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Rumor Mill News Reading Room Archive

with comments by Steve Reed

Posted By: Philip
Date: Friday, 4-Feb-2000 11:47:56


Subject: Re: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE EU'S THREAT TOWARD AUSTRIA - Rayelan Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 15:55:59 +0000 From: Steve Reed To:

In message , Henika writes
:[Rumor Mill News Agency - The Uncensored National Rumor]
:RMNews Agent's Forum
:Posted By: RAYELAN Date: Tuesday, 1 February 2000, at 7:57 p.m.
:===========RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY===========
:Dateline: February 1, 2000


This sounds very promising!
:By Rayelan Allan

:In the past few days, the European Union has been warning Austria that
:if they allow Joerg Haider, the head of the Freedom Party, to form a
:coalition government, the 14 nations that make up the European Union
:will diplomatically isolate Austria.

Extraordinary behaviour!
:In an official statement, issued out of Portugal, the European Union
:threatened Austria. The official position of the EU warns that if
:Austria allows the lawfully elected members of the Austrian Freedom
:Party, to take part in their own government, that the members of the
:European Union will diplomatically “snub” their ambassadors and all
:other representatives of Austria.
: How dare they!

>The Portuguese prime minister justified the EU’s position by stating “We
:have to send a very clear signal that behavior of a racist or xenophobic
:character will not be tolerated within the European Union.”
: The FPO should sue him!

>Haider responded by stating, “If Austria bows to foreign pressure, then
:we might as well abolish democracy in this country straight away.”
: Quite right too!

>Austrian leaders, even those who oppose Haider, were dumbfounded by the
:attack on their sovereignty by the European Union. Other European
:leaders are also taking another look at the enormous power they have
:given to the EU, and wonder when the EU will turn their wrath on them.
:The European Union should know that it cannot threaten Austria or
:In 1986, after 10 years at the helm of the United Nations, Austrian Kurt
:Waldheim entered the race for President of Austria. All European
:nations banded together to decry Austria’s Nazi inclinations. They
:labeled Waldheim a Nazi and stated that he took part in sending Jews to
:gas chambers. Waldheim denied the charge. Pressure was put on President
:Reagan by the international bankers who own the Federal Reserve and
:direct the New World Order. Reagan was forced to ban Waldheim from the
:United States.
: Waldheim was one of the UN's most respected General Secretaries - until what appears to have been an ill-founded smear campaign was conducted against him. Even the ADL subsequently admitted that the charges were false (saying that Waldheim was, after all, "an insignificant nobody") but, of course, the taint of the charges stuck.

>The Austrian people were so angered by the world’s reaction to Waldheim,
:who was one of the guiding lights in Austria after WWII, that he was
:elected President....TWICE!
: Good for them, I think!

>The Austrian people are different. They are one family. They treat their
:country as responsible home owners treat their own private property.
:There is no graffiti, no garbage, no slums. The transportation system is
:so good that cars are not necessary. However, if you want to drive a
:car, the roads in Austria are well maintained, scenic, clean and
:There are no homeless sleeping on the street, virtually no poor and
:crime is almost non existent. The year I was in Vienna, there had been
:no murders and only one rape. Women could walk in safety anywhere in
:Vienna at any time of the day or night.
:Austrians pay almost 50% of their salary in taxes, but they get a lot
:for their money. Their health care is one of the most advanced in the
:world. They combine all aspects of complimentary health care along with
:traditional medical practices. An Austrian physician would be just as
:likely to prescribe herbs or homeopathic formulas as they would to
:prescribe pharmaceuticals.
:Austrians pride themselves on their great cultural heritage and their
:history. Austrians have not forgotten that at one time they ruled
:Europe. They also have not forgotten who was responsible for the
:destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. ALL Austrians KNOW their
:history. ALL Austrians know who was responsible for the destruction of
:their empire.
: The Atlantic Alliance of Anglo-Saxons, you mean?

