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More from reader: Material from Jim Stone and from 4chan re: MegaAnon etc.

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:37

In Response To: Reader sends videos from Greg Hunter and Mark Taylor, and extensive comments (MrFusion)

From an anonymous reader:
FOLKS, FANTASTIC INSIGHT FROM MegAnon on 4CHAN the past few days. You've got read all her TIPS and comments. I took the liberty of looking up a few articles on MegAnon's advice, and I have them here too.


First for clarity purposes, I will post Jim Stone's insightful comments about Flynn's charges being much ado about nothing, because it is all inter related:

From Jim Stone:


And of all places, an 8 month old report from sham center Politico pointed it out, (I bet Politico is regretting this now!)

Flynn lied to Trump and Trump fired him for it. Flynn told the FBI the same lies Trump fired him for. So the trolls online are counting on people to forget this simple precursor event, If people remember that Trump fired Flynn over this, there is no way the scamming MSM can use Mueller's charges against Flynn as grounds to do anything against Trump.

Remember, in the midst of all of what is going on, Trump fired Flynn for lying
From Politico (a site I'd normally never quote),

"At the same time, Flynn's political future was crashing down around him: Trump's aides and top allies urged the president to get rid of Flynn, after it became clear he discussed sanctions with Russian officials and lied about it to Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials.

By Monday night, Trump had made his first big staff shake-up, causing chaos in a nascent presidency and raising further questions about the president's ability to handle national security matters in the first month of his tenure."

My comment: So there you have it, unlike what the MSM is trying to push now, Trump is once again teflon don, this is NOT going to stick! It will instead backfire badly against the shadow state. SEE THIS.

Flynn lied to the FBI but he had previously lied to the Trump administration about the very same meetings and was fired for them. How can the MSM possibly use that? DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS, SPREAD THE WORD AND WAKE PEOPLE UP. DOOM OFF!

There is a chance now that they are ALL GOING DOWN.

(I'd say MORE than a "chance". Its TRUE! You can go to the Bank on that one! God said it, so it WILL HAPPEN!!)


EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Wray Demotes Embattled Andrew McCabe; Internal Investigation Dubbed “Train Wreck”Posted on November 27, 2017

FBI Director Christopher Wray has defrocked and demoted embattled deputy director Andrew McCabe, according to FBI sources.

McCabe, who has been a lightning rod of controversy in the last two years, is no longer running the show at the FBI as far as manning his previous sweeping daily responsibilities.

Under ex-FBI director James Comey, McCabe had unilateral control of the FBI, including counter terrorism. According to sources, that is no longer the case.

McCabe’s workload has been transferred among other Bureau hierarchy, according to FBI sources.

This internal demotion likely sets the stage for McCabe’s departure from the FBI, according to sources who say that an investigation by the United States Office of the Inspector General into McCabe’s dealings with Hillary Clinton’s campaign have yielded troubling revelations.

McCabe still maintains his title as deputy director, however, he is no longer assuming the responsibilities that go with that title.

Clinton did fundraiser that indirectly benefited FBI official ...
Andrew G. McCabe, FBI Deputy investigating Clinton Private Server Scandal, accepted $450,000 in BRIBES in order to derail Clinton investigation by the FBI! This is why he is being FIRED, for cause!

Here's the timeline.

Longtime Clinton aide and ally—and current Virginia governor—Terry McAuliffe recruited a woman named Jill McCabe to run for state Senate in March 2015. McCabe's husband Andrew was, at that time, the director of the FBI's Washington, D.C., field office.

Hillary Clinton was the featured speaker at a June 26, 2015, fundraiser for the Common Good VA PAC and the Democratic Party of Virginia.

In late July 2015 the FBI began investigating Clinton's private-server case. In that same month, Andrew McCabe was promoted to become the bureau's associate deputy director—the agency's No. 3. The FBI says that McCabe did not have any "oversight" over the Clinton case as associate deputy director.

In October 2015 the Common Good VA PAC, controlled by McAuliffe, gave $450,000 to Jill McCabe's campaign.

In November 2015 Jill McCabe lost her race.

In February 2016 Andrew McCabe became FBI deputy director, the agency's No. 2. It's at this time that the FBI says he began to have an oversight role over the Clinton investigation. (Ultimate oversight over the case rested with Comey.) THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES A TWEET FROM TRUMP THAT MCCABE ACTUALLY RECEIVED $700,000 from the Clintons in order to derail the FBI Investigations into Clinton's private server!

