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What MegaAnon has had to say about Pence prior to that post from Dec. 18

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18

In Response To: Here is what I remember MegaAnon saying about Pence (MrFusion)

MegaAnon said in the Dec. 18 post that she had said a lot about Pence before. Here it all is.

~~~~~ JUNE ~~~~~

Anonymous ID:peOeLlw6 Wed 07 Jun 2017 11:56:29 No.128890433
Comey will be forced to say enoughin ways that by not doing so, he'll leave the public's opinion to decide, which I assure you again, is NOT what they'll risk right now. This is why Trump and his tight admin, has let things conveniently come out, like "arrests of 25 y/o leakers 4 mos. on the contracted job, implicating Russia", when he did. Trump has strategically, out played them. If this were poker, he forced them into changing out WAY too many cards, before the flop. They've literally clipped off all their low hanging fruit. They have no where to go, no one but high level to blame/sacrefice.

Candidly, the recent leaker arrest was planned to FORCE questioning (((they))) aren't capable of definitively answering. They're not even capable of coming up with verifiable lies AND IT WON'T JUST CRIPPLE THE DEMS... roughly 20% of the GOP estab. will burn in flames. The delay is Trump's inability to execute to perfection as the estab. throws last ditch efforts to evade and prolong (like the Flynn sacrifice, forcing Trump to sacrifice an innocent man, who'll be vindicated and reconfirmed by no later than Christmas). Today, (((they're))) all just trying to save themselves and are hellbent on negotiating any deals they can individually work on the back end. Mark my words, you'll see history made when Trump's swamp toss ends with impeachment of Pence. Cap/archive this so you can say you knew it would happen when it does, as of today.

Anonymous ID:peOeLlw6 Wed 07 Jun 2017 13:18:52 No.128900757
Ok, two of you asked for more back to back, so here it is. Pence was the left's last ditch negotiation within the establishment' corrupt, DNC/GOP. Trump doesn't "like Pence" and never wanted to consider him at all. The estab Dems and GOP, negotiated that Trump would guarantee and confirm Pence. Trump tried to push back, even having the audacity to bring Christie in unannounced, 2x over the 48 hours just before he agreed to publicly confirm Pence. Trump had few GOP allies in his corner and with how this works, if Trump hadn't made concessions on some things and negotiated some guarantees, like picking Pence, tentatively keeping Comey after inauguration, using Yates as an intermittent, etc. the estab. GOP would've campaigned harder against him and possibly tried to pull the nomination, which legally, they could've done as you know and the media constantly reminded you. Pence is a mole. The goal of the estab. has always been to remove Trump and settle with Pence until they can run a candidate again. They can steamroll Pence. He's corrupt, has been tied to shady shit, has made a ton of "bad deals" as governor and his track record shows he can be puppetted. His political clout is only derived from his moderately leaning, establishment-driven, "accomplishments". Put it this way, it's Pence and Preibus vs. Trump and Bannon.

~~~~~ OCTOBER ~~~~~

MegaAnon ID:pVV8LWAd Fri 06 Oct 2017 15:35:03 No.144312420
Yup but also because you have to look like you're playing nicely in the sandbox by negotiating admin seats. Pence was a negotiation and Trump fought the Pence pick for almost 3 weeks until confirming him as running mate. Flynn hated Pence and alas... here we are. Pence unironically "misunderstood" verbal Russian phone call recaps Flynn discussed and the establishment negotiated pick is still VP while Flynn is forced to resign. See how dirty they play? All that sand in the eyes blurs the vision.

