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Reader S: "...told you, lovingly & friendly, not to open your mouth too early"

Posted By: Lion
Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41

In Response To: C-19 - New 'Confirmed' Cases Popping Up - State Sponsored Terrorism Continues On (Lion)


Thanks, S


Re: C-19 - New 'Confirmed' Cases Popping Up - ....

Hi, dear Lion, my brother,

told you, lovingly & friendly, not to open your mouth too early.

Look: a high message, that the Great Plan uses CV as a means - pretty clever!


It is I, Sophia. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are many things to be said.

I am here now to say them to you.

You must transcribe exactly as heard.

This time now is one of great and immediate alteration to your ways of life.

All of your common life actions have been interrupted.

Realize now that these results are occurring on earth now and disrupting daily conditions in your modern world as a protective and productive act.

This is an overly cautious action.

This is a deliberate controlling move.

The “guard” is being removed.

It comes down right now.

You are living through this take down and, although you will not witness actual identifiable arrests and trials – you can consider these removals and quarantines and disappearances as evidence for these actions taken.

It all happens now.

Everything changes now.

Those who control the workings and wealth on earth have been thwarted in their efforts, while in the midst of their last play, or one of their last plays.

They are no longer on the “winning” side of this – they cannot hide.

I speak here of earth controllers.

Those human, (in some cases not completely human), entities who have held the strings here.

The real and non-human controllers either left or were removed some time ago.

The plan continued without their direct intervention, as orders for the plan were always in place, and plans for any contingency were a part of those orders.

This was going to happen here, regardless.

Outside intervention to take care of this problem for humanity was not chosen.

It was not chosen by humanity.

Humanity chose to free themselves.

This makes for evolution and learning to settle in your very cells and be carried forth into future generations.

It was and is an evolved choice, albeit the more lengthy and challenging one.

What it says to the Universe is that you are completely sovereign.

A people who have themselves earned the respect and authority of conscious warriors and masters of development.

Man is the shining star in evolution.

He will be a beacon to every evolved species, and to all developing races.

Man has proven that against every obstacle and shackle, the will and fortitude necessary to stand independent and free, rose above.

You walk through these days now and immediately ahead, knowing you can hold your head high and proud of your fellow man.

This is your crowning achievement.

You’ve taken back your planet.

It will be some time before you establish a functioning society.

All of this by your own design.

Now, although you look to your leaders for decisive action to eradicate a common enemy, you must yourselves build your world.

The work gloves are clearly on your own hands.

The jobs you held prior to this moment are over.

You are here to don the mantle of Master Builder now, and endeavor with your actions to create a self-running machine that operates as a universally supporting organism.

It is not a top-down structure any longer.

Do not look for wisdom or wealth from any elitist group.

That group is gone.

Both wisdom and wealth come from within.

Activate them now with intent and purpose.

Work first to sufficiently care for your immediate responsibility – yourself and loved ones.

This is now to be combined with care and planning for the greater family you inhabit – the collective.

The collective, which you’ve always contributed to, now moves into your conscious intent.

All of life has changed.

You wake today to a new world.

This is not beyond you, but emerges from within you.

A deep dwelling of light, once dimmed by control, manipulation and cruelty, now shines forth from each of you.

It will be obvious who chooses now to support and supply your new world. It will be clear to everyone.

Altercations and fighting will not be necessary – you are on the winning side now.

Use the advantage as a collaborative effort based on love for the race, rather than control of the race.

The difference will be evident for those who watch for it.

Indeed now, leaders will emerge and are already emerging from your ranks.

Support those with the brightest light, whose source stems from altruism rather than need for control.

Clear sight will point out to you those with a self-serving agenda, for they still exist and will seek to control as well, in these moments of transition and chaos.

A discerning heart will tell you of each other’s intent.

Allow your hearts to inform your every decision.

This is the time now where man steps into his potential.

What is possible will astound you.

That is all for now.



: C-19 - New 'Confirmed' Cases Popping Up - State Sponsored
: Terrorism Continues On

: Media script reading talking heads.

: Incremental steps of instilling fear.

: Big population centers first, then branching out to every
: small town and surrounding villages, until the entire
: country is in literal or psychological lock down.

: 'New confirmed cases being reported'.

: NOTE: No actual, provable, cases of anything are required to
: continue the fear porn factor - which has now taken on a
: life of its' own.

: This is key to totalitarian, deep state control.

: Know this: Once the script reading talking heads have played
: their role, no one is able to drill down and ask for real
: evidence of 'confirmed cases', and deep state control
: freaks know this.

: Public sentiment of fear takes over, and anyone who questions
: the validity of the script reading talking head 'reports'
: is demonized by deep state controllers, and by a fear
: filled public at large, as herd mentality takes over.

: Some real medical doctors know the truth, but even they are
: being overwhelmed by the psy-opp of fear porn.

: Be aware of what is happening around you.

: Situation fluid. Situation volatile.

: Think.

: -----------------------

RMN is an RA production.

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Lion -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:40
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Lion -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:41
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Lion -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 07:27:40

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