I received a TIP from MegAnon 4Chan Post on Nov 30th. Here she talks about CIA/Marines....she implies something did go down, but it couldn't have been the Marines confiscating the CIA computers. Read for yourself:

Pompeo isn’t really the “Director” though and hasn’t been since mid-October. It’s why he hasn’t had the balls to say a fucking word after trying to call out Wikileaks and DOJ to “investigate”.

Rogers is a CIA sleeper and has been for almost the last 2 months. Pompeo has been nothing more to the CIA than a breathing body maintained for show. He’s only a been a title since mid October, as a premature ousting would’ve caused a disruption that we all couldn’t afford at the time. You’ll see how this plays out.

Like I said last time I posted about all this and specifically about Pompeo and Rogers a few weeks ago, it’s gonna continue to be a ride through the new year.

Anonymous ID:yqRd339z Thu 30 Nov 2017 11:51:58 No.151504694 ViewReport

No, it’s not Pompeo personally, who’s corrupt, hence he’s being recycled... just like Flynn will hopefully be after he’s indicted, testifies, is cleared like they all know he’ll be for bringing the house down (Flynn and Clapper to be fair, they’ll both be the heroes).

Pompeo is just in a similar situation as Flynn. This will make more sense later but you’ll realize what I’m saying as it plays out. Pompeo cannot proceed nor has he really since mid Oct. because he has to detach himself from the corruption that’s GOING TO come down around the last pillar. It’s preservation in a very good way. It’s why Sessions recused, why Wray has stuck to drugs, MS-13 and human/child trafficking as Russia implodes around his dept. There are things being shifted on purpose as things shake out too. Pompeo is one of these.

Alternatively, McCabe being demoted and relieved of investigative duties this past week and Tillerson leaving, are not for preservation or detachment. It’s instead, swamp related.

Anonymous ID:yqRd339z Thu 30 Nov 2017 12:14:20 No.151506983 ViewReport


Because he’s have been tied and exposed to more indirectly, than he already has been... much like Flynn and Clapper has been. Can’t clean it out the way it needs to be done by further implicating and exposing an innocent you’d like to use again. Much of the clean up is already done though... hence is why I say mid-Oct. that’s when it started. Last week put a nail in the coffin, but what went down in Langley was not exactly an MEU op. There’s a “misidentification” of ops. teams going on with that being spread on the internets. Can’t say more though but not the ID’ed MIops the Internet e celebs are trying to confirm and not exactly for the reasons they’re implying either. Close, but not nearly how they’re portraying it and certainly not to the extent. It

That’s what I meant but I was glad someone asked that cause i re-read it and was gonna post to clarify anyway.

Anonymous ID:yqRd339z Thu 30 Nov 2017 12:22:07 No.151507795 ViewReport


Don’t get it twisted, y’all. Tillerson isn’t swamp dirty like McCabe, Mueller, etc. it’s just when you have to dip your toes in to do your job because until it’s drained, there’s no way to avoid it, you end up coming back with some dirty shit on your foot. There’s a big difference though so try to remember that as you watch it unravel.

Tillerson, Pompeo, Flynn, all good guys. All doing the right things the best ways they could under very dirty circumstances they did their absolute best to not only avoid and clean up on their own, but also helped expose. These 3 are a good example of those internal “white hat” types y’all refer to.

McCabe’s demotion/investigative relief was huge this week and it hardly got any coverage. Even on here, I was surprised.

Anonymous ID:yqRd339z Thu 30 Nov 2017 12:29:38 No.151508634 ViewReport


Implying it was marines-affiliated is what’s incorrect. I promise you, if a MAGFT/MEU Team were to EVER deploy on American soil, the entire world would know... not just a few local, unnamed witnesses or “residents”. In fact, that should’ve been everyone’s first red flag on this because not only could this like never happen as reported, did anyone really think “local residents” would’ve “witnessed” it?

I’m hearing if Cotton shifts that will be temporary too. Again I’m hearing this, NOT CONFIRMING. It’ll just be interesting to watch.

Anonymous ID:yqRd339z Thu 30 Nov 2017 12:33:20 No.151509044 ViewReport

December 1 1 post in FLYNN TO PLEAD GUILTY

It’s gonna be beautiful, y’all. The MSM and FBI/Mueller investigation will never recoup after Flynn is done with them. HE and his formal testimony will be the beginning of the end.

