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RMNews Sources say SOMETHING is going to happen this Friday

In a telephone call that was a little more cryptic than usual, an RMNews Source from the civilian side of Faction Three stated that something was going to happen this Friday, October 15, 1999.

Rumor Mill News asked what we could expect. For the first time, our Source refused to give us information which we felt pertained directly to what we were being told.

Our Source said, "The last time we told you guys what we were doing, you put it up on the webpage and everyone is Washington knew our plans before we had even completed them. This time, we are keeping it under wraps."

The Rumor Mill News webmaster confirmed that the RMNews page has lots of hits from agencies that end in ".gov", both in this country and around the world.

RMNews kept pressing our Source for more information. While we never recieved an answer to our question about Friday, we did receive information that is intersting and timely.

RMNews: "Does what is goingto happen Friday have anything to do with the stock market?"

Source: "Indirectly, you could say it does."

RMNews: "Does it have anything to do with the biological attack on New York City?"

Source: "No, we took care of that. They won't try that trick again. If it had been Saddam he would have planned the attack in a three part attack. The first wave of biologicals would resemble a bad flu season. The youngest, the oldest and the people with impaired immune systems would die.

No one in government would pay much attention, because it would just look like an ordinary flu season. The second wave would be a far more virulent strain of the same flu. It would be hard to tell the difference from the first strain, and the government would just think that it was a particularly strong flu virus.

"By the time the third wave of the virus was loosed upon a major city, it would be too late. Everyone would already be infected, and all infected people will die.

"The type of biological that will be used is one that will die outside of the host within 24 hours. You don't think we would have armed Saddam Hussein with biologicals that would wipe out our major cities forever do you?

"The New World Order wants the cities of the United States to survive, they just don't want Americans living in them."

RMNews: "Have you read the report the News Hawk sent around today regarding the Chemtrails being vaccine?" (Newshawk story inserted at end of RMNews article)

Source: "I thought you said you had the patent to that?"

RMNews: "I have a copy of a patent that appears to be a delivery system for an aerial vaccine."

Source: "So what's your question?"

RMNews: "Is his story about "a benevolent faction in the military" trying to vaccinate the population true?"

Source: "What do you think?"

RMNews: "I think it's true. I have checked the story out with a researcher in Canada plus one here in the United States, and both of them say that what is being dropped from the tankers is consistent with the patent formula that I have. But that is only my opinion. What do you think?"

Source: "Have you seen airplanes flying over metropolitan areas making that criss cross pattern over major population areas?"

RMNews: "I don't remember any reports of this happening over the major cities."

Source: "Why is that?"

RMNews: "I don't know. You've got all the answers."

Source: "Could who ever is doing the vaccinating not want the major cities to be vaccinated?"

RMNews: "Are you saying that whoever is doing it wants part of us to live and part of us to die?"

Source: "That's want it looks like to me."

RMNews: "Why are they doing this?"

Source: "For racial purity."

RMNews: "What? That doesn't make any sense at all."

Source: "Where are the largest groups of non whites located?"

RMNews: "Are you saying that the majority of non whites are located in the major population areas?"

Source: "I think that's what I just said."

RMNews: "Are you saying that whoever is doing the spraying is trying to vaccinate the white race?"

Source: "I think they prefer to call you European Americans."

RMNews: "But there are a lot of 'European Americans' living in the major cities. Are all of these people going to be killed also?"

Source: "It depends."

RMNews: "Depends? What do you mean?"

Source: "It depends on whether the virus is one that only attacks certain DNA patterns."

RMNews: "Are you talking about the viruses that were created under Operation Raindance?" http://www.rumormillnews .com/archive/43098.txt (Operation Raindance is described in the middle of this article)

Source: "I don't know. What is Operation Raindance?"

RMNews: "It was a US government directed operation to create a virus that would target certain ethnic groups."

Source: "Bingo!"

RMNews: "So you are saying that the biologicals that will be released in the major cities will be "race selective?"

Source: "Honey, the men who created these 'animals'.... these viruses.... are proteges of Dr. Mengele, if you get my drift. In their mind, anything that is racially mixed, black, brown or yellow, doesn't deserve to live."

RMNews: "So you are saying that the NWO wants to kill off all the non whites."Source: "I didn't say that."

RMNews: "You just said that anything that is black, brown or yellow doesn't deserve to live."

