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When the Entire Kabbal Jumps on Top of Someone

Posted By: Lion
Date: Monday, 14-Mar-2016 09:23:27



...I tend to believe that person must be doing something right.

IE: Donald J trump

Whatever her motivations are, if anyone actually takes the time to listen to Karen Hudes - as opposed to listening to what someone else says about her - she does have many valid points to her arguments.

Of course, all professional deceivers know enough to sprinkle a few facts in with their assorted propaganda scenarios to make all of their arguments seem legitimate.

The World Bank operatives certainly have no halos around their heads.

Neither does Interpol, judging from their lack of action on almost every international crime being perpetrated against Huamn Beings.

Neither are there any real results from any of the other talking heads who are on the bashing Karen Hudes bandwagon.

I can not claim here that K H is 100% above board.

Nor will I assert that all the other talking heads are 100% above board, either.

Results are what count - and there seems to be nothing going on save for he said - she said among the talking heads.

From 'an observer with hands tied behind their back' point of view, useless banter between talking heads who claim to be providing results, can be quite frustrating.

The problem we have here is a lack of legitimate leadership, with too many entities claiming to be the last word, yet nothing changes.

If one want to claim to be the last word - then one has to prove their abilities by actions which show results.

Anything less is just useless talk, and Karen Hudes certainly has as much right to talk the useless talk as any of her detractors.

Meanwhile, as the talking heads continue to talk, the world situation continues the spiral down the drain, only in an accelerated pace.




: Herein I would like to announce to the world that the World
: Bank Group has officially and rightfully called for the
: arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes and her
: "cohorts" by Interpol and Law Enforcement
: Agencies worldwide. But in so doing, the World Bank Group
: has failed to be fully truthful in their statements, and
: they have generated misleading misconceptions about their
: involvement with the Combined Collateral Accounts of the
: Global Debt Facility.

: First, the arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes. In a
: document headed “OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION”, dated February
: 15th, 2016, issued by the World Bank Group, and as
: instructed by the International Court of Justice, it
: states, quote:-

: This institution is hereby notifying all concerned that KAREN
: HUDES who claimed as Acting General Counsel of the World
: Bank Group of which was previously employed in this
: institution has been OFFICIALLY TERMINATED on July 16th,
: 2007 due to inappropriate behaviour and continuous
: misrepresentation of invalid heritage documents as per
: instruction of the International Court of Justice
: ………………………..

: Earlier on July 14th, 2014, we released statement against
: KAREN HUDES that her written monies were not credible and
: she has not been authorized to act/or to represent in any
: arms of this institution since her termination.

: Furthermore per instruction of the International Court of
: Justice to enforce, WITHOUT EXEMPTION, all Law Enforcement
: Agencies worldwide for immediate persecution and
: imprisonment against all known Claimants worldwide
: including KAREN HUDES and all her cohorts for her
: continuous misrepresentation of this entity and the illegal
: transmission of certain dissolved heritage documents that
: have been ordered to dispossess of.

: For your information and guidance.


: Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
: Control No. WB ------

: Copy furnished: Interpol and Law Enforcement Agencies
: worldwide.


: This document has been officially investigated by us and we
: have confirmed it to be genuine.

: At least we must be grateful that the World Bank Group has, at
: last, taken the appropriate action to curtail and eliminate
: some former employees (impostors), such as Karen Hudes and
: her cohorts which includes Wolfgang Struck.

: However, in another section of said document, being the lower
: part of paragraph 1, we have to seriously criticize the
: World Bank Group for their ambiguity and aberration of
: their comments in this other section which in itself is
: grossly misrepresenting facts, probably purposely for the
: misleading of others.

: On the fourth line of the 1st paragraph it states, quote
: …………….

: “as per instruction of the International Court of Justice to
: EXPUNGE, DELETE and SHRED for the bank records forever all
: HERITAGE DOCUMENTS obstinately claimed and owned by all
: disparage unauthorized parties worldwide and interlocked
: thereof into ONE SOVEREIGN ACCOUNT under the Sole Control
: Management and Responsibility of this institution and
: naming the HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN as the SOLE OWNER of all
: dissolved Heritage Wealth worldwide that reverted into
: DIVINE WEALTH and naming the author of Notarized
: ……………………………………………… as the SOLE TRUSTEE AND SIGNATORY over

: There are numerous issues with this statement, the first
: being:-

: a). The fact and reality that the International Court of
: Justice (ICJ) holds no jurisdiction whatsoever over any
: issue related, associated, concerning, or otherwise, to the
: Combined International Collateral Accounts, otherwise known
: “DIVINE WEALTH”. The above World Bank statement is a
: complete misrepresentation of the true legal nature of the
: Collateral Accounts.

