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Posted By: igots2no
Date: Friday, 6-May-2016 15:54:58

Alright, the gloves are off, and we might as well get down to it right now and begin swinging. The thieves are out into the night to cause as much trouble as they can to those trying to implement the new gold backed financial system for all Peoples of
all Nations of the World, not just the select few who feel they can steal therefrom. Karen "Halloween Pumpkin" Hudes is up to old tricks, doing drugged out fake news reports, pretending to implement the Global Currency Reset through her fraudulent
usage of the Global Debt Facility with help from friends of the World Bank Group. She's a liar, she has nothing to do with the Global Debt Facility, and there will be no Global Currency Reset, or RV. It's a fraudulent psyop to make the people of
America and the World believe in the U.S. Dollar, and the scam in operation behind its manipulation.

'Benny the Fraud' Fulford is doing the same thing, while trying to destroy the ITC /OITC, and disinform the world re the fake tax writeoff White Dragon Society, as if they have anything to do with anything legitimate, other than trying to sell stolen
gold and historical assets and bonds. He is being guided by Neil "Pugnose" Keenan, a phony coke dealing Irish / American, who was kicked out of the U.S., and guided Keith Francis Scott's effort to murder the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, and take over
the OITC, and hijack the Global Debt Facility.

And the Totally Fake Judge Anna 'Banana' von Reitz, or is it Riezinger this week, who continues to lay out a phony track of total fiction as to the state of the Global Debt Facility and America's financial history, and the ownership of the Collateral Assets. And now, we got two of the biggest clowns under the Big Top, Jerzy Babkowski and Doug Jones, representing the fake CIA / Bankster Landa China Global, and their efforts to steal and cash in on historical bonds and assets. I will examine in great detail how these two Cabal Assets are conning us into believing they are involved in national 'Sovereign' debt relief programs. But first, I must deal with some tyrants.


I want to dedicate this letter to all those brave and heroic People who are over there fighting against one of the greatest tyrant idiots ever to exist on this planet, all time, or, on any other planet, for that matter, at any time. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdogen.

If you are fighting against this Demon baffoon, and you are reading this, me and all my friends want you to know that we are sending you powerful healing energies and wishes of the greatest of luck and triumph. We think you are heroes, and we want you to give Erdogen his own dose of Hell, which he more than deserves.

Everyone in my neighborhood thinks REY, which is what they call the Turkish Head of State, or Iggy Erd, which is short for Ignoramus Erdogen, which is kind of a sideways tribute to Moe of The Three Stooges, although Moe, when you really think of it, was actually really bright and Einsteinian compared to this dim bulb rep of the fine Turkish People, who calls himself their President.

REY, and I'm talking to you you Ignoramus, I've been told by people in the know that you should go find a Bugs Bunny hole in Khazaria to hide in, because Elmer's got something for you. You are a threat to mankind, and the People of Turkey, helped by the People of the World, will eventually take you and your Demonic family and friends down. And we cannot wait to see the day you are deposed, and arrested, and tried in an appropriate court of law, and then sentenced for your horrible murderous thug crimes. And then we will get to watch you spend the rest of your life in the ITC's new "Shark Tank" - Really, you should ask David Crayford about it, the ITC's building one right now as we speak - and you'll be right there next to the blubbering likes of Hitlery and Kill, George and Georgie, and you'll be right around the corner from 'Benny the Fraud', Keenan, Karen Hudes and Keith Francis Scott, and you'll all be in there for the crimes you have all committed against the Peoples of the World, and to the Assets of the Global Debt Facility.

Ouch, Caspar, that must've hurt. David Crayford seemed to mess you up, again. Not that you weren't messed up to start with, Caspar, but you might want to change your shirt. Cuz you're gettin' blood everywhere. What Mr. Crayford says about you is true. Putting the 'Ignoramus' label on you would be a compliment, in this circumstance. You're obviously rogue, looking to steal money from poor ignorants such as yourself. Let me give you a bit of advice. Never cite Wikipedia as your supporting reference in any disinformation piece. No one will ever believe you. It's like citing Biblical Verse at a Satanic Child Sacrifice. Everybody will adjust their masks and just look at you oddly, and they'll know you don't belong. Sort of like everyone is doing with what you write now.


I got to say, reader GB, after again reading what you wrote to Mr. Crayford, you're as bad as the others. Cabal Shill with no constructive contribution to mankind whatsoever. You kinda got the Caspar and Lion syndrome about you. (yeah, I will be dealing with you below, Lion). Obviously you've been speaking to the wrong people in getting your lame answers. Here, let me offer you some intelligence, from an American Lawyer, who's tired of negative people keeping my country, and the world, down in the financial dumps. Your questions are followed by my answers.

GB: "Mr. Crayford is such an important person as a spokesperson and counselor for the OITC why does he waste his time even responding to those of us here at Rumor Mill?"

AL: Because Rumor Mill News used to be a great site to get truthful information out to the public about what the rogue aspects of government and the CIA are up to in subjugating mankind. This is a place where people like me used to be able to come to for truth. There are no other avenues out there like this. You and I both know the Mainstream Media is completely controlled by the Banksters who stole from the Global Debt Facility Assets to buy up all the global media so they could disinform us as to truth, dominate us, and program us into an information box. Now, these same Cabal Shill Puppets have moved over into alternative sites. So that's why it's tough to find truth anywhere, especially if you go look at what 'Pugnose' Keenan,'Halloween Pumpkin' Hudes, or the Totally Fake Judge von Reitz have been posting. It's all disinformative lies. It's there to make us believe that the financial system is doing okay, when, in reality, it is on the verge of sucking ninety percent of Humanity into a lifeless void.

