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What Is an NFL?

Posted By: Lion
Date: Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 22:06:43

In Response To: Reader: 6 Major Lies That Will Be Pushed On NFL Fans This Week (Susoni)


That's how I deal with it, at least.

Some things are important, and some things are beating yourself up for no reason.

The programming box in your living room, for example.

So a bunch of wild gorillas want to chase a ball around.





: Anyone who is fully awakened to the agenda of the new world

: order and the globalist terrorists knows by now that they
: don't like to miss out on opportunities to push their lies
: and set up the general public for accepting their long-term
: agenda. It is therefore our duty to expose their lies
: before it happens in the hope that more people will see
: through their deception as it happens.

: ***************************

: 6 - You Need to Watch More TV

: Over the next couple of NFL weeks leading to the end of the
: season, the NFL will take money from Hollywood as producers
: promote their TV shows. The message? You need to watch more
: and more TV. The ads will come at the hypnotized NFL
: watchers, one after another, telling them what shows they
: need to watch for their lives to have more meaning and
: excitement. These ads, suggesting the watching of more and
: more TV shows, work perfect with the overall globalist
: plans. There is, after all, no way that their long-term
: plans for global domination will work unless people are
: continuously UN-aware of the global political scene. And
: there is no greater way to keep people unaware than to keep
: them entertained with meaningless and pacifying
: distractions.

: At this time of the year, with NFL football winding down,
: Hollywood producers are desperately trying to pull you into
: their hypnosis to get you to watch their shows and (like a
: drug) get you hooked on them. The ads will be cleverly put
: together with quick headline shots, compelling sound tracks
: and intriguing visuals, snappy actor dialogues and editing
: trickery, all designed to pull you in. Sadly, like ready
: sheep, millions of NFL TV watchers will be lured by these
: ads and commercials into thinking they are missing out on
: life if they don't watch these shows. All of this is just
: the tip of the iceberg of deception which we will see over
: the next few weekends.

: 5 - U.S. Military = "Heroes"

: The next biggest lie we will see pushed through the NFL is the
: meme that claims that U.S. military men and women are
: somehow "heroes" that deserve to be worshiped and
: admired for what they do. Nothing could be further from the
: truth. As I wrote about in an article several months back,
: U.S. military share no characteristics consistent with the
: definition of "hero", or for that matter (as
: discussed previously) with the definition of Character,
: Honor, or Honorable. As I discussed previously, one could
: argue that some of them show "courage" but this
: courage is only being applied in the same way that one
: could say that members of ISIS or Al Qaeda ALSO show
: courage by simply being part of those organizations.
: Courage alone is no reason to honor or worship someone in
: the U.S. Military. One MUST show honor and character, for
: without these virtues one cannot be considered a
: "hero".

: Despite that the lower ranking members of the U.S. military
: are lied to repeatedly by their leaders to keep them in
: line, the government and military will spend lots of money
: over the next few weeks to tell you that they are heroes.
: Despite the fact that the military obedient sheep are
: trained not to question their mission or ask questions, but
: instead to blindly follow their leaders, even if the
: mission they are in is dishonorable, NFL fans will be lied
: to and told that they are unquestionably heroes. Never once
: will NFL fans be reminded that Henry Kissinger himself said
: that "U.S. military men are just dumb stupid animals
: to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Instead these
: "dumb stupid animals" will be paraded as
: "heroes" instead of people who likely MAY have
: meant well when they joined but are now being lied to in
: every single thing that they do.

: 4 - Donate to Cancer Charities $$

: The NFL hype tends to bring out the call for money $$. NFL
: fans will be bombarded with charity calls for giving money
: to cancer. Despite the fact that no one ultimately knows
: where all the money goes, people will be lured into the
: almost religious call for shelling out money to one or
: several cancer foundations. This call for money will
: utilize sympathy and emotion to lure viewers into giving
: their money to these cancer organizations. Never once will
: the viewers be told that cancer is a multi-billion dollar
: scam industry that is designed to kill cancer victims not
: cure them, while making the industry billions $. Never once
: will viewers be told that government and the Medical
: Industrial Complex themselves have persecuted individuals
: who have cured their own patients of cancer. NFL hypnotized
: TV watchers will be told that cancer is a giant that has no
: cure unless they give their money to these foundations.

: The Western Medical Industrial Complex will take full
: advantage of this special time of the year to reassert
: their lies and deception on Americans that cancer is fought
: with pink ribbons, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a knife.
: The Western caveman approach to cancer will be sold to the
: American public as science. The same system which treats
: cancer as if it is a disease that must be smashed out with
: a hammer instead of seeing cancer for what it is - a
: symptom of an underlying disorder - will suggest that if
: you give money to cancer, that will bring us closer to a
: cure.