Anonymous ID:iHW2j75W Sun 08 Oct 2017 19:28:21 No.144577498
Ok here goes it...
1. There were lots of what we'd consider high-priority "VIP's" in Vegas last Sunday, that I can confirm. Many of them arrived on different days prior and were initially scheduled to depart on different days. All I will confirm on this is that Pence WAS in Vegas, which would then make him a secured, high-priority VIP and because it's not publicly confirmed on the VPOTUS calendar that he was in Vegas, I will not confirm whether he did or didn't attend an event at Luxor, because if it's not accounted for on the calendar, then a very select group of staff/personnel and SS would know, which limits my anonymity. As for the "blackwater Anon", the post was accurate of a few specific things that caught my attention. So was the "-john" poster. But whether they were purposefully being vague (like I often am) or they just weren't completely informed, they were both right about enough that I can personally confirm, which makes me believe they're mid-level with lower clearances within whatever organizations they're actually with. I do believe blackwater referred to himself as blackwater on pilurpose because first, most people just recognize blackwater right away and know what they did. A lot of people don't know blackwater was acquired and 2. to specifically ensure you'd make the DeVos connection... and y'all did. 2. No dirty bomb, no nuke. Just a devastating detonation that had the capacity to level have a flat desert city and conveniently take out thousands of people corralled into a single proximity via the hysteria ensued through "active shooter" reports and "shots fired". 3. "Steven Craig Paddock" as he's been profiled and ID'ed to the public, does not exist. He was never, as you know him, in NJ OR Vegas. 4. I cannot confirm where all the shooters were. Not because I'm unwilling, I honestly don't know. I do know it wasn't one shooter in a hotel room and more to wacky brother "Eric" and the heroic, unarmed security guard, than reported.

~~~~~ NOVEMBER ~~~~~

Anonymous ID:Eu8urfE9 Mon 06 Nov 2017 22:49:59 No.148339087
Shhhh y’all. Chill. Let it bake. Trump never wanted Pence. He was the swamp estab play. He had to take him because if he didn’t they’d have tried to oust him out of the nomination.

I posted a ton about this back through May.

Anonymous ID:Eu8urfE9 Mon 06 Nov 2017 23:14:42 No.148341600
No. Hillary is already a puppet. Trump not, like Reagan and JFK weren’t either. Pence was the establishment’s negotiated agreement and Trump only let him tag along because at the time, he couldn’t risk the party pulling shit on his rightfully won nomination, at the convention. Remember, half of even Trump voters still thought Hillary would win at that point because even polls were being fucked with as we later learned.

Anonymous ID:88/zP9Ds Tue 07 Nov 2017 09:20:17 No.148391315
Haha, y’all. NOT WRONG. Pence was showed his colors w/ Flynn. You should know who he really works for. Why don’t you dig into his relationship w/ Benji and his prior voting records before spitting opinion as if it’s just fact cause you said so... there’s reasons Trump didn’t confirm him until literally, the very last possible minute. There’s also reasons he’s strategically made it a point to keep him at arms length the last year.

Why do you think Pence had no forewarning about Comey? Why do you think he’s left out of far more than half of the foreign strategic cabinet meetings? This is purposefully coordinated. Especially after Reince got the boot. Pence worked for the establishment. His boss was Reince. Now, he’s just trying to make it all look good for the cameras like the rest of them.

At this rate... I’d be surprised if he made it back onto the 2020 ticket. THIS IS IMPORTANT, so CAP THIS AND ARCHIVE IT, so you can say you were here...

Pence’s ONLY JOB EVER was to win Trump’s nomination for VP, keep him in check on behalf of the GOP/DNC swamp establishments long negotiated goals (via McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, etc.), while ensuring it ALL LOOKED GOOD for the cameras, to appease Trump’s diehard, unwavering, base. Pence is the establishment swamp’s last “get”.

To be clear, cause I’ve seen how some of my words get diluted and misinterpreted... I’m NOT IMPLYING that Pence is some “covert” Democrat plant. I’m implying that he’s the establishment DNC/GOP swamps, bi-partisan negotiated VP pick, who was to serve THEIR mutually beneficial agenda and PROTECT the swamp’s backchannels. Trump, Bannon, Flynn, Lewandowski, etc. knew this ALL ALONG and they ONLY let it play out to ensure the corrupt estab. GOP heads didn’t try to oust Trump from the nomination he won, during the convention.

I promise y’all, one day, you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to dig through your archives, for this post.

Anonymous ID:ipgeCcKy Tue 07 Nov 2017 10:36:14 No.148399256
True and I’d still stick to that but let’s get real for a second because being flexible and nimble in changing environments is what keeps you from screaming “it’s happening” every time a surprise pops up.

Just 18 months ago when we were working through the beginnings of the primaries, up to the campaign, I’d have punched myself in the face if I’d have even suggested to myself that some of those who have reached from the swamp and worked with the admin., many for a year already, would’ve done so. We knew we’d get some desperate low hanging. Bannon was brought in to negotiate and coordinate a lot of the outreach efforts amongst the parties. But for as cynical and pessimistic as I’ve always been known to be, especially when it comes to the GOP/DNC establishments, I would’ve NEVER even allowed myself to believe that what HAS happened over the last year, would’ve ever been a possibility.

That said to answer your question, as of now and candidly since Wray’s confirmation, Pence has been laying low, keeping his nose clean. They teach less to him every day. Favors are no longer a viable option as everyone now know, no one’s getting away with shit. It is really becoming a “dog-eat-dog” environment. Little factions/pocket’s who once partnered locally in their own corrupt contributions are breaking off into their own little corners in an attempt to separate themselves from their corrupt party leaders who churned the swamp, while still trying to maintain some of their localized political power, in smaller numbers they can more easily control.

Based on this current environment (which honestly changes more for the better everyday), I know Pence will reach to work something out when he can and I also know this admin is willing to work with him. I still do not think he will serve in a VP capacity next term, but even I admit how surprised I am and continue to be, with every swamp dweller, looking to end their ties.