GB: "Wouldn't his excellency, Mr. Crayford, be more productive by having high level financial meetings with world leaders rather than spending his time here writing seven pages of remarks to one of our agents?"
AL: By the way, H.E. is the proper title, as in His Excellency. Which, Dude, trust me, Mr. Crayford, the ITC, and OITC Senior Global Envoy David Sale clearly are. These brave souls are leading the global transformation of the financial system, and Mr. Crayford would love to be working on more important investigations and meetings. And he does, when the need is there. But the man is nearly 80 years old, and he only has 24 hours in a day, and Ignoramuses like you keep popping up and writing disinformation and slop that must be addressed, so the masses aren't confused as to the reality of the Global Debt Facility in relation to our financial system and the Cabal Shills like you. The fact is, America, and those Nations that she dominates, are in serious financial trouble. People are dying and suffering in the Western Hemisphere. There is no value to our currency. The only way for America, and her Allies, to get gold backing for our upcoming new, non Federal Reserve Currency, is to: 1) Pay off the more than One Thousand Trillion dollars in assets that the U.S. rogue governmental agents and the Cabal have stolen from the Global Debt Facility over the last 100 years; 2) Pay off our nineteen trillion dollar national debt; 3) And have a president like Kennedy (or maybe Trump?), prove to the world that we will protect enough Global Debt Facility Gold, to house in custodianship, to back our new currency, that will prove to the world that America (or her Allies) is responsible enough to participate with the rest of the world in the new gold backed financial system.

GB: "David Cameron, and many others are discussed here almost daily yet they never bother to respond here. If Mr. Crayford is who he claims to be and holds such an important post why does he bother with us?"

AL: It's interesting, GB, of all the people in the world you could have cited, you cite David Cameron. Could it be because you have a thing with penis in pig's mouths, as does Mr. Cameron?

GB: "In my opinion Mr. Crayford, you are rather pathetic as well as transparent. I am in several of the prosperity programs and truly I have no idea if they will ever pay out. If they do, then great, but I've never stopped living my life for the last

twenty-four years waiting for it."

AL: Seriously GB, you're a hack. A total Cabal Shill. And you're pathetic. You're sarcasm and cynicism drip unbearably for normal people who just want to find truth. And the Ignoramus label definitely applies to you for buying into the Prosperity Program scam. Twenty years and no one has ever been paid off from the prosperity programs, but you're still waiting. GFL. You and a lot of other poor, lost souls who listened to the wrong voices of disinformation, and too lost their moneys and souls to the scammers who scam.

GB: "You, on the other hand seem to have an unnatural need to rain on everyone's parade whether you are familiar with actual events or not. Why? It does not make sense unless you have an agenda. Just logical observations about many illogical posts by Mr. Crayford. Why does he care what we post?"

AL: There's nothing logical about anything you said, GB. You're a Cabal Shill Asset looking to confuse the issues as to the reality of the ITC, the OITC, and the Global Debt Facility. You should take a hike. We don't need your negativity in America, or anywhere else. And the same can be said for the Cabal Shill that calls himself Lion.


Lion, David Crayford has never been more right than his latest piece in addressing you. You are awful, a swollen scourge on Humanity. People actually want to hear and read what David Crayford has to say, without your ugly, insulting personality getting in the way of his truthful message. From now on, I want you to know, I am David Crayford's mouthpiece. Just like he speaks what the ITC wants the world to know, I am going to speak about what David Crayford wants to world to know. So I will address you, like I did your Cabal Shill Buddy, GB, above, with your questions followed by my answers.

LIONESS: "As a lawyer, you practice the above everyday to earn a living, Mr Crayford, but when someone else expresses their opinion, you claim 'defamation'?"

AL: The defamation is when you coat your opinion in the cloth of truth. There is no truth to anything you say. I've read your opinions, which is all you share. I've been reading them for way too long. There's no constructive element to anything you've ever posted under this name. You shouldn't talk nonsense and make people believe it's truth. Your lumping the ITC / OITC with the Predatory Parasitic financial institutions like the IMF is like comparing yourself to a group of American Patriots. There's no truth to it. It's a no fit. The ITC is in fact the one person who was appointed by the Global "Hierarchy" to apply the Global Debt Facility to the world financial system. That's his / her job, and you continue to defame Mr. Crayford, the ITC / OITC, the Global Debt Facility, and the Royal Families of the World, who appointed the ITC, who appointed Mr. Crayford, who I'm sure will love to hear what I'm saying to you right now.

LIONESS: "As I stated earlier, since 'I can't see the wood for the trees', why should my being wrong irritate you so much?"

AL: Because you keep speaking to the public as if you have a clue as to the truth of what you speak. You are a disinformant, Lion, just like Hudes, Keenan, Fulford, Fake Judge Riezinger. You spin a web of deceit. You create false hope. As soon as you take your ugly, disrespectful, untruthful words elsewhere, Mr. Crayford can do real work, instead of chasing flies, and we the people can discover more truth.

LIONESS: "Please, stop wasting your valuable time quibbling with small potatoes such as myself who 'can't see the wood for the trees' - or even identify the correct structure of a sentence - and get about the work of accomplishing your task."


David Crayford is right in what he says in the posting here:;read=45640

Lion, GB, Caspar, and other Cabal Shills like them, you should keep your 'opinions' on a leash until you know the facts. Your responses to Mr. Crayford's intelligently thought out and stated writing were pure hack pieces, and nothing else. You contribute nothing to the conversation. You're a cheap suit when it comes to clothing the problems of the world with logical, practical solutions. In fact, everyone involved in that particular exchange, other than Mr. Crayford, were total hacks. You're like a bunch of teenage thugs hiding in a dark ally so you can gang up on an old man. A bunch of jackals yalping and slobbering all over each other, patting each other's backs, but, again, adding nothing constructive in any way whatsoever to the conversation. But opinion. A lot of non supported opinion lacking foundation or basis. And speculation. Lot's of speculation.

You're like Keenan and Hudes and Fulford and The Fake Judge. You don't really contribute anything to Humanity, you just take. In their cases, each of them plays their part in disinforming the world regarding their shameless theft of Assets of the Global Debt Facility, which are meant for Humanity, and then they cause even more problems, as if there weren't enough caused by 100 years of abuse of the Global Debt Facility by the likes of the TTTGC, the Bushes, the Clintons, Scott, Keenan, Fulford, and Hudes, preventing the ITC from getting the Accounts and Collateral Assets straightened out so each signatory country to the treaties could legally utilize the Global Debt Facility for the benefit of Mankind. Sort of like the way you Cabal Shills try to keep David Crayford from delivering his truth-filled message to the People of the Nations of the World, unobstructed.