>Ordinary Austrians can discuss the New World Order, the Federal Reserve
:and the British monarchy’s role in the destruction of most of the
:European royal families. Take a ride in an Austrian cab, if your driver
:is a native born Austrian, he can educate you in how American
:businesses, which were owned by the international bankers

Many of them Jewish banks?

> that destroyed
:Austria in the late 1800's, funded Adolph Hitler.

Hennecke Kardel, in "Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel" (Modjeskis' Society, PO Box 193, San Diego, CA 92038) 1997, says that Jewish financiers who supported the NSDAP, before it came to power, included Baron von Schroeder, Mendelsohn (Amsterdam) Kuhn-Loeb and Warburg (Hamburg) Samuel and Samuel (London) and J.P.Morgan (New York)

Paul Warburg is today a leading light and funding founder-member of the CFR and the Bilderberg-Group whose first President was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a former SS-Intelligence Officer. The Bilderberg is the steering committee for the construction of the EU. The EU is virtually the plan designed by Hitler for an "Europaeische Ekonomische Gesellschaft" (European Economic Community) - see Rodney Atkinson, "Europe's Full Circle" (Computaprint Publishing, 1 Sands Rd., Swalwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE16 3DJ, UK) December, 1998.

Kardel's book describes, in general, an amazingly close relationship between the NSDAP and leading Sephardic Jews. Kardel describes himself as "a Jew of Vienna" and says, of Hitler, "scratch the surface of Hitler and you will find underneath a Vienna-Jew, like me" (referring to Hitler's Jewish grandfather, Frankenberger)

> He can tell you how
:Hitler’s henchmen routinely flew to London to get their marching orders
:from the Tavistock Institute, the “think tank” that formulates the
:plans, the weapons, the philosophies, the methods and the puppet
:politicians of a One World Government.
: I don't know much about the Tavistock Institute - only that C.G. Jung gave a famous series of lectures there.

>Maybe your Austrian cabbie can even tell you about Adolph Hitler’s
:teachers from Tavistock and the Society of Thule, organizations that use
:both mindcontrol and occult practices to weave a spell over an entire
:people. Germany was Tavistock’s first experiment in mass mind control.
:Today their techniques have been perfected to such a degree, that most
:Americans, through television and the media, already are victims of the
:New World Order’s brainwashing.
: I suspect there is more to the ebb and flow of public opinion than the ostensible influence of controlled mass-media; and, since subliminal influence (purposive or otherwise) per se, is normally undetectable, and purposive subliminal influence is, ipso facto, clandestine, it is difficult to state with any certainty that such a suspicion is unfounded.

:Austrians remember who they are. Because they are basically one people,
:they pull together faster and stronger than a country like France or the
:United States. Divide and conquer works to separate Americans and
:French. Attacks on American leaders by the international media will see
:the leader cave in. This is not the case in Austria. If an Austrian
:leader is attacked by “outsiders”, the Austrians will rally around him,
:hunker down and outlast the attackers.
:Just as the Austrian people rallied in support of Kurt Waldheim, so too
:will the Austrian people rally around Joerg Haider. The more Haider is
:attacked by the European Union, the continental European arm of the New
:World Order, the more Austrians will support him.
: Populist, Souverainist solidarity is the only force which can now defeat the NWO.

>Haider is being attacked because he is “anti-immigrant”. Why is Haider
:labeled “anti-immigrant” when he is not anti-immigrant, but Pro-Austria?
: Or both - but why shouldn't he be?

>1. Haider knows what many Americans are just now learning. Unless a
:country is united by a common language and/or culture, it can be
:destroyed from within.

Yes. The exploitation of potential ethnic tensions is the chosen weapon of the NWO's (and NATO's) campaign to destroy unco-operative countries.

