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*The Cosmic Law or Universal Principle of Unity

Posted By: VegaBob
Date: Sunday, 13-Sep-2015 17:51:47

In Response To: Cosmic Awareness: "The Coming Wave of Consciousness" (VegaBob)

*The Cosmic Law or Universal Principle of Unity:

The Law of Unity is that Law which recognizes no separateness, which ignores the appearance and seemingless of separateness in the apparent division of polarities, gender, cause and effects, the parts and the whole, the one and the many; but, realizing these each as integrated parts of the total picture.

The Law of Unity identifies with the overall viewpoint and sees neither night or day, but the night/day process; neither right nor wrong, but the right/wrong process; neither the one nor the all, but the At-One-Ment process of the All Being One, whose cells and souls work together even in the seemingness of division.

The Law of Unity sees loss and gain, life and death as nothing but the spinning wheel of fortune that is based on the Law of Change, which is itself a unified process known as the Law of Magic.

Source: The Cosmic Laws and Precepts of Cosmic Awareness, AQUARIAN CHURCH OF UNIVERSAL SERVICE
: The Coming Wave of Consciousness

: Questioner: Could Awareness say more about the wave of
: consciousness that is coming in mid-September?

: Cosmic Awareness: "This wave of consciousness is Divine
: Source Consciousness. This Awareness has spoken in the past

: that the experiment is complete, is coming to an end. The
: experiment referred to by this Awareness is that experiment
: in a dualistic third dimensional consciousness that gives
: the participant a choice between black or white, good or
: evil, right or wrong, this way or that way.
: Remember that the energies of consciousness are of such a
: nature now that many are starting to question this
: dualistic approach to reality that they have been
: experiencing for so long. This wave that is underway, that
: is building up and will fully crash upon this planet,
: engulfing all, is meant to raise one up beyond the
: simplicity of a dualistic reality where one feels that they
: must choose the right side or the wrong side.

: There are no choices. There is only that which is the unity*
: of consciousness—the trust, faith and belief that one is
: more than simply a victim, simply a slave, simply at the
: effect of those who have had power for so long. This
: breaking wave will bring even more people to a point of
: realization that things are not what they seem to be. For
: those many who have long been searching for a spiritual
: understanding, things will become much clearer and more
: obvious to them as they move beyond the parameters that
: once served as the boundaries of their lives and of their
: world.

: This is something that may not be felt or experienced by
: everyone in the sense that the majority of the populace
: will certainly subscribe to what they are being told, and
: what is being reported. Therefore, there is a choice
: involved; the choice of believing the lies and deceptions
: or choosing otherwise, to believe the inner compulsion that
: drives you forward, that causes you to question and to seek
: the new level of reality that is coming.

: There may indeed be physical events that occur at that time:
: extreme weather events, cataclysmic events, the stock
: market and the economic situation of America collapsing,
: affecting not only America, but also the planetary economic
: systems. These are all the type of events that could occur,
: but you, as the Creator Being, you as the spiritual being,
: can ride them out. You can trust and believe that no matter
: what occurs, you are the one that can make another choice,
: not to believe the lies and deceptions you are being
: force-fed everyday, but rather to believe that this is yet
: another layer of the shifting consciousness that is
: breaking upon the planet at this time.

: It is important to always remember: you have the choice to go
: into fear and panic, to subscribe to the deceptions that
: are being force-fed to you, or to start believing that this
: is no longer your reality, and you are choosing to align
: yourself with the spiritual consciousness and spiritual
: energies that are breaking upon the planet. There may be
: disruption and upheaval, but it does not mean that you
: personally, or your family will be destroyed by the changes
: and shifts that are coming.

: Remember also, that when one era ends, when one regime comes
: to a conclusion, it is usually accompanied by great
: upheaval and great challenge; the collapse of the old. But
: with the collapse and destruction of the old systems, that
: which is ahead to be reached and lived will start to rise
: up.

: It would be a mistake not to trust that the changes will lead
: to a much greater positive reality, and to choose the dark
: side, the oppressive side instead. This would be the
: greatest mistake of all, but many will be faced with such
: fear, and have and hold such fear that they will forget
: even the little that they know. This Awareness asks you not
: to forget, not to dwell in that negativity and fear, but to
: realize that as things are coming to dissolution around
: you, as things are breaking up and changing, that this is
: simply the end of that which no longer has Divine Support,
: so that what will replace it can be ushered in and become
: the new reality of your being."

: Source: Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Awareness Communications,
: "Revelations of Awareness", 2015-9, Issue No 713,
: Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, p. 4.

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Cosmic Awareness: "The Coming Wave of Consciousness"
VegaBob -- Sunday, 13-Sep-2015 17:41:36
*The Cosmic Law or Universal Principle of Unity
VegaBob -- Sunday, 13-Sep-2015 17:51:47

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