The person posting, the Administrator, doesn't have to recklessly defend a reader he posts just to defend that person at all costs. There must be logic to what he or she is saying. Many of us have been studying what's going on for many years. We know as fact that Karen Hudes is a fraud, a total fake. She has nothing to do with the Global Debt Facility, other than what she falsely claims. She doesn't represent Americans' interests any more than The Fake Judge and her plastic nonsense. There is zero truth to any claim she's ever made regarding the Global Debt Facility, and I'm talking about Anna von Reitz / Riesinger, the Fake American Judge from Germany.

'Benny the Fraud' Fulford too is an absolute disinformationist. He takes good information and mixes it with his underworld handlers' disinformation track. They're the ones who are trying to steal the Assets of the Global Debt Facility, and Fulford is their lackey. Keenan is a murderous, criminal, thug, and you'll see why in greater detail in coming articles. Same with Scott, Spergel, Wilcock, Drake, and the like. If you've read what these guys are saying, and tie it in with the timeline created by David Crayford, who is the only source on the planet actually consistent with the facts he presents regarding the Collateral Assets of the Global Debt Facility, then you might begin to get a picture of what is really happening across this planet, who's telling the truth, and who's lying.

It would be nice, Lion, if you would actually try to listen and learn, for a change, and add to the conversation with a more constructive tone. As an old DOD boss I used to work with used to say, 'Don't bring a problem to the table unless you've got a solution attached thereto.' Instead of whining about the problem, offer a viable solution. I have written three intelligently paced articles that have been well received throughout the world, yet, I heard nothing from you guys who like to attack based on opinion and speculation and not fact. I'm trying to help solve the problem of the global financial crisis. Russia, China, and India are leading the rest of the world in a dramatic shift away from the US Dollar dominated Fiat Currency Financial System and into a system that will see the world's currencies backed by precious metals and assets of value. The United States, and all other countries under her domination and control, are backed by Fiat. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Our Gold was stolen from us. We the People are dying. The economies of Russia and China continue to grow.

There is only one way for America, and all her dominions to tap into the gold backed financial system that India, Russia, and China are now leading the world into. It's called the Global Debt Facility, and the ITC.

That's why Mr. Crayford's always up here attacking the rats. And that's why the rats keep attacking him. Know what I mean, Lion?

Bring it on. I challenge you to debate me with some intellect, although I know you'd be a little short on ammo. Try using some valid documentation for a change to support your opinionated hack pieces. I challenge Karen Hudes to debate me. The same challenge goes out to 'Benny the Fraud' Fulford and The Fake Judge.

You have to read, and you have to study, and you have to have some respect for truth at some point. If you read and study what I have previously written, you could consider that a good place in the conversation to start. I encourage constructive comment from everyone. It will further the conversation toward solution. I'm not messin' around. Neither is David Crayford. I didn't hear any of you Cabal Hacks comment in any kind of constructive manner, with me or Mr. Crayford, or the brilliant information he espouses, or that I have shared, but I would encourage you to begin now. Analyze what I have said here. Analyze what I have said in my three previous writings. It is all well researched and documented. It has all received wonderful support from and by experts in the military, intelligence, financial, legal, and banking fields. They have all given me a thumbs up on this information I am bringing forth. Same with Mr. Crayford's truth. If you could find a way to use this constructively to build from, please do. We all want to hear what you have to say. Bring solution to the table. That's what this forum is really all about. That's what the two people who started RMN started it for in the first place. To bring about TRUTH from a world filled with the fog of disinformation. To bring about solution. Many blessings.

And then there's this.;read=46101

Poofness and Zap, more Cabal Hacks feeding us more disinformation. Ladies and Gentlemen of the World, there is no truth to anything on this page. It again seems to be Cabal Shills working with the likes of Jerzy Babkowski and Doug Jones in their fraudulently run Landa China Global / Humanas scam routine, analyzed below.

One particularly absurd part comes therefrom (my responses follow):


AL: Yes, David Crayford knows exactly of what he speaks. His words are intelligent and thoughtful. Yours are not. There will be no payoff from these programs referred to on the above page. Zap is a Cabal Shill tied into the disinformation being spread regarding Jerzy Babkowski and Doug Jones' work. But poofness is struggling, everybody, so grab your tissues and dig into your wallets.


AL: My two fingers are playing this really tiny violin for you. You're a Cabal Shill, and those you are talking about and to, are stealing Assets from the Global Debt Facility as we speak. They will never share a cent with you, trust me. I'm a lawyer. Jerzy and Doug, and 'Halloween Pumpkin' and 'Pugnose' and 'Benny the Fraud' are all too busy taking Collateral Assets for themselves. The Banksters will get the biggest cuts of all, the Banksters and their Handlers. But the Cabal's Handlers' moneys are drying up. That's what the new global gold backed system is all about. Drying up the Predators and Parasites, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Bushes and Clintons. Dry them up, and their assets dry up too, just like salt in a bowl of slugs. Only, in this case, you're the slug. You're on the side of evil, and you will dry up. No criminals you work for are going to share anything with you, no matter how much you beg. Why don't you try getting a real job. Or take Mr. Crayford's and my advice from above, and try to work constructively, with other struggling Humans, and let's together come up with a solution for positive change.

AL: BS! "TRILLIONS INTO THE SYSTEM." What a liar who factually knows nothing about the situation. The only trillions from stolen Global Debt Facility Assets and Accounts go to Banksters and Cabalists. There is no main funds to be released for historic bonds. It's song and dance. You're being fed disinformation. You have been lied to and you, like the rest of us, will never receive anything from the stated criminals like Doug Jones and Jerzy Babkowski.


It seems like all the clowns from under the Big Top are now out. They're coming out in droves, all wanting to tell the world everything is okay in the global financial crisis, that someone else is solving all of our financial problems, and that we don't have to do anything other than just look the other way while they steal the Collateral Assets from the Global Debt Facility, kill millions of people in the world in the process, and starve those with no food or money to buy it.

