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Reader: "The Chinese hold the copyright on the $ symbol? Copyright? - that's commerce talk."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 28-Jan-2016 19:56:32

In Response To: POOFness for Jan 27: MID-WEEK by ZAP from "The Office of Poofness" (hobie)

(Thanks, p. :)

From the article by Twyman that Reader p. mentions, found here:

There are other theories on the origin of the dollar sign, all with the same ultimate meaning. Early Spanish dollars featured the Pillars of Hercules, and the words “Plus Ultra” (meaning “More Beyond”) written on banners that were wrapped around the pillars. To the Europeans, the New World of America was the long-fabled land beyond the Pillars of Hercules, and these “pillar dollars” were widely circulated throughout colonial America. The dollar sign thus supposedly evolved, according to this theory, to represent two pillars wrapped in a banner (recalling that the earliest versions of the $ sign included two horizontal lines, not one). But Masonic author Albert Pike has pointed out that the coins of ancient Tyre featured serpents coiled around trees, representing the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge — an equivalent symbol to the Caduceus. And author Ignatius Donnelly (Atlantis: The Antediluvian World) stated his belief that the dollar sign represented the Pillars of Hercules entwined with the serpent of Genesis.
Also note, here's the Templar Prosperity symbol:

Reader p. writes:


Re: POOFness for Jan 27: MID-WEEK by ZAP from ....

Hi hobie,

Long time no talk. The $ symbol comes from Tyre, a Phonecian port city. Check on TRACY There's an article called "The Magic and Mystery of America's Money". One could also do something as simple as type..."origin of dollar symbol" and do an image search. A picture of a silver coin from Tyre depicting a serpent wrapped around the trunk of a palm tree will pop up at the top of the page.

The yin/yang symbol, no, I don't think so. The Chinese hold the copyright on the $ symbol? Copyright? - that's commerce talk. The Chinese/Dragons own the Western financial system ,cabal illuminati, etc - through HSBC, FED, Swift, or whatever( we don't know but it's a best guess). The term "Chinese" is a misnomer anyway but they do represent the light side of the illuminati, the Yang to the cabal's Yin. This is duality. Is this not clear yet to everyone?

Is everyone who reads Zap ok with new owners of the corporate slave system so long as there's reconstruction projects, a gradual cessation of war and poverty, lots of jobs and lots to keep the minds and hearts of the corporate slaves occupied? Then no one will be the wiser, history will remain hidden and will repeat as the Yin is reintroduced.

There is no good cop in the realm of copyright, commerce, and corporate ownership including that of our "Humanity" -- a word/concept often spouted by Zap. At least not while the majority do not know what it all represents. This is not any kind of freedom ; it is the sound of duality - it is the sound of the zap dripping, plip-plop, very bad plumbing. It's not the messenger's fault- because after all, he's got dragons on his back who keep him on a tight leash and give him wrong information.

The plumber's coming tomorrow or Tuesday or next week they tell him. Truth is the tap doesn't need fixing, the system doesn't need replacing with an updated version of the same system only with different branding. It is not broken - it's faulty and is designed that way on purpose, to give "our Humanity" something to fix, something to do and one might say ..."a sense of purpose".

Sense of higher purpose? I don't know -seems more like 50 cents or maybe a dollar of purpose. I think the system needs uprooting. So that all can see it's dualistic design, Yin and Yang at the same time. If the majority of souls on this planet still like duality after taking a good look at its plumbing then we ought to keep it or replace the old system with the new Chinese flip side of its own self. If Not then we'll try out something duality free, cabal free, hidden-hand free.

Perhaps we would create a system which allows for and encourages the creation of better systems within it, in cooperation or at least tolerance with each other until it can be seen what works for the many and what does not.

Whatever the world or this collective reality could be it needs people to wake up. That objective is being made much more difficult for those who are trying when there are messengers in between putting out false and sometimes stupid information. What is a copyright? What is a country? What is a dollar? What is a symbol? What does yin/yang symbolise and who says so?

In any case Zap and Fulford - the dollar symbol does not derive from the yin/yang symbol and you should know better. The world is a noisy, painful, plastic, deceitful, fake, intolerable bore (and that's aside from the manufactured war,disease and ignorance.)Are you really trying to help? -because you're being lied to on purpose, then repeating it. How does that help? Please wake up.


RMN is an RA production.

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