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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT RayRen's conference call (long)

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 4-Mar-2016 17:27:10



TNT Call notes 4-March-2016

[TNT Rap]. [audio checks]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Welcome to Fantabulous Friday, March 4, 2016, and this is RayRen98. And yes, as Tony would be saying right now, I didnít think we would be here today on this side of the major activity. But thatís okay, too Ė weíll work through it! One more day as we work our way to what we have been patiently waiting for. We still have to continue to wait. Many expected this to come out Wednesday and then yesterday and this morning. Letís see what information we have to get us ready for this weekend.

The Iraqi side is confusing Ė someone is up to something. I think they are trying to suppress the reality of whatís going on. I can only rely on what the people over there communicate to me, as well as whatís in print. Others are saying that everything is okay, all cards are funded and itís all good. But youíve seen the articles and videos. Some claim that those are old articles and outdated videos, but what about the people in the street saying ďI still havenít got mineĒ, and the anticipated demonstrations. So we are getting conflicting news, mixed signals. Some are saying that the cards have been funded at the new rates, and others say that is not even near the truth. We will get information later if they had the demonstrations in the Green Zone. I am believing those on the street because they have nothing to gain by misinforming the public. So I am going with continuing demonstrations against corruption. The Iraqi television continues to say that Abadi will have a new cabinet within ten days. Weíll see.

On this side, weíve heard all sorts of things on what is going to happen and what did happen. We have banks on high alert, and some on lockdown. All can supposedly see these rates now, and we got word that the codes were released. I got that message, and then hours later, they were still waitingÖ in which case they were not released. I have come to the conclusion that they have the codes and everything they need to exchange us, but they still need one thing: permission. Maybe codes have been released but they cannot do anything with them. If they cannot exchange, then they have not been released, or they are still waiting for authorization or permission from above. The IMF has signed off on this, and the BIS has given approval. The emphasis is on having this done by close of business today. Weíll see. That is the timeframe, and it sounds good to me. like that and the bank folks like that because they can finally do publicly what some have done privately several days this week.

The rates are out there Ė you can listen to others who tell you what rates they are hearing and seeing. I wonít get specific on those. The ones Iíve received are high, and Iím riding on those private exchanges. The zim was very surprising, that it was that high on those exchanges that supposedly took place. I wasnít there to execute the transaction, but I believe those who were. Some of these rates you are hearing might just be real, true rates, although some we are hearing are borderline outrageous.

We are close than we have every beenÖ that goes without saying. That is pretty much al the intel from this morning, starting at 5am up til now. The other stuff I received didnít happen anyway. I sometimes get intel and then it doesnít come to pass. Thatís okay.

Q: Banks are the place to negotiate contract rates, as opposed to exchange centers. Where I live there are no WF branches but there are mortgage and private banking centers. Should I go to those? A: If we get 800 numbers and if WF is where you want to go to, then they will tell you where to go. Call them, let them know where you are located, and they will tell you where to go. When I talked about exchange centers, I meant currency dealers, not bank exchange centers. I think the bank (and its exchange centers) will have the better rates. Those bank exchange centers are still part of the bank.

Q: Do you have intel from banks in Puerto Rico? A: No, not at the moment. Puerto Rico, if you are listening and want people to know where to go, send me an email!

Q: If you have a mortgage with WF, but not a checking or savings account, does that qualify you for currency exchanges? A: I would think they would want to open a new account for you to do that. You are in the system, youíre not Joe Blow off the street.

Q: I have a older friend who is blind, and she wants me to go with her to the exchange, and I want to exchange for myself as well. Can I go in with her? I donít think itís fair if I go in first Ė then I will have the advantage. A: If you take the contract rate and sign an NDA, then you will be privy to what she is getting. If she signs an NDA and you are there with her, you will have to sign an NDA as well, and that might affect you and your money. You need to make sure there are no repercussions, or at least know that there will be, going in. If you want to help and she wants there, I donít see why you couldnít do that. But they will probably want your signature as well. Check with the bank beforehand.

Q: When the RV is done, weíll all meet up in Vegas; have any banks committed to attending as well? A: I donít know; I will check with Tony.

Q: If we already have told the bank that we will keep money in their bank for a time, will that inhibit us (in Vegas)? Will bankers be able to educate us about trust and what will suit our needs? A: I assume they will educate them up to their level, and otherwise get you in front of an expert.

Q: What about bank perks? A: There is a post in the forum about those.