: The person who is the Master Custodian of this “DIVINE WEALTH”
: is M1, formerly Ferdinand Marcos former President of the
: Philippines, and currently a Senior Royal Family member to
: whom the M1 position was transferred to on December 20th
: 1988 by Ferdinand Marcos.

: That Senior Royal Family member (as Chairman), together with
: the Committee of worldwide Royal Family members and Primary
: Nations of the World appointed, on January 20th 1995, the
: very first International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir,
: Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility (DIVINE
: WEALTH) who was Dr. Ray C. Dam, descendant of the Cambodian
: Royal Family and former G7 Gold Signatory.
: Dr. Dam was removed from his position in September 2011 after
: being professionally assessed as being mentally
: incapacitated. This led to the appointment of a replacement
: for Dr. Dam (May 2012) whereby the then appointed person
: still holds that position with all its powers and
: authorities, to date.

: In 1995 when the first International Treasury Controller was
: appointed, he as the Institution was bestowed with
: “Sovereign” status with its very own legal jurisdiction,
: which is the only jurisdiction in the world that has the
: power and authority to adjudicate on any issue re: the
: International Treasury Control, the Collateral Accounts
: (AKA Global Debt Facility, Divine Wealth, Holy Wealth of
: our Holy Father in Heaven, Foundation Divine), its
: operations, Assets and / Accounts, documents (Historic and
: / or present).

: The above also applies to the replacement International
: Treasury Controller.

: It is well known that the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the
: Federal Reserve, have been massively abusing the Assets and
: Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for decades, contrary
: to the fact that any power or authority granted to them, if
: any, by the former TTTGC (1945 – 1995) was voided /
: superseded by the Treaty appointing the First International
: Treasury Controller (1995), further confirmed voided by the
: Treaty appointing the Second International Treasury
: Controller, and further voided and declared legally
: unenforceable by the “Sovereign Decrees” issued June 2012,
: enacted into Law on 1st July 2012.

: So, who is this illegal Sole Trustee and Signatory of the
: Divine Wealth that appears to have been appointed by the
: World Bank Group contrary to International Treaties? In
: reality these actions by the World Bank Group can be seen
: as hypocritical; a typical example of the “Pot calling the
: Kettle Black” as they are equally as guilty as Karen Hudes
: in their continuous misrepresentation of the facts / truth.

: The question asked above can be answered by the World Bank
: Group because any appointment agreement / contract made by
: the World Bank Group is illegal and unenforceable, and they
: know it. At the same time the World Bank Group do not hold
: any authority or power to place a “Classification” on such
: information that restricts publication because they
: themselves hold no power or authority over such matters to
: begin with.

: So Mr Bertránd Badré, as Managing Director and Chief Financial
: Officer of the World Bank Group, face up to the facts and
: your own responsibility and disclose the person’s name for
: all to see. Tell us the truth, for a change.

: b). The second point here is that the World Bank Group have
: been instructed to EXPUNGE, DELETE and SHRED from the Bank
: records forever all HERITAGE DOCUMENTS. An instruction by
: the ICJ, who have no jurisdiction whatsoever over such
: matters, to the World Bank Group, who also hold no power or
: authority over issues concerning the Collateral Accounts.
: An impotent legal institution giving order to a legally
: impotent financial institution.

: Or,

: Has this instruction been given by the ICJ and (possibly)
: complied with by the World Bank Group to remove all
: evidence of criminal activities by both the ICJ and the
: World Bank Group?

: I consider the fact that “Destroying of all evidence of
: criminal activities” to be far more applicable, feasible
: and relevant than simply the factor surrounding Karen Hudes
: of whom the latter publicly admitted and exposed the
: corruption within the World Bank Group in her earlier days
: as a Whistleblower.

: With these comments in mind, I refer to The International
: Treasury Controller’s Official Order, dated 21st October,
: 2013, issued upon the World Bank Group and officially
: acknowledged as being delivered and received by said World
: Bank Group, of which the applicable extracts are as
: follows:-

: iii). To submit to The International Treasury Controller with
: Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded date of
: receipt of this Communication / Order, full officially
: Certified information, whether documents, account
: information, account details, account balances, account
: reports (annual or otherwise), physical asset information
: held in your possession or known to you, plus all / any
: other pertinent information / details held in your
: possession; submitted, gained, requested by you, referred
: to you / passed to you by other persons, parties, banks, or
: otherwise, since January 20th 1995, being the first date of
: appointment of the International Treasury Controller.
: Said requested information shall be submitted to The
: International Treasury Controller by Courier Mail only, to
: the address as herein defined below.

