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Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 30

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:26

Lucifer’s Semi-Final Conclave --- Part 30

Silver Springs, Md.
Immediately after Christy had left, #2 was searching for all the splinters left on his rear end after Christy had mercifully removed her pole and left without a curtain call after Act 2…The Security chief had banished the two suits during the intermission after act 1. The body language expert and the shrink had put in their 2 cents worth and departed, leaving only the 2 lawyers, the Security chief and #2 to review the Play . The lawyers were still writing and comparing notes when #2 looked at the security chief with arched Eyebrows..
The Security guy immediately said, Boss, my 2 guys are removing the bugs as we speak, from both her apartment, car, and her friend’s car, and leaving clear evidence for her to see that it has been done. Tomorrow morning first thing, they have been directed to a 2 week training refresher course across town. #2 scowled, looked at him critically, then as he turned to the lawyers, the female looked up… Sir, she began, the bugging was extremely illegal. There was/is no warrant to do so, either Civil, USG, or FISA.

It would therefore result in immediate firing, for a government official. Since your company is not officially USG, but civilian, there could be a huge civil lawsuit at the minimum… She would win hands down. If your company could somehow convince the judge that you operated under USG contract law and thus avoid civil financial liability, you personally would be in danger of forced dismissal due to breach of contract, under the standard common contract clause, which allows specific contractor sanctions that provide for civil misdeeds with the penalty of denial of future contract renewal.

My colleague concurs with that assessment, and has yet further advice,… Bill?. Sir I agree with Jane, and would add.. There is in addition to the any claim of mental pain and suffering she may civilly claim against Rocksense, the presence of an unauthorized video camera in her apartment indicates that sexual harassment is on the table as well as possible porn charges. Any jury would side with her immediately, because both her and her story is quite believable and factual. This is definitely not a situation to be taken lightly…-- Jane nodded affirmatively..

#2 then looked at #4... Who said… sir, I would suggest we first apologize to her, and then tactfully pursue some sort of settlement with her which would effectively remove all her rights to sue.. The lawyers readily concurred… #2 grimaced… and said #4, get it done. And to the security chief he said,,, come into my office a minute, OK?
Lucifer’s Dome

Lucifer was alone in his Dome. He sat on his throne in deep thought. Sometimes when there was no other entities present, He allowed himself to consider the hidden interpretation, which only himself and the Imposter knew, about the trail of debris that traced the Earth’s path since the Imposter had given it to him in the beginning. He knew exactly what those pinpoints of light represented, as well as grey vapor. Those pinpoints recorded the acts of the special servants of the Imposter, prophets that had appeared through history. There were not many markers for his previous servants, because he had had only one that had incarnated. He could see the small pinpoints in the trail, which he had to examine closely to see that they were not mere empty voids in the trail of grey at all, but were actually black particles. He understood that the relatively few black dots represented his only flesh servant, namely his son Cain, and Cain’s flesh offspring who had multiplied enough that the majority of the vapor appeared grey instead of white due to their presence. True, the scattered, singular pinpoints of light illuminated the grey particles in their immediate vicinity such that they appeared to be white, but there were relatively few such areas.

The thing that upset Lucifer no end, however, was the now obvious brightening in the portion of the short trail since the recent discontinuity had forced the contiguous spiral path of eons to diverge inward. It was definitely brightening, he mused…

He was upset because he indeed knew what had caused the discontinuity, as well as it’s future effect in shortening the spiral‘s total path length. The time left until all cards are lain face up on the table, they are read, and the pot is collected by the winner. I must have my troops work much harder each day now to prepare. He was even now, making some new plans to augment their shift into hurry up mode.
Silver Springs, Md
As chief of security, his number was #9, as he was known among the management, He was especially a favorite of #2. #9 was young, only 34. He was favored because he was #2’s favorite Sodomite. When #2 had asked #9 to come with him to his office after Christy’s dissertation, the others just assumed that #2 was ready for another tryst. Not this time, at least not immediately. For #2 had also invited #4, his Personnel Director.
But #9 did get a good chewing first anyway. #2 started --- Certainly, those two you assigned to her are insufficiently trained in surveillance, and you have taken steps to fix it. That is good.. However, after her presentation I am convinced now more than ever that my initial order to monitor her was justified. Find a crew that knows what they are doing, OK? Yes, boss.. #2 continued… That lady at her inquisition was far too professional to be just a dumb clerk. Even the shrink and body language expert noted several professional antics she employed.

