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Reader Charles: "The collective of consciousness of the American People is at the 112k number now."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 24-Nov-2019 19:26:36

In Response To: (hmm) Experiencing light-headedness here; anyone else? (hobie)

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Re: (hmm) Experiencing light-headedness here; ....

Dear Hobie.

The vibration rate of energy in motion has stabilized at 112,000, on a scale we were taught. Stable About 7 to 10 days ago.
Gold vibrates at this same frequency.
The collective of consciousness of the American People is at the 112k number now.
This means a few at very very high vibration pulling others up to the invitation point.

Stability means no return to yesterday’s world absent huge amounts of energy being applied.

Most do not have access to that level of energy management.
Thus, Energy theft is rampant at the moment. Thus, the confusion.
This creates perturbations in field of flow.

I believe this is what is being experienced.
These experiences are in their infancy.
Disturbed fields results in disorientation, mentally, physically, emotionally, and most important in the connection to the original source of all energy moved by consciousness.

On this scale the 112k to 120k frequency is the invitation.

Quite some months ago I advised via email this opening was coming slowly.
Now appears to be the opening.

In essence the reference points to yesterday’s world and its operating systems is dissolving.
Witness the confusion of management of human capital systemites exposing themselves and being exposed across the board.

The simple solution to releasing the disorientation works every time.
Takes practice. In the beginning it seems slow. Practice results in being able to recognize the release of the confusion. Once that is active the re- balancing of individual systems is possible. Harmony in all individual energy patterns is the result.
We have extensive experience with in these disturbed fields over years.

The key element is to listen to the consciousness each individual represents.
You will get answers when you can listen and actually hear inside your self with no outside influence.

Simply quiet yourself as much as possible.
With all the intent that can be marshaled in the moment, reach out for the open dialogue with the source of all life in this whole dimension.
Each of us, man-kind, are made up of this consciousness, thus we are already connected if we will merely get out of our own way.
Simple ask for understanding, making the commitment to listen and here.
The balance in the fields will begin to harmonize.
The more practice the more balance and harmony.

Man-kind has and our world of existence lives within the Creators energies.

I have gained vastly increased application of my personal energy patterns through LASER REIKI.
Reiki Ranch in google might be interesting.
Below is what I wrote about my understandings.

Reiki, My Understanding.

Reiki is one of the names given to energy in motion.
Traditionally the name Reiki is associated with the practice of moving energy in support of the art of healing.
After working with this traditional practice for a while I began to understand the fundamentals of what Reiki really is.
To me, Reiki is the fundamental energy that is emitted by the creation itself. This energy makes up all things in all of this dimension of existence.
By all things I mean both dynamic energy, that substance which is in motion as in the life force of all living things, all natural elements or combinations of elements arranged by creation, and, static energy, fixed energy created by conscious rearranging natural energies.

A tree, a toad, a rabbit, a man are dynamic energy, as are water, rocks, rubies, a Thought. All from the Reiki energy arranged in nature by the Reiki itself.

Steel, a wooden chair, a car in all its parts are static energy, as is a book or computer.

Dynamic energies organized in specific patters is what man kind understands as life or natural elements.
When man kind alters, by intentional effort, adding to or deleting from these elements while reorganizing them into something useful, the original energies still exist, merely in a rearranged order resulting in static energy.

So, what is this ability to recognize natural elements and then reorganize them, to fix them in a new and different form?


So, what is consciousness?

Consciousness is energy moved in a specific manner.

So, the ultimate question is where did all this energy, and consciousness, all these organized energies making up everything come from?

I believe this next statement provides an adequate and competent answer.

The beginning of all things in this dimension of existence appear to have come from the first thought.


These three words explain the creation and all of the express forms of creations energies in all places at all times from the beginning. No limits on expression of energy.

One I engaged to Know My Self the recognition that I was created by something larger than myself became clear.

The more I engaged to Know My Self the more I recognized that if all in creation is made up of the same stuff, all the stuff, me included, had common ground.

The common ground once recognized allowed me to understand that a shared source meant there is a common language, that of pure energy.

Laser Reiki is the tool to work with and recognize, to understand and to participate, in the dialogues of that language.

Accepting the gift of the language and open dialogue from Creation as the choice to engage, allows me to Know Myself in a very intimate manner and participate in the Neutral Flow of Creations Energies. THE SOURCE!

The Ultimate Gift from Creation is the Choice!

Roi and Taylor developed and tested the Laser Reiki into a direct application, much like a phone app, available to any one seeking to know them selves.

See Reiki Ranch on line.


RMN is an RA production.

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