: iv). To submit to The International Treasury Controller,
: within Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded
: date of receipt of this Communication / Order, full
: officially Certified information reference to the Gold
: allocated as initial Capital requirements to the World Bank
: / World Bank Group by America and / or the TTTGC upon the
: incorporation of the World Bank / World Bank Group. Said
: requested information should be recorded within the balance
: sheets of the World Bank / World Bank Group since 1945,
: whereby such Gold was, and remains so, the property of The
: Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global
: Debt Facility. Such information should include, but not
: limited to, the documents of Agreement between the World
: Bank / World Bank Group with the United States of America,
: and / or the TTTGC, whether a Department of the Government,
: an Authority or sub-authority thereof, a member of the
: TTTGC, or otherwise.

: Said Gold may not actually be in your possession but was
: assigned and / or transferred in legal document form to the
: World Bank / World Bank Group at the time, or immediately
: following, the incorporation of the World Bank / World Bank
: Group in 1945 ancillary to The Bretton Woods Treaty.

: v). To submit to The International Treasury Controller, within
: Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded date of
: receipt of this Communication / Order, full officially
: Certified information reference to any existing, pending,
: or future use of any assets, whether bank accounts or
: physical assets, already agreed to, or contemplated by, the
: World Bank / World Bank Group.

: Note: ALL requested or required information, documents, or
: otherwise shall be in full, not partial, and be fully
: certified as “First Copies of the Original Documents,
: Written Information” by a qualified and registered Lawyer
: of standing in your employment, whereby verification may be
: made at any time to ensure that the person is a fully
: qualified and registered Lawyer of standing.

: All requested or required information should be dispatched by
: Courier Mail only, clearly marked for the Attention of The
: International Treasury Controller, whereby Proof of
: Dispatch should be submitted by Email communication to ---
: within Twenty Four (24) hours of
: the date of dispatch to the International Treasury
: Controller.

: Further requests, orders, instructions, may be made at a later
: date subject to your compliance with this ORDER and the
: documentation / information received from you.

: I probably do not have to inform our readers that the World
: Bank Group totally ignored this Official Order, despite the
: WARNING OF NON-COMPLIANCE within the Order, whereby the
: World Bank Group have carried on with their unlawful
: activities ever since. Their silence is deafening, to say
: the least, and so their guilt becomes plainly obvious and
: clearly visible.

: As for Karen Hudes she did not want to know the truth when she
: refused to accept our official communication to her, and
: look where it has gotten her --------- Fearful of being
: arrested and incarcerated, along with her cohorts, for a
: very long time.

: Neither does it do the World Bank Group any good in denying
: the truth, hiding, or running, because we will catch up
: with them in the end so they should fully understand the
: fact that our Laws enacted as a “Sovereign” on 1st July
: 2012, are far more severe than what they could ever
: imagine.

: As another “Twist in the Tail” just look at the posting that
: has appeared on the Tallano Tagean Facebook page, that
: seems to confirm and enhance everything we have stated
: above as well as further recognizing the truth of the OITC.
: Appearing under the heading “The Universal Queen of Queens
: Foundation Inc.” at the same time remembering that the
: documents both Hudes and Struck have, or claim they have,
: were in the majority gained / passed to them from “The
: Universal Queen of Queens Foundation Inc.”; stating,
: quote:-

: “TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED * *Karen Hudes is NOT the Trustee,
: either in part or full, of TVM-LSM-666 on behalf of the
: Global Debt Facility. NEITHER is Wolfgang Struck. Both are
: IMPOSTERS and FRAUDS. Neither have, or hold, Documents of
: Appointment issued by The International Treasury
: Controller, and neither hold the security level
: classification to handle any matters, issues, or otherwise
: for or on behalf of the International Treasury Controller,
: the Global Debt Facility or any Trust / Foundation whether
: Master Trust / Foundation, Secondary Trust / Foundation,
: Sub-Trust / Foundation, Sub sub-Trust / Foundation or other
: (View More)

: Everyone in the know is lashing out at and exposing Karen
: Hudes and her cohorts for being the lying, thieving,
: cheating criminals that they are. It is a Merry-go-Round of
: crooks stealing from the mouths of the babes of the Nations
: of the world, and it is being heavily overloaded with the
: likes of Hudes, Struck, Keenan, Yamaguchi, Alberto Marcos
: Marcos, plus many others, known and unknown, but whose
: identities will soon be discovered, and who will soon find
: arrest and imprisonment awaiting them.

