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Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:17

In Response To: Reader: 'Earlier, I came across the well written article title, "Humanity has been lied to from the beginning" that was posted by ...' (hobie)

Hi, Folks -

Originally posted at RMN in 2007, then deleted by the hacker in 2014, copy with an added title found here:


Humanity Has Been Lied To From the Beginning


Posted By: Never_Surrender
<Send E-Mail>

Date: Friday, 23 February 2007, 11:39 a.m.

Let me start out by saying that a lot of people will disagree with different parts of this and I would ask that you please, even if you find yourself angry or in total disagreement with some of the things said in this article, to please read to the bottom before you pass judgment on what I feel is a very very important work that I think we all need to just read over and at least consider before we trash the idea because it is against any belief that we currently hold. I just ask that you read the material and ponder on it a bit, I truly think this could change the world to a place of peace if we can just get past the indoctrination that we all have been spoon fed since birth.


I have some thoughts on some things that have been on my mind now for about 5 years and that continue to evolve as time goes by. I have been wanting to explore this in depth for some time and so I guess now is the time that I will take this journey and I thought that you might like to come along.

First a few things must be made known as background.

I never attended church as a child so I was not brought up believing in any certain religion. But 20 years ago when I was 18 I became pregnant and went to church on mothers day with my mom at her request. It was then that I decided to explore religion a little and continued going regularly.

I got to where I was going three times a week and volunteering etc. I also after becoming so involved decided that I would like to read the bible. It is strange to me that most churches do NOT tell their parishioners to do so, but I felt that I personally wanted to know what was in that book, and so I studied it long and hard.

I eventually walked away from the church when I realized that the people running the place were nothing like the book said they should be and in my mind they were hypocrites, I attended a few other churches and found the same thing to be true, so that ended my churchgoing days.

However, I am grateful for the experience as during that time I did recognize several things in my own attitude that needed adjusting and adjusted them accordingly making me truly a much better, more understanding and giving and loving and caring person (less spoiled and self centered... I mean I was 18 - 23 during this time ... lol)

Anyway, I maintained my beliefs and went on with my life.

After 9-11 I decided to look deeply again at prophecy to see if 9-11 was the beginning of the end for the world. I had just gotten the internet during this time for the first time ever and so I was studying it online and that is when I first saw things about the NWO and Freemasons and the Illuminati and all of the symbolism they use and on and on and on.

What struck me the most was the stuff about 9-11 being a sham, being done by, well there are many theories, but definitely not Arabs.

I was enraged and add to that the fact that every single thing that they had ever told us about history and who really orchestrated the major events in history etc was a lie, well I was, to put it lightly, pissed and as I learned of their plans for us I vowed to Never Surrender to all the wrong things that they had planned for mankind and all my fellow human beings on this planet.

At first I still believed that the bible was the infallible word of God and that it was 100% true. It never occurred to me that it too could have been propaganda to be used to control the masses until one day I was visiting a friends house and I picked up her catholic bible off of the table and started leafing through.

Now, not only in church had I been taught that the Catholic church is evil but I had read that same theory online in much more detail so I already thought that this friend was led astray.

But, here is what I saw in that book that for the first time made me say to myself "DUH!!... If everything else is a lie, why didn't you consider that what they have told you about the bible is a lie as well?"

In a little table were the linages of the bible elite, you know "so and so begot so and so" and so forth..... and then there it was in black and white it said that Jesus was grafted in to the bloodline! It said that through JOSEPH he would have a connection but through MARY he did not. Well they had told me my whole life that Joseph was NOT his blood father so I thought well now we have a problem!

Let me make myself VERY clear here, I am NOT saying that the above is correct or incorrect, that is not the point that I am making, the point that I am making is that for the first time it occurred to me to question that book and the stories that I had been taught out of it.

I tell you all of this because I do not want to receive email that assumes that I am a Christian or that I am a this or a that, people read my stuff and assume that I am this thing or that thing and truly I am just a woman, a mother, a human being and that is it!

I have given up all other labels, they are limiting and they are imprisoning! I am not any religion, I am not any political affiliation, I am not a citizen of any place. I belong to NO group with an agenda, I have dropped out of all of those things as to be a part of any of them you have to be limited by only those beliefs that are part of that group, you are tied down to a set of beliefs and then one group fights another group with opposite beliefs, it is childish and petty and frankly below me. I have in the last few years freed myself of all labels.

These are the things that they use to enslave us and to pit us against each other and that ultimately is the whole point of this post.... the reason that I started this post.... we have finally arrived at the topic that I want to deal with today.

