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Posted By: Ru Mills
Date: Saturday, 11-Dec-1999 02:55:40

The Beavers of Washington Vow

"More Cherry Trees Will Fall"!

Early this morning, RMNews received a call from a man we have recently met. He asked if we had heard about the cherry trees being cut down in Washington D.C. I replied that I had missed that story. He said that it had been going on for about a week now, and he knew who was doing it.

He said a beaver family he had brought to Washington was chopping down the cherry trees to try to teach the people of Washington a lesson. Our source said the beavers vowed to keep on chopping down the cherry trees until people woke up and understood the message of the cherry tree.

The beavers vow they will chop down all the cherry trees in Washington unless the people of Washington return to honesty that the cherry tree symbolizes.

Our Source spent several hours on the telephone telling us the whole story of the beaver family and how and why he brought them to Washington.

Just in case you have missed the stories on the fallen cherry trees, I have inserted one from the Washington Post:

After the short clip from the post, I have written the long story my source told me about King Beaver and his mission to save America.


From the Washington Post:

Bite Out of Blossom Festival Beaver Blamed for Fallen Cherry Tree

Saturday, April 3, 1999; Page B01 Early morning visitors to the east side of the Tidal Basin were horrified: One of the famous cherry trees had been felled. There it was, lying on the ground not far from the Jefferson Memorial, its white blossoms crushed by the fall.

Had someone with a hatchet tried to live up to the George Washington myth?

Well, no. National Park Service spokesman Earle Kittleman said naturalists determined that the responsible party was a beaver. Kittleman said it was the first time that anyone could recall that a beaver had actually chewed through a cherry tree. Last year, the Park Service found some damage to trees on the west side of the Tidal Basin and since then had put protective covering over the trunks in that area.

He said staff members had found the beaver's lodge by late afternoon and were waiting to trap it last night.

"They will live-trap it and take it somewhere far from the cherry trees," he said. � Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company



As Told by an RMNews Source

This morning RMNews received a call from a Source in Washington D.C.. This man is a former military officer who was wounded in battle. He was given a choice of retirement due to his wounds, or he could transfer to a top secret program which trained operatives to use their psychic ability. He chose to stay in the military and was assigned to a program in a secret location in Virginia.

While he is still not at liberty to discuss all the details of his training in psychic warfare, he did say that sensory deprivation was the way he was taught to project his mind out of his body. He was taught how to direct his thought projections to specific locations. Once he was able to focus his mind in one area, for an extended length of time, he was able to make a careful study of the location.

The psychic development program, in which he participated, was an early version of what is now referred to as "remote viewing". He said in addition to being able to project his mind and see things at a distance, he had mysteriously developed telepathy.

After he retired from the military in the early 90's, he married a psychologist. His wife had participated in some of the early studies on plant communication.

After she finished her graduate program, she obtained a grant from a New York City think tank to study animal communication. She and several colleagues set up a farm in upstate New York where they accumulated a collection of cats, dogs, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, horses and chickens. The farm was close to a small creek that was routinely dammed by beavers.

The study was patterned after some of the plant studies in which plants were threatened. In front of the animals, the researchers would state their intent to kill the animal and eat it. The researchers would then study the animal for any signs of distress.

One researcher noted that cats would glare at them for a moment, then turn their backs, switch their tails back and forth and slowly walk away. On the other hand, dogs would nuzzle and lick the person who had just issued the threats.

Cows and sheep never showed any kind of recognition, no matter how loud or angry the threat was issued. Chickens were very bad subjects for the study, because their behavior was always erratic and it was impossible to gauge how much more erratic the threat of death made them.

When horses were threatened, they made a loud whinnying sound, glared at the researcher and then galloped away. Their behavior was very similar to that of cats.

Goats attacked the researcher who was issuing the threats and kept attacking them until the researcher was forced to leave their pen.

When the threat of pork chops for dinner was issued in front of pigs, they squealed and ran away. No matter how well the pig was confined, it managed to find a way out. Once a researcher had issued a threat in front of a pig, the pig would never allow that researcher to be around it. The pig never forgot the threat and never forgave the person who issued it.