The sudden push seems to be a response to the work of one David Crayford. As the world begins to learn the truth of the ITC / OITC and the Global Debt Facility, and the Fiat Currency system versus the competing gold backed financial system arising out of the East, the Cabal Shills are desperate to fill the airwaves. Keenan, Hudes, von Reitz, Fulford are disinforming the ignorant populace at an alarming rate.

While children the world over are starving to death, Cabal Assets Doug Jones and Jerzy Babkowski are busy disinforming the world and stealing from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, while calling them collectible 'Sovereign' historic bonds. These documents were supposed to be used in conjunction with the Collateral Assets they represented which were intended to feed the world's hungry. Instead, it feeds Keenan's pug nose and Hudes' Halloween Mask. Fulford gets more blow for the nose. These are bad people who are going to prison, just like Jerzy and Dougie and the Bushes and the Clintons.

Oh, and a little bit of special information for the Cabal Assets Doug Jones and Jerzy Babkowski. The new M1, which you have been told is secret, is the New International Treasury Controller and I am sure he / she will never give permission or authority to use GDF assets to anyone as this is all undertaken intenally by the ITC. So take your time and chew on that information for a while. Liars.


You can see Keenan's and Fulford's fingerprints all over the debacle that is Land China Global / Humanas. Their approach is pretty basic, simple, and the same. Attack the ITC/OITC, and say the Chinese (Dragon) Families are in charge of what happens to the Global Debt Facility, and then encourage us (ignorant public) to find more information, from yet more Cabal Shills and Disinformants, who have laid out their information / history tracks all over the Internet, unobstructed by any governmental agency whatsoever. They're all protected by the CIA. Jerzy Babkowski and Doug Jones are their lackeys.

In discussing these clowns, we'll first start looking at this site.

It's a fake attack on Jerzy, Dougie, Landa and Humanas, and their alleged association with the OITC. It's based on this RMN posting hereinbelow. The purpose of the page is to assassinate the character and truth that is the ITC / OITC. The RMN posting that got everyone backtracking is here:

As you can see, this was a brilliant posting by someone who either saw through Jerzy / Dougie / Landa / Humanas or was disgruntled from the series of lies being sewn by same. Either way, the poster knew to tie Landa / Humanas' work with David Crayford and the ITC, for Jerzy and Dougie were telling the world what they were going to do with the historical bonds and assets which belong to the Global Debt Facility, which the poster knew was governed by the ITC. Once this was posted, damage control by Cabal Agents took full speed.

Immediately the Cabal Shill Talking Heads began to again reassure the world that the economy was in fine shape, the Prosperity Programs were about to pay off, and the RV/GCR was about to begin. Of course, we've been hearing this same thing for twenty years, but we needed their reassurance just the same. Just like Erdogen needs more Christian Child Sex Slaves from Syria.


The Fulford created White Dragon Society has been used to represent the fiction of the Chinese Royal Families, while the supposed "gnostic illuminati grandmaster", Alexander Romanov, is being tendered as the voice of the European Royal Families. The fiction is that the Chinese Royals and the European Royals are all working with Ben, and asking Ben to help them utilize the assets of the Global Debt Facility to benefit humanity. In doing so, Fulford pretends the ITC / OITC doesn't exist, or that it is inferior in ownership interest in the Collateral Assets of the Global Debt Facility to those interests of the European Royals or Chinese Royal Families, which he fraudulently claims the fake White Dragon Society represents.


On the fake attack page against Jerzy and Dougie above, the page lists Caspar's above mentioned Wikipedia reference and Fulford's July 3, 2010 complete hack attack on the OITC, at a time when his protege Keenan and Keith Scott were trying to murder the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, and take over the OITC. Just study the stench Fulford emits. You can hear Keenan's ugly voice in Fulford's words.

So now it's the Jerzy and Dougie show...


Here's the link to the latest debacle regarding the Jerzy and Dougie Disinformation Show. You will see the first thirty minutes were spent by Jerzy Babkowski and Doug Jones lying about the status of Landa China Global / Humanas, and then trying to distance themselves from the above mentioned connection to the ITC / OITC, the very one that was fake attacked by Fulford and Caspar, as discussed above.

To see more of the Landa China Global / Humanas scam, just check out their Website here:

Notice how everything is stealthily geared toward getting you to send them the historical bonds in your possession. It's an illegal con, that has no interest in benefiting Humanity, only in paying off Banksters and their Cabal Agents from the profits made in their illegal underground trading scam. This is what all the Cabal Agents Spokespersons are writing about.

This is what the Cabal Agents are trying to accomplish through their writings, audios, and video postings. They are trying to establish themselves as the ones to tell you as to how the global authority of financing works. They attribute it to what the Chinese Royals and the European Royals say to them, from the likes of Fulford and Keenan.

Let's study how the Cabal Shills work in action. Everything you see below that is attributed to Jerzy and Dougie was transcribed verbatim (what was intelligible) from the above Youtube. I have commented appropriately after each of their passages. It's a recording of a three-way community intelligence report that came out last week, between Will, Jerzy Babkowski, and Doug Jones. Early on Will opens by stating, "...As apparently there were some people that did not understand the message... So we are pleased to bring to you good information (1:00) that we can and share it with you as best as we see it."

AL: The problem with you here Will is that your nose is growing and you're starting off with a lie. Doug is not doing the right research, he's not talking to the right experts, and Jerzy just doesn't care. All he's thinking about is the money from the banks. So you guys are giving the world distorted information right off the Keenan/Fulford typepad.

When Will finished with his intro, he introduced Jerzy Babkowski as "Our Chairman." Jerzy went into his schpiel.
JERZY: "Uh, last week Doug went into more detail on the global situation involving the 'Sovereigns', the trust that is doing the compensations, the government stances, and the Office of the International Treasury Control, the OITC, that is supposedly in charge of the... He has investigated these elements for a while now, gaining knowledge and an understanding of the pieces of the puzzle that affect the global reset and the RV. He was asked to do this so we could properly and correctly service the historic assets without the's a lot... Landa has to have hard provable facts before it will move on anything. We have to have it. Otherwise, it doesn't work. (4:00) And Doug's investigations are critical to our understanding of the proper path to guide everybody on."