> The immigration policy of the United States, and
:of all other nations, is a creation of the New World Order. The NWO uses
:immigration to do two things.
:A. In the United States, immigration is used to gain more Democratic
:voters who elect Democratic candidates who routinely implement more NWO
:policies than Republicans.
: Not entirely untrue - but one should beware of assuming that leading, modern Republicans are not quite as committed to the NWO as leading Democrats - most of them ARE!

>B. The NWO uses the controlled media, and their plants in the
:alternative media, to whip up emotions for minorities. More immigrants
:mean more support for contrived media minority issues. The media
:selectively promotes minority issues that divide the citizens of the
:United States. Once a country is divided, it can be conquered.
:2. The New World Order knows that Haider was put in power by the very
:people who have successfully thwarted the One World Government being put
:forth by the international oligarches who make up the New World Order.
: We are about to disagree, I think.

>A. Since the end of WWII, the group who opposes the NWO have called
:themselves “Faction 2". The leaders of Faction 2 came out of the
:Abwehr, German military intelligence. Most of the leaders were Austrian
:or Bavarian.
: If you are referring to General Gehlen's intelligence organisation, which was absorbed into the OSS/CIC (later the CIA) and later took over the BND (West German Intelligence) and to the huge numbers of faithful Nazi and Fascist civil servants who retained their jobs after WWII, then (if you are right) Haider should be a convinced exponent of European Union and a supporter of Bilderberg, the CFR and the NWO - because these organisations - for all that they have wealthy Jewish backers - are shot through with fascist principles, Nazi personnel and Hitlerian aims!

Andreas von Buelow, in "Im Namen des Staates" (Piper Verlag, Muenchen) 1999, claims that this is indeed so - that Haider is part of a surviving - and thriving - neo-Nazi network, constructed by the CIA, after WWII, and operating at various levels (intelligence, terrorism, freemasonry, police, military, organised crime) in European society ever since! The existence and sinister, fascist identity of this network (Gladio, in Italy, Catena, in France and Belgium, The "Grey Wolves", in Turkey etc) is now well demonstrated - but von Buelow does not say why he thinks Haider is connected with it. Naturally, I hope very much that he - and you (in this respect) - are WRONG about Joerg Haider and the FPO!

If Haider is genuinely opposed to Bilderberg and the EU, however, this cannot be true - can it? In that case, von Buelow is confusing National Socialism with classical Nationalist Populism; and Haider owes nothing to the ex- and neo-Nazis of the CIA's EU-supportive, fascist networks.

>The New World Order has hated Bavarians, since 1776. At that time, the
:Illuminati, the progenitor of the New World Order, was set to take over
:all of the European thrones by placing Illuminati advisors in every
:royal court. The King of Bavaria figured out what they were doing and
:alerted the kings and queens of Europe. The Illuminati was driven back
:into the shadows. The actions of the King of Bavaria set back the plan
:for a One World Government by 100 years. The New World Order lost round
: Hatred is often expressed by a desire to manipulate - the Nazis were, and still are, pawns of the NWO - and so will Haider be, if he is one!

>B. Round two came in three steps. The first step saw the break up on
:the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 1800's. Even though the Empire
:no longer
:existed, the newly created nation states were still too strong for the
:New World Order to completely control. Not only did these countries have
:to be controlled, they had to be broken so badly that they would never
:recover. WWI and WWII succeeded in getting rid of the major opponents
:of the NWO.
: Yes, I think that's true - but with the proviso that the NWO's victory was achieved, essentially, as soon as Hitler came to power in Germany. WWII was no more than a way of weakening Russia, which left the fascist NWO more in control of Europe and America than ever.

>The “social engineering” that was done after the war succeeded in
:dividing nations so that the people could never unite in opposition to
:the policies and plans of the New World Order
: - dividing them internally, you mean, I assume. Yes - CIA/DIA- sponsored, separatist, terrorist groups (IRA, ETA, Red Brigades, South Tyrol Liberation Army etc etc) began the process of internal dissolution, while big-business brought pressure to bear on governments to dissolve their external, national frontiers.