Like I’ve said for months... Manafort cooperated and knew what was coming and he did it for a reason. Flynn knew what was coming and cooperated for a reason. MANY pending indictment KNOW what is coming and SOME of them have cooperated for a reason.

So enjoy watching the MSM completely blow this SINGLE charge up, based on the conversation you ALREADY knew Flynn had with Russia and the accidental “lack of detail” and honest “miscommunication” he had with Pence. Remember Pence’s public statements about this. Remember how much the MSM is blowing this out of proportion right now... even Fox. All desperate to save their assets and look like they’re “working” this story.

Flynn, like Manafort, will walk and when this shakes out, all you’re going to be talking about is THE TRUTH you got from all his TESTIMONY that came from these “charges”. It’s unitonic that they blew up Manafort on technicality charges no one will EVER really care about, but AFTER he testified, he walked out with a gag and you haven’t heard SHIT since. THIS IS ON PURPOSE.

It’s not these charges that matter, IT’S THE TESTIMONY BEING COLLECTED and the establishment, Hillary, DWS, McCain, Obama, Podestas, Holder/Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. AREN’T CELEBRATING THIS SHIT! They’re fucking TERRIFIED. They know what’s coming too and Manafort’s indictment? Flynn’s “plea” on shit he ALREADY PUBLICLY ADMITTED and resigned over?! It all ONLY MEANS WHAT’S COMING FOR THE REST, is just ONE DAY CLOSER, y’all. Enjoy it!

Why the Flynn Guilty Plea Is Bad News for Pence (I thought "sound bytes" are not sworn testimony.)

Vice President-elect Mike Pence went on Face the Nation and addressed whether Flynn had discussed these sanctions during his conversations with Kislyak. Host John Dickerson queried Pence explicitly about Ignatius’ column. The following exchange occurred:

MIKE PENCE: I talked to General Flynn about that conversation…He had sent a text to the Russian ambassador to express not only Christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place. It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation. They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia.

JOHN DICKERSON: So did they ever have a conversation about sanctions ever on those days or any other day?

MIKE PENCE: They did not have a discussion contemporaneous with US actions…But what I can confirm, having spoken to him about it, is that those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the United States took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions.

According to Mueller’s indictment, Pence’s statement was false. Flynn indeed had talked about Obama’s sanctions with Kislyak, and Flynn had asked Russia to moderate its response. In other words, he had intervened in US foreign policy and undercut the outgoing administration.

Weeks after Pence’s appearance on Face the Nation—and following news reports that Flynn and Kislyak had spoken about the sanctions—the White House maintained that Pence had gotten this wrong because Flynn had misled him. And that deception, the White House said, was the reason Trump was booting Flynn from his job.
Yet the statement of offense undermines Pence’s initial remark about the Flynn-Kislyak conversation and raises big questions about whether Pence and other top Trump aides hid the truth about Flynn’s interaction with the Russian.....

...Mueller’s statement puts Pence on the hot seat. Was he really unaware of what “senior members” of the transition team were told about Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak? After all, at that time, Pence was the head of the transition team. A spokeswoman for Pence did not immediately respond to a request for comment....


Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 08:09:56 No.151609876 ViewReport

Umm, it was leaked on purpose y’all.

All you need to remember about Flynn is that they’re snagging him on the SINGLE CHARGE for the “miscommunication” technicality they were able to snag him on for the shit YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT between that bullshit “Russia call” and Flynn’s recap to Pence. You already know about this. Flynn resigned after admitting that it was nothing more than a miscommunication but because Pence is a dirty fuck, he danced around it like the good little establishment monkey he is and didn’t come to Flynn’s defense so “they” could squeeze Flynn out.

Why?! Because as you’ll see, Flynn, Kelly, Wray, Rogers, Sessions (to an extent), etc. ARE THE BIGGEST THREATS. THEY are the beginning of the end. Even Manafort and Awan were threats.

Be glad Flynn pleas to get the ball rolling. He knew he would be indicted. Manafort knew he would be, many more know they WILL be! But like Manafort and Awan, Flynn’s testimony will be explosive and he will also probably leave with a gag when he’s finished testifying, like Manafort did.