AL: You too are a liar Jerzy. First of all, the trust you are referring to is part of the Global Debt Facility. What is legally done with it is determined by one person only, the International Treasury Controller, the Legal Owner, Heir and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility. Dougie Jones below claims that the Chinese Families and the European Royals are the ones who dictate how the Collateral Accounts are used. This is pure Keenan / Fulford disinformative fiction. Besides, Jerzy, the global reset and the RV are not real. They will never happen, for Karen Hudes had nothing to do legally with the Global Debt Facility, and she cannot spearhead any GCR. Obviously you didn't read what David Crayford said, and he was writing to you:

DAVID CRAYFORD: "As for the Global Currency Reset (GCR), a myth, dreamed up by the likes of IMF, which is further supported by the likes of Karen Hudes, in line with her Masters, whose plan was to unlawfully use Collateral Accounts Assets to facilitate this GCR. However, one has to be careful when talking about the GCR because there are two different schemes that apply. One is the SDR's operated by the IMF, which is effectively operational and not really referred to as the GCR. The other is the GCR talked about by Karen Hudes. Both completely different from each other. The latter will never happen because it is based upon the unlawful use of Collateral Accounts Assets. As Karen Hudes has nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts (Global Debt Facility) and holds no position with the OITC, or power or authority over same, or over the Collateral Accounts, the GCR JUST AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN."
JERZY: "So several statements were made and published on Rumormill News. And these are being addressed now. A statement was made - 'When the China Global Team has finally admitted that they are in contact with the OITC.' No we are not. Doug has talked to people that are in contact with them, in his investigations. And asked the hard questions. That does not mean Landa is in contact with the OITC."

AL: Bet your sweet bippy you're not in contact with the OITC. You have no clue, Jerzy. Neither does Dougie. Dougie is a liar. He has never had contact with anybody having anything to do with the real secret organization known as the ITC / OITC, unless you consider Keenan, Fulford, or Scott. Scott tried to muscle his way into being the ITC, after he and Keenan orchestrated an assassination attempt against Dr. Dam. When OITC Senior Global Envoy David Sale shut down Scott's and Keenan's access to the Global Debt Facility Accounts, after Dr. Dam's downfall, Scott and Keenan went nuts. Not only did Scott not become the new ITC, but he and Keenan were left out in the cold. That's when Keenan filed his lawsuit, and they're still out in the cold. Hungry, fat, and cold. And I resent what you say about asking the hard questions. Jerzy, you're a fool who takes us for fools. Listen to the fakes and slugs you have calling into your shows. Nobody has a clue as to what a hard question is. The callers have fake accents. Their testimonials are not believable. If Dougie had a clue, he'd have contacted David Crayford, the lone public representative to the ITC/OITC, in the world, to inquire as to the status of the ITC, the OITC, and the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, and their protocols. But Dougie / Jerzy have no clue other than what their handlers tell them, which is what we are analyzing right now.

JERZY: "These guys have a Website out that explains who they are and why they are here. (5:00) And anybody could go and... But, there is no contact information or page for...and maybe there should be."

AL: Jerzy, take it from someone with a clue to reality. David Crayford is the spokesperson for the ITC / OITC. He was appointed to that position by the ITC. No one else in the world speaks on behalf of the ITC, although that soon may change. Mr. Crayford has been writing about the ITC, as far as I can tell, since 2009. He's smeared all over the Internet, all you and Dougie have to do is press the mouse, and you'll find him. Abundant Hope carries most of Mr. Crayford's truth. On several occasions, Mr. Crayford has explained - and this would be found by someone capable of doing professional research - that Scott and the CIA hijacked the OITC Website when he was there. They took the server out of the country, and this is why the ITC has thus far been unable to retake control of the OITC Website. That's why below Dougie keeps telling people to do the research. That's because, if someone does the research, and they don't know any better, they will find either Caspar's Wikipedia charade, or Fulford's or Keenans OITC character assassination pieces, or Hudes' Global Debt Facility garbage. They will find anything but the truth, which is why David Crayford has written so much about the matter since 2009, and why he continues to attack Cabal Shills like Caspar and Lion on RMN.

JERZY: "The statement continues. 'And that's the governing body that allows the funds to go or stop for the RV / GCR Prosperity Programs, and Landa's funding.' Okay, the governing body for the RV and GCR is actually a small group of European Royals in lock-step with the Chinese Family. They're the guys that make the decisions. The function of the OITC is a subject of our investigation, so this statement is off by a couple of miles."

AL: No, Jerzy, you're off by a lot more than couple of miles. Let's go back a step or two. First, the RV / GCR is a psyop to make the world believe the Western Fiat Financial System is going to be okay. It's to calm the masses while the Banksters steal everything we own, including our destiny with the Global Debt Facility. So there is no governing body to the RV and GCR. That's a bunch of smoldering trash. Secondly, more than a hundred years ago the Chinese Family and the European Royals worked together to create the Global Debt Facility, and make it available to benefit Humanity. They created the M1 to help implement their plan. The Chinese Family member that was the M1, passed his position on to Marcos, who was supposed to work with the U.S. and her Allies, that formed the TTTGC, to implement the plan, with Marcos, the M1, as sole signatory to all dealings. TTTGC Agents destroyed Marcos and stole much of the Global Debt Facility. When the TTTGC was terminated in 1995, the global "Hierarchy," which included the Chinese Family and the European Royals, appointed the first ever ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, to be the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of all of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Keenan / Scott / rogue CIA took Dr. Dam down in December 2010, and in May of 2012, the second ITC was appointed by the same Chinese Family and European Royals, represented by and as the global "Hierarchy."

