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On September 17th, RMNews sent out an article which contained messages from our Sources. The Sources from the Military side of Faction Three cryptically hinted that Hurricane Floyd was created to dissipate a biological attack.

If you wish to read the entire message, it is message number 8 on the following ONElist link. ONElist : Government : Controversy : RuMills

If you want a quick look at the most pertinent part of the article, I have inserted it here:

THE MILITARY SIDE OF FACTION THREE SPEAKS: This morning, a fax appeared in the Rumor Mill News office. RMNews Sources from the military side of Faction Three sent it. It said:

"The biologicals were dissipated by the Hurricane. Those people who are presently infected, will die, but the main wave of biologicals will be swept out to sea, and the virus will die before it has a chance to infect any other humans.

"The hurricanes were created and are controlled. The New World Order now knows what we can do."

Rumor Mill News and many of our readers interpreted this cryptic comment as meaning that NYC had been attacked by biological weapons and FAction 3 had used Hurrican Floyd to dissipate the main body of biologicals.

The Civilian side of Faction Three had said, in the same message, #8, that Bill Clinton and the rest of the leaders who were in New Zealand at the time, knew that biologicals had been released, and they were in New Zealand, where they felt they would be safe.

There are numerous times when Rumor Mill News is the first to alert the world to what is really going on. The information which was sent out on September 17th, is an example of this. Most people realized that Hurricane Floyd was different from most other hurricanes. The CIA is now probing the incident in NYC to see if they can prove the United States was attacked by biologicals. If this is proven, then Rumor Mill News readers were the first to know that NYC WAS attacked by biologicals.

Rumor Mill News readers are the only people who know that Hurricane Floyd was created to disperse the biological agents and keep hundreds of thousands of people from dying!

CIA probing New York virus outbreak -magazine

Reuters UPI CIA probing New York virus outbreak -magazine Updated 3:09 PM ET October 10, 1999 NEW YORK (Reuters) - The CIA is investigating whether a recent outbreak of West Nile-like fever in New York might have been an attempt at bio-terrorism, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday. The virus, which killed five people and made at least 27 others ill, is believed to have been passed to people via mosquitoes that bit infected birds.

Without quoting anyone directly at the Central Intelligence Agency, the magazine describes analysts there as having a "whiff of concern" that it might have been sent deliberately to the United States.

Many experts have been warning for years that the United States is vulnerable to a bio-terrorism attack. But none has ever named West Nile as one of the potential weapons -- anthrax, botulin toxin and even bubonic plague are considered to be the potential weapons of choice.

West Nile virus is not particularly deadly and causes only mild flu-like symptoms in most people. The very young, very old or ill can develop encephalitis -- a swelling of the brain -- and die.

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said 50 potential or definite cases of West Nile-like fever had been identified in New York and said the outbreak was definitely on the wane. No new cases have been reported since Sept. 17.

But the report in The New Yorker said the CDC had been asked to check on whether the virus could have been deliberately spread.

"We're taking it seriously. We'll see where the data take us," the magazine quoted "a person at the CDC" as saying.

Navy Secretary Richard Danzig told the magazine he was not alarmed. "Even if you suspect biological terrorism, it's hard to prove," he said.

The magazine cites a book written by a man using the name Mikhael Ramadan, who claimed to be an Iraqi defector and said Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was planning to make a weapon out of a strain of West Nile virus.

He described it as being "capable of destroying 97 percent of all life in an urban environment."

The CDC has said it is concerned about the New York outbreak because West Nile fever has never been seen in the Americas before. It is common in Africa and Asia.

Last year, U.S. and Romanian experts reported in The Lancet medical journal that a 1996 outbreak in Romania had been identified as West Nile fever, with a mortality rate of between 4 and 8 percent. They said Europe was vulnerable to more such outbreaks.

Last week, Thomas Briese and colleagues at the University of California at Irvine said they had identified the New York virus as a Kunjin/West Nile-like flavivirus.

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