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The Wilcher Report
by Attorney Paul David Wilcher
Mass Murder at Ranch Apocalpse

What really happened at Waco? Paul Wilcher wrote a 100 page letter to Attorney General Janet Reno. In the letter he outlined government experiments in creating mind control assassins and terrorists. Wilcher told Reno the Davidi an compound contained seven mind controlled "sleepers" who were planning a terrorist attack. Wilcher disappeared shortly after he delivered the letter to Attorney General Reno. His body was found one month later.


The Fed and the Well Fed
by Gunther K. Russbacher, CIA, ONI
An Expose of the Federal Reserve System
and the Think Tanks it Spawned

Captain Russbacher was the most famous political prisoner of the George Bush Administration. He was known as The October Surprise Pilot. He wrote this expose while he was imprisoned. Once it was released and published in variou s newspapers, Russbacher's life in prison became a nightmare...from which he never recovered.


The Obergon Chronicles
by Rayelan Russbacher
Mystical Revelations about the History of our Planet?
Or an Experiment in Mind Control?

Before Rayelan Russbacher married Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, she was married to the Dean of Science and Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. Her late husband was the man who created the Electronic Warfare Curriculum for the Navy School. Out of EW research many electronic weapons have been created. One such weapon projects voices and feelings into the minds of enemy soldiers. Were the stories that make up The Obergon Chronicles part of a Navy Intelligence Operation in mind control?


Check out the Suppressed Tapes and Videos too.

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