JERZY: "Not only that, but Landa's funding is not dependent on the OITC, and we have nothing to do with them. Our funding, and I simply repeat here, is directly fronted by the European Royals and the Chinese Family, under specific project funding guidelines. That money... is on its way to us despite best efforts of the banks to steal it, delay us. (6:00)"

JERZY: "The statement continues. 'It' direct communication with M1, the same M1 that Jerzy Babkowski has claimed he communicated with several times." All right, if the OITC is in direct communication with the new M1, that is their business. I do not know if they are or not, and it makes no difference to me. I have never ever claimed that I am in communication with the new M1, ever. I have been informed by my sources that there is a new M1, he was appointed, in Europe. Uh, but this was not Keenan or the SwissIndo fellow, or any of the so-called Elders that are claiming that position. The new M1 is a secret that is closely guarded since the last one got murdered. ...the global reset. They're not going to reveal who the M1 is. They're not. I communicate with the European Royals and the Chinese Family who provide me with sufficient intelligence, clue me to walk down the proper path, and missed all the rooms. (7:00)"

AL: Wake up, Jerzy. You're in a deep somnambulant dream state. But I do agree with you on one important fact. You know nothing about the M1. If you or Dougie had truthfully done your research and read my previous pieces, you would know that the M1 is the legal "Holder" of the Global Debt Facility. The M1 has no say so as to the day to day business as it is applied to the Collateral Assets of the Global Debt Facility. That power is held by the ITC only, the only Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter to the Global Debt Facility, in existence. Do your research, Jerzy. Wake up! But like I said above, the ITC now equals M1.

JERZY: "Also, I have no idea who this David Crayford fellow is, and his role on the global stage. As the statement continues: 'David Crayford has mentioned this many times as well as Doug Jones, so don't look to the banks or our governments or the currency gurus to tell you what's happening, or even Landa. Because all that info won't mean squat until M1 and the OITC are satisfied with all they want done concerning the illegal use of their global collateral debt funds is completed.' Well, uh, whatever that means. Yes Doug has said many times that when the RV and GCR occur it would not be advertised. This is a true statement. Whether the M1 or the OITC is in charge of the RV and GCR is an unknown. And that subject is, you know, our investigation. Common sense would say that there is a close connection, of course, but the depth and veracity of their connection is still the subject of our investigation. A very strong that is as Doug said. (8:00) So it's still up in the air."

AL: Jerzy, please read my previous response. Wake up, and do the research. David Crayford has written about who he is on several occasions (all you have to do is look and read, but wake up, first). His bio was even recently posted again on RMN. For those who do the research, here's what it said in pertinent part:

DAVID CRAYFORD: "Legal Advisor and Consultant to 'The International Treasury Controller'. Having previously retired from advising the Global Envoy (David A. Sale) I was asked to return as Advisor and Consultant for the new International Treasury Controller when the new appointment was made in May 2012. I did, on a part-time basis only because of my age and past health concerns, but also based upon my unique experience and knowledge of the subject of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. In reference to the name of the new International Treasury Controller, such information is being withheld at this juncture because of the dangers involved to the person. It is required that the new International Treasury Controller be allowed to freely do his job to bring the Collateral Accounts into order after many decades of abuse and fraud, whereby to be able to perform his duty it is considered his anonymity for a short time would best serve the purpose as these dangers are real and active, whereby the Nations and Royal Families of the World do not desire to continuously appoint new Treasury Controllers. Such need for continuous appointments can only be disruptive to the enormous amount of work to be undertaken, ultimately causing delay after delay in bringing the Collateral Accounts into order for the benefit of the world and its people. Another factor here is the fact that there are less than a handful of people in the World that actually hold the fullest experience, knowledge, and understanding of the complexities and the history of the Collateral Accounts, all of whom are over 60 years of age and who are also tasked with educating and training the younger generation (God help them with the enormous amount and history there is to learn) to eventually take over the position of the International Treasury Controller to ensure continuity. No one can learn all there is to know on this issue in a few years. If one says 25 years minimum, then they will know sufficient to be competent in this matter without anyone of them being one-sided and biased not having previously worked within the banking and financial world."
JERZY: "The statement continues. 'The currencies and prosperity programs are funded by the historical bonds.' No they are not. The prosperity programs are actually paid programs that have been ongoing and accumulated returns have not been released, and have nothing to do with historical bonds."

AL: Hey, Jerzy, I call BS re your take on the prosperity programs. Again, a sham against the Collateral Accounts. They will never pay off. You're talking about hijacked Collateral Accounts as if it is a prosperity program. Also, where do you think the accumulated returns are? Who gets them?

JERZY: "Statement continues, 'The historical bonds are funded by the Collateral Accounts. The historic bonds are being used as collateral against the gray screen funds in actual fact, that have accumulated for the benefit of humanity over many decades. Placing collateral in the collateralized historic bonds against these black screen funds allows the funds to be brought out to the front and made into useful money. That's how it really works. The statement continues. 'The Collateral Accounts (9:00) were backed by huge reserves of treasures horded by the Chinese Elders and the European Royals. The Collateral Accounts in reality are not backed by any huge reserves of treasure. They are the reserves of treasure."

AL: And you and Dougie and trying to steal them.

JERZY: The statement continues. 'An M1 along with David Crayford and the OITC has control of how these funds take place and get rolled out.' Well, no. The European Royals in concert with the Chinese Family are the ones that make decisions, and the M1 and the OITC will have to be subject to these decisions. Not the other way around.

AL: Jerzy, again, you're deeply confused. ITC rules all, is its own 'Sovereign', with its own jurisdiction, legally overrules all other law on the planet. M1 is in a legal custodian relationship to the Global Debt Facility Assets and Accounts. So wake up!

JERZY: "And in respect to the historic bonds now we have been advised that some closings have already happened on the 'Sovereign' level, and Landa is now giving act to their proposals."

AL: You're a thief, Jerzy. So is Landa.

JERZY: "So please understand both Landa and Humanas have to operate in truth and impeccability."

AL: ...and a liar. Zero truth emanates from Landa and Humanas.

JERZY: "If we do not have the correct information... And asked the hard questions not only for our own satisfaction, (11:00) but to be absolutely in correct service to you."

AL: You wouldn't know a hard question if it punched you in the nose. Sort of like Crayford and Caspar.

JERZY: "So if you don't get an immediate reply from us please be patient as the workload has increased..."