: Finally, some advice to all the Readers who positively follow
: Karen Hudes's escapades, together with those who have
: considered Karen Hudes in a negative manner right from the
: start.

: May I respectfully suggest to the former people that they
: commence undertaking some very serious investigations re:
: Karen Hudes, of which much can be undertaken through the
: worldwide web, because there is so much already on record
: that should make you all question the fraud and folly
: surrounding Karen Hudes's story.

: Just to give you a little insight into some of the issues
: which are as follows:-

: a). From the website INTELIUS


: Karen Alexandra Spergel
: Aka …… Karen Alexandra Hudes
: Aka …… Karen Hudes Spergel
: Aka …… K A Spergel

: Address:-
: 5203 Falmouth Road Bethesda, MD
: Washington, DC
: New York, NY
: Age: 68 y.o.

: b). From the website:- STARSHIP EARTH


: Article: Karen Hudes: Whistleblower or Deceiver?

: c). Husband: Barry Spergel

: Information on same from the website Environment Tools Tool
: Kit

: Profile Summary: I helped to design environmental funds in
: more than 25 countries, including drafting legal documents,
: operations manuals, grant-making procedures, investment
: policies, and fundraising strategies. I have also
: negotiated international Debt-for-Nature swaps; written
: forestry laws and environmental protection laws; and
: designed new environmental taxes and user fees, PES and
: REDD. I have helped design and evaluated many projects for
: etc.

: IV


: This site shows a photograph for which we are fully aware of
: two persons within the photograph. The person second from
: the left on the top row and the person on the extreme right
: of the top row. Both these persons are known to us and on
: our register of known Philippine crooks regarding the
: Wealth of the World for which Ferdinand Marcos was the
: Master Custodian under a position of M1. Our people have
: met with these two persons, some years ago, and are well
: aware of their devious techniques and fake / forged
: documents, used for conning people and extracting funds
: from the naïve.


: There are many additional You tube Videos available on this
: subject matter. Go look and satisfy yourselves as to the
: lack of genuineness of these people.

: ************************************************

: All in all, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. These
: are the people that Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck have
: been obtaining documents from, in addition to other
: sources, and then proclaiming them to be real and genuine,
: plus using them to garner support from the naïve public
: readers. Furthermore, Hudes and Struck are then using these
: documents to proclaim that they have all the information
: and are far more knowledgeable on the subject matter than
: the real person / people being the ITC / OITC.

: Remember what I have stated in the past, that if you only have
: one piece of this enormous jigsaw puzzle, you effectively
: know a very limited amount or nothing at all.

: These people go to tremendous lengths and expenses for the
: purpose of making themselves appear important and
: knowledgeable, which in turn aids in assisting their
: continuous malicious attempts to discredit and destroy the

: The questions we should all now be asking ourselves are: Who
: is financing Karen Hudes for her activities surrounding the
: Global Debt Facility?

: Who gave Karen Hudes the right to claim, unlawfully so, that
: she is the Counsel for the Global Debt Facility? Or that
: Karen Hudes is Trustee of TVM-LSM-666, because it certainly
: wasn’t the legitimate Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter
: of the Global Debt Facility, who is the ITC and assigned
: M1.

: Is it the few rogue Governors (Finance Ministers) of the IBRD
: who ultimately want to lay claim to the Global Debt
: Facility?

: It certainly isn’t the World Bank or any of its arms as they
: have officially denied all of Karen Hudes’s claims, as
: exhibited above.

: Or, it is some other person or group that is lurking silently
: in the shadows for fear of being identified, and thus uses
: “Front Men / Women” to do their dirty work?

: What a wicked and devious web these people weave. They are
: easily distinguishable from genuine persons because they
: have a few individual documents which they have obtained
: from some specific source, usually not genuine, or they
: have stolen / forged / fake documents, which they believe
: are real. Then they take that one particular aspect of the
: Global Debt Facility in complete isolation from everything
: else connected to the Global Debt Facility, its history
: (past and present), and many other factors, finally ending
: up embarrassing themselves and then they disappear into
: oblivion, but not realising the damage they have caused, or
: possibly realising the damage they have done because that
: was their purpose and aim; in the process of their
: escapades.

: “A person who makes themselves look a fool are the biggest
: fools of all.”

: Regards

: David P. Crayford.

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