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After viewing Flat Earth Video ... my thotss to the author

Posted By: Journey
Date: Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18

Hi Mark,

Well where to start ?

I watched " They Hide GOD with the biggest Lie ever" and have to say up front that it was a very well put together presentation. Very well done.

I never thought that I would ever watch or listen to ANY flat earth presentation due to my initial assumption that it would be coming from a hard core

Christian viewpoint ... and this is not to say I have anything against the Christian faith. Notice I didn't say religion but faith ... IMO there is a big difference.

The teachings of Christ are very no nonesense, very common sense ways of living life and have much validity whereas the RELIGION is/has been taken over

and corrupted to a great extent within the mainstream churches and such. (Organized religion)

You make some very good points in the presentation and really got me thinking however due to my extensive knowledge in certain fields of research there

of course were many points of contention where I could probably give a run for your money on certain points in a debate on this subject. I am very much aware

of the fact that in ancient times and only up until recently that the flat earth notion was very much entrenched and was never questoned. There are certain schools of

thought that point to things being heliocentric due to plain old physics but more importantly a super set of physics that most are not aware of because they are

taboo. I like to call it the REAL physics, not the pseudo-science they teach in Universities and grade school.

One of the fields in this REAL physics I will mention is hyper-dimensional physics which nessecitates the existence of planetary bodies and stars and galaxies

and ultimately the universe itself to be spherical in nature. This is demonstrated through much experimental data that has been aquired over the last many decades and

centuries much off this research has been driven by ancient knowledge about the nature of the sphere along with the rest of the platonic solids.

As Richard Hoagland likes to say it's rotation rotation rotation ! One has to look into this esoteric and supressed knowledge to get a real understanding of the heliocentric

model. I think that this model had been supressed for millenia due to the secrets it would reveal hence the enforcement of the flat earth model for millenia. The forbidden

tech ala free energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems that have been known about since at least WW2 by nessecity have to be based on a heliocentric model.

I am sure that you will agree with me that the PTB have kept many many secrets from us for millenia and have lied and lied and lied some more for GOD knows how long.

That being said, you would have to agree that if these hidden technologies were REAL, they would undoubtedly supress this knowledge in order to use it for their own

advancements and personal gains. Which again brings me to say that the heliocentric model had to be supressed for as long as possible as these technologies are firmly

based in the nature of the sphere and the energy dynamics therein. We live in a 3 dimensional world not a 2D world ... if it was a flat earth it might suggest that we live in

a 2D world ? No ? The reason I bring up these hidden technologies is this ... I firmly believe that a large portion of this knowledge has been aquired from alien/off world

sources and that brings me to the issue that you forgot or purposely left out the issue of UFO's. There is plenty of evidence that the UFO phenom has been with us here

for millenia.

If indeed we live under a DOME how is it that these apparently alien craft can come and go freely ? Granted I do understand that WE have developed our own craft with

exceptional flight capabilities BUT we didn't have that until only after/during WW2 thanks to the Germans and the UFO phenom has been around far longer.

I also noticed you didn't mention Lucifer in all of this ... if THEY are hiding GOD ... well it logically seems to follow that it would be Lucifer who is behind the hiding of GOD

from us lowly humans ... what/who other entity would have that vested interest ? Aliens ??? ... probably NOT !

The whole idea that the universe doesn't exist (except our little bubble) is disconcerting at the least ... in this scenario, only the spirit world is left to excite the mind to

envision much much more beyond our current perceptions and we can't really prove that the spirit world exists. I know better and I think it does but so many more can't make that leap.

I am very curious about the flight data you presented as I am very well versed in GPS technology. What you and others have discoverd is quite disturbing and when you look at

the flat earth map it starts to make sense why all the flights seem to anchor thru continental NA and or Europe as Africa and SA and Australia ... all the outer most land masses

have the longest flight times to get to the opposite side of the circle. This is most curious. There were many other points you made that caught my attention as well but as you

said/say we were all brought up from cradle to grave with the new paradigm of the heliocentric model. I am a musician,been one since I was 8 or 9 yrs old and an artist so I am as

they say a left brain thinker having a lot of intuitive instincts BUT I have also been a right brain thinker where I can write code where logic is paramount to get an App written.

