years he has convinced well over 4 billion humans to build and revere stone statues of both men and women, along with the relics and various fables. With craftiness he eventually convinced their leaders over time that they were truly god’s representatives on earth.… he had them build the greatest and richest organization in the world today with his lavish distribution of wealth to them. Even their supreme leader of that large group has been deceived by Anu to believe that he is god’s true and only spokesman throughout earth… Anu, with his strange sense of humor has even appointed their chief to wear a special tall hat which is formed precisely to emulate the open mouth fish god Dagon, complete with eyes, one of Anu’s earlier personas.

That original church has, in the past 400 earth years, also given birth to a great, great number of other churches, some of which do not necessarily revere idols, relics and statues, but, Master, ALL of them bow to you deeply, perhaps not knowingly, but in great reverence to the lavish wealth that Anu and his very capable assistants provide them, especially their priests..,,

DOUBT-- screamed Lucifer impatiently,,, Doubt, You STILL do not comprehend… Those deceived sheep are ALREADY mine. They are NOT our target. In fact they are among our greatest allies. They are continually trained extensively by their priests to shun with anger and hatred anyone of the remnant whose eyes see through Anu‘s deception, and thus do not share their denominational fantasies.

Doubt, recall that the arrogant Imposter Has decreed that his remnant ones, … ALL 144000 of them would NEVER deny him, nor his Word… Notice that word, carefully… ALL..

Listen, Doubt… and hear me well. Our ONLY chance as the spiral shortly become a swinging pendulum is to prove the imposter a liar. For that, we only need to deceive ONE of his 144000 Elect… merely ONE. … Look, the Imposter has also boasted with upraised hands, in front of many witnesses that NOT EVEN ONE WORD OF HIS WILL EVER FAIL..
Hence, prince Doubt, when we succeed in merely deceiving a single ONE of that accursed remnant of 144000, we have won… and the Imposter will then be exposed as a liar in front of many witnesses. His power will be gone in an instant, for his WORD is his Power…. And it would have failed…

Go now Doubt, consider carefully your choice for chief of the room, for if your choice fails, we do also. GO…

Walmart, Henderson NV

The three struggled as they pushed three loaded carts with bagged goodies piled high, each cart with bad wheel bearings across the parking lot, carefully trying to avoid the occasional pothole. Buffy had taken the pole position, as it were, and had eventually gained the lead by some 10 feet. As they entered the final lap toward their ride, Buffy stopped abruptly and stared, transfixed toward the direction of their car, and motioned to Phil and Bree. The three gazed in surprise as Buffy pointed to Ken, who was sitting on the edge of the passenger seat, his feet on tiptoes resting on the pavement, his elbows on his knees, both his hands on his fore head, his open mouth expelling the contents of his stomach between his widely spread feet.

Bree said apologetically to Phil could you please pop the doors? Phil complied as He and Bree continued to the rear hatch of the SUV and began unloading. Buffy followed them with her cart, and Bree gave her a big hug, as they waited for Ken to finish.

Serves him right, Buffy said… Buffy distributed the contents of one of the many shopping bags among it’s fellows. and placed a new roll of paper towels in the empty bag. After Ken had been quiet for a while, she walked to the passenger side, watching carefully where she stepped. She opened the rear door, grabbed her water bottle, and dropped it into the bag. Slowly she carefully navigated to a point directly in front of a still suffering Ken, who was sitting face down, both hands on forehead. She advanced just close enough to reach his outstretched hand, should he offer it.. She then stood, hands on hips, slowly tapping her right foot, waiting for Ken to show his face. Ken slowly raised his face toward the sound of the tapping noise and immediately recognized Alexandria’s flats. He then slowly looked up to meet her gaze, and said… Alex, im an … uh … asshole .., red faced and occasionally coughing.

The entire threesome, including a formerly stern faced Buffy cracked up laughing.
Phil and Bree finally stifled as Buffy said… I see you got the message.., Ken’s face strangely contorted as he queried ’what message’? The laughter resumed, then slowed to a snicker as Phil and Bree resumed their unloading.

Buffy held out the bag, and beckoned to Ken with one finger… Well, buster, step CAREFULLY over here, we need to talk. Ken supported himself on the now open rear door and complied., trying to pat his wife’s shoulder in his apology.. Buffy stepped back a pace and said .. No, you don’t, Ken -- I’m still deciding on how long it will be before you touch me again. .. Ken muttered in dazed confusion at his wife.. Alex? I’m so sorry.. Buffy looked compassionately at her red faced and obviously hurting Ken, and instantly felt she was just about to forfeit her temporarily superior mental edge…

Buffy barely snapped out of it, and holding out the bag as she motioned to the sand on the edge of the parking lot.. Take this over there, clean yourself up. Then take the used towels over to that can. While you are there, remove and clean your shoes, place them in the bag… tying it securely… We will drive over to pick you up --- and then--- MAYBE --- we can resume a discussion about touching… Ok, Alex, as he walked toward the edge of the pavement… he glanced back at her … she was sternly glaring him, both hands on her hips…
She helped Phil and Bree finish stuffing their goodies in the rear, and then they all silently, but with smirks, high-fived, and took their respective seats in the car to watch Ken clean his shoes.

To be continued:

The previous part 13 is here:

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