She played our collective fiddle like a Stradivarius. #4, is there any clues in her history?

No sir, he said. Her first job out of Auburn was a 2 month tour at the Phoenix City Police Department in Alabama. From there, she started a pool supply company in Mobile, on money loaned from her Dad. She sold it 3 years later, when she got married. She married a lawyer in Mobile, and was his secretary and later his law research clerk in his firm, and that lasted until 4 years ago. They divorced, and she said she had moved to Bethesda to get far away from him. All job history checked out normal so We hired her as a floor clerk, and she has worked here for the past 3 ½ years. She had no problem on her security clearance investigations. She has almost perfect attendance. No complaints from her supervisors. Reported to be personable and mostly well liked by her peers. She has had yearly raises and appraisals, in the 90th Percentile, company wide. Virtually an ideal employee….

#2 replied.. That’s just too damned good, guys.. She is much smarter than a law clerk…
Something else is playing in the woodpile… And we better find it soon. That damned Space Force bunch is getting too close at Nellis, and #6 is Space Force here, you know... I had Anu try to do a remote on her last week… When he tried entering her mind through her thoughts about all the usual human vices… he said he was excluded completely. That in itself is not that unusual in certain people. She did claim that she was a Christian in part of her reply, remember?
Perhaps, Anu said, if he could get physically close to her, he could succeed. He has done that many times with Christians.

So, here’s the plan… #4, First, apologize to her for the company, not just verbally but also by memo, signed by me. Then, check on positions out West she might want. We ideally need to get her physically near Anu.

Meanwhile, offer her a transfer to the 5th floor, raise, promotion, the whole bit for a lawsuit release. Get our lawyers to draw it up..

#9, you look her up also, and personally, verbally apologize… Take all the blame.. Tell her the tracking turned out to be a bad case of mistaken identity. Fire one of those blonde sluts you have in your office to prove it… OK? Yes, boss. One more thing, #9,==Do you have the wires completed in #6’s office? Yes sir, they are ready to go when he is…Boss…

Great, said #2... #4, you can go to work, now… #9, I have a few more things for you on a different subject…Hang around a bit…
At home:

After Danielle and Phil entered Sandy Lane, Clive spotted their spiffed up truck coming in, and followed on his four runner. It was late afternoon, and he had loaded a gift for them in its short bed. As they pulled up, Bree spotted Buffy hurriedly going inside the house, smiled and picked up the short chain from the truck floorboard and shook it at her… Clive began a self guided tour of hussy, and walked over to them. Fantastic, he ventured, it surely seems ready… only a few things missing… as he pointed to his four runner… Phil and Bree walked over to him as Bree said… what is THAT?

Just then, Ken arrived home 2 hours early. Ken was in on it, as he smiled and headed for his shed.. It’s an 6 ton winch, Clive said.. Ken came up dragging up his electric arc-welder and welding kit. He then went to his work truck, and produced an armload of steel angle iron and rebar.
Phil understood immediately. Clive explained to Bree and Buffy that a method to free a heavy vehicle stuck in water, sand or tight canyons was a lifesaver in the boondocks. This winch has a 75 foot steel cable, and enough power to actually lift the full weight of hussy vertically for 75 feet. Bree whistled.. Ken, meanwhile, was at hussy’s heavy front bumper, measuring, cutting, and welding. During the 4 hours it took to finish the job, Buffy and Bree prepared a fresh batch of iced tea for them, started supper, and just watched with interest. Clive and Phil held the heavy winch in place while Ken tacked it and constructed ¾ inch rebar braces which he securely welded to hussy’s lower frame. Phil helped Clive run the remote control cable into the truck cab through the firewall, and after Ken had finished welding, he ran the thick power cable and connected it directly to the truck battery. After testing the winch motor and controls, he used a can of grey primer followed by two coats of Rustoleum paint that ’sorta’ blended with hussy’s faded paint. Not bad for $50, is it, Clive said… Phil and Bree looked toward him… Clive said… I’m a lifelong scrounger.. I bought it at a flea market in Henderson a few years back.. I knew it would be useful eventually… With that the guys helped Ken clean and repturn his equipment to the shed, and went into the house to clean up.
This was Mexican night at the Burns residence… and they were hungry. Mexican night was also Yough’s favorite…