Part of the study involved secretly following the animals who had run from the threat. The reason for tracking these animals was to see if there were any noticeable difference in their behaviors as a result of the threats.

In the case of cats, they retired to a warm spot and gave themselves a bath. Horses galloped friskily for a while and then stopped to graze. Goats stayed at the fence, daring the researcher to try to come back in.

What the pigs did after they escaped, attracted the most attention from the researchers. When the pigs escaped from their confinement, they always ran to the beaver pond. They would leap into the water and swim to the beaver lodge in the middle of the pond, where they would crawl up on the wood and mud lodge. Once on the lodge, the pig would squeal for hours as if pouring his heart out.

Beavers would come out of their beaver lodge and surround the pig. Some of the beavers would make high pitched whistling sounds. Others could be seen and heard tapping their tails. After the pig stopped squealing, the beavers would surround it for a moment and everything would be still and quiet. Shortly afterwards, the pig would leap back into the water and return to its pen. The beavers would watch the pig until it disappeared and then would go back into their lodge.

As the wife of our Source watched the pigs, she became very interested in the beavers. After many instances of observing the pigs running to the beaver ponds, Mrs. Source decided to stay and watch what the beavers did. Most of the beavers immediately went back into the beaver lodge at the bottom of the pond.

One beaver, who appeared to be a male, and appeared to be the leader of the beavers did not go back to the lodge immediately. He would slide into the water and follow the pig to the edge of the pond. From there he would swagger back and forth on the pond's edge for a while, looking very much like a person pacing a floor. Then, as if in a fit of rage, the beaver would run to the nearest small tree and begin to gnaw it until it fell down. Mrs. Source said she felt the beaver was telling her he was angry at the humans for the way they were treating the animals.

Mrs. Source was forced to abandon the animal communication study when the local Humane Society accused them of animal cruelty. No one could figure out how the head of the local Humane Society had heard about their research. She came stomping out one day and told the researchers that their experiments on these poor animals were over. No matter how hard they tried to tell her that the animals were never hurt, she refused to believe them.

The animals were seized and all the researchers were brought up on charges of animal cruelty. Because the think tank who had sponsored them was very prominent and did not want to be involved in a situation that would generate bad publicity for them, they gave the local Humane Society a very large donation and the animal cruelty charges vanished.

However, the animal cruelty charges tainted the study and the people involved in it. The findings of the study were never reported because of this. Most of the researchers left the farm and returned to academic studies. Mrs. Source stayed on through the winter because she had become fascinated by the large beaver who appeared to be the head of the beaver family.

Once spring blossomed and the weather warmed up, Mrs Source began spending all day by the beaver pond. The large beaver eventually swam from his lodge to the edge of the pond where she was sitting. When this happened, she said she felt threatened, as if the beaver was going to attack her.

The beaver stood, about four feet away from her and glared . She said she felt compelled to talk to him. She spoke out loud and told him her name and that she was a scientist. She talked about the study they had been doing at the farm. She told him they had never hurt any of the animals, they had just threatened them to see if the animals understood what they were saying and how they would respond.

The beaver stayed for about fifteen minutes the first time, then he turned his back on her and swam back to the lodge. Mrs. Source said it really looked like King Beaver, as she named him, had understood everything she said.

She went back to the farm house and pulled out an encyclopedia and looked up beavers. She discovered that they ate soft new trees, fruits and berries. The next day, when she went to the edge of the beaver pond, she carried with her, black berries, grapes, bananas, apples, celery and carrots. She also brought a small child's table. She set the table near the edge of the pond and placed the fruit and vegetables on the table. She then moved over to the rock where she usually sat.

After about ten minutes, King Beaver joined her. He sat for a moment and looked at her. Then he noticed the table. He sat up on his back legs, balancing himself with his tail. He looked at the fruit on the table, then he looked at Mrs. Source. He studied the fruit and vegetables for a few more minutes. Then he walked up to the table, again sat up on his hind legs and balanced himself with his tail. He was chest high to the table, and able to easily take anything he wanted.