~~~~~ DECEMBER ~~~~~

Anonymous ID:LGLdCtAf Fri 01 Dec 2017 09:42:48 No.151607242
It’s gonna be beautiful, y’all. The MSM and FBI/Mueller investigation will never recoup after Flynn is done with them. HE and his formal testimony will be the beginning of the end.

Like I’ve said for months... Manafort cooperated and knew what was coming and he did it for a reason. Flynn knew what was coming and cooperated for a reason. MANY pending indictment KNOW what is coming and SOME of them have cooperated for a reason.

So enjoy watching the MSM completely blow this SINGLE charge up, based on the conversation you ALREADY knew Flynn had with Russia and the accidental “lack of detail” and honest “miscommunication” he had with Pence. Remember Pence’s public statements about this. Remember how much the MSM is blowing this out of proportion right now... even Fox. All desperate to save their assets and look like they’re “working” this story.

Flynn, like Manafort, will walk and when this shakes out, all you’re going to be talking about is THE TRUTH you got from all his TESTIMONY that came from these “charges”. It’s unitonic that they blew up Manafort on technicality charges no one will EVER really care about, but AFTER he testified, he walked out with a gag and you haven’t heard SHIT since. THIS IS ON PURPOSE.

It’s not these charges that matter, IT’S THE TESTIMONY BEING COLLECTED and the establishment, Hillary, DWS, McCain, Obama, Podestas, Holder/Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. AREN’T CELEBRATING THIS SHIT! They’re fucking TERRIFIED. They know what’s coming too and Manafort’s indictment? Flynn’s “plea” on shit he ALREADY PUBLICLY ADMITTED and resigned over?! It all ONLY MEANS WHAT’S COMING FOR THE REST, is just ONE DAY CLOSER, y’all. Enjoy it!

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 10:09:56 No.151609876
Umm, it was leaked on purpose y’all.

All you need to remember about Flynn is that they’re snagging him on the SINGLE CHARGE for the “miscommunication” technicality they were able to snag him on for the shit YOU ALRWADY KNOW ABOUT between that bullshit “Russia call” and Flynn’s recap to Pence. You already know about this. Flynn resigned after admitting that it was nothing more than a miscommunication but because Pence is a dirty fuck, he danced around it like the good little establishment monkey he is and didn’t come to Flynn’s defense so “they” could squeeze Flynn out.

Why?! Because as you’ll see, Flynn, Kelly, Wray, Rogers, Sessions (to an extent), etc. ARE THE BIGGEST THREATS. THEY are the beginning of the end. Even Manafort and Awan were threats.

Be glad Flynn pleas to get the ball rolling. He knew he would be indicted. Manafort knew he would be, many more know they WILL be! But like Manafort and Awan, Flynn’s testimony will be explosive and he will also probably leave with a gag when he’s finished testifying, like Manafort did.