We are born, and we are indoctrinated to believe whatever it is that we are told, we have no reason to really question it, I mean our parents, our teachers, our sunday school teachers if we had them, the television and media, it all supports the same basic theories. I mean, whatever corner of the world that you are born in there is a version of the mainstream "truth" that you are sold and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the time that you are born, these are called belief systems or cultural ways of life. The thing is, they cannot all be true at the same time and the bigger point is, it is these divisions and opposing viewpoints that different religious and cultural groups are taught that keep us all fighting.

I submit to you that it is not even really us fighting, it is madmen fighting in our name, under the banner of our particular belief system against the other guys belief system. At least is is when it comes to the big wars, but there are actually plenty of everyday little wars that we, the little people do partake in to back up the set of beliefs that we adhere to.

For instance, gang wars - opposing gangs fight to the death everyday because that is what they are brought up believing that they are supposed to do. Different political factions go at each other with such a vengeance that you would think that they just caught each other in bed with each others spouses, over nothing more than opposing viewpoints. On every level of society people cling to their beliefs and will argue viciously to make it known that their point is the correct one.

It is my firm belief that this is all a set up that started thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of KEEPING US AT WAR and KEEPING US DIVIDED and I will now attempt to show you my theory on this and investigate this in depth for the first time.

and I will try to do this in such a clear, precise way as to be able to just get to the LOGIC of the matter and be able to BREAK THROUGH that PROGRAMMING that so many of us have that STOPS US from being able to consider ANY information that is in opposition to the version of reality that we have been taught. Because folks, if we cannot break through those barriers installed in us through programming and propaganda and entertain new information that may free this planet from the evil that has such a firm death grip on it then we are doomed to live out their plans for us, plans that are ONLY working for them through what I am about to present in this article.

Here is where we will start.... with the story of the tower of Babel - GEN 11: 1-9

Gen 11:1 the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

Gen 11:2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

Gen 11:3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.

Gen 11:4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

Gen 11:5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

Gen 11:6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

[Hmmmm...they were free and happy and hard to control because they were UNITED]

Gen 11:7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

[can't have all those people getting along now can we? It is good and positive and I must mess it up so that they are too divided and fighting and weak to be strong and happy enough to see me for the devil that I am.... a good god would have not been threatened by this it would have warmed his heart, only a god who desired to totally control a people would be threatened by this act.]

Gen 11:8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

Gen 11:9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

And, we are still divided to this day! I maintain that THIS is the root cause of every problem facing mankind today!

Now, one other thing that I forgot to mention above is that after it occurred to me that there may be flaws in what we were told about the bible as well, since nearly everything else had been a lie in this matrix that they created for us, I did study that angle quite extensively and what I came to as a conclusion, considering all the facts as I knew them to be at the time and since is, I think that there truly is a God, a good god, BUT I do not think that we hear too much about him in the bible that we currently have, I think that just as with everything else, they have lied to us and tried to sell us the BAD god as the good god in order to maintain control over us.

It was when I finally questioned the bible and religion as it stands today and I asked myself the serious question... "if they have messed with everything else, and lied to us about everything else, why am I to believe that they gave us the 100% truth about God?" that it finally all made sense for me why back in my bible reading days, so much of what I read seemed barbaric and so NOT the behavior of a "HOLY GOD".

If I, a poor, single mother who didn't finish high school could see that so many of the things that this supposed "GOD" had done were WRONG and EVIL than certainly this supposed GOD would have known better, I mean I am not better than god right? More loving, more forgiving? Those kind of things bothered me when I was young and reading the bible and NOW for the first time it was all making sense, THEY HID THE REAL GOD FROM US, AND SOLD US THIS FAKE, BAD GOD just like they hid the truth about EVERYTHING ELSE from us!

For me, that is what I truly believe happened. Ok so now, in that light, let's examine the above verse....

Basically everyone on earth was getting along JUST FINE and all WORKING TOGETHER and this petty god got worried because they were STRONG and UNITED and he felt THREATENED!


So, we are to believe that it was a "good god" who felt threatened by unity and love and oneness of purpose and by a people NOT fighting and killing each other but rather working as a team and creating wonderful things and he felt that they might overtake him so he divided them and confused their speech so that they could no longer understand each other and sent them to the four corners of the world?

Nah.... not buying that one! It was a purely EVIL god who was so petty that he wanted to CONTROL the masses SO DESPERATELY that he FELT THREATENED BY THEIR UNITY AND HAPPINESS AND STRENGTH and so HE started the problems that we have today.

EVERYONE is in their own little corners, and everyone has their own beliefs and WE ARE DIVIDED AND FIGHTING AND WE ALL THINK THAT WE ARE RIGHT AND THE OTHER GUY IS WRONG!

The ONLY person that is served by all this division is EVIL and the BAD GOD!

Please look beyond your programming and see the logic and the common sense in this, WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO AND IT ALL STARTED AT THE TOWER OF BABEL!!

and yet today it rages on, nation against nation, brother against brother, Arabs against Jews and they have the same father ABRAHAM.