:After WWII, Germany was divided into two countries. One was communist
:and one
:was free.

(subject to NWO manipulation, I suppose you mean!)

> In East Germany, two entire generations of German youth were
:brainwashed with Soviet, i.e NWO, propaganda.
: No! The first enemy the CIA's postwar, neo-Nazi network of terrorists, spies, mobsters, politicians and civil servants had to deal with were the very Communists who had fought Hitler and were threatening to come to power - especially in Italy, France, Greece and Turkey - but labour- movements in Britain, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere also gave cause for concern. A programme of orchestrated terrorism, media-control and assassination was carried out to destroy, first the Communists and then the Labour Movement also.

Please remember that the Populist Left is as much - if not more - dangerous, to the NWO, than the Populist Right! To attempt to typify the struggle between Souverainist Populism and Supranationalism (NWO) simply as a struggle between Right and Left is fatally misleading!

Only by uniting Populist forces ACROSS THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM is there any hope of averting a global, supranational imperium!

>West Germany faired no better. All German people were forced to take on
:a collective national guilt because of what Hitler did. Germans
:continue to figuratively sleep on the bed of nails, wear hair shirts and
:flagellate themselves. These traits manifest in policies of extreme
:liberalism, socialism, and deference to minority populations. Germany
:has had one of the more liberal open door policy for immigrants. The
:policies have cost so much money, and brought so much crime to Germany
:that a backlash has started in the form of the rise of Neo Nazis. The
:Neo Nazi movement is controlled by the New World Order in the same way
:they controlled Adolph Hitler.
: Yes - now we seem to be agreeing! The constant harping on the war crimes of the mid-century is certainly creating a very dangerous backlash - whether it was intended to do so, or not!

>Austria was better able to resist the machinations and manipulations of
:the New World Order. There was a dedicated group of Austrians who saw
:through Adolph Hitler and his international backers. These men formed
:an ultra secret unit which conspired to assassinate Hitler and end the
:destruction of their nation. Through attempts to secure the cooperation
:of the British and the Americans in their attempt to remove Hitler,
:these conspirators discovered that their enemies did not want to end the
:war. Churchill and Roosevelt did not want the war to end while Germany
:and Austria had existing infrastructures which could recover quickly and
:once again be a threat to the
:New World Order.
: This may well be true - but, most significantly, it was the weakening of Russia which the Western allies hoped would occur. It is true that Russia's oppressive version of Communism was itself an NWO creation (designed to destroy the semi-theocratic, Tsarist empire) but it had not brought Russia to her knees, as had been hoped, and another assault was needed - Hitler was it.

>The New World Order wanted Germany and Austria bombed back to the stone
:age. The NWO wanted Germany and Austria defeated so badly, they would
:have to accept help from the allies. Through this help, Austria and
:Germany could be molded into perfect little New World Order robots.
: Yes - the Marshall Plan was used to implement Hitler's scheme for an EEG - and ex-Nazis were installed at key points in society to ensure that it became a reality.

:The plan to create NWO “robots” worked better in Germany than it did in
:Austria. The resistance to the NWO has been based in Austria since the
:end of WWII. The men and women who make up this resistance know that the
:best form of government is one that is balanced by a Constitutional
:government and a beloved and benevolent Monarchy.
: I don't know about "Monarchy" - are you suggesting that Haider wishes to restore the Hapsburgs? Extraordinary idea! But, in general, I agree - Austria - and Switzerland - being relatively small, close knit, national communities, which were not very badly damaged by the war (materially or psychologically) are now best-placed to resist the two-pronged, Globalist attack - internal dissolution into regions (regionalisation) and external dissolution within super-states (subjection to supranational institutions)

>Thousands of years ago, ancient Greek philosophers discovered that a
:Democratic people will eventually vote themselves enough welfare
:benefits that their democracy will devolve into socialism then into
:totalitarian dictatorships. To keep a dictator from coming to power, the
:Greeks decided that a constitutional democracy must be balanced with a
:monarchy that champions the rights of the people.
: I don't want to get into a broad discussion of political philosophy - but I will say this: democracy and political accountability go hand-in hand; beyond the nation-state (the optimum electoral area) lies a political waste-land where accountability is lost. You only have to look at the Brussels government of the emerging EU superstate to see how this is already occurring. How much less accountable would a world government be!

