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Secret, Unverifiable Law That Is Never Acted Upon? Re: NESARA HISTORY THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.... IT NAMES NAMES

Posted By: JediShaman
Date: Sunday, 18-Jul-2021 08:17:59


The history shows claims of a secret unverifiable law that has never been acted upon - even if it were real the secrecy and lack of action could go on indefinitely. The author of the original NESARA proposal claimed that those who were later spouting the claims that it was secretly passed into law were engaged in fraud. While white hats may be seeking to bring forth some type of reform it is unlikely to match all the tenets of NESARA. NESARA promoters have promised salvation always being just around the corner - offering no tangible evidence to support their claims. People may genuinely believe the narrative they promote but if an insider source claims something is true and it never comes to pass you have to be skeptical - those seeking truth and freedom can be manipulated or discredited by those presenting dubious information that the white hats are getting the upper hand. How do we know any story presented to us is factual? If we embrace a story without critical analysis of its basis that is no different than mainstream media embracing pharmaceutical propaganda without critical examination of the science.


: NESARA: What Really Happened

: Posted on 11/27/2018 by EraOfLight

: Let us consider what happened with the creation of the
: National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).
: The Act was passed by the United States Congress on March
: 9, 2000 and then sent to President Bill Clinton for his
: signature. President Clinton signed NESARA into law on
: October 10, 2000. At that point NESARA, as with any

: legislation so acted upon, became a “law of the land”, but
: wait a minute! No one wanted to enforce it. Why? No one
: wanted to enforce NESARA because this law required the
: physical and permanent removal from their government
: positions of all those, who were treasonous. Those, who had
: deliberately acted outside the Constitution of the
: Republic, had committed treason. Those who were treasonous
: included the United States president and vice president,
: the presidential cabinet, all members of Congress, various
: government departmental heads, all fifty governors of the
: fifty states, judges and others.

: You ask, “Why would the United States Congress ever pass a law
: that would, upon enactment, instantly remove them from
: public office? On March 9, 2000 in a secret joint session
: of Congress with the walls of the House Chambers lined with
: Navy Seals and Delta Force, the United States Congress
: passed the NESARA law unanimously at gun point under the
: threat of death. They passed the law knowing full well that
: there was a plan already in place to forever delay NESARA
: from being enforced. You ask, “Why would our president ever
: sign a bill and create a law that would remove him, his
: vice-president and his Cabinet from public office the
: moment he signed it?” In the Oval Office on October 10,
: 2000 President Bill Clinton, surrounded by special forces,
: at gun point signed the NESARA bill into law, knowing full
: well that the Illuminati were in charge, and that this law
: was never to be enforced.

: To hide NESARA from public view and, thus, to prevent its
: enforcement by popular demand, the United States Supreme
: Court placed a gag order on all public officials, the
: United States military, law enforcement personnel, bankers,
: attorneys, judges, the media and anyone else, who knew
: about NESARA and, who might give information about NESARA
: to the public. If the people learned the Truth about
: NESARA, they would demand its enforcement. This could not
: be allowed. The plan to hide NESARA worked well for a time,
: but gradually news of NESARA began to be leaked to the
: public. To circumvent any public action to enforce NESARA,
: “plan B” was created. The plan was to forever delay the
: enforcement of NESARA by fooling the people with trickery.
: NESARA was embroiled in fictitious legal procedures and
: court orders by both the United States Supreme Court and
: the International Court of Justice. This game of deceit
: could be played forever, NESARA could be permanently
: delayed, and the people of the world would never be the
: wiser.

: To discredit NESARA and spread misinformation a false website
: was set up by the United States Government under the
: direction of evil CIA/FBI personnel. Claims were made that
: there was no such law as NESARA, that it had no
: congressional file number, no sponsors and was only a
: thought somewhere under consideration. The public was told
: through the government websites of and
: that there never was such a bill, it was
: never acted upon nor passed by Congress, and that the
: president had never signed it. Even a fictitious name was
: given to it under the same acronym, and a fictitious rough
: draft was posted on the internet to mislead the people.
: This distorted information from an “official” government
: website served to mislead and cause doubt for thousands of
: people.