Bethesda Md

No indeed, Christine Bales was no dummy. When She got home that night, she retrieved her secure agency cell from her “safe place” and read, then deleted a text from Old Goat. She composed a long reply detailing Rocksense‘s apology, money bribes and job offer out west, as well as her plans for the meeting with # 6 today, but did not press send.. She placed the cell on her nightstand, set her alarm for 3 AM and went to bed with a book. At 3 AM she awoke and pressed ‘send’. Reset her alarm for it’s normal time, and then, sleepily rolling over, returned to dream land… First thing in the morning. She checked for replies. She read and deleted one which simply said “go“. She placed the cell on charge, and proceeded with her normal routine…
Rocksense West:
George had just received a call from #2. George, he said, That friend of Phillip Warren‘s, Christine Bales, is one sharp tack. We suspect, though we are not positive, exactly how sharp. We do have suspicions that she is working covertly working for Space Force. Anu has tried remotely but to no avail, to download her secrets.. We have apologized, made bribes, and made her an offer to relocate there with a big raise where she can be physically closer to Anu, where he informs me that eventually he will succeed. She has rejected everything but our apologies, and said she needs time to consider our other offers. While she thinks on it, I need you to grease the skids by finding her a position there which will allow him to use his talents.….

And, by the way, what is happening out there with your people? Have you had any luck finding our leak in Rocksense west?
George replied, Sir, No on the leak, and for the rest, nothing really new. We are still in slow roll mode as you directed… we are essentially waiting your further instructions. Well, hang on, George, maybe in a short while, we will know more… Getting her out there will definitely make things happen faster. If she declines, we will have to develop a different approach….. Yes, Chief…
32 miles East of Pahrump, NV
Anu was listening carefully as prince Doubt asked him for the second time in two days…
Anu, he said, the Master is greatly concerned about the obvious brightening in the trail recently. We all know it is solely due to your trying to take things into your own hands, breaking the leather necklace, and freeing the Bauble., in your attempt to seduce Brigdid.

The Master wishes to know more details about your current efforts… What should I tell him?
Anu began… It’s the same story really. No matter what I have tried throughout the eons, there have always been those accursed real Christians, and lately, that growing remnant portion specifically, that defy all attempts to invade their minds with the usual physical sensual things we are expert in, as well as offers of great lucre. They seem to have an impenetrable wall about their minds. We starve when we try. There is no food nor even small orgasms there for us.
Now, the CINO’s, Christians In Name Only have always been a treat for us. They are as accepting to our wiles as all humans, though perhaps a bit more of a challenge, on occasion. But when they are alone, they are easy.. We, like any one, love a challenge and of course we will win enjoyably, in the end.

On the other hand, the remnant are few, widely scattered and essentially disguised from us. By that I mean that they have similar habits as the rest of humans, they are excluded from CINO churches and CINO fellowship. They may be homeless, on welfare, out in the boonies, or just ordinary citizens doing whatever they enjoy. Some may smoke, occasionally take a drink, enjoy life with it’s non CINO people, tell raw jokes, use occasional swear words to make a point, and even visually admire the opposite sex. . Yet, when we try to widen the door to their minds, we end up getting it slammed on our fingers. Generally, they just enjoy life…all of it. We cannot possibly find them all, anyway. It’s worse than looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

That is our problem in a nutshell.
The only recourse I see, therefore, is to kill them as we find them. Yet Lucifer says no. Perhaps some ploy can be devised to entice them all to congregate somewhere, where it would be easier to deceive one. Lucifer says that merely one of the remnant being deceived is sufficient for our victory… So, ask him please..-- What else can I do?
Bethesda, Md
Before she left for work this morning, Christy took the small digital recorder from her safe place, plugged it into her laptop to speed up editing, and went into her bedroom closet with them and a flashlight. She knew that her report to Lew should only take 2 minutes. Closing the door, she recorded a mentally rehearsed a 3 minute recap of the high points of her dissertation. She played it back, edited it as necessary, and secured her cell in her safe place with a new hair alarm.
On arriving at her desk, she was met by #9, who apologized again and told her she
Was due on the 5th floor to meet with #6 at 9 AM. She then went to the necessary room, and into the stall. She removed the recorder from her purse, and checked its settings, playing a small portion to verify, and reset it. She dropped it back in her purse and exited the necessary room. She went to the proverbial coffe pot, and enjoyed a cup with her peers, until 8:55. She then headed for the fifth floor.