Q: How is Tony? A: He asked me to thank everyone for their letters, some of which were sent to the wrong address. I will put his right address in the forum.

Q: Since the contract rates are based on oil prices, does the price of oil need to go up in order for us to have the higher rates? A: I havenít looked at that lately, but from my understanding, everything was accounted for and if so, the rates will stay the same.

352 caller: I donít have a question. Would it be okay if I give people information about a call and website where they can find out about trusts?

RayRen: No. They can do their own research and find that. We will not use this medium to promote anything about trusts. Just let them Google that themselves. Itís not hidden.

512 caller: I am wondering about Abadi installing a new cabinet Ė would it have to be approved through their parliament? Are they ready for that?

RayRen: I really donít know; Iíve never really followed the politics of Iraq. There are so many crazy things going on there. However, based on the intel today, if we are really going to move forward before the close of business, then I would say the new cabinet is not a factor.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller: When you said this might pop out this evening, what does evening mean on this side of the ocean? Will it be after the banks and market close here? Didnít Kuwait do their RV on a Friday after the markets closed? Of course, this is far larger, but Kuwait seems to be the playbook. The market closes at 4pm EST.

RayRen: The information I received were to have it all done by 4pm, when the market closes. If that was strategic, I donít know. That is what I received. I report, you decide. We had banking people looking for Wednesday, Thursday and definitely this morning. Some went to work expecting to see us as soon as they opened this morning. We are still sitting at home in the chair waiting. We are ready!

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 4pm EST is just around the corner!

281 caller; I heard a couple of reports, one of them today, that they exchanged and signed the NDA, said that the rates are great, and if you are not serious, donít sign the NDA.

RayRen: Someone came out in public and said they exchanged and signed an NDA? If I did that, I would not come on a public call and say I signed an NDA!

Caller: [Appreciation, blessings]

954 caller: I read on a blog that we are facing a new tax of 17%. Are you aware of that?

RayRen: I havenít seen or heard anything like that. Where did the blog get it from? Anyone can say anything; where is that referenced from? All the blog is giving you is there interpretation of what they believe. Read original article if you can.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and negotiate!

423 caller: There is a call on Wednesday night with Wolfy and Martha, and everyone was so excited because they had got so many confirmations, more than ever before, so they thought it was going down that night. There are some gurus saying Ďthere have been no delays, that this is right on timeí, but to us, it feels like delays. What do you think?

RayRen: I think it is proceeding as it should. Of course, there can always be a delay. I have been made aware of some delays that I have raised an eyebrow at. For instance, if the banks know this is coming and it is real, and they are ready for us, then how can they be calling a hiccup? From the grand scope of things, how can you not be ready to open the curtains when itís show time? You know itís coming, but youíre not ready? Why did you mention that call on Wednesday?

Caller: I was so excited, and it seemed to confirm what you said that morning. I am trying to stay grounded and yet positive as well. There are some people who donít want this to happen, and I wondered if they are blocking this, or whether itís coming soon.

RayRen: Those of us giving out the information have to take greater responsibility for what we say and how we say it, because you are the ones feeling the impact. When someone says there is a confirmation, and then it doesnít happen, there is the temptation to call that person a liar. I donítí know what you went through on Thursday morning; you sound as if your mental faculties are still in place...

Caller: I have friends who are struggling, so I really hope it happens this weekend.

RayRen: I do believe that it will happen and it is happening, but Iím not going to say 100% that is will happen this evening. Those who are desperate should look for something else, rather than getting upset when it doesnít happen at the moment they expect. It is coming, but will it come in the time-frame you need it? ďJesus might not come when you want Him, but He is always on time.Ē You cannot let your life ride on this every day; it will come in its own time, and you will be able to help so many people.

Caller; I do think this is a gift from God that will enable us to help others. It does feel like this is really, really close.

RayRen: It is close, but we wontí know until it actually happens. I just canít put my finger on it; we have to wait and see. If it doesnít happen this evening, how will you feel tomorrow? One of these days it is going to pop; are you ready?

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! Well, Raleigh, anyway.

RayRen: If we can have the investment people at the other meetings, then I wouldnít be saying Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I donít think they are going to want to set up at all the smaller meetings, rather than four days in Vegas. Itís not just a party; they will be there to provide their information at a later date.

410 caller: I hope your prediction is correct. I know we need to be prepared. I saw two different opinions recently. One friend is going to exchange as a single person, and someone suggested that she might want to take someone with her to support her, so itís not just her in a room full of bankers. Then I talked to her again, and she had run into a friend who is a banker. What is the risk if my friend has to sign an NDA?