He picked up a blackberry. First he smelled it, then he placed it in his mouth. After a moment, he spit it out. He looked at it again, then picked it up, put it in his mouth and ate it. He repeated the same thing with the rest of the fruit and vegetables. After spending about five minutes eating, he went back to the pond and swam out into the water. He stopped and began slapping his tail on the water making a very loud cracking sound.

From out of the lodge, six kits, baby beavers, appeared. They were followed by their mother, Queen Beaver. The beaver family swam to the large male. He seemed to be talking to them, and after a moment, he led the way back to the table with the fruit and vegetables.

The young kits were too small to reach the top of the table. Their mother and father, would choose the food and place it in their hands. After all the food was gone, the beavers looked at Mrs. Source for a moment, and then went back into the water and swam back to their lodge.

Mrs source spent a few more days feeding the beavers each afternoon. Then one day she decided to place all the fruit in a loose net bag and set it on the table. King Beaver came to the shore, looked at the bag, looked at her and then sat back on his hind legs. Mrs. Source heard the beaver ask, "Why did you put the fruit in a bag?" At first Mrs. Source thought it was just her own mind asking the logical question. But then she heard the voice of the beaver in her mind once again, "Why are the fruits in a bag?"

Mrs. Source looked into the eyes of King Beaver and said, "I put them in the bag so you could take them back to your lodge." King Beaver said, "What a good idea. Maybe they will keep for winter." The beaver then grabbed the bag with his front hands and dragged it to the water. He put it into his mouth and swam to the lodge, where he ducked under the water and entered through an underwater entrance.

The next day, Mrs. Source brought a bag of apples, a bag of carrots, and some loose bananas. When King Beaver came out of the water he saw the two bags and the bunch of bananas. He again looked quizzically at Mrs. Source and stood up on his hind legs. This time King Beaver asked, "Why did you bring so much this time?"

Mrs. Source told him that she was bringing him some apples and carrots for him to put in his storehouse for winter. She told him the bananas were for him and his family to eat today. At that point, Mrs Source stood up, broke one of the bananas off of the bunch and peeled it. The beaver watched her intently. She broke off a piece of the banana and handed it to him. He took it, smelled it and then ate it.

"That is very tasty", she heard him say. "I like them much better without the yellow wrapping."

Mrs Source picked up another banana and said, "You can break off the stem at the top and peel the yellow wrapping away before you eat it." She then handed King Beaver a banana and said. "Here. You try it."

King Beaver held the banana in his front hands. He then placed it on the table and held it down with one hand, while he broke off the top with the other. He then peeled the banana. After he was finished peeling it, he looked up at Mrs. Source as if for approval. "That is very good," she said.

King Beaver ate the banana and then returned to the pond. He had left the two bags of apples and carrots, as well as the bananas. He swam into the pond and began slapping his tail on the water. His family emerged from the lodge and swam to the shore.

As the six kits scampered to the table, King Beaver slapped his tail on the ground. The kits froze in their tracks. So did Queen Beaver. King Beaver very slowly walked to the table. The kits and their mother followed him. He took the bunch of bananas down from the table and put them on the ground. He tore one banana off the bunch and peeled it in front of the others. Then he gave each one a taste. After each kit had tasted the banana without the peel, King Beaver handed a banana to his wife.

Mrs Source said she could hear him tell his wife, "Here, you try peeling it." Queen Beaver placed the banana on the ground and broke off the stem and peeled away the peel. When she was finished she gave pieces of the banana to each of her kits. Then she took the bunch of bananas and broke off a banana for each kit. Mrs, Source watched as each kit struggled to peel their banana. The kits were able to peel the bananas, and they sat back on their hind legs, balancing themselves with their tails, while they ate their bananas.

King Beaver walked up to Mrs Source, and sat up on his hind legs, next to her, and watched his family eat their bananas. He looked like a proud father whose children had just learned a new trick. After they were finished with their bananas, he slapped his tail a few times. Queen Beaver walked to the table, stood up on her hind legs and pulled down the bags of apples and carrots. She dragged one to the water, and two of the kits, went back for the other bag. The beaver family went back into the pond, dragging the bags of fruit behind them.

