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To: This is one way how you could recognize bug/insectoid and reptilian entities.

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Sunday, 5-Mar-2017 22:30:07

Remember, if you want to find out how something “big” works, look at something “smaller”, which is similar to the “big” and know how it works, then you know. This is the beauty of fractal existence.

You want to know who is a bug/insectoid around you in human form?
All you have to do is look how the physical bugs/insects behave, then look how those around you behave and act.

One main, fundamental trend of physical bugs/insects is that they are ALWAYS “on the go”. They never could stop for more than a few seconds and stay motionless, unless they sense some kind of danger.

They are always gathering and building something.
Do you know anybody around you, who is like that?
Always “on the go”?

When a bug/insectoid in human form sees somebody who is not “working”, it gets upset. Then, they even give those idle people “jobs” to do. I KNOW, it happened to me! They just couldn't stand when somebody is not “working” but enjoying life and plain existence.

Do you know a NATION that is ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY busy, busy, busy, working all the time, never stopping....then loose everything?
Eins, zwei, eins, zwei, eins, zwei. Get them “Tigers” rolling and up in the air them “FW-190s”!

Were these entities really created from germs as the name indicates? Lol.
Why was THAT name chosen?
Who chose that name?
Themselves or somebody else?
Obviously, it is only in English language.
How did they manage to put their monarchs on the English throne?

What is one of the main theme in the bug/insectoid controlled, status quo human society?
Jobs, jobs, jobs.

People are after the governments constantly, to create more “jobs”.
A typical bug behaviour. Keep everybody busy, for the “collective”, “public”, “society”, with zero respect to individuality.

The government's duty is not the creation of jobs, but to provide “fertile grounds” for EVERYBODY to flourish, to thrive, without interfering on others, without being parasitic.

By the way, do you know the original meaning of “job”?
In Roman time, it was the cleaning of the sewers. When they said, “go and do your job”, it meant go and clean out the sewers.
How many status quo government “officials” know this?
How many of you knew this who are so proud to have a “job” or looking for a “job”?

An example about a “famous”, most likely bug/insectoid entity.
The Hildabeast.
According to slick Willy, in an interview, before election, he said about her that; “She is like a demon. Always on the go, never stops.”
Do you see any difference in her now?
“on the go, never stops”?
Sounds like bug/insectoid behaviour.

How about the Donald?
Doesn't he want to bring back “JOBS” to America?
Are we talking about two sides of the same coin?
The two antennae of the same bug/insectoid?
The Hildabeast and the Donald?
You bet!

So far, he gave what people wanted and wanted to hear, but watch how the Donald will start to weer off. Eventually, the two tracks (yours and his) will depart from each other and the “one train” illusion will be apparent.

Remember the old movie “Top Gun”, when they THOUGHT they were going after ONE Russian plane but in fact there were TWO of them, very close to each other?
“Shit there are two of them!”
Too late! You are NOT on the same “train” the Donald is on, although it appears to be!

You must of noticed how ANNOYING them bug/insectoid entities in human forms are, just like their physical counterparts. Some of them also “bite” you and “poison” your mind, if you let them and steal your energy. Their physical counterparts do the same, injecting their poison in your body and steal your life blood from you.

How about reptilians and their behaviours?
Have you ever seen a reptilian that is always “on the go”?
Maybe you have, but I haven't.

They are relaxed, soaking in the sun, staying motionless for long periods of time and eating bugs when hungry. Enjoying life and they are content. Kind of like the North American Indians used to be. Then bugs/insectoids came along and stole their lands, destroyed their customs, violated, tortured, raped and subjugated them into bug/insect like behaviours and customs.

How about them “preppers”, who are constantly busy, busy, busy to provide for themselves and for their families?
It's a noble idea no doubt, but only on the surface. The deception is great and carefully cloaked with “good intentions”! Kind of like them “packages” every “enlightened” individual is waiting for to come.

Who came up with the “prepper” word originally???
Never crossed your mind but that word is also came from the “controlled opposition” of the bug/insectoid controlled status quo. If you are a “prepper”, you are towing their wagon and they love you for it.

And you are so proud and satisfied of what you hoarded, collected. Like the rich man who wanted to build bigger barns. More and more and more.
When is enough?
How much is enough?
There is no limit for bugs/insectoids. Never is enough for them, they always want more and more.

There are far more bug/insectoid entities than reptilian ones. In the physical world, there are three hundred pounds of bugs/insects for every pound of human. A big ratio.

Now, you could have a pretty good idea who is who around you. Including yourself. Just apply the template and see if it fits. That “Dunn” fellow is totally mixed up.

If you ignore the physical bugs/insects that violate your body, it is safe to say that you must be insane. Nobody in his/her right mind would allow his/her body to be violated, the way bugs/insects violate our bodies.

The physical is only a reflection of the spiritual, so you can imagine what and how them bug/insectoids violate and torture us humans in the spiritual world. NOT the reptilians!

There is no proof of reptilian violations, tortures of humans in this physical world, consequently there are no reptilian violations of humans in the spiritual either. The bugs/insectoids are our problems and enemies.

RMN is an RA production.

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To: This is one way how you could recognize bug/insectoid and reptilian entities.
sonofthewind -- Sunday, 5-Mar-2017 22:30:07
Re: Response from reader
sonofthewind -- Tuesday, 7-Mar-2017 10:43:26

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