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Reader: 'Jeff Sessions is going after those who are benefiting financially from the “legalization” of Marijuana because ...'

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:41

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader C. was prompted to write this by some opinions expressed by Jordan Sather - but I'm posting this as a standalone item because it expresses a point of view we need added to the overall consideration of the topic.

Reader C. writes:


Dear Jordon,

When you first started out I really liked you. But making unfavorable
statements about what Jeff Sessions is doing on Marijuana gives me second
thoughts about you.

Jeff Sessions is going after those who are benefiting financially from the
“legalization” of Marijuana because the legalization of Marijuana is the

last step in the Racketeering Act to interfere with and control Cannabis
under the color of law with the contrived prohibition that was obtained
using false and misleading statements via wire, “Refer Madness”, and mail,
“Say no to drugs”, and “War on Drugs”. The movie “Reefer Madness” was used
to confuse the American Medical Association who had never heard of
Marijuana and only new it by its proper name of Cannabis. The broadcast was
blatantly false and misleading dissemination of information via wire across
the airwaves of America. This confusion muted their opposition to the vote
against "marijuana" until the last minute when the AMA of 1934 realized
that Cannabis and Marijuana were one and the same, but by then it was too
late and Congress passed the law over the AMA's objections. But American's
don't study history so we have no memory of how we got to this point.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand why legalization and
decriminalization are equally wrong.

Decriminalization means to remove criminal penalties or remove legal
restrictions against something. This would be wrong because it gives the
impression that the criminal penalties were valid at some point in time and
it covers up the long-running racketeering against innocent people who are
entitled to remedy, including financial compensation for the tyranny
practiced against them and complete freedom to use, grow and possess

Legalization is wrong because the act of making the use, possession, and
growth of Cannabis was never illegal, these laws prohibiting Cannabis were
"unlawful" and done under the "color of law" as an act of Racketeering.

The Nixon tapes proved that the prohibition was nothing more than a tool in
the hands of the Racketeers to terrorize the populace when it was revealed
that Nixon said that they would use the Marijuana prohibition laws to “kick
in the doors of the hippies and the niggers.”

Chart #10 in the following article proves that Blacks are arrested 10 times
more frequently for Marijuana violations than Whites.

The research presented in "The Brain's Own Marijuana" clearly shows that
our Creator designed us with a receptor that has only one function: to
receive the active ingredient in Cannabis. This means it was the specific
intent of our Creator that we receive this herb. Any laws prohibiting or
controlling the receipt of this herb are a violation of our basic human
rights because we are designed this way.

The government knew or should have known that Cannabis had a medicinal
effect because it was sending 300 Cannabis cigarettes each month to sick
patients through the FDA’s Compassionate *Investigational New Drug (IND)
since 1982.

Why is it ok for rich Caucasians to invest in “legalized” marijuana and
become multi-millionaires overnight but millions of minorities still
languish in jails for marijuana “offenses”?

Why is it ok for poor Caucasians to die needlessly for lack of money to
purchase high priced cancer medicine when they could just eat Cannabis raw
and obtain 60 times the medicinal benefit of smoking it?

While Blacks are locked up 10 to 1 for Cannabis use and possession,
Caucasians are dying 10 to 1 for cancer and both groups are to uninformed
to realize that they are both under attack from the same sources.

The people who have benefited from this RACKET are the pharmaceutical
companies and members of Congress, state and local legislatures who have
voted to prohibit and control The Holy Herb of Cannabis.

How can it be legal for one group to engage in sales of Cannabis but
illegal for another group to engage in sales of Cannabis?

Additionally, the CDC posted and then removed information from its own
website confirming the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. That’s willful and
wanton ignorance of the medicinal benefit of Cannabis.

The prohibition of Cannabis was an act of RICO under the color of law by
individuals in government who engaged in willful and wanton ignorance of
the medicinal benefits of Cannabis in order to enrich the pharmaceutical
industry controlled and run by their friends in secret societies who were
providing them with kickbacks and other financial benefits.

[Reader C. included a long section of the RICO legislation here which I'm omitting. --hobie]

Despite what the mass media portrays, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are
bringing an end to the horribly unjust racial disparity and terrorization
of the minority races using Cannabis but the public will never hear about
it. Just as they never heard that President Trump sent Joe Kennedy to Louis
Farrakhan to warn him that the MMR Vaccine was intentionally targeted to
damage minority male children.

Your disparaging comments about Jeff Sessions are disheartening and very


RMN is an RA production.

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