: For the past three years and four months this game of deceit
: by our treasonous United States Government, United States
: Supreme Court and World Court judges has continued. On
: October 10, 2000 NESARA became the law of the land in the
: United States of America, but it has never been enforced.
: The story was created that the enactment of NESARA had to
: happen by an “official” public announcement. Why so? Has
: that ever been true of any other law passed by Congress and
: signed by the president? It is all a trick to fool the
: people.

: Of the 40,000 laws passed each year in the United States, how
: many of them are known by the public? Very few. How many
: are ever enacted by public announcement? None. Yet, if you
: should break a law that you know nothing about, you are
: still held accountable for your ignorance of the law and
: your actions. Laws are made and become law the instant the
: president signs the legislation. That is the requirement of
: the Constitution of the Republic of the united States of
: America. There are no exceptions.

: So, who has been fooled about NESARA? The serious and
: dedicated White Knights have been fooled. The Dove has been
: fooled. The NTAT people have been fooled. A and A and
: Jennifer Lee and D’ Yanna Amrito and Nancy Tate and Bob
: Towers and Patrick Bellringer have all been fooled. The
: world’s people have been fooled by the Illuminati and all
: their stooges. That is the NESARA Lie! These past three
: years and four months of delay have been only a scam by our
: government to avoid obeying the NESARA law. All this time
: the United States Government has been unlawfully in office
: and conducting unlawful business. They have been
: constitutionally unlawful since 1933, but now they are
: playing “double jeopardy”. Since October 10, 2000 we as a
: nation have been under our original Constitution of the
: Republic of the united States of America, but we have not
: realized it. Since October 10, 2000 we have been under
: common law, but the courts have continued to destroy us
: with their military law.

: For three years and four months the Internal Revenue Service
: has been eliminated, but we have continued to pay our
: income taxes right on schedule, because we have been
: ignorant of the game of deceit being played against us.
: Since October 10, 2000 we have continued to use fiat money
: and a worthless credit money system, unable to discharge
: any debt, while we were lawfully under a gold standard
: banking system. All this time we should have had our Farm
: Claim and Prosperity Program money. We have been tricked.
: WE have been fooled big time, and the darkside is laughing
: at us.

: What proof do I have that what I say is true? The proof is in
: the banks. Under NESARA the new gold and silver certificate
: currency was printed and sent to the banks. It is currently
: being held by the bankers for our use. They have been
: “sitting” on our money all this time. To lawfully print the
: new gold currency, NESARA had to have already been enacted.
: Such information has been purposely with-held from the
: public. Also, as additional proof, under NESARA the bankers
: were ordered to have new computer software and data ready
: for use under the new gold banking system. They have been
: forced to comply with this requirement of NESARA, but,
: again, such information is being carefully withheld from
: the public, due to the gag order. The gag order in itself
: is a big joke. The gag order was unlawfully created by an
: unlawful United States Supreme Court to provide an
: “official” reason why the unlawful public officials can’t
: talk about NESARA. The gag order was done to stop the
: Truth, to stop NESARA from being known. No public official
: or media person or banker or judge or lawyer or military
: person wanted to tell you that he or she was a part of the
: plot to hide NESARA, to delay NESARA, to stop NESARA
: forever. None wanted you to know that they were your enemy.

: My friends, think about it. Had NESARA been enforced on
: October 10, 2000, President Bill Clinton and our entire
: treasonous government would have stepped down at that time.
: The banks would have been changed to a gold system and the
: Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs would have been paid.
: What a difference for good that money could have made.
: There would have been no 9-11 disaster! There would have
: been no Iraq war! There would have been no Patriot Act I,
: no Patriot Act II, no unlawful George W. Bush election and
: no George W. Bush administration. All that has happened to
: you in the past three years and four months would have been
: vastly different. We have been tricked big time! What will
: it take to wake us up? Will it take another war with Iran,
: Pakistan, Syria, Libya, or North Korea? Will it take
: Patriot Act III? Will it take World War III? How long will
: we remain asleep and oblivious to the NESARA Lie? When will
: we as a people say “enough?”


RMN is an RA production.

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Seawitch -- Sunday, 18-Jul-2021 08:17:59
Secret, Unverifiable Law That Is Never Acted Upon? Re: NESARA HISTORY THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.... IT NAMES NAMES
JediShaman -- Sunday, 18-Jul-2021 08:17:59

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