AL: More historical bonds to steal means more work for Jerzy. Soon, Jerzy, you'll be doing time in the International Treasury Controller's new "Shark Tank" prison, next to 'Benny the Fraud' and 'Pugnose' Keenan. (Down the hall from the Clintons). Also, public, please understand Jerzy and Dougie have no intention whatsoever of returning your message if you are looking for future employment. They only contact people who have stolen historic assets, and want to use Dougie and Jerzy as middlemen to sell them off to the Banksters. There is an entirely illegal trade among Western Banks involving Assets and historical bonds belonging to the Global Debt Facility. They try to match the documents with the actual physical assets to justify their story as being legal.


Now for the alter ego in this wacky Jerzy and Doug 'rip off the world' show. I gladly comment when Dougie's nonsense becomes unbearable.

DOUG: "It astounds me how people can take one thing and say another."

AL: Yes, Dougie, it astounds me too. This is what I say about you and Jerzy. You guys take the truth, turn it around to fit your thieving scheme, and feed it back to the public as if it were the reality of the way things are going to be. You create hope in an avenue where none exists. People need to wake up to this factor, so We the People can work together to get rid of you, and change our nations' financial plights.

DOUG: "And you got to know that, when you're holding a historical asset with expectations of funding on it that you have to use your common sense. The assets were created for central banks to... as a financial instrument. And loans that were put out to 'Sovereigns' for infrastructure rebuilding; humanitarian efforts that these bonds were initially designed for -- economic redevelopment. Things of that nature. There's a liability in place, depending on who co-signed on it. In some cases it was our President. It was uh J.P. Morgan. The Netherlands. Denmark. You just have to read... My understanding is everything comes out of the SDR's, IMF, and special drawing rights. Are we affiliated with that? See these are questions folks, that you need to do your homework and find things that will accommodate your curiosity. That fit in to what you know about things."

AL: Got to call you on it, Dougie. BS. Let's think about this for a moment. The Royal Families of the World have been trying to get America and her allies to cooperate for over a hundred years now in regards to this new global financial system. Then it was the M1, and now the second ITC. What they would all do is create International Treaties (some being Secret), get the U.S. legal reps and same with her Allies, they would all sign the International Treaties, and agree to the terms thereof. The gold would move into countries around the world, including the U.S., Asia, and many others, and then the U.S. would ignore all terms of the International Treaties they just signed, attack and dominate the countries with the gold, steal the gold, and attack more countries, keeping the financial system from ever actually working or benefiting anyone else. So whenever those efforts were made, to get the U.S. back into the global financial system, historical bonds, which are really the documents to all the Global Debt Facility Assets that changed hands to back currencies, were created. The precious metals would again be shipped one way, and the custodial documents would again go elsewhere. Metric tons of gold to back one country's currency, would be deposited in underground vaults in another country. Custodianship documents or "Holder" documents would be shipped to a third country, to be held. The signatures of bank reps and Heads of States were placed on the documents signifying the countries and central banks involved in the caretaking and administration of the Collateral Accounts involved in the financial process. And Dougie, re the SDR's, as usual, you're way off. Read Mr. Crayford's explanation of same above.

DOUG: "That's what I do. But I go for the validations... Whatever it may be. How was it brought? Was it a monetized value in currencies, or these historical assets that are instruments used in between banks? TOV boxes. TOV, Treaty of Versailles. I got a 36 page summary wrote for, for Congress. It explains everything about 'em, and how they work. They were instruments used to...1930 when the banks were blown up. The depression was on, banks were failing..."

AL: You're a thief, Dougie, it's plain and simple. What? You think the TOV boxes were stored for you to steal and do business with? What kind of a psychopathic personality would believe that those boxes are out there for you and Jerzy to financially benefit from? They're stolen, what you're doing is illegal, and you need to stop. You're actions are preventing my country from feeding and healing it's malnourished populace.

DOUG: (20:00) "So the banks had to re, re inventory their currencies. So they created, through the Treaty of Versailles, these instruments. They borrowed - there's a central bank instrument. They borrowed between each other. They would borrow money and hedge against those TOV's. So, I mean, do the history. And then you'll find out, does it have value? Am I sitting on something that I can exchange and be compensated for my holding of it. So these histories you have to know. That all aside, with these ongoing brush fires of a -- there's a big feeding frenzy going on where you're going to see the boxes go down first. I have confirmation that the bunkers and the caves and all these things are down in uh South East Asia, Pacific Rim. Those are being moved to a centralized location, and have been for quite some time. They're emptying 'em out, and taking them (21:00) to a central location for process. The 'Sovereigns' will be handled first. The monstrous amount of funds that these things are worth, that are collateralized by, in some cases, the Global Collateral Accounts. If these instruments were created off of the Global Collateral Accounts and approved for humanitarian projects, they become a valid claim against those Collateral Accounts. But it is, it is a debt that's unresolved. So you take those back in. It frees up the collateral of the gold."

AL: "Emptying 'em out, and taking them to a central location for process." What a chump, Dougie. Just like some two bit night burglar, cleaning out someone else's life savings from their sock drawer. Dougie, did you know those bunkers you refer to in South East Asia that you, Jerzy, 'Benny the Fraud, and Pugnose, just to mention a few, are stealing from were intended to feed and house humanity in Asia? The gold inside was shipped there as part of the plan to rebuild the Asian countries devastated by World War II. Only the M1, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, was character assassinated, deposed, and then murdered by the U.S. and her Allies. So Marcos could never fulfill the plan of the Royal Families of the World, and utilize the Global Debt Facility to benefit Humanity. But I'm sure you'll get your cut in what you steal and sell.

DOUG: "And you're looking at the gold backed instruments first. Which are the 1913... they call Super Pachelli's. The '13 Reorganization Bonds. The exotic instruments. The Golden Guns. The Plum Blossoms. The Golden Blossoms in exotic boxes, that were authorized. That there Is strong collateral behind them. So they take, they destroy 'em to free up the collateral. (22:00) But what does that mean? That, that, it isn't a relief of debt for individual. It's, it's a 'Sovereign' debt relief. The debt that's on the books for most 'Sovereigns' is what's publicized. But the debt that, that's off the books... is so massive, no one's gonna know what that -- I mean only the global authority -- They don't like call me up or invite me to the meetings. This is an exercise and education. So get yourself educated as how does it all work. OITC being one of the... Are they still valid? I've only got 'em tracked to 2005.