>From the time of the beloved Empress Maria Theresa, (ruled 1740-1780)
:Austrians have believed that their monarchs are their champions! Her
:son, Joseph II, further endeared Austrians to their monarchs by
:abolishing serfdom, reforming taxation and curtailing feudal privileges
:of the nobles.
:The opposition to the New World Order has been based within the Austrian
:royal families... but not ALL Austrian royal families!!!
:After WWII, Austrian royals were forced to sign an agreement stating
:that they would never attempt to restore the Austrian monarchy. This is
:the reason there is no Austrian Emperor sitting in power in the Hofberg.
:Those Austrians who sided with the Allies and signed the agreement had
:their titles, money and property returned. Otto von Hapsburg is one of
:these royals.
:Those who chose not to sign the agreement were reduced to poverty. Most
:of the men were sent to American run prisoner of war camps, and they
:died of exposure and starvation. The women were reduced to scrub women
:in order to earn enough money to feed their children. The children on
:the lower born royalty stayed in Austria and became tradesmen. The
:children of the higher born, (Herzog (Count) and above,) were sent into
:exile. Most of these children ended up in the United States.
:The exile officially ended 50 years after the end of WWII. The exiled
:Austrian royal family has gone home! Not only did they go home, they
:took their gold with them!!! This gold has enabled a covert group of
:anti-NWO operatives to force the international bankers who make up the
:NWO into a box.

That's quite a tale! So who are the faithful, long-suffering aristocrats - who were reduced to poverty - but somehow retained their former gold- reserves - who have just returned to Austria and MAY be about to be restored by a populist government?

> According to RMNews Sources, the NWO does not have the
:financial power right now to implement their One World Government. This
:gives the opposition more time to consolidate their power and continue
:to chip away at the financial foundations of the NWO.
:In 1994, when I was in Austria, I was present at many off the record
:discussions between European appointed and elected leaders. I was in
:Austria to finish up the largest gold transfer in history. The transfer
:that I was involved in was the first in several shipments of gold from
:the Phillippines to Austria.
:I was told that the first shipment to come home was the gold that Hitler
:stole from the Austrian Treasury in 1938 when he invaded Austria. I was
:also told that the gold would be used to destroy the Federal Reserve.
: I did hear of great gold-treasure which was concealed on the coast of the Phillipines and was rediscovered recently. I remember wondering whether the Bank of England gold-sales, last year, were not designed to take profits before the market was flooded with metal from this source.

>Shortly after the gold went into Europe there was a string of events.
:First, Barings Bank failed, then Warburgs Bank in London failed, then
:the Rothschild Holding Company suffered severe losses. The head of the
:Rothschild Holding Company committed "suicide" by hanging himself from a
:towel rack with the belt to his bathrobe.
: Really? When WAS this? Rothschildt's and Warburg's are certainly among the big names of the NWO (represented on the Federal Reserve Board, CFR, Bilderberg etc)

>I was told the gold from the Phillippines would used to back the Euro.
:At that time, I believed, as most people still believe, that the Euro,
:which is the currency of the European Union, was just another instrument
:of the New World Order.
: And isn't it?

>When I objected to "my gold" being used for this... I was told... "In
:order to achieve our goals, we first must be inside the circle."
: Which meant what? Joining the Euro currency-region?