Source: "Yes, but I didn't say the NWO is trying to kill them off."

RMNews: "Well, who IS trying to kill them off?"

Source: "Let's just say that the NWO is going to kill off as many people as they can in order to reduce the population of the planet. The men who head the NWO could care less about who lives and who doesn't. So they assign the project to men who will carry out their orders. These men believe in racial purity based on an Aryan ideal."

RMNews: "That's a technicality. It is still the NWO who is killing all the non whites."

Source: "You're missing a very fine point here. The NWO has grown too large. It has too many factions within it. The factions of the NWO don't agree on much. Racial purity is just one of the many little items they don't agree on. Some of the highest born of the NWO are racially impure, therefore, if the virus infects them, they will die. But has this little piece of information penetrated their thick skulls yet?"

RMNews: "You're not saying that a faction of the NWO is vying for control are you?"

Source: "Honey, they aren't just vying. They are actively plotting to pull off a coup."

RMNews: "A coup? Are you saying that Faction One is splintering?"

Source: "After Germany surrendered, the scientists were split up into three groups, this isn't counting the group we saved and took below ground. One group went to work at secret bases all around the world working for the New World Order. You should visit the island off Formosa where the New World Order cloning laboratory is located. There are NWO labs like this all over the world.

"These labs were started by German scientists that were working under Hitler. Just because these men are now working for Jews, or Africans or Asians, does it mean that they have changed their stripes? Do you think that just because these men are being housed and fed by racially impure people that they have given up their hatred on non Aryans?"

RMNews: "I think you are telling me that the NWO has a cancer in its midst that is getting ready to kill it."

Source: "Bingo!"

RMNews: "But if you know this, aren't you complicit in the killings if you don't stop them?"

Source: "We are trying to save as many people as we can. We can't stop the biologicals. Too many terrorist organizations have been supplied by the NWO and the NWO part of the United States government."

RMNews: "Can't you go public with the information and warn the major cities?"

Source: "Oh yeah right. Just like that reporter for the New York Magazine that published the article about the mosquito biological attack. Do you know what happened to him? He got paid a little visit and was told that if he didn't start back tracking he could start looking for a new job. And if he tried to write anymore about biologicals, he should start looking for a new family. You think we are that crazy? You can't warn the public. The public would go crazy and kill themselves trying to save themselves. You have to use other avenues."

RMNews: "What do you mean?"

Source: "Well, we have something planned for this Friday. And if the other two groups don't agree to play along with us, then I guess we are going to have to blow them out of the arena."

RMNews: "That sounds ominous."

Source: "God won't let us kill. Remember that. We aren't the ones that blow the airplanes out of the air, cause the car crashes, or random acts of violence. It's the other teams that use those methods."

RMNews: "So how are you planning to blow them out of the arena?"

Source: "There are many ways to destroy a man without killing him. You can kill his reputation in many ways, and if you do this, he might as well be dead."

RMNews: "Who are you going to blow out of the water?"

Source: "The people in power."

RMNews: "What people?"

Source: "The Democrats and the Republicans."

RMNews: "What do you mean?"

Source: "I mean if they don't read the handwriting on the wall and sign the Blue Book, then they can all kiss their careers good bye. We already have all their ill gotten gain in our bank accounts. The only money any of them have any more is their salaries, and if they lose their jobs how are they going to support themselves? We drained all the money they stole from the taxpayers. They don't know how to hold down a real job, so how are they gong to send their kids to college and keep up the payments?

"We're not asking for anything but equity for all people. Now what is so bad about that?"

RMNews: "And if they refuse to sign the Blue Book, what happens."

Source: "If I tell you that, then the Enemy will know what we have planned."

RMNews: "I have heard from another Source that Faction 3 is going to crash the stock market this week. It looks like it is happening."

Source: "Yes, and it will continue to happen until they sign the Blue Book."

RMNews: "What are you doing with the money you are pulling out of the market?"

Source: "We are using it to free up trusts we have created."

RMNews: "What are you doing with the money from the trusts that is freed up?"

Source: "We are circulating it."

RMNews: "What's that mean?"

Source: "It means we are returning it to the people who gave it to us, the members of our group who believed enough in our cause to help us create the original trust. Once we figured out how to drain the bank accounts of government crooks, we started adding this money to the trusts. Once we pay off the liens and free up these little trusts, we can return the money to the people the crooks stole it from in the first place. A lot of the money will go to the third world countries because they are the ones who have paid the highest price."