: No mention will be made of eating right, about repairing your
: own immune system so that your immune system can get rid of
: the cancer for you. Instead, like smashing the check-engine
: light in a car to fix a problem in the engine, the cancer
: business will continue to lie to American NFL watchers with
: few ever seeing the lie coming or much less understanding
: what cancer and its true cure is all about.

: 3 - Reinforcement of Previous False Flags

: There is no better time to reinforce false flags of the past
: than to push them through the NFL crowd toward the end of
: the season. We all saw the Sandy Hook children rolled out
: last year in the Super Bowl. Similarly, through the use of
: the sportscasters themselves as well as commercials,
: announcements, ceremonies, half-time specials, and pre-game
: presentations and more, we'll see specific false flags
: reinforced in the NFL platform.

: These clever techniques for reinforcing government false flags
: can come at any moment and have a powerful effect on the
: unaware viewer. Why? Because of the power of words that
: come out of the mouth of a trusted voice. They will often
: use the sports commentators and announcers to reinforce
: their false flags by having them make an announcement.
: Also, we may see a pre-game ceremony to honor the victims
: of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, etc.

: One of the great advantages the globalists have in this tactic
: is that these false flag reinforcements can come at any
: point, thus catching the viewer off guard. This is quietly
: one of the greatest lies NFL fans will be subjected to over
: the next few weeks.

: 2 - America: "Land of the Free"

: Young NFL fans are more likely to go for this one. During the
: national anthem, and at any other point in the
: presentation, particularly during one of their pro-military
: ceremonies we will hear America being alluded to as the
: "land of the free" despite the fact that since
: 9/11 America is anything BUT the land of the free. We have
: seen the massive frightening expansion of the aggressive
: police state, destruction of civil liberties, expanded TSA
: abuse, DHS's expanding roll, militarization of the local
: police, expansion of the PATRIOT Act and the N.D.A.A.
: (National Defense Authorization Act), all of this in just
: the last 10-13 years. Despite all of this, sports arenas
: all over will continue to toss around the phrase "land
: of the free."

: As someone who once worked in large sports stadiums I can
: assure you this deception will take place at no less than
: the stadium PA system level and will trickle down to other
: levels. Before and throughout the game, fans will be
: constantly subjected to announcements which are designed to
: keep the control system's paradigm intact. NFL fans will
: not only be periodically reminded that America is the
: "land of the free" but the word
: "freedom" and "free" will be tossed
: around regularly, often as mentioned above, in conjunction
: with the honoring of the military. This is just another lie
: to keep everyone, especially the military and those
: thinking of joining the military, believing they are
: fighting (or will be fighting) for something special
: instead of the truth, which is that they are just pawns in
: a global political scheme as admitted by Henry Kissinger.

: 1 - Join the U.S. Military!

: This final lie is, I believe, the GREATEST lie of them all.
: This is the mother-ship lie that NFL fans will be told and
: are told throughout the year and especially in these final
: NFL weeks. The dangerous and evil military industrial
: complex will pull out all its ammunition knowing that
: statistics show that 3 out of every 4 males in America
: watch NFL football. They know they have the undivided
: attention of these young men and they would never consider
: blowing this opportunity to lie and deceive these innocent
: young men into joining the U.S. military.

: With the money the U.S. military spends on injecting their
: influence on Hollywood, their influence on the NFL is far
: beyond what we could imagine. Look for the commercials, one
: after another, telling your kids to join the military for
: an education, a steady job and travel experience. No
: mention will be made about the 22+ veterans per DAY who are
: committing suicide or the alarming suicide rate in the
: active military. You won't hear about how our military set
: up and murdered Pat Tillman for not agreeing with the U.S.
: illegal wars. And we won't hear about how soldiers are
: suffering from PTSD, alcohol and drug problems, psychiatric
: problems, and mental disorders at an alarming rate.
: Instead, NFL fans will be flat-out lied to and told that
: everything is great, and that joining the U.S. military is
: a decision of courage and honor. They will even spin
: commercials that make the military life seem fun and
: exciting instead of the reality the U.S. military men and
: women face in the real-world supporting globalist
: terrorism.

RMN is an RA production.

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Susoni -- Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 20:02:36
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Lion -- Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 22:06:43
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Lion -- Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 23:01:23
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Lion -- Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 23:33:53

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