RayRen: I donít know how they are going to do this, but if it were me, and Iím giving you an NDA to sign, and you have Mary with you to help you understand our agreement, then I would want to bind Mary to the same NDA as well.

Caller: Does that make it more uncomfortable for the bank people? Should I call them first?

RayRen: Absolutely Ė you donít want any surprises and neither does the bank. If Mary is sitting in the room from beginning to end, and Iím binding you, then it would be ridiculous not to bind her as well. Otherwise she would be able to talk about what youíre doing.

Caller: So even if they donít bring it up, we should bring it up.

RayRen: Yes. Call them, and say you want to bring someone, and ask if that person would have to sign any privacy agreements or NDAs as well. Get the info from the banks so that there are not surprises.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

916 caller: How will the bank know to call me?

RayRen: The banks have only called people on their list for private exchanges. When the 800 numbers are issued, you will then be calling the banks to make your appointment. We are waiting for the 800 numbers; donít call them before that, but once the numbers are available, then you should call the banks, make your deals, and live your life. We are not quite there yet.

Caller: If you have an investment councilor, would you bring them to the bank with you?

RayRen: Certainly not to the exchange, and the investment councilor is in competition with the bank, so I probably wouldnít take him or her to the later appointments either.

754 caller: When we do get the call and go into the banks, we should have a list of the PIF and humanitarian projects we want to do, that this would help with the rates. Will there be enough time to disucss that in the first appointment or should we wait?

RayRen: When you call the 800 numbers, ask what the meeting will deal with. They just want to process your exchange and send you to the next person. If they say that you willb e meeting a wealth manager to discuss investments, thatís when you talk about the humanitarian things, if you think that will make a difference. I donít know if it will or if it wonít. Unless there is something I am missing, the banks are businesspeople and you are transacting business with someone who is in the business of making money. IF the wealth manager has the authority to give you a different rate, they will be interested in how much money the bank can make. Being a philanthropist means you will be giving that money away, not making a profit for the bank. See what they tell you on the phone or in that first meeting; ask if you will be able to adjust the rates. They may say that the rate is set, in which case it doesnít matter if you go in with all that humanitarian stuff.

Caller: My mother has some currency; she is 80 and will need some help. Can my husband and I exchange for her, or must it be completely separate from mine?

RayRen: That is something you should ask the banks when you make your appointment. It would seem to me that you could be in the same room and open her accounts, but you have to ask them how they want to handle it.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! I hope itís today!

516 caller: When I first came in, I was listening to you about whatís happened in the last couple days, and today you sound so different and encouraging, because you never give the dates and rates. Iíve learned not to ride that roller-coaster, but listening to you today has given me new hope.

RayRen: A lot of people are saying different things, and I do believe that they believe what they are saying to you. Itís just happenstance that what they expected didnít materialize so far. They are not trying to deceive anyone, but you have to have discern-ment. I received information just before this call, and it could be true Ė or not. You can get excited and it doesnít happen and Iím upset, or you can stay calm and get surprised when it does happen, and be happy. Even if I say for sure that it happens tonight, what can you do anyway until it happens? If you get all excited to know four hours beforehand and then it doesnít happen, then people tend to get upset and to vent. Thatís my position, and thatís why I donít share everything, so that youíre not on that emotional roller-coaster. I enjoy riding that roller-coaster now, because I donít let anything upset me now. Most of us are tired of the emotional upswings followed by flattening out. If you donít agree with that, then let me know in the forum, but I think Iíd be doing more harm than good to give you every single bit. You can always get it elsewhere.

We are closer than we have ever been. Some people say they have tried to put it through but not everyone was properly aligned. If they are now aligned, let it rip! Iíll do a call and Iím sure others will do so as well. If it happens, you will get a tweet, and weíll give you all the information we have. We have requested 800 numbers, and if/when they are ready, they will give me the information to give to you so that they can get the job done in a peaceful manner, in and out. Until then, we waited happily, peacefully and enthusiastically, because we know our day is coming. It may not have been yesterday, it may not be today, but it will definitely be tomorrow. Meanwhile, I believe.


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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT RayRen's conference call (long)
hobie -- Friday, 4-Mar-2016 17:27:10
*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT RayRen's conf. call (Cliff notes)
hobie -- Friday, 4-Mar-2016 17:28:44

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