Note from Rayelan:

Many readers have asked me to recommend a gold seller from whom they can buy gold coins or gold bars. After looking around for a few months, I decided to go with CERTIFIED GOLD EXCHANGE.

The main reason I chose them is they specialize in selling physical possession gold that you can take home and put in your safe deposit box, or your mattress, or in the back yard, or in a paint can in the basement. They also deal in retirement accounts and offered insured storage, but most RMN readers have wanted me to find them a gold dealer who will actually SEND them GOLD for their dollar

I have found exactly what people wanted me to find.

Not only have I found a reputable gold dealer, but we even have our own Gold specialist!! His name is John Halloran and he said he is willing to work with you to help you achieve your goals in every way possible.

John will help you achieve your goal to own gold! I am sure he will be able to answer and solve any problem you might have. He is very money smart and quite the gentleman.

All of you know that the dollar is going down in value around the world. When the dollar goes down, GOLD goes up.

To learn more, Click Here for your complementary copy of the 2004 Gold Profit Guide and up to the minute market reports mailed to you. All requests are sent on a secured server and kept strictly confidential at all times.

Thank you

Rayelan Allan

Publisher, Rumor Mill News