King Beaver continued to sit with Mrs Source. She told him that she was going to have to leave the farm and move back to the city. She said that she would be back in the spring and see him at that time.

Mrs Source arranged to buy the farm from the think tank, and she vacationed there for many years. Each year she learned more from the beaver. After she married our Source, she began bringing him to the farm. Because our Source had been trained psychically and was telepathic, he was able to immediately hear and talk with the King Beaver.

Over the next few months, our Source listened to the beaver tell the history of his family going back hundreds of years. The beaver told him about how the French came and trapped and murdered them. The beaver also told stories of the Revolutionary war, from a beaver's point of view.

He told stories about his cousins in Europe. He said that beavers were telepathic and could talk to other beavers no matter where they were.

King Beaver also told the story of the day that his ancestor met George Washington. Washington was making a survey of the area. Each night, after a long journey, he would stop and camp, always near the water. Evidently Washington also began feeding the beavers in the area. Finally the King Beaver of that day, came out of the pond and waddled up to Washington's side. George Washington and the King Beaver's ancestor talked for hours.

The beaver told Washington about the atrocities that his European cousins were enduring. He said that in Europe, his cousins were being hunted by royalty for their tails. He said that the beavers would be caught, and some of the times they were merely killed for their fur.... but most of the times they were caught just for their tails.

Beaver Tail was a delicacy to the French royals! The beaver's tail was chopped off and the beaver was let go. The king of the manor may have had a delicacy for dinner, but the poor beaver would slowly bleed to death. He could not swim any more, and he would die a slow death.

Old King Beaver told Washington that American beavers were fortunate because beaver tail had never caught on in America as a delicacy.

Washington was amazed that beavers could communicate with each other all the way across the ocean. Washington asked if the beaver had any relatives in England. The beaver replied that he did. Washington then asked the beaver to find our what the King of England was up to.

The next night, Old King Beaver came out of the water and gave Washington a report about the King George. Washington then asked the beaver if he would like to move to Virginia with him. The beaver asked his family if they wanted to move. They agreed, and Washington moved the beaver family to a pond close to his home at Mount Vernon.

King Beaver told our Source that his ancestors were the reason Washington won the war. He boasted that his beaver ancestors were very loyal to General Washington and they would communicate telepathically with other beavers and use them to spy on the British. American Beavers hated Europeans because of the cruel way they chopped off the tails of their European cousins and let them slowly die.

King Beaver also told our Source that General Washington was honored by beavers in the same way they honored their own ancestors and heros.

One year when our Source and his wife went back to visit the beaver family, King Beaver told them that this was his last year. He said he was getting ready to leave earth and go home. But he wanted the closeness that his family had developed with our Source and his wife to continue. He asked he if could send some of his children to Washington with our Source.

King Beaver told our Source that he had picked a pair of two year olds and started educating them in all the beaver lessons. He told them all the stories of General Washington and then he told them that they were going to move to the town that was named after the General. The two young kits were very honored.

After that meeting, they never saw the old beaver again. Without King Beaver, there was no reason to return to the New York farm anymore. Our source and his wife, loaded the two young beavers in the back of their Cherokee and headed back to Washington. All the way back, the two young beavers talked to them about General Washington and how happy they were to be taken to the city of Washington.

Our Source said he took the beavers to the Potomac River tidal basin and told them that this was their new home. He said he visited them regularly during the years they had been in Washington.

The pair had mated and had many kits. The large male had become the King of his Lodge and became the new King Beaver. Our source told me that the last few times he had spoken with King Beaver, he had noticed a militant, indignant attitude, sometimes quickly turning to deep melancholy.

"People in Washington no longer live by the same rules that the General lived by." King Beaver complained to our Source. "This city that is named after such a great man is such a bad place. The people do not honor General Washington. If they did, they would live up to his standards. When the General was a little boy, he chopped down his mother's cherry tree. Even though he knew he was going to be punished by her, he could not tell a lie. He told the truth, and he faced the consequences."