>In other words, if Austria was on the outside looking in, there would be
:little they could do to influence anything. With control of more than
:half of the world's gold, Austria feels she is now in a position to
:shape things, not only in Europe, but in the world.
:The reason the European Union is panicked at the thought of Joerg Haider
:coming to power in Austria, is because they know he is aligned with the
:group of Austrians who oppose a One World Government under the control
:of the international financial elite. Joerg Haider not only believes in
:Austria for Austrians, he believes that if the United Nations worked to
:improve the lives of people in the Third World Nations, they would not
:flee their homelands and become unwelcome immigrants in the first world
: Indeed - the UN is not doing its job, and all the Globalists' third- world "debt-cancellation" schemes are really no more that a means of enriching themselves at the expense of western taxpayers. The UN should be calling for fair trade: that is, trade controlled by nation-states for the benefit of their peoples - not submitting to a free-for-all trade-environment in which the biggest companies rape the world for THEIR own benefit.

>Haider understands the New World Order. He knows who backed Hitler and
:how the Nazis were used to further the globalist aims of the
:International financiers and businessmen who make up the New World
:Order. Haider’s words and statements are usually taken out of context,
:and he is usually portrayed in the worst possible light.
:However, Austrians see Haider differently. His film star looks, easy
:smile, athletic prowess and ability to charm his constituents, make him
:a leader around whom Austrians will rally. Most Austrians agree with
:Haider’s views on immigration. The unprecedented attack, by the
:European Union, on Haider is viewed as an attack on all Austrians.
:Most Austrians did not back the European Union. They feared the loss of
:their sovereignty. Haider has been an open an vocal critic of the
:European Union. With each election, Haider’s Freedom Party gains more
:supporters. While the European Union prefers to compare him to David
:Duke, he is closer to Pat Buchanan.
:Both Joerg Haider and Pat Buchanan have been vilified by painting them
:as devotees of Adolph Hitler. In reality, the New World Order is afraid
:that the nationalistic views and beliefs that are touted by both men
:will appeal to the masses. If the masses find a leader who will lead by
:conviction rather than polls, the New World Order is doomed, and it
:knows it.
:Joerge Haider should be judged by his enemies. One of the first
:statements put out by the European Union came out of Davos, Switzerland
:during the Bilderberger meeting.
:See the following article from the Washington Post:
:--DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 31——In an unprecedented step against a member
:state, the European Union warned today that it would break off political
:contacts with any Austrian government that includes the far-right
:Freedom Party led by the controversial Joerg Haider. --
:Here in the United States, the most vocal critic of Joerg Haider is the
:ADL (the Anti Defamation League)

:From the ADL webpage:
:September 1999
:Joerg Haider
:The Rise of an Austrian Extreme Rightist
:“To his supporters, Haider is a breath of fresh air, promising a stop to
:immigration, job security, social benefits, and a new breed of
:politician who follows through on his election promises. The
:charismatic populist promises to eliminate corruption, curtail abuses of
:the welfare state, and protect Austria’s national interests from being
:overrun by illegal immigrants and unchecked global markets.
: Fair enough!

>“To his opponents, Haider is a dangerous right-wing extremist who is
:exploiting Austria’’s growing disenchantment with the current ruling
:parties to advance his xenophobic, racist, and intolerant policies.
:Throughout his public career, Haider has consistently parried
:accusations of anti-Semitism. His record, however, reveals numerous
:statements utilizing Holocaust terminology or legitimizing Nazi policy
:and activities.
: And that is indeed what his opponents say of him!

>“Haider has continued to wage a xenophobic campaign to expel foreign
:workers. In March 1997, Haider stated that he wants one third of all
:foreigners working in Austria to be sent home over the next two years.
: This may be true - but "xenophobic" is an unjustified slant - not justified by anything else which Dees has said here, I mean. If Dees is going to use this word, he will have to argue in favour of doing so!

>“According to Haider, "We take the right stand at the right time to save
:Austria against the dangers coming from outside."”
:While we try to separate the real Haider from the mythic beast created
:by the New World Order media outlets, we must also remember that
:Austrians tend to hunker down and protect fellow Austrians.
:When the media whores of the New World Order attacked Kurt Waldheim, the
:Austrian people rallied around Waldheim and elected him President. If
:the European Union is not careful, their unprecedented attack on
:Austria, a sovereign member of the EU, may backfire in their faces.
: One hopes that it will!

