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Blood types Rh Positives And Rh Negatives

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Friday, 30-Sep-2016 11:42:44

In Response To: Reader Pat: Like Christ, ALL founders of world religions on ALL continents were BLACK and “woolly” haired (RumorMail)

Dear Reader,

I can see how people can change due to environment; that makes sense to me and have watched "very closely because of my illness"
as others that are new to areas slowly begin to have their looks altered.

One of the alterations that I figured out was related to hydrogen sulfide. I watched young people come into mountain towns and look pretty when they got their; yet after a year or so began to look very worn, and depressed. Not that they were it was just the appearance and why when I moved to a mountain town I made sure to have filters on both drinking water as well as bathing water. At first, I considered the drinking as the culprit and for some this was true but not all so what was it.
I noticed that long time locals that looked young had water systems and this seemed to suggest what was really occurring.

Hyrdrogen sulfide is also Highly suspect in being able to allow folks to walk on coals as it goes into the human body it seems to have the ability to disperse heat. The more hydrogen sulfide the longer I can handle it and in fact when I was poisoned with it again I couldn't feel heat and yet, not nerve damage the feeling comes back as soon as the hydrogen sulfide is gone. It is a great darkening of the skin. Yet, not the color but causes darkening as would dye.

This His-Story as you call it leaves out a great deal in so far as what I've read there is no mention of the Red Haired mummies found in the pyramids and I highly suspect they controlled many priests and religions.

Lloyd Pye was a man I followed very closely as his information seemed to hold much truth; he has since passed. The Star child information as well as Morgellons is found in the questioning at this page. His early information that discredits Morgellons was based on some things that weren't fully known at the time and have since been shown to be exact to the star child information.

To be sure, the fibers in Morgellons, some are keratin, collagen based but there are some of silicon; the question is if they are there because of implants or something else? Or if this was an out and out lie?

In this time we are in, it is obvious that the geneticists are playing with us once again and we are suffering for it.

I've been told that many of them that travel the worlds are just that; those that create?

If I were going to create a new world; first I would wipe the slate clean and somehow I think they have to have our OK to do this and they get our OK by us doing nothing more than partying or better stated immersing ourselves in the material. Looking outward and not noticing what is happening to our bodies for the
correct reasons and concerns, not just how it looks but how thing really are.

In other words if some became advanced enough to realize what is going on; then it becomes more of a challenge to recreate the world. There will be those that find this interesting so less will want the challenge but some will still take it on and if one looks at the whole picture--our bodies and the environment--please look up into the sky, our minds, our spirit, our hearts
and emotions--it is easy to see that someone is taking a big spoon and stirring up everything; even that which we thought we knew.

What blood type is the oldest? What type from what genetic 'mother' is the oldest? What does this tell us?

Some folks want to think because they are first they should always be first, some people want to think light comes before dark or dark before light, some people want to think you only get the girl if you are stronger more buff and others see the value in the intelligence. I suppose they are all right to some degree; to the degree of creating a new world each will stand out in its own right in different circumstance. So in other words; if I were choosing a group to survive I would choose one of each group so that the gifts they have acquired because of their challenge would help the whole of that which is left to survive.

There is one special thing that was noted to the Morgies or those with Morgellons as it is a genetic association that screams out. The controllers (or those that seemed to be in control at the moment:))Had discussed a gene that was "Selfish"; by nature this sounds bad in our world but if one does more examination it seemed this group would do whatever it could to protect its genetic code; their children. Even to leaving them
to others to protect them from an illness placed upon the mom; if mom suspected that it was contagious more so than is stated except by those that have it; fluid transfer from mother to child, sexually, open sore when doing dishes, perhaps open sore but just the water transfer is enough.

This information is in my mind but has been wiped from the web unless someone else has it to bring up and a posting would be greatly appreciated and if different; I pray I will be able to tell.

Other information that has been looked at is that from Tom Horn as well as movies that scream about the story of Rh Negative and Rh Positive such as "Splice" which Tom Horn himself alluded to as well.

The Eves come from one type of human and the Adams another; often we are told that the male contains the light (which makes me think of the shining ones (noor)light or bright.


Understanding the process is very important not to repeat the dark times such as that which is now happening again, the genocide. How do we know who will give up so that others will live or do we just want a boat load of takers? It is like the God with the shaker upon the earth and he is saying just a pinch of assholes--OOOPPs!

Vaccines and the plague online (genetic tampering in my thought process):
Now mix into this plot

This has changed big time since I last examined it---I had connected to a certain line the morgies based upon certain genetics but as time has went on, now I wonder what is the truth of things, the ever changing truth as it applies to all of us.

It is to understand that we do not know everything and as more information is made avail to us our previous information of 'truth' must be acknowledged to be ever changing. This concept of wikipedia is a good one; but and it is a BIG BUT because it is not implemented on science but on some persons convoluted, mishmashed ideas it is tainted and that makes the whole idea tainted!

What of the positives and Negatives--I'm still on the fence on that one--what it is and why?

Had a strange thought (that is all it is at the moment); considering electricity and how things work and I wondered if there were not two worlds very much alike and the positives on one and the negatives on another, dimensions whatever you wish to call it.

Many people of Rh Negative blood often end up very sad because we are backwards in the way we state things here on this earth and so often seen as cold but if a person listens long enough this just isn't the case for most. There are those that will get caught up in the first part of their thought process and not allow for full development where in the Rh negaitves the emotion and feeling seem to come at the end that I've noticed:)

Perhaps someone pulled us from the other world because the positive died here and it was important for the space to be filled????? Just thinking and hopefully it will always be allowed.

Judge people not by their color but by their actions and understand that given different environment some will change; others won't it is just the nature of things. Remember Russo's Film; that was a teaching moment, in his memory and he fought for a great deal (look him up):

Many Blessings,

RMN is an RA production.

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