White against Black

democrats against republicans

Christians against Muslims

On and on and on, religions fight, cultures fight, nations fight, political parties fight, WE ARE DIVIDED and that is the problem.

Logically, there is NO WAY that everyone can be right, it is impossible!

So logically if you took 100% of belief systems about the world and religion etc and put them all together, logic dictates that 99.999% would be false doctrines but I believe that each maintains a piece of the truth and the rest is garbage.

I KNOW that there are those who are angry with me right now as you are reading this and you want to write to me and call me a devil or a blasphemer etc.... but I am not against a good god, I am against being sold a lie, being sold a bad god as a good god, and I think if you take a few deep breaths and realize that they have lied to us about EVERYTHING ELSE, and then ask yourselves why on earth they would tell us the truth about god, when their sole goal is to keep us stupid and powerless and enslaved?

Then really ask yourself, if a good god would REALLY do the things that the bible says he did, ya know the things that they have created all these cute little cover stories for so that we will ignore logic and swallow them as acceptable things for a good god to do.

You know the automatic arguments that came to mind as you read this, the ones that they have programmed you with so as to protect their LIES so that no one could get past your well learned and strengthened defenses so that you could see the truth of the matter, that they have been lying to you.

What if, stay with me for just a few more minutes, what if WE HAVE IT ALL WRONG?

What if being DIVIDED and FIGHTING for the right to keep our "beliefs" IS THE CORE OF THE PROBLEM?

I mean, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE on the planet has a version of supposed TRUTH that they were taught and a belief system to go with it and that is what they live their life for and fight and die for, WHAT IF .... THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM... the fact that we have bought into the LIE that we should be divided and continue to FIGHT FOR OUR BELIEFS TO THE DEATH?

It is because we are "Americans" and we are "proud" and we "support our nation" and we are "patriotic" that we EVER agreed to go to war after 9-11.

NOW.... it turns out 9-11 WAS A LIE and going further we were told that "people with beliefs different than ours" carried out the attacks... and that people with "our beliefs" (being patriotic, proud to be an american and on and on) needed to 'go get those criminals who have the wrong beliefs)

Do you see my point?




THE LIE of keeping us DIVIDED is the thing that they are using to control us and the rest of the world, they sold EVERYONE a DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE LIE, and are using it to ruin the whole planet and we allow it because we believe the lies they have told us from birth.... it is madness.

I will be accused of being FOR the New World Order, and well... in theory, I think a UNITED world with the TRUTH of religion and the REAL GOD is a wonderful idea.... BUT I KNOW that that is NOT what they have planned, at least I truly do not believe that they do. I believe that they want to control us, chip us etc....

but if ever anyone wants to unite the planet under the TRUTH, the real one, not one they make up again, and have UNITY and no more war etc, then sign me up, I am all for it, but with the evil that is running the place today, I do not ever expect to see it happen.

I am putting forth a theory here that we were all sold different versions of one main lie, opposing versions so as to keep us fighting and divided which ONLY serves EVILS purpose and harms humanity and the planet.

The basis of the main lie that we all have different versions of is very simple.... and here it is.... each group is taught that


and down through the ages, people have fought and died to protect their particular version of the lie.

It is the labels, the groups, the divisions, the opposing versions of the lie, that keep this a planet full of pain and war and bloodshed and hatred and evil and rape and murder and torture and burning and pillaging and it will ultimately be the thing that brings us to the place of all out nuclear war and our demise. The thing that will ENSURE their ARMAGEDDON, that THEY PLANNED long ago and put all of these things in place and in motion to ENSURE that the world would follow along, lockstep in the direction of their evil plan for the world.



We HAVE to begin to try to think for ourselves and try to unite against all odds and become powerful enough through unity and through killing off all this division and hatred that we can stand as one united group of humans and say "ENOUGH! NO MORE" to our captures and evil prison guards.

We HAVE to rise ABOVE the script that they have laid out for us that we have been following to the letter and shed those harmful beliefs and go straight to the heart and see that no one person is better than ANY other person and that we ALL have value and worth and that we NEED each other to try to be victorious over these madmen.


We have the ability to rise above their vision for us, to be a united group of humanity and to say NO to them and then, they lose. PERIOD, end of story, they lose and they have to go crawling back to whatever universe they came from with their tales between their legs defeated.

I know it is possible, but I firmly believe that it is just a dream, I have always been a dreamer of big dreams, my earliest memories are of being about 5 or 6 years old and crying for the whole planet, and telling my grandma that I was going to help the world, she said, "help them how sweetheart" and I said, "to fix it."

To fix the world! Grand dreams for a 5 year old huh?