I am very mechanically inclined which is another trait of a right brain thinker. So I can safely say I have been able to make those cross brain connections to have a brain that

functions equally left right or whole brain functioning. My intuition is telling me you are wrong but my logic side is telling me you have made some valid points I can't ignore.

My right brain logic also tells me because of my research into forbidden sciences that you are again wrong, so you see my conundrum here.

In the end, I'm probably going to have to go with my gut which is partially backed up by my logical thinking. Until I see absolute real evidence that we live under a dome

I have to stick with my extended knowledge of physics that supports the idea of spherical bodies. ie. I get to bump my head on the dome. If this really is the case, I will be very

disappointed even more than I am now knowing how we have been lied to and manipulated for so many millenia. I am very well educated on the whole NWO elitist program.

I used to read a bunch of that long haired hippy stuff in the exsoteric realms and even they say that Earth is quarrantined with some sort of barrier out there in low earth orbit.

This is the same idea you are putting forth but only on a slightly larger scale. ie. instead of the barrier being on the planet ... theirs is out in space say like the van allen belts.

So we as humans can build and operate an ISS but that's as far as we can get. I totally agree the whole moon missions were a hoax BUT if the hidden verboten tech was available to

certain agencies, I can see that we did actually get to the moon and even farther BUT again the general public is NOT aware of this tech and will never be told what we found, It's all governed under MILITARY jurisdiction, national security BS.

This whole flat Earth concept and some kind of barrier keeping us from exploring beyond low orbit or less is a perfect ruse from the PTB to keep humanity

from even thinking about going into space ... exactly where they don't want us to be. Guess what guys ? ... we can't even launch a rocket (unmanned) into space cuz there's

a barrier up there and we can't get out ?? Pretty convienient huh ???

I'm of the mind that you are on the right track in that we have been totally lied to about just about everything, that's a given. However, I just can't quite wrap my head around

the whole flat earth paradigm because it just doesn't jive with what I know about the forbidden physics. But at the same time, knowing the pure evil that seems to be in control

of this world, it wouldn't surprise me if your theory comes to be the truth for us. If you look at some of what the esoteric writings say, we live on a plane, the 3D plane.

What is a plane ? A flat surface ... in those writings they also say there are many many planes of existence, above and below and they also say ours is one of the lowest, most dense,

hence our very physicaly hard and solid reality. This is a thought process that needs to be looked at through a microscope and we absolutely need to get to the bottom of it.

In conclusion, I hope you haven't taken any of my statements/comments or observations as an attack on your position. I quite enjoyed your presentation and it did make me think

or rethink some of my previous assumptions. BUT I am still not quite convinced about a NON spherical construct of the cosmos. The only way I could see your situation being the

reality, if as some of the esoteric writings say, is that this whole reality is in fact just like the Matrix movie presents ... it's all a dream or holographic construct that isn't really REAL,

which is something that is not far from my thoughts about this whole BS nonsense thing called reality. IF we are really little sparks of GOD, then all this is just an imagined scenario

where the consciousness of the SOURCE is exploring all possible realities in an infinite number of imagined realities all at once to ultimately KNOW itself. It's all holographic,

which allows for infinite numbers of realities to be playing themselves out instantly. Time is an illusion, all there is ... is the NOW. When I am in lucid dreamstate, time is not an issue

or even noticed and this bleeds over into waking reality where I don't pay much attention to time. I have been fortunate in that I have had the luxury of not having to punch a clock,

which I have noticed I don't have to worry about in dreamstate.

RMN is an RA production.

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After viewing Flat Earth Video ... my thotss to the author
Journey -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18
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Journey -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18
Jordan Sather tweet: "The Flat Earth psyop was not random. One reason it was made was to misinform about Antarctica."
hobie -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18
Reader: "Antarctica is not a continent folks. There is no `south pole`. Our surrounding ice barrier is all SOUTH."
hobie -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:18
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hobie -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09
Reader: "I know a God/Creator designed our real world; Nasa sinister founders` concocted one"
hobie -- Friday, 22-Nov-2019 20:10:09

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