King Beaver stopped his story and stared off in the direction of the Washington Monument. He looked up at our source and once more started talking, "We are getting ready to move out of the city. We have been talking to the General, and he is very saddened by what has happened to the country he fought to create, and the town that was named after him. He has told us that it is no longer safe for us to be here, so we will be leaving."

My Source told King Beaver that he would help him return to the pond in New York where his family lived. King Beaver thanked him and said, "When we are ready, I will contact you."

"Why do you have to wait?" Our Source asked him.

"It is because the General asked us to deliver a personal message to the current resident of the White House. The General told us that the current President of the United States lies all the time. The General said that no one in the world believes anything he says, and the fate of the world is hanging by a thread. The General told us that everyone is Washington is afraid of the President and no one has the courage to stand up him and force him to resign."

King Beaver paused and his head drooped. "I am sorry I agreed to come to Washington. I have seen things that make my heart cry. The great man who founded this great nation is also crying. Before we leave this awful place we have one last thing we must do. The General told us that we must leave a symbolic message for the President."

"How are you going to do this?" our Source asked.

"We are going to chop down the cherry trees. We are going to do it at night, when no one is watching. At first it will just be one, then more and more until our message is heard and heeded."

"Your message?" our Source asked, "What message are you sending?"

"We are going to tell the city of Washington that they do not deserve to have these beautiful cherry trees. The cherry trees in Washington symbolize the honesty of General Washington who became the first President of these United States. President Washington could never tell a lie. The cherry trees were brought to Washington to remind each President who lives in the White House that honesty comes before everything else. This President doesn't know the meaning of the word honesty. And we will continue to chop down the cherry trees until he understands what he has done to this country."

Our Source responded, "I don't think this President cares what he has done to this nation. He has his own agenda, whatever it is. He could care less if you chopped down every cherry tree in Washington."

King Beaver looked off in the distance, "Then we will have to keep felling the trees until the people get our message and get angry enough to do something."

King Beaver stopped once more and stared off in the direction of the Washington Monument. Again he dropped his head to his chest and seemed to sigh. "The General just told me that our world is in great danger and this man's dishonesty is what has caused it."

King Beaver stopped talking and looked up at our Source. After a few moments he spoke again and asked, "Do you think that the people of Washington are smart enough to understand our message? Do they care enough to do something?"

Our source said he was speechless for a moment. Then he shook his head and said, "No, I don't think they are smart enough to understand what you are trying to tell them. Americans are split up into little groups of people. Each group will defend its leader, right or wrong... to the death, no matter what the leader has done. The President is the head of our country but he is also the head of his political party. For some reason, everyone in his party refuses to believe that he is capable of anything bad."

"Then what can we do?" King Beaver asked mournfully.

Our Source said the sorrow of the beaver cut him to his soul. Our Source replied, "We will make the people wake up. You have your part to do. Keep chopping down those trees, and be careful not to get caught. While you are doing that, I will tell your story. I will see to it that everyone in the world knows why you are chopping down the cherry trees."

"Go ahead and do what you have to do. I will see to it that your story gets heard in Washington and in every other city in this great country."

King Beaver was silent for a moment, then he said, "General Washington thanks you and prays that our message will wake up the citizens of this great country and force them to see what their once great and free country has become.

The beavers of the world will help you tell the story. There are many humans who can hear us. We will begin telling them why the cherry trees of Washington are being chopped down. We will talk to them while they are driving, we will talk to them while they are reading, we will talk to them in their dreams. Even if Americans don't care about their country, we beavers do. We will fight with everything we have to save this great nation and restore it to the magnificence it once had."

That completes the Beaver's Tale.

The last thing our Source said was, "All the beavers in the world are watching what is happening in Washington. If the people of this country don't listen to the beaver message, and return this country to the moral and just nation it was founded to be, then the beavers of the world will rise up and declare war."

"To save the nation and the world, people must heed the message of the beavers and understand what the cherry trees symbolize. The cherry trees stand for truth and honesty.

"Without truth and honesty no nation can stand."

King Beaver has vowed to keep chopping down the cherry trees until America understands his message... or until he can no longer fight for truth, honesty and the American way!
Written: 04.09.99

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