THIS Flynn shit isn’t important... it’s the TESTIMONY that WILL COME from it, that is important. It’s WHY all of this is happening in the first place and even Pence knows he’s about to look like one giant, lying, backstabbing asshole to Americans. He knows who he works for. Trump does too. It’s why Trump didn’t want him on the ticket and fought it til the very last minute. Only reason Pence was named was because Trump didn’t want the GOP to try to pull any of their tricks at the convention. Trump won the nomination by a lot but the GOP was already trying to start the buzz that they may seek an override. They started that buzz the MINUTE they thought Trump would push back on their NEGOTIATED PICK PENCE, and Trump kept them on their toes, delaying his VP pick announcement, even bringing Chris Christie in late in the game, all for show, to keep the estab. worried.

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 08:21:12 No.151610999 ViewReport

Quoted By: >>151611480


This is on purpose. This kind of shit is intentionally done PUBLICLY, so it will go on the records that it WAS DONE and so the MSM will report it, which is the ONLY REASON YOU CAN SAY IT WAS DONE, HERE IN YOUR POST.

It covers asses on purpose and for good reason, like they should be covering their asses. It’s done so no one can claim fault or error and get caught on another bogus “technicality” LATER, like you’re witnessing Flynn’s “single charge” over nothing being used as, right now! Flynn cooperated, like Manafort cooperated, like Awan’s were all too happy cooperating while singing like canaries, just like their Pakistani family friend Huma Abedin willingly sang with her hubby Weiner. Just like Lois Lerner and her deputy, just like Comey will, even like Mueller will when his turn comes last.

They sold out the swamp to save their asses and the best thing about Flynn today is that it’s only ONE DAY CLOSE, just one more box checked, until those we KNOW are guilty of SEVERAL CHARGES, are forced to stand before the American people so JUSTICE can finally prevail and WILL be SERVED.

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 08:22:17 No.151611124 ViewReport


Haha, yes! Thank you! You?

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 08:26:00 No.151611480 ViewReport


If McCabe’s DEMOTION AND REMOVAL FROM INVESTIGATIVE DUTIES this past week wasn’t something you were paying attention to, you might wanna start... when it’s McCabe’s turn to answer “FBI questions”, you’re not gonna remember what Flynn was even charged for. No one will...

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 08:43:31 No.151613438 ViewReport


Yes... and the only actual thing that will ever end of being important about these indictments/guilty pleas when the history books are written, is what CAME FROM THE EPIC TESTIMONIES, of people like Flynn, indicted on bullshit. No one will ever talk about Flynn’s guilty plea, Manafort’s indictment, even the Awan’s, etc. the way they *think* it will be talked about, based on how it’s loosely being positioned today. They will only ever talk about what all of this led to.

Remember that completely innocent filmmaker dude who was LITERALLY raided, arrested and charged for his supposed “YouTube video” that “caused” Benghazi? Yeah, poor that guy and poor Flynn. No different but will soon be vindicated. He knows it. It’s why he pled instead of waiting. He was tired of waiting. He wants it done so he can testify, vindicate himself, wash his hands of it and move the fuck on, just like he’s always known he’d be able to do because HE’S NOT GUILTY, just like the YouTube brah wasn’t guilty either.

See, they tried to tag Flynn with a “legal technicality” to use and exploit him as a pawn, like they did with many people. They did it thinking Comey and eventually Mueller, would just turn a blind eye, like they ALWAYS DID and wrap up another one of “their” messes with a pretty little bow again. These ARE their tricks. This type of shit is just an example of corrupt, DC standard political policy. It’s been tried, tested, practiced, polished and implemented for decades. Only difference is that NOW, there’s no one there willing to clean and wrap up all the messy loose ends for them.

Only people who woke up this morning dreading the news of Flynn’s “guilty plea” were former O admin and Hillary. Flynn work up and walked in there like the GENERAL fucking BOSS, he ALWAYS IS. Remember this.

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 09:00:03 No.151615240 ViewReport


Correction. He “shouldn’t have been charged with anything” but he WAS Charged to FORCE TESTIMONY because THEY were SILENCING Flynn, like they did Manafort. See, when you “cooperate” hand over everything you’ve got and even do things like “offer public testimony, under oath” to things like the “Senate Intel committee” and they reject because YOUR VOLUNTARY OFFER AND WILLING COMPLIANCE doesn’t mesh well with the whole, “you’re guilty of crimes we’re trying to blindly convince the American people you are guilty of” then you being cooperative, compliant, proactive, willing and voluntary, day rant doesn't really fit the “narrative” or “agenda” they’re pushing, to “prove” you’re “guilty” in the “court of public opinion”, does it?

