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One Needs Only To Analyze Definitions....Bill's Definition Of "Sexual Relations" And Lynch's Definition Of "Accept"...

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 3-Jul-2016 10:54:24

In Response To: Jim Stone: If you think anyone is going to "lynch" Hillary, think again. (Watchman)

As Rush Limbaugh is wont to say...."Words mean things"...

We all know the story of how Bill C's Definition of "I never had sexual relations with that woman" turned out.

Now we are faced with Lynch saying she would 'accept' the recommendations of the FBI investigators with regard to the ongoing Hitlery indictment charade, which action would, of course put hillary in prison.

We cant have THAT... scratching that scab would result in sufficient bloody puss to actually damage the elites criminal operation from congressional whorehouse to the corrupt white house.

The same fix is in, people. She has refused to appoint a special prosecutor, which would of course remove all political consideration from the case.

The way out for the criminals was made plain by Bills meeting with her in Phoenix.

Ie, allow a controlled media show to cover her butt, while "accepting" the decision of an obviously compromised FBI with regards to Hitlerey's 'faux pas' with Benghazi, the sales of US uranium to Russia and the open secret email leak at State.

So what else is new, people? Get used to the continuing and ever increasing corruption of the whole damned enchilada.

Meanwhile, have a happy fourth...those of you who do not remember what it stands those GMO hot dogs and drink your damned GMO beer...

The Patriots? Well... standby for another hard ram to your ass.

: Hillary's immunity is so entrenched that there are very few
: possibilities for how such immunity could have ever
: happened. So let me guess a couple: 1. BEST GUESS Hillary
: has support that has nuclear weapons planted in New York,
: LA, DC and other major American cities, and if she really
: does go to jail, they will be set off. Now that it is being
: revealed that the Clinton foundation is in fact a 100
: billion dollar scam, that witch could pay for anything, and
: to be frank, with Israel around I don't think she needs to
: pay anyone. See the report Nuclear Blackmail, YES, I
: believe Hillary is part of that power structure and that is
: most likely the reason why no one will touch her. There
: simply cannot be any other type of reason why America's
: intelligence agencies, which still have a few patriots,
: won't touch her.

: 2. Less probable guess, but it is, from how things are going,
: somewhat plausible: - If David Icke is correct about the
: reptilians, and they have decided mankind is going nowhere.
: They don't want us in space, they are afraid of us, which
: is why ever since nukes were set off, everything possible
: has been done to destroy science and education. The movie
: 2001, a space odyssey, was actually realistic and well
: calculated. We should have made it to Mars 15 years ago,
: and I doubt anyone ever will unless that achievement can be
: rendered irrelevant by programs of destruction that are
: already in place.

: What would those programs to destroy us be?

: 1. First and foremost, the vaccination programs, which are
: clearly and obviously being used to destroy our children
: and future. Interesting it is that the trolls first
: response to someone against vaccines is to call them
: scientific illiterates, when in reality, those who are
: awake and understand science well are those who understand
: best exactly how the newly formulated vaccines destroy the
: children. The fact destruction via "vaccination"
: goes unabated with so many aware people out there to stop
: it is cold hard proof an enemy that seeks our total
: annihilation is running the power structure, and David
: Icke's lizard people are a pretty fine candidate. Only that
: type of race and society would want to see ours so firmly
: and completely annihilated. Why on earth would even the
: most pathetic low life among us seek that?

: 2. The continued destruction of our educational system, via
: evermore degraded teaching programs, with the latest being
: common core. Why on earth would even the most pathetic low
: life among us seek that? It makes more sense that something
: off planet is afraid of us having technology, and wants it
: obliterated.

: 3. The now near total destruction of our once fantastic
: printed libraries. We can't get them back and there is
: positively nothing on the web now that could match what was
: in a small town 1980's library, and I mean SMALL town,
: population 1,000. Forget the big city libraries, even the
: small town stuff is now dead. Why on earth would the most
: pathetic low life among us seek that? YOU GUESS YOUR OWN
: CONCLUSION, but it makes perfect sense to me that something
: off planet wants us wiped out.

: And you could also go into GMO's, the climate change hoax, the
: moral depracation, and so many other things only an alien
: would want to smash us into oblivion, and I am not going to
: line item everything. The first three big ones paint a
: picture clearly enough.

: SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. Either Hillary is backed by earth based
: forces that will nuke it all if any one of them is held to
: account, or Hillary is backed by "Reptilians" who
: seek our destruction. Could anyone possibly explain to me
: how such a piece of abhorrent malfunctioning trash that
: continually floats a raft of lies on an ocean of bullshit
: while murdering and robbing and selling out America could
: possibly still be in a high position in this nation? I'd
: like an explanation for that, - WHAT, you mean to tell me
: that absolutely everyone in the power structure, including
: those in the military want her to still be around enough to
: not bust her right this minute? I don't believe it, she is
: living free by riding on top of some sort of nuclear level
: threat against the nation, NO IFS OR BUTS.


: NOTE: There are imbedded links in this article which are
: available at the site...

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