RMNews: "Is the market going to crash this Friday?"

Source: "Is that what you think?"

RMNews: "After listening to Neal Cavuto on Fox this afternoon, it seems like he is preparing the big boys for a "market correction."

Source: "I guess Neal must have been briefed. I hope he didn't let out too much. Panic never does anyone any good."

RMNews: "Then you are saying that the market is going to crash this Friday."

Source: "There is a way to stop it. But it requires that the United States sign on to the Blue Book. It's not just President Clinton who is standing in the way. It is the Bush family and high level Republicans and Democrats. They can't see that the world is changing and if they don't keep up with us they will be left behind."

RMNews: "Left behind?"

Source: "If the Democrats and the Republicans don't play ball we will find another game to play, and we will take the field away from them. Why do you think that all this fuss about movie stars running for politics is causing such a ruckus? Do you think that Oprah Winfrey could be any worse than Bill Clinton? Oprah loves people. She doesn't know how to lie. If she were president, the American people would be told the truth about everything. If Warren Beatty runs, he will win."

RMNews: "I don't believe that. He's a Communist. He's a joke, he'll never get elected."

Source: "You're sure of that, huh?"

RMNews: "How can you even say that? You know he's Shirley MacClaine's brother and you know who their father was. They were both raised in the New World Order."

Source: "Warren doesn't get along with any of them. You can't judge all people by their families. If you do that, you aren't giving God and the individual soul the room to grow and be different. Warren woke up a few years ago. If he runs, he will win. He will pull all the liberals to whatever ticket he is heading. If he and Oprah run together, it will be a landslide. Believe me, they have better advisors than G.W. or Al have."

RMNews: "Are you blackmailing the NWO with Hollywood?"

Source: "We aren't blackmailing anyone. We are simply stating that if they don't sign on to our plan for redistributing the wealth of the world that they have stolen and then we stole it back, that we will throw them out of the game and start our own."

RMNews: "That sounds like blackmail to me."

Source: "Hardball is a better word. We have offered all of them a win win situation. If they don't want to play a game where everyone wins, then it is time for them to get out of the game."

RMNews: "So what is going to happen this Friday?"

Source: "If we are lucky Bill Clinton or Janet Reno will come to Houston and sign the Blue Book. If that happens, then all the disasters that are planned for the new year will be put on indefinite hold. If it doesn't happen, then we will have to contend with Clinton wanting to be president for life, and Armageddon in Israel, World War Three and possibly the destruction of nine tenths of the population. It doesn't have to be this way. There is another way, and it's not that third way that Bill keeps talking about."

RMNews: "What third way?"

Source: "You haven't heard him talk about the Communist way and the Capitalist way and that neither of them worked so he has a third way that will work... and will make the trains run on time?"

RMNews: "Are you talking about Fascism?"

Source: "Bingo! You got it! Billy wants to turn the US into Mussolini's Italy. And you see how successful that country is run."

RMNews: "So what is your third way?"

Source: "A world where equity rules. A world where everyone starts out equal. A world where laws are meant for everyone equally. And anyone who works hard and respects the laws of the land can prosper and make a good life for himself and his family."

RMNews: "What planet is this world on?"

Source: "God didn't make certain families richer or better than others. This royal blood nonsense is something man started by himself. Everyone on this earth is a child of God and as such each person is a Prince or a Princess of the Kingdom.... or Queendom for all the women who I've offended. It is time people remembered who they are and started acting the part. A soul is a soul. Souls don't come in colors. Do you follow what I am saying?"

RMNews: "Yes I do, but I doubt if any bluebloods or Aryans will believe you. I think they believe they have souls that are different than they rest of us."

Source: "Yes, they believe they come from other planets and therefore they aren't subject to the laws of our God. Stupid people. There's only one God, and He happens to be in charge of this Universe and this planet. If they are on this planet, they are playing by His rules."

RMNews: "You still have said what is happening this Friday."

Source: "No and I am not going to. There is enough information in what I have said to let both Faction 1 and Faction 2 know what is going to happen. Just send this out and let them start to sweat. If they will come to our dance, everything will make the transition so easily that they won't even know anything has happened. If they don't, then just prepare for the end of history as we know it. There will be an entirely new game in town and the old boys won't even be allowed to sit in the bleachers. Maybe it will be time for role reversals. Maybe some of the people who have been playing the roles of kings should get experience playing the roles of beggars."