They didn’t want Flynn or Manafort to testify. They didn’t want Awan brought in. You’ll see they even tried to help him leave, hence it will prove important later why he was detained at the airport. It wasn’t by accident. It was done so they could show you how “THEY” tried to scoot him off back to Pakistan so he wouldn’t be extradited... or so they assumed. Until a couple months later when “they” watched Pakistan release a family they’ve held captive for a long time, FOR FREE and for NOTHING in exchange. While that release symbolizes MANY THINGS, it also served as a whispered “fuck you” to Clinton, Huma/the Abedin family and the Awan family because Pakistan isn’t going to be bulldozed, exploited and blamed by “them” anymore. Especially when they know “they” don’t pull the strings because TRUMP has made that clear.

This is fact, y’all. You’re gonna find out exactly who technically got the Awan’s hired before Debbie or any Dems even knew who they were. Awan went to Harvard you know... on the same kind of Bin Talal scholarship Obama somehow got, too... hmmm...

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 09:23:43 No.151617814 ViewReport


Here’s the deal with Manafort. He’s no different than his old partner Stone, except he doesn’t sell himself out on social media, he just sells himself out to anyone still willing to pay him and keep him relevant, regardless of party ties/affiliations.

Manafort and people like him (lots in DC) care far less about who they work for and with, than they do about the hundreds of thousands they’ll earn from whoever’s looking for their services.

Manafort stepped in his OWN shit and didn’t care about it until he REALIZED he had to. He tried to buddy up tobtge admin and yes, he was brought on, but ONLY to serve a purpose.

Flynn doesn’t care about people like Manafort really being around DC. Begging for contracts like ambulance chasing lawyers. Alternatively, Manafort would do anything to get people like Flynn to care about him, so that should tell you enough about both.

The only thing that ties these two together is that they both worked for Obama, both worked for Trump and BOTH have a to say about it. The only DIFFERENCE they share in those ties, is that Flynn is doing it so the TRUTH can prevail, even if he had to take it on the chin publicly for a little while and resign/face indictments over it and Manafort is doing it because honestly, it’s just another shady deal he made, like all the shady deals he’s made, selling out people to cover his ass if and when he’s ever needed it, including today.

I know it sucks thinking guilty, shady people like Manafort, Comey, Mueller, Awan, Lerner, etc. won’t be sentenced or served the time they deserve, but if you knew how bad it really was here, you’d be willing to sacrifice on exchange for the big names and their networks.

Trust me, even I’m ok with Comey, Mueller, Lerner, etc. don’t get me wrong they’ll pay in many ways, but not as big as we’d expect. Sadly, you still need a little cooperation and help to force the swamp to drain itself.

Anonymous ID:MHJZh6dh Fri 01 Dec 2017 09:47:29 No.151620488 ViewReport


Awe, that’s nice of you to say those things. But try to only post away HERE, ok?

I think I’ve decided that when the fan has hit all the shit it can and the MSM has nothing else to report but the truth anymore, I’m going to out myself (on here of course), just so every EVERY SINGLE ONE of these “e-celebs” who thinks they’re “helping” with their “research”, “analysis”, “breakdowns/explanations” of my posts, as if they’re confirming who I actually AM, or WHO I’m affiliated with or not, has to eat their own shit, for being no less credible than the SAME MSM, they denounce.

So let’s keep it “anon”, keep the posts HERE and let THEM CHOOSE how they’ll proceed. But it sure would suck for people like, but not limited to, David Wilcock, to have to “explain” to his tens of thousands of innocent readers and viewers, how the very same , “sources”, “expertise”, “research”, “analytics” he uses to “validate” and “verify” his disclosure and ascension theories/predictions, could also lead him to be SO INCREDIBLY WRONG about ME.

If he wants to use actual “evidence” provided by a “source” to support his claims about me, maybe he should just post audio of the voicemail I personally left him the day before Thanksgiving. THAT’S REAL. He knows it. I know it. So why would he or his buddy Corey Goode post the things they have? I just don’t get it. Same for all these other people. It’s just disappointing.

RMN is an RA production.

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