THIS Flynn shit isn’t important... it’s the TESTIMONY that WILL COME from it, that is important. It’s WHY all of this is happening in the first place and even Pence knows he’s about to look like one giant, lying, backstabbing asshole to Americans. He knows who he works for. Trump does too. It’s why Trump didn’t want him on the ticket and fought it til the very last minute. Only reason Pence was named was because Trump didn’t want the GOP to try to pull any of their tricks at the convention. Trump won the nomination by a lot but the GOP was already trying to start the buzz that they may seek an override. They started that buzz the MINUTE they thought Trump would push back on their NEGOTIATED PICK PENCE, and Trump kept them on their toes, delaying his VP pick announcement, even bringing Chris Christie in late in the game, all for show, to keep the estab. worried.

Anonymous ID:YHZg+/Ta Sat 02 Dec 2017 13:18:23 No.151763264
Right and when y’all find out WHY his “lie” was nothing more than a “technicality” they caught him on and exploited to get him fired to make Trump/the admin look bad and fuel their fake Russia shit, you’ll also understand WHY Flynn is gonna WALK.

I blew up a few threads on Flynn yesterday morning/afternoon last night, you found out Obama gave the directive and authorization to Flynn.

Flynn’s TESTIMONY, just like Manaforts, which would’ve ONLY HAPPENED IF INDICTED, was the start of the end for all of this. “They” rejected Manafort and Flynn’s voluntary offers to testify under oath to SILENCE them. Now Flynn gets to “tell the story” be begged to tell that no one wanted YOU to hear. Flynn will be vindicated.

Now pay more attention to this [pic related] and the underlings of his coming out today as being let go for anti-Trump texts! McCabe serves NO purpose anymore. Demoted and relieved.

Next start keeping your eyes and ears open on Binney, Pompeo, Tillerson and Rogers. This will start to tie up some of the vague loose ends I’ve been increasingly posting on for the last 3 months.

Oh and remember, ultimately none of this is going to “age well” like the twitter folks say, for PENCE. He chose the wrong side of the establishment GOP train and he’s gonna hate Mitch and Ryan for setting him up for it, then trying to ditch him to save their asses, too. Oh well... happy Saturday, y’all!

Anonymous ID:Iu2l4uZA Tue 05 Dec 2017 17:41:55 No.152153783
Oh and I forgot to address the 2nd part of your question. I’ve posted a lot about Pence. He’s a bi-partisan estab. negotiated pick Trump only accepted because he didn’t want the GOP trying to pull rank via loopholes to swipe the primary win from him like they were threatening. All Trump cared about was getting to Inauguration Day. Once he did, he knew how this would go.

Pence can be compared to LBJ as in, the same swamp, bi-partisan negotiated establishment “never Kennedy” types who forced LBJ down JFK’s throat as a running mate, are the same who did so with Pence to Trump.

A lot more will come out through the Flynn stuff about Pence’s involvement and you’ll start to see more that will show you exactly which team he really plays for. But this isn’t “news” to Trump or anyone close to him so you don’t need to “worry” about it cause Trump isn’t worried either.

Anonymous ID:Iu2l4uZA Tue 05 Dec 2017 17:59:50 No.152155724
No. It’s even better than that. Like I’ve said, the admin loves irony and getting thecget. A President can’t “fire” a VP. The Senate would try and IMPEACH a VP. I said months ago the only irony of “impeachment” as related to the Trump admin., could be Pence. I’m doubtful he makes it onto the 2020 ticket... if he’s impeached when it’s all said and done, the better. The get was got.

Be pretty unironic to consider Trump anything other than the people’s president after he drains the bi-partisan swamp then shit cans his own swamp-picked VP, right?

I hate to say this but aim not sure if this article was supposed to be a hit piece or not, but I loved every bit of it. He truly is the President without a party. He never needed one, really. Only difference between him, JFK and Reagan is that his money and family’s money before him was never tied to THEIR SWAMP. They can’t manipulate him or control him and he’s independently and internationally successful enough, famous enough, rich enough, etc. to circumvent “their” network’s/relationships with foreign leaders/governments because frankly, he’s had his own for decades. It’s the honest truth. HFK’s own brothers sold his ass down the river to protect their controlled assets.

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