The conversation became too rambling from there on to continue to transcribe it.

At one point it was said that whenever Jon Benet is brought up, realize that something is happening that is very critical to the rest of the world. It was compared to the OJ trial. It was related that Clinton and the NWO entrenched their power while the people's attention was on OJ.

In the past, RMNews Sources have predicted that the market would crash about 6000 points. It has also been said that Faction 3 needs to sell off its stocks to pay off the lines of credit and liens that are on their trusts. It has also been rumored that one of the big trusts is going to be opened on the 15th. I wonder if any of this has anything to do with what is going to happen on Friday? We will all have to wait and see.



Chemtrails said to be mass inoculation against biowar

© 1999 NewsHawk® Inc.

rights of unaltered reproduction/distribution waived

A source in the New York area which we've had for longer than any other single source has relayed to us the following information, which we've decided to make public.

This source has significant, active ties to what claim to be anti-New World Order factions of the U.S. Air Force--that is, they CLAIM they are in favor of maintaining a democratic republic in the U.S.

This contact of ours is knowledgeable about the entire situation regarding chemtrail spraying of substances from great numbers of aircraft on a global basis.

What this source says is that he's been TOLD by elements of the Air Force he understands are working with the so-called "Omega"/"Faction 3" group--said to be opposed to many NWO agendas such as mass depopulation/genocide schemes--that the contrail spraying being observed worldwide is being done by Omega/Faction 3 elements of the U.S. military (and apparently of other nation's military agencies) to COMBAT the bio-war attacks NOW BEING DIRECTED against the human race as a whole by some "force" or consortium of extensive power, which utilizes significant numbers of terrorist organization members worldwide.

The actual bioterrorism itself is reportedly being implemented on the local levels by terrorist groups of several nationalities--some said to be of fundamentalist Islamic persuasion.

Although reportedly no especially hi-tech equipment or highly trained personnel are required to strategically disperse biowar substances into targeted regions, the extensiveness of this campaign strongly argues that the entire scheme is being masterminded by some significantly powerful global-wide group.

Up to 30 differing biological warfare materials are said to have been dispersed in various locations. Because of the wide variety of substances already released, what's being used as an inoculative material, says this Omega/Faction 3 Air Force crowd, is a genetically-altered SPIROCHETE--related to both Lyme Disease and Syphilis; the spirochete has been gene-spliced so that it can inoculate against most or all of the various biowar substances.

I asked our contact if he had reason to believe he was being told the truth by his AF contacts. He said, "maybe".

He DID tell me that laboratory analysis of many blood samples collected in the northeastern US DO confirm that tremendous numbers of people have been exposed to both Anthrax AND to a genetically-manipulated spirochete organism. These people are NOT sick with Anthrax however; yet neither are they getting syphilis or Lyme disease. Nevertheless this inoculative spirochete organism does not completely ERADICATE the Anthrax from the subject's system.

What's undeniable though, is that even if our contact's AF connections are saying what they BELIEVE is the truth, they THEMSELVES may be gettingdeliberately misled and lied to by their superiors.

Let's face it: how many people would willingly dose innocent, non-combatant fellow human beings with horrific, terrible biological/chemical warfare materials? Not too many. Therefore, even to get their pilots in the air, New World Order global fascist leaders implementing any mass-dosing of earth's population with lethal bio/chem substances would almost certainly have to lie to their pilots and tell them something along the lines of... well... that their mission is actually "COUNTERACTING" through mass inoculation certain bioterrorist operations that have ALREADY been implemented upon the population.

What a perfect cover story!

OUR source also stated that his Air Force connections said even the inoculative material ITSELF, reportedly based on the heavily gene-spliced spirochete organism, will have a noticeably severe, even terminal impact upon the health of a certain percentage of the population--especially any who ALREADY have some sort of immune system impairment as well as those who have previously had Lyme disease or other related illnesses.

So, even if it's TRUE that most of the chemtrail spraying reportedly occurring on a global basis is being done to MASS-INNOCULATE against biowar materials previously released, the chemtrails themselves are still going to make lots of people die.

And WE don't say we even believe what these Air Force personnel have told our contact in NY. Even he's not sure they're telling the truth.

WHAT A MESS!! To bad they don't ALL just LEAVE US ALONE!!

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