But it is still my dream, to find my way out of this matrix of lies and deceit and to then stand there at the exit with the flashlight so that others may find their way out as well and then together we can whoop some lizard tail... lol

I joke but truly my heart aches for humanity, for all of the little children across the world tonight, regardless of their beliefs that are cold, or hungry or living in war with bloodshed and body parts all around, and the ones who's homes have been blow sky high and who have lost their parents.

Just think of all the pain and all of the suffering worldwide that could be eliminated...stopped if everyone were to realize that we have ALL been lied to by evil evil beings that sought to control and enslave us and lord power over us.

It truly breaks my heart that we are so surrounded by entertainment and sports and movies and golfing and tennis and shopping and decorating and paying the bills and we are so focused on our credit scores and buying the latest toy to keep up with the Joneses that most do not give a damn about the cold and the hungry and the ones in pain and suffering in their own backyard or families, let alone when it is people halfway around the world and people who's beliefs we have been taught make them "less than" important or worthy.

How sad, and I believe that one day all will have to answer for what they spent their time here doing and if the fate of our brothers and sisters all across this globe did not matter to us because we were so busy playing with all the toys they created to keep us to busy to care about anything or the belief systems that they MADE UP to divide us meant more to us than fellow human beings then I believe we will one day hang our heads in shame while we stand in the presence of a holy and good god who is saying to us "WHY? How could you just look away and put the suffering of so many out of your minds. How, when you are children of god, with hearts and souls could you have not cared at all and wept for your brothers and sisters in pain?"

We do have all the power, if we choose to fight hard enough to do the hard work necessary to kill the lies they have taught to every child born on this earth.

I once heard something profound, "The only way out of a spiderweb is to unravel it one strand at a time" but actually it is not that hard, it is not that difficult at all when people simply realize one thing....

We have all been lied to, we have all been taught opposing versions of the same basic lie and this was done for one purpose, to divide us and make us war against each other so that we had no power so that they could control us.

It is truly that simple! The remedy for all that ails this world can be found in one simple solution, every group in the world needs to look inside and determine what version of the lie they were indoctrinated with that keeps them from having unity with all of the other groups, and after each group has done that, each group needs to agree to crucify the lie!

It sounds so hard but truly it is simple, but then again, I am the grand dreamer of dreams that make other peoples head spin and that boggle their minds.

That is the fastest road to victory over our keepers, our masters, the watchers, the evil that lords over every human on this planet.

We need to stop fighting each other and go out and hunt and kill all versions of the lie and we will again be a united people, a strong people, strong enough to be a threat to the evil that currently controls this world.

This follows everything that Jesus said to do, and I am sure that other enlightened leaders from other religions have advocated the same kinds of things as being your brothers keeper and caring for others etc.

Ok, now I will ready myself for all the hate mail that I will undoubtedly receive, and these are just my dreams, my hopes for planet earth and her inhabitants. But who am I really, just a poor little woman in Ohio with nothing but a heart full of love and compassion for EVERY person on this earth and a big head full of dreams.

I offer this to everyone in love, not in judgement, and I hope that I worded it in a logical way so that the truth of these words may squeak its way past the locked shut tight barriers that our indoctrination and propaganda have spent years fortifying and putting in place so that logical and true arguments such as these will bounce right off and go and get lost in oblivion.

By the way, in closing, they think that we are barbaric, that WE are unable to comprehend and to be decent upstanding citizens. It's true, I can prove it to you that this is what they think of us, that we are unable to be good loving people. They truly believe that we NEED to be controlled and that they lie to us for OUR OWN GOOD because we are just a little better than animals and that we have animal instincts of murder and vengeance in us.

They are WRONG and they UNDERESTIMATE us and I PRAY with all of my heart and soul that one day we rise up TOGETHER as a people, UNITED in PEACE and LOVE for our fellow man and PROVE TO THEM THAT THEY WERE SO VERY WRONG ABOUT US.

and then their business of war and hatred will be bankrupt and they will be homeless on the planet that they conquered so long ago and we as the human race can beat their war toys into plowshares and reseed this planet with goodness and love and peace.

I still dare to dream it for me and for you and for all children across this whole earth.

Never Surrender!!!

P.S. I want to say thank you to someone for reawakening these thoughts in me, they had become buried beneath years of being told that I was just a dreamer and he pursued me and pushed me until I read something he had written and when I did it all came flooding back to the surface, through his brilliant work of hope for humanity, I remembered that ultimately I believe I was put on this earth to stand up and say what is right and to fight against what is wrong. So thank you R... you know who you are.


RMN is an RA production.

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Reader: 'Earlier, I came across the well written article title, "Humanity has been lied to from the beginning" that was posted by ...'
hobie -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:17
hobie -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:17
Reader: "The real issues though, seem to be: WHY have we been lied too? WHO is responsible for those lies? And ..."
hobie -- Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:17

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