AL: "They destroy 'em to free up the collateral." What a slug you are Dougie. Who gave you the right to destroy anything that belongs to someone else, let alone was designed for the humanitarian purpose of feeding the world's hungry and putting roofs over the heads of the world's homeless. Why would the OITC invite you to the meetings if you're not even sure if they are still valid? You're a terrible researcher Dougie, try again. The ITC doesn't invite you to the meetings because you are stealing from him / her. And you know and I know that not a cent of profits goes toward debt relief. Everybody takes their cut in this illegal backroom game of selling someone else's documentation under the guise of being historical bonds. 'Sovereign' is a catch phrase only in your usage. It has no bearing. These are documents of ownership of Collateral Assets, as outlined above.

DOUG: "Because you'll see where the information (23:00) -- It's public information. You can't dive into it to see the detail of how it all... went together, but I have seen copies of the treaty. In fact I dealt with people that worked with the Treaty. It all has to do with validating the existence of an authority. Are they still in power? Does he still pull the strings? I have no idea. There's no way to find out. You can't contact 'em. You can't call 'em up and stuff. Just like you can't contact your state senator and talk to 'em. It doesn't work that way with these big boy bankers, these global monetary authorities. They under, they, they hide under a subterfuge and secret for security reasons. Just look if you got a guy who has control over more gold on the planet than anyone. And he had kids, a friend. They can't be known. If, some of these statements, I don't know where people got these things out of our conversations to try to explain how this works."

AL: Let me ask you this, Dougie. Which treaty did look at? Was it one of the Top Secret treaties? If so, do you have the proper security clearance to look at such a document? Do you have the Full Jacket 3 / 5 required to look at Top Secret Treaties? I doubt it, Clown. One more illegal admission from a criminal prankster. And by the way, the authority you're talking about, is the ITC. You know this, and so do I. The ITC is the monetary authority in legal control of all the historic bonds you are trying to get people to send to you so you can steal them and profit for yourself. Just ask David Crayford.

DOUG: "That's what you want to look at. So just stop and say hey we have a 'Sovereign' buyer. My guy directed a 'Sovereign' buyer, and they're buying it. Or we're directing a central bank, and central bank is buying these. To what end? You really have to, and that's what I try to tell everyone. Well, why? What are you going to do with them? Are you going to gain the collateral on it? Does it relieve 'Sovereign' debt off of the books? I don't know, that's what I'm tracking down. So when we see the bond movement, the release and sign of the funds that pay for them, closings going on, in different areas, are mostly 'Sovereign' deals, large quantities, and it's feeding back into the 'Sovereign's' debt lines, as debt relief. When I speak to the people I talk to who even talk about historical assets, they talk about (25:00) debt relief. Everything is debt relief in our conversations. They don't even mention bond, or any, any bond type. It's debt relief. It's all talked about in terms of debt relief."

AL: Let me help you Dougie. As stated above, the debt relief is just a public justification for stealing assets that were originally designed to benefit Humanity. No debt no how is going to be relieved from nobody, 'Sovereign', individual, or otherwise. Now, millions will starve, while Jerzy and Dougie will join 'Benny the Fraud' and Pugnose Keenan in making profits from stolen Global Debt Facility bootie.

DOUG: "So will individuals be very careful about the...notes? Never let them out of your possession. If you've got people that are saying, here, send 'em to me. You don't want to do that. You don't know if you can get 'em back. They'll tie 'em up."

AL: Dougie's right. He and his boys will steal them from those of us who might have had these historical documents in our families files for decades, as Holders or Custodians. Don't fall for his trap and get involved in his illegal enterprise. Instead, if you do possess these so called historical documents, contact David Crayford, like Dougie should do.

DOUG: "Their concern is to relieve - government relief debt. 'Sovereign' debt relief. The creation of bringing these funds from the gray deep forward to facilitate humanity. That's what the spirit of these events is all about. So anyone that's trying to get in, lay themselves in there and become independently wealthy -- and their only motivation is greed -- you're probably (27:00) not going to get anything. And you're not going to be looked at. It has to do with humanity. It has to do with bringing forth these monetized values, that you are, you are going to be compensated for... be compensated for your guardianship. But if you're looking full value, and think you're going to go out and buy, you know, fifty houses and a bunch of cars, and blow the money, that's not the intent of the spirit of what's going on."

AL: You are such a lying hypocrite, Dougie. Nobody gets full value from stolen documents that belong to the International Treasury Controller, but the International Treasury Controller him / her self.

DOUG: "We're all ready, we've got everything we need. We're here to help people. And I'm here, if you've got these historical assets, you want to have them accumulated, and verified, or want to go and verify in the future. I believe I can create the pathway of legitimate compensation on these historical assets. That it'll be done in a protocol that's established by the money person. Whoever that top money guy is. If it's a release of the OTC. If it's the Elders of China, if it's the uh Royals of Europe. Whoever they are, they're going to ultimately have a protocol. And we have not received a straight up protocol from them. (29:00) And until I get one from the source, I consider everything speculation, and a strong maybe, regardless of where it's coming from. Until it comes from the source. So, there's my point of view, and, if you want to take me viral, again, and misquote me, have at it. I really don't care."


Dougie, you and Jerzy should read all of the above and my three previous writings that have been posted on Abundant Hope and RMN. I've laid out the complete protocol on what America has to do to once again gain legal traction with the Global Debt Facility and the gold backed global financial system. I can assure you, no matter how many Fulford / Romanov's / Keenan / Dragons you talk to, it will never be enough to give you the legal right to steal assets of the Global Debt Facility. I implore you to stop conning the world, stop working with those who handle Keenan, Hudes, Fulford, von Reitz, and allow the ITC and David Crayford to do their jobs, and end the suffering and starving of our children.

Lastly, Mr. Crayford, a question for you. Is America's debt to the Global Debt Facility really over a thousand trillion dollars? If so, I'm going to have to see an accounting on that.

RMN is an RA production.

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