>Maybe the attack on Haider will ultimately be the undoing of European
:Union AND the New World Order.
:A collection of Articles about Haider:
:Jan 31, 2000 - 08:48 PM
:EU Threatens to Cut Political Ties With Austria
:By George Jahn
:Associated Press Writer
:VIENNA, Austria (AP) - The European Union warned Monday it would take
:the unprecedented step of severing most political contacts with any
:Austrian government that includes a far-right party whose leader has
:praised aspects of Adolf Hitler's regime.

I think the highest praise which, it is implied, Haider has HEAPED upon Hitler, is that "his employment policy was good". This is often repeated - presumably because Haider has never expanded his "praise of Hitler" beyond it!

> The warning followed a series
:of verbal attacks byJoerg Haider on the leaders of France and Belgium
:for opposing any role for his party in the Austrian government. The
:center-right Austrian People's Party (VPO)
: has been holding talks with
:Haider's populist anti-immigration Freedom Party, (FPO)
: which finished second
:in inconclusive elections in October.
:Haider shrugged off the EU's warning, saying it was his critics - and
:nothimself - who were antidemocratic.
:"I am somewhat horrified how lightly one takes democracy in a country
:such as Austria," Haider said Monday, describing the warnings as "an
:attempt to take influence from the outside" on Austria's internal
:If the Freedom Party becomes part of a governing coalition, the 14 other
:European Union members would curtail bilateral contacts with Vienna,
:oppose Austrian appointments to international organizations and keep
:contacts with Austrian ambassadors to a minimum, said an EU statement
:issued in Lisbon, Portugal.
:The threat signaled EU determination not only to combat what it feels
:are undemocratic developments in a member country but also to send a
:message to other right-wing groups that they would not be tolerated in a
:politically leading role.
:Haider won international notoriety a decade ago after praising Hitler's
:"orderly employment policy," and later for lauding veterans of the
:Waffen SSas "decent people of good character." Since then, he has
:apologized for those statements.
: For the latter anyway - I would hope.

>After the EU's warning, Austria's top diplomat to the European Union,
:Gregor Woschnagg, left Brussels, Belgium, the EU capital, for Vienna.
:His representatives denied the move was in response to the threat,
:saying the trip had been planned in advance.
:Just hours earlier, Haider expressed regret over his sharp criticism of
:French and Belgian leaders but said they must respect the outcome of
:elections that propelled his party to national prominence.
:Prior to a meeting with Austrian President Thomas Klestil, Haider said
:he wanted "no conflict with Belgium and France," although he had called
:the Belgian government "corrupt" and said French President Jacques
:Chirac was ignorant of Austrian politics.
:Klestil, in a statement after meeting Haider, said he had urged him to
:temper his language.
:Earlier Monday, Haider told reporters he expected negotiations with the
:Austrian People's Party of Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schuessel to be
:wrapped up perhaps Tuesday so the new center-right coalition could
:assume power. Talks continued after the EU warning, and the two parties
:agreed on a proposed budget - one of the most divisive issues - by late
:The proposed coalition between the Freedom Party and the People's Party
:would control 104 seats in the 183-member parliament, and would likely
:have Schuessel as its chancellor.
: The BBC says that Klestil may refuse to allow the Schuessel-Haider coalition to take power if Haider refuses to sign a declaration accepting "Europe-wide Principles" (whatever that may mean) "But", says the BBC, "Haider has a history of agreeing to anything, if he thinks it will improve his political position" - so you can see where the BBC stands! It accuses Haider of behaving as most politicians behave, while implying that he is one of only a few who are like this.

Personally, I'm crossing my fingers - about him, and FOR him!

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I's like to see this one as well, if you would be so kind!
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-- Steve Reed

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