At home:
After breakfast and as Ken had just left for work, Clive came up to the Burns residence. They enjoyed coffee and talked for a bit at the counter. Buffy had hung about a bit too long for Bree. Bree sternly pointed at Buffy’s computer… Buffy went reluctantly. Clive said, you two come out a moment.. Got a trick to show you that you may need sometime..
On the way, he grabbed a short length of rope and a 2 ft length of 2x4 board. He went to hussy, opened the hood, and pointed to the large air cleaner filter canister of the engine. Hr then walked to the camper, and opened a panel on the side that was closed with two wing nuts. And pulled out the 7 foot section of 4” corrugated hose, normally used for draining its small septic tank. He returned to the front, and removed the short 5” section of 4” pipe connecting the air filter to the engine intake. Engines will run fine under water, he said, provided they can get air. Normally, you shoul be just fine for any water less than 4 foot deep. Should you encounter streams that are too deep, you can just disconnect the engine intake, reconnect this hose, block the hood from closing completely with this 2x4, and extend this hose over the top, tying the hose to that ring tie down on the camper, and you have a deep water machine. Of course things may get wet back there, but it wont be too bad if you don’t loiter… He then replaced the drain hose, including the rope and 2x4 in the recess.
He then walked to the winch… and then to the spare wheel under the body to the rear.
If you et stuck in bare sand, and there is no rocks or trees to attach the winch cable to, extend the cable as far as it will go, dig a hole deep enough to bury the spare, throwing the dirt from the hole forward to make a slope. Push the cable through the slope and attach it to the center hole in the metal rim. It’s called a dead man anchor. Using the winch and your 4 wheel drive, maybe even more than once, you will get out just fine.
Other than that, stay observant, and good luck. You have my cell, and I will come. May be 4 hours, but -- count on it. He shook Phil’s hand, and gave Danielle a one armed hug that lifted her a foot off the ground. He mounted his 4 runner, and turning back to them, said…We are sure going to miss you guys… Git ‘er done, and come back soon…
Rocksense east
Christy entered #6’s office suite on the fifth floor. He came to the reception area, and ushered her into his office. As he closed the door, he pointed to the open door of the small SCIF. She nodded. They sat at his conference table for just a moment, while she readied the her recorder. She had written ‘3 minutes max’ on her pad, and pointed to the recorder. He nodded and asked, so, young lady, what was that call to me all about?
She punched play on the recorder, as they headed to the small SCIF and closed the door.
The SCIF was small, only about the size of a walk in closet. The room’s six sides were lined with 1/16 copper plates seam soldered at all edges. It was almost air tight as well. A pair of RFI screened powered air vents, located at the top and bottom of the RFI gasketed door were powered by battery operator blowers. It would get stuffy inside fast. There were 3 small wooden chairs, and a small table in their midst. On the table were a small battery operated lamp, three pairs of noise cancelling headphones connected to a single battery source, and a battery operated audio white noise generator.
It took them 2 minutes and 5 seconds inside for Christy to relay to Lew all of her message.

They were back at the table and seated, smiling at each other, 15 seconds before the recording finished with… So, Sir, that’s all I have to say.
#6 said, Well Ms Bales, that seems satisfactory to me… I’m sorry for all your troubles, and I will surely not be another one for you in the future… Thank You again..
At home:

Bree had cleaned their room, and had placed their bedding and soiled towels in Buffy’s machine. They transferred their stuff to the camper, and Phil gave Buffy her preprogrammed burners to Buffy, and placed Cliff’s on the counter. Just as Ken arrived home, Clive came up also. He accepted the phone, and withdrew a map from his pocket. It will be faster and easier for you by far to go over Wheeler pass from Las Vegas and then to approach Pahrump from the west. The southern route is not only longer, it’s not near as scenic. I have spent a lot of time in the Wheeler mountains. I even visited Marcy’s place once. It’s a pretty area. You will like it… errr.. The scenery part anyway, he smiled.. He pointed the route on the map, and folding it, handed it to Phil…
Bree and Phil assured them that they will call each evening if possible with progress. Bree handed Buffy the short length of chain she had used to tease her with, and gave her a hug…
They ate their supper but not with the usual jovial banter they had enjoyed each night … Phil and Danielle would be leaving early tomorrow.
